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Dorms of our lives Season 5!

2 weeks 4 days ago #66479 by Malady
Malady replied the topic: Dorms of our lives Season 5!
Noah x Cally vs. Nef X Cally?

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2 weeks 2 days ago - 2 weeks 2 days ago #66505 by Hardric
Hardric replied the topic: Dorms of our lives Season 5!
You say that as if Neff x Cally could be defeated once the brainwashing is dealt with as the Attack Bitches.

Also, dang do I hate fat-fingering posts. Still, C&C:

Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

Ha! Done before next entry! Man, these girls get the shit life. How much to write more optimistic parts for the next ones?
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1 week 5 days ago #66547 by Katssun
Katssun replied the topic: Dorms of our lives Season 5!

mhalpern wrote: One thought, after the broadcast, people are going to look Danielle Greenwood up, Erica's past is very well protected from direct research, but can the same be said of her mother?

But Castle Groenwald deliberately had Danielle announce her name was von Groenwald. The same investigations that Kirsten has done on Erica will only bring up those same links. I very much doubt they're even considering Erica, more to legitimize the links Green Cross has with the Nazi Theme Agent. The fallout just looks very bad for Erica. She was claiming they're distant cousins. Now it is super obvious she's her daughter, and it makes it look like she was lying about that too.

A very bad pairing given the accusations against Cally. Now they're both liars, and it will take even longer for the furor over Cally to go away too.

The real Green Cross is using Miene to be her stand-in, while she continues to run for the government as, "Lillian Richards-Greenwood."

I guess the next question is why? Certainly to remove any chance that Lillian could be associated with actually being the super villain, but to what other end? Does she intend to use "Danielle von Groenwald" as someone to campaign against? A more extreme example so that she can easily slide into the congressional seat?

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