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Dorms of our lives Season 5!

6 months 1 week ago #67541 by Kettlekorn
Kettlekorn replied the topic: Dorms of our lives Season 5!
I love the mix of optimism, camaraderie, and aggression this ended with and the way it drives home Calliope's character growth. It's also got this great sense of... not the calm, but the energy before a storm. It's an ending that really conveys that the story is only just getting started.

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6 months 20 hours ago #67680 by Ametros
Ametros replied the topic: Dorms of our lives Season 5!
I can't help but feel that the info they got provided could have been doctored to push an agenda. Considering how extreme that reaction was, and how vague the mention of the allergy was, it just makes sense to me.

Seriously, thank you for your time and effort. It is appreciated.

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5 months 4 weeks ago #67721 by Esar
Esar replied the topic: Dorms of our lives Season 5!
Thank you for this last chapter.

I really like what you are doing with Noah.

My memory is a bit fuzzy, I recall having read about Noelle somewhere (probably a whatif ?), even if I am not sure if it was the same character (Same name, Avatar, Ice spirit, French-Canadian, changelin as a result of hosting said spirit ...). I look forward to reading more about her and the relationships that will ensue.

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5 months 3 weeks ago #67729 by Wasamon
Wasamon replied the topic: Dorms of our lives Season 5!
Kettlekorn: Would you believe me if I said I'd had those two songs picked for the closing credits as early as Dorms 2? They made a great goal to aim for.


Ametros: I couldn't find a good way to cram all this detail in naturally, but the thing with Gouyasse and rubbing alcohol isn't exactly an allergy, but rather the chemical interfering with the same physical processes his muscles use to metabolize ethanol into super-fuel. The reaction to rubbing alcohol was noted by the power testers, but at that time it was simply a short-lived, ugly rash. Standing procedure for power-testing is that aspects which cause / require direct harm to the person can't be tested past a certain point, because no one wants to test someone's regenerative powers only to discover that oh, they weren't Regen 5 after all... And in any case, Whateley being Whateley, Doyle Hall would eventually provide all the necessary data anyway.

So while the reaction had been noted, no testing was done to reveal that the strength of the reaction increased based on both the area of exposure and the degree to which Gouyasse's booze-boosting power was active. The purpose of the note was to prevent medics from using isopropanol on him post-fight, when his power effect would have already subsided. No one had (up to this point) actively tested the limit of the reaction when he was at full power, and you'd better believe that the warning notes are going to be larger, brighter, and listing the relevant codicils of the school fight code to explain what will happen to whomever tries this trick again.


Esar: Noelle / Cold Snap is Polk Kitsune's author character, used with permission and in the expectation of her having a canon Whateley tale of her own soon enough. You're certainly remembering the original story.
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5 months 3 weeks ago - 5 months 3 weeks ago #67734 by Malady
Malady replied the topic: Dorms of our lives Season 5!
Wondering who the antagonists are gonna be now that Kirsten, the Leader, of her team has been Psych-d out... So a retaliation is unlikely?

Gouyasse doesn't seem leader-y...

... The Amazons and the ODS. Riiight.

How successful do they seem, right now??

Does M3 have more, or less enemies on campus than the Kimbas? I think less??
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