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Laura and the Babysitting Blues

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1 week 4 days ago #67143 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: Laura and the Babysitting Blues

Court wrote: In "The Trouble with Karma", towards the end Karma states "I can manifest,” Karma protested. “Just don’t tell Mama…”

That is very odd phrasing ("can manifest", not "have manifested"), but does indicate that Karma thinks she has powers.

I have never thought about that phrasing before. Could it be that Karma has a Roulette-like selection of powers, without the burnouts?

Second Sight, like most esper powers, doesn't require those cursed with it to manifest.

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1 week 2 days ago - 1 week 2 days ago #67164 by Katssun
Katssun replied the topic: Laura and the Babysitting Blues
I'm not sure I can accurately express my disappointment...with this forum.

Twenty posts about this story, the story had a group of children, one of them in a werewolf with that very nickname, plans were foiled, direct references to the snacks were made...and not one use of the phrase "meddling kids" in this thread!!

I knew Freya would be back. :cheer:
I'm going to guess that she's next year's villain though. They seem to be working on a very slow and methodical infiltration, taking over the school very slowly, luring many staff members to their side even after they've gotten through the walls and wards. I do wonder if using the Eye (presuming she still gets her hands on it) will actually backfire on her. Freya's power is strongest the longer she uses it on someone. Direct brainwashing reinforced by "natural" habits of devotion and submission forming. The Eye being so powerful, Freya could take over the whole school in an afternoon, but hopefully it would be superficial brainwashing, easily forgotten once removed.

I'm also pretty sure she's Tanya's villain to officially undermine. Well, maybe Tanya, Sterling, and Ping. Active Defense, Ignored Scout, and De-programming Specialist respectively.

Between being a champion babysitter, having a huge queue of devices for friends, cleaning, cooking, laundry...Laura is going to collapse soon. If Bailey doesn't murder her first.

I liked the little details of Laura using her direct experience with making children comfortable on Val. She has a future in daycare!

And Shine works at the Village's bar!
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