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2 years 4 months ago #52922 by Anne
Anne replied the topic: Formatting
The issue as I see it is moving text from my WYSIWYG word processor to the web site. If I go with what I have created for the forum it is marked up with bbc. So that at a minimum will have to change. Because believe me, what is on the forum, is not in my current document, but it is still marked up for the bulletin board. So, moving away from that to post as IF the bbc that is in the current document will have to come out. It would anyway for places like bigcloset, but that I knew. I just have a lot of tedious work ahead to move from what I have to what I need to have, on top of still polishing things here and there. Trying not to get to caught up in polishing so that I can do some other work.

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2 years 3 months ago #52938 by Kristin Darken
Kristin Darken replied the topic: Formatting
Those of us who do this often cheat. We use programs that have good find and replace options or scripting with the ability to define/search for regular expressions. I use Dreamweaver but I'm sure there are free options out there. Then I just say, FIND every occurrence of a BBC code end of paragraph tag, that is followed by a beginning of paragraph tag and replace them all with the equivalent end of paragraph and beginning of paragraph html code, with a line feed in between them.

For Site standards:

We use
H1 - Titles
H3 - Supertitles (Whateley Academy Story, Exploring the World of Whateley Academy, etc... the line above the title that tells which collection its in), Chapter Headings and Fin/End of Chapter/To be Continued also use H3
H5 - by line - author name and acknowledgements

We, by default, do not currently use a first line of a paragraph indent. Some authors prefer that (its a print standard), some do not. I mainly do not include it in the default styles because those styles impose either a pixel count or a % of the container size indent to ... well... everything that counts as a paragraph in the site html. The alternative is to create a separate style that gives the indent... but then someone has to implement it in hundreds of places in every piece of content. Besides, the WEB standard for prose layout does not include the first line indent, because too many other elements alter your layout for that to work well... like, having a wide screen can turn a bunch of short paragraphs into one liners, none of which you can see an indent on.

We DO use an automatic line between paragraphs. That's built into the paragraph style. If you want to avoid space between things vertically, you have to use break code instead of paragraphs.

For reader convenience in identifying where stories interact, we long ago adopted a common 'scene header'. It looks like:

Monday March 12, 2018. 21:10
The Crystal Hall - Whateley Academy

Done to standard, the whole thing is in bold and the location is underlined as well. The whole is enclosed as a paragraph and the time/location are separated by a line break.

Some authors use a protagonist name bold/underlined to denote changes in narrative perspective.

We've somewhat recently added an 'end of chapter' / 'Fin' / 'to be concluded' bit at the end of story parts to clarify when arcs end. We use H3 for these.

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2 years 3 months ago #52944 by Anne
Anne replied the topic: Formatting
The bbc stuff will be easy. Use my word processor find-change function. Adding paragraphs? Not too hard I don't think. The word processor doesn't have a way that I know of to search for them but I can find them. Lots of tedious work there. So to begin, so that nothing gets transferred that I don't want transferred, select all, align left, then begin the fun!

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2 years 3 months ago #52947 by Sir Lee
Sir Lee replied the topic: Formatting
If you are going to do this (edit HTML code) regularly, look into a programmer's text editor. There are plenty of free ones around, such as Notepad++. Word processors are not really suited for editing HTML code; not only you have to jump through a few hoops to make them give you plaintext, but their find/replace features are... well... really, really weak compared to regular expressions.

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