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How to write a suggestion thread post...

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4 years 8 months ago #1951 by Kristin Darken
Kristin Darken created the topic: How to write a suggestion thread post...
without Kristin growling at you?

First, understand that mostly I'm not actually upset when someone raises issues about the site and forums. There are about forty billion things that a really well put together site has that ours doesn't. Yet. Even when people raise points about things that are WAAAAY down on the priorities list, if I come across as upset or terse; it's probably because:

1. You are posting about something that was already suggested or feedback was already given about. The first time I took the time to explain the situation with mobile device screens being a 'known' problem that I will look into after the site itself is secure, stable, and all content has been transferred over didn't bother me much. The second time was frustrating because at that point there were only about 8 posts total in the suggestion forum and with ten seconds of effort, that individual could have saved everyone the time of explaining it again. After that, I'm mostly angry that you're wasting my time. Every time I have to respond to a post about an issue already noted and explained is time wasted that I SHOULD have been able to spend actually knocking things off the list. Instead, I was reading and responding to concerns by someone who couldn't be bothered to spend a few minutes reading other suggestions first to see if anyone had already raised the issue or provided a work around.

2. There's already a solution for the problem and 5 minutes of looking around the site or asking someone in the Quad if there's a way to do something would taken care of it without using my time. I'm not saying that your time isn't valuable.. but I KNOW I have a lot on my plate. The least you can do is make SURE that the button to do something doesn't exist before you tell me it doesn't. If for any other reason than my first reaction isn't "they didn't look for it"... it's "I set something up wrong and its not showing up for them even though it IS showing up for me".... and that sort of problem can consume a lot of time before I discover that you just didn't know where to look.

3. Offer suggestions for additions. Don't complain that something is 'wrong.' Or where something is different from what another site has. This isn't FUDforums. There are many features that FUDforums had that this does not... but just because FUDforums had it, doesn't mean it will be easy to implement here. Or BCTS... Erin and team have a really amazing site derived from Drupal, but its taken them years to get it where it is now. Give this place ten years, and we'll be pretty impressive too. But suggest things... just be prepared for long term development, not day or two turn arounds.


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