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Handful of minor issues...

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1 year 5 months ago #62082 by CrazyMinh
CrazyMinh created the topic: Handful of minor issues...
Ok, so I've noticed a few things lately:

- One of the Bucky Ball/Dome images isn't showing, and instead displays a filename link instead. I'm not sure whether it shows up after a while, as I've only seen this bug in passing so far. It's a file that I think is called 'Buckministerfullerine.jpg (correct me if I've got the name or spelling of said name wrong), and it's definitely one of the more recent batches of images for the gallery.

- The site seems rather slow loading several pages of the forum. My CPU and RAM meters show that I'm doing just fine in terms of those, and I upgraded my ISP plan a little while ago to a much faster service, so I don't think it's a issue on my end. I'm thinking about testing the connection using one of the PC's in the lab at work, but until then I can't be completely sure it's not a issue with my mac, and not the site. Definitely something to look into though. It seems the front page; and the games, quad & concepts section of the forum are all slow to load, taking up to three minutes in one case.

- There's a few issues with text loading on the slow pages where the text (on the front page as far as I've seen) will randomly display 'Duz' before fully loading the rest of the text. I.e.

WA site front page wrote: Superheroes first appeared a little before World War I. Mutants and other empowered individuals began to appear more and more often as the century rolled on. By the sixties, a group of heroes and villains came together to create a safe, neutral high school where newly-emerged mutants could learn to control their powers. Mutations typically become evident at around puberty, often signaled by a change in eye color and other physical changes. Some mutants became fantastically beautiful. Some became hideous. Some changed sex. Many were rejected by their families and friends. To protect these children, ease their transition, ensure a future legacy for “their kind,” and guard society against rampaging adolescent godlings, this group of heroes and villains created a secret boarding school covering all four years of American high school. On the surface, this is a normal private boarding school of around 650 students, nestled in the remote hills of New Hampshire. It is known as "Whateley Academy." Unknown to the world at large, this school trains the future leaders of the world – both heroes and villains. And while the school attempts to maintain a strict neutrality on the good vs. evil issue, the individual students have no such requirement.

This is the foundation premise of this closed shared universe of duz

This issue I've only spotted once, but since the next word in the affected sentence is 'fiction', I have no clue where the 'duz' would have come from. Might want to check that out.

- The editor for posting to the forum seems to be glitching out, and occasionally failing to autoload formatting when the icon at the top for something like 'spoiler' or 'quote' is pressed. It loaded it without the attached brackets once. I noticed it before posting and corrected it, but it's been happening frequently as of late.

Other than that, the site seems to be acting fine. I have noticed some issues with the new red 'You are reading this story' highlighters on the sidebar, in that one of them turned white briefly once (probably should have mentioned that, oops), but other than that, things are running well.

You can find my stories at Fanfiction.net here .

You can also check out my fanfiction guest riffs at Library of the Dammed

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1 year 5 months ago #62167 by Kristin Darken
Kristin Darken replied the topic: Handful of minor issues...
Ya, you might want to check your system. Not saying it couldn't be something on the site, but I'm not experiencing any of these issues. And, in fact, my forum page loads run about 0.1 sec... even the Read Stories page loads are pretty quick... much, much faster than anything we ever experienced when we were running Google ads.

Fate guard you and grant you a Light to brighten your Way.

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