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For the authors!

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10 months 4 days ago #66577 by marie7342231
marie7342231 created the topic: For the authors!

I saw this and instantly thought of you. Cheers

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10 months 4 days ago #66580 by Sir Lee
Sir Lee replied the topic: For the authors!
You know, there are two school of thought regarding this.
One decrees that you shouldn't keep repeating "said" because it gets tiresome quickly, and other verbs may convey tone and emotion.
The other says exactly the opposite: that "say" is all you EVER need and the alternatives are unnecessary purple prose.

As most things, I think the truth is somewhere in between. You should have some variation, and you should use appropriate verbs to the circumstances and tone of the scene... but you should not became so fearful of repetition that you end up using obscure verbs that most readers won't be familiar with.

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