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Psycho Pass Season 3

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8 months 4 days ago #66808 by CrazyMinh
CrazyMinh created the topic: Psycho Pass Season 3
...is out now.

Did they really have to rehire the "genius" behind the abysmal second season to write another frakking story? 'nough said. There's only 8 episodes this time (which seems to be a theme with this particular writer - he always tries to tell a story in less episodes than the first season), and the main cast has been butchered and replaced with brand new bland-ass OC's. I mean, why can't we get the Urabutcher back to write more Psycho Pass? Why do we get this person who thinks that a bland, edgy, Stu called Kirito (why do I get some familiar vibes from this?), and a fetish character with a gibbing gun; make compelling villains when compared to Shogo Makishima. One of the best anime villains I've ever seen. Yeah, and the main character from every other season is now in prison, and has been upstaged by a shoehorned psychic character in a world without psychics, and a completely bland tailor's dummy with as much character depth as a puddle.

Oh, and the art style has taken a turn for the worse, the intro theme is shit, and there's a uninteresting main plot which I can already tell is going to be boring like that of the second season.

Goddamm it, I just want Psycho Pass!!!

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