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Eberron- Rising from the Last War

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7 months 2 days ago #67160 by CrazyMinh
CrazyMinh created the topic: Eberron- Rising from the Last War
So, the long-awaited D&D 5th Edition splatbook for the Eberron setting has finally dropped, and I've read through the entire pdf. It is amazing.

So, outside of the incredible artwork (which isn't new or anything: the art in the 5th edition books has been consistently brilliant since day one), the book adds the first new class since the original release of the PHB- the Artificer- as well as revised versions of the Warforged, shifter, and changeling races from the Wayfinder's Guide To Eberron preview book. Oh, and there's now a decent playable full-orc race.

In addition, it adds plenty of new magic items to stock your campaign's shelves with, and a bunch of other cool stuff relating to the Eberron setting. I've already rolled up a artificer character for my party's current campaign (A Rock Gnome battle smith with a steel defender that he rides on like a mount), and I can safely say that it's been well worth the wait for this new book. Took them long enough to get a fully realised artificer out of Unearthed Arcana and into a offical sourcebook.

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