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Cyberpunk futures...

1 month 1 week ago #69731 by Yolandria
Yolandria replied the topic: Cyberpunk futures...
Mike Pondsmith...A visionary! https://www.reddit.com/r/conservativecartoons/comments/c3dona/a_quote_from_the_rulebook_of_cyberpunk_2020_a/

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1 month 1 week ago #69732 by lighttech
lighttech replied the topic: Cyberpunk futures...

Bek D Corbin wrote:

lighttech wrote:

Bek D Corbin wrote: Regarding Corporations having private armies, there are Mercenary companies that primarily act as deniable assets for the US, UK, France, possibly Germany, but will do the dirty for dang near anybody. I have little doubt that they've done jobs for Standard Oil or Chiquita Banana.

If you want to know about corporations hiring private armies ON repeat ON USA soil

google Pinkerton and anti union

you should get hits back, on coal mining companies using WW1 belt feed machine guns ON the striking workers, and chasing them up into the hills and gunning whole hillsides for days trying to kill them!
the trees still have bullets in the and the ground covered in brass just under a layer of dirt to this day

It's nice to know that someone remembers Ludlowe. WHY hasn't anyone made a movie about this?

couldn't be made before...look at who controls the media

but now that 10 people can make a top of the line movie on a 10k budget because the tech is finally cheap I don't see why not? humm call the AFL-CIO on that and fund it and have a college group do it as a project?

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