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4 years 6 months ago #8873 by amratner
amratner created the topic: RedCard
Does anyone know if the author of "Red Card" (Mr. Pumblechook) is still active?

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4 years 6 months ago #8890 by Isodecan
Isodecan replied the topic: RedCard
Present, yes (he last logged in on 29 Dec 2015); Active, not particularly; on the other hand, I have no idea if he has any intention of reposting or continuing Red Card, which is a pity as that was a good story (this assumes that someone else didn't take that login).
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10 months 3 days ago #66599 by sacwriter
sacwriter replied the topic: RedCard
I've looked all over for Pumblechook and Red Card, but no luck. He had one post on a forum saying that he had written Red Card, along with a fancic called 'A Ship Called Remorse', but that's it. Does anybody know where I can download a copy of Red Card? I lost mine in a crash a couple of years ago. It's been so long I can't even remember how it ended, if it even did. 'Chook, we miss you!

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10 months 3 days ago - 10 months 3 days ago #66600 by Malady
Malady replied the topic: RedCard
It's somewhere in the Archives of my Sig.

And yeah, he's on SV or SB.

Last I asked, years ago, IIRC, he said something like, he was think about it. I don't follow him so I dunno how often he's on SV / SB.


If you really want you can Forum Email them, but *I'm* not gonna do that...
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