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Useful software

1 year 7 months ago #55996 by NJM1564
NJM1564 replied the topic: Useful software
Titan Icon. "A freestanding executable file created by Codewalker which allows people to access the character creation module of City of Heroes and to be able to enter and view the maps of City of Heroes."

City of Heroes as some might know was a MMORPG that let players play as heroes and villeins. It is not worthy for many things amongst them being a very robust character creation tool with a vast array of costume options. While it's from a game that's over 10 years old and it shows should be useful for creating replicas of beloved characters and designing and inspiring new ones.

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2 months 1 week ago #67293 by JulesMorrison
JulesMorrison replied the topic: Useful software
I'm getting a lot of productive use out of Draft which is a paid (but inexpensive) minimalist markdown editor. I like the ability to mark drafts and scan back through them seeing the differences, sometimes I resurrect portions of text I had already deleted. I like that I can use it as easily on my tablet and computer, even on my phone. I like that it's continuous save like Google docs, but that the "save" key combo actually creates a marked draft revision. It handles disconnect by becoming read only until the line is back up, but doesn't lose changes. You can create directories for books and add files for chapters. It's simple and reliable and because it costs, you are the customer, not the product.

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