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Nonsense/crazytalk generator

1 year 3 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #66619 by Sir Lee
Sir Lee created the topic: Nonsense/crazytalk generator
I stumbled into a website offering various AI-based tools of various utility. Things like an auto-colorizer for B&W images, for instance. It's not perfect, but can be useful.

And then there's the "text generation API". You feed it a sentence, and it spews pages of auto-generated text somewhat -- very marginally -- related to the sentence. It reads like the craziest rants in comment threads. Or just plain crazy. Take for instance one of the paragraphs it generated when I fed it the string "Harry Potter":

My favorite moment is obviously The Matrix, when George R.R. Martin had lunch with Kate Beckinsale at a dinner that was supposed to be about nuclear war, and he said, like, "There's more than one way to kill babies, right? There's never more than eight thousand babies alive in 30 seconds."

It occurred me that writing genuine crazytalk is not that easy for a rational person, and this could be useful if you need to have a genuinely insane character in your story.

The "text to image" feature is even crazier, in a totally useless way. I mean, the images have *absolutely nothing to do* with the description I fed it. BUT it could be useful if you want some random weirdness to inspire you. Like the image below, which I got from the description "pasture":

Don't call me "Shirley." You will surely make me surly.
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1 year 3 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #66620 by Malady
Malady replied the topic: Nonsense/crazytalk generator
Tried text to image. Mushroom works real well, even if you add a lot of non mushroom, like "mushroomyzabcdefghi"

It only broke once I got to O.


Text gen works weird with "text" and "t3xt".

Got real code-y and non-text respectively.
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