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The Micro-Scenes thread

3 years 11 months ago #26709 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
“Students get hurt worse than that, every day during martial arts,” Carson pointed out. ( Imp 4: A Teacher's Tail )


Mads "Metro" Jensen looked up from the new (-ish, a few coffee rings back) course listing, with that look on his face - the one reserved for new ways to add more recoil compensation to the sort of assault rifle he left 'back home'. He leaned over into his lunch partner's "personal space". "Hej, scan this! They're offering - I kid thee not - Underwater ..."

"No.", his friend shot back. One might get the idea Thomas Hrafn Jensen was well aware of the mayhem his partner-in-crime was capable of. For example, he was never, ever, well maybe, going to suggest that a certain Thornie must have 'chewed through the straps' to get somewhere.

"But you didn't even hear the rest of it!"

"I don't have to. You lost me at 'under'"

"Oh, really?" The arched eyebrow and smirking reply only rated a glower back. "That's not what I recall from last"

"Goddammit, Mads. There's a place and a time ..." The blush spreading across Thomas' face undercut the glower more than just a little.

"You name it luv, I'll be there!"

"Fine." sighed Thomas, "Which class is it?"

"Underwater Basket Weaving! It's offered as an art elective AND P.E. credit, so it's got to be good.", Mads pointed out.

"Unh huh. Right." Thomas tried softening the cynicism a bit, "So where exactly does the class meet?"

"Starting out at ... Laird Hall, Indoor Pool 4. Oh.", was Mads' crestfallen response.

Thomas grimaced, "Trying out devisor sanitizers on your gills sounds like something your biologic parents would have tried." He offered instead, "How about something a bit less painful and life-threatening than that - is there a firearms class that doesn't that doesn't put you, Eldritch, and SSGT Wilson on the range at the same time?"

Mads just nodded, chewed on his pencil a little more, and said, "Maybe? Maybe not. So that puts us both in Basic Martial Arts for 4th period, right between lunch and counselling, and on into Magical Theory. Ballroom dance in the evening. Agreed?"

Thomas said, "That sounds OK." He paused, frowned, and then followed up with "I just agreed to a painful BMA class and a life-threatening Magic lab in lieu of electrocution, chemical burns, and drowning, didn't I?"

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WhatIF Stories: Falconer: A Stranger Arrives in Town

Discussion Thread
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3 years 11 months ago #26855 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
"What could possibly go wrong?": a question encouraged by no known surviving Whately instructor.


As Elyzia Grimes left the infirmary examining room, she paused for a moment to shake her aching head. Her inquiries had resulted in a rambling narrative, courtesy one mildly-concussed student, not much inproved by the dry commentary from the other student who'd accompanied him to the clinic. She almost, almost, pitied whoever had that duo for Intro to Mystic Arts. The Three Little Menaces had cured her of that weakness.

Seeing the martial arts instructor awaiting a coherent explanation of what had just happened, she remarked, "I seem to recall Circe recommending a certain physical education and arts course be held outdoors this term". At this point, she was ready to share her rapidly-developing headache.

"What bearing would that have had on today's events?" Sensei Tetsuo Ito crabbed. To be fair, he was glad no one was badly injured or worse, but the head-start against last year's damages was an embarassment.

"As I understand it, our Mr. Jensen's aversion to chlorinated pools somehow led to him missing the part of the course description about SCBA gear being a requirement," Miss Grimes explained. "Or, perhaps, the absence of 'tasty fishiez' to be caught in such pools. He isn't entirely clear on that point, and we both should be glad he hasn't further elaborated. Yet. Either way, he signed up for your course instead."


"That brings us to: 'The capture cage is a simulation for a device that can nullify your powers. I don’t care how that would be done, or whether it is even possible. You will act as if it is true.' Does that sound familiar?" the mystic asked.

"Of course. Each class is introduced to the concept, without fail. You already know that," Ito-sensei replied.

"To every one present, no exceptions?"

"Yes. Again, it's necessary for our students to learn to adapt to all possibilities in a potential fight. Why?"

"Because in this case, your audience included a fire elemental that had already been summoned and channeled by your student," Miss Grimes noted.

"Should not the spirit have then departed peacefully when the student entered the cage?" like before setting things on fire, the sensei barely left out.

"Not necessarily, as Sorceror's Contracts can be very literal. By the terms you laid out, both were to act as if the summoner lost his powers upon entering the cage, thereby releasing the spirit, which then was bound by the agreement to demonstrate why losing control of a spirit can be a Very Bad Thing.", supplied the mystic arts teacher. She continued, "Had the summoner truly lost control, the entire dojo could have been incinerated. That's notwithstanding the water elemental Mr. Jensen did summon afterwards, before managing to slip on the newly wet floor of the capture cage," Please, please, let this child not be in any of my classes this semester.

"So, then, we wouldn't have to replace scorched and/or water-soaked tatami mats," the martial artist groaned, already picturing future mishaps, "if he'd simply taken Underwater Basket-Weaving."

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WhatIF Stories: Falconer: A Stranger Arrives in Town

Discussion Thread
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3 years 11 months ago - 3 years 11 months ago #27004 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Teri flew across the campus trying to explore every single piece of it before classes started. She'd never been one to hide herself since the grocery store, but she still found not being stared at as she flew past pretty enjoyable. She was passing by the library when she heard something that made her blood boil.

"Hey fairy, looks like you're sister isn't here to protect you now."

She looked down and saw a catlike girl wearing boys clothes staring a little nervously at three large boys. The girl was ready for a fight, but the odds didn't look to be in her favour.

Flying down Teri got in the face of the leader who had used 'fairy' as an insult. "Who are you calling a fairy, you big troll! I'm a fairy and we're totally awesome, so you'd better apologize to both of us right now!" she demanded, shaking her finger in his face.

"What the hell?" the boy said clearly confused.

Turning her head to look at the cat girl, Teri stage whispered, "This would be your cue to beat up his partners."

There was a cat like roar and the largest boy started screaming in pain.

Teri didn't have time to watch as a hand that was as large as she was swung at her. She shot forward, grabbed the boy by his nostrils and flew upwards, throwing him into a tree before he could stop howling in pain and actually hit her. By the time she got back to the fight, all she could do was watch as the two bullies ran away, minus their pants.

"The next time you call someone a fairy there had better be respect in your voice!" she shouted at them.

"Thanks for the help," the cat girl said.

Spinning around, Teri gave her a big smile. "CAT GIRL! YOU'RE SO CUTE!" she exclaimed rushing in to start hugging her around the neck. .

"GAH! Choking! Can't breathe!" the girl gasped.
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3 years 11 months ago - 3 years 11 months ago #27083 by Valentine
Valentine replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Poe Cottage, Sophomore Girls Wing

Toni and Nikki were sitting around, and by sitting around Toni was treating her chair like a pommel horse, talking about their summers, when they heard a zip go past the open door. A moment later JJ appeared at the door.

"Hey Toni, Hey Nikki. How was your summer? I need to talk to you Nikki. I think I'm turning into a Sidhe."

While JJ was inhaling Toni slipped in, "JJ you're already a 'She.'"

JJ stopped, and blinked, then blinked again looking very confused.

Nikki suppressed a giggle, "What do you mean JJ?"

"Not a 'she' Toni, a Sidhe like Nikki. Over the summer I was helping my mom, she has this great set of cast iron pans. And when I touched one of them it burned me. I remember you talking about being burned by cast iron. I told my mom about it, but she didn't believe me."

Nikki looked over at Toni, who visibly shaking while trying to hold in her laughter, "JJ was the pan hot? Could it have burned you because it was hot?"

"Yeah it was. That makes sense. Good, I didn't want to turn into a Sidhe. No offense. Bye. I gotta go tell Tara." And she zipped out of the room.

Nikki sighed and looked over as Toni fell onto the floor laughing hilariously.

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3 years 11 months ago - 3 years 11 months ago #27125 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Be the students human, mutant, or other, some aspects of classroom education are near-universal. For example, there's sometimes a warning shift from an ambient 'We're studiously pretending to be studying' sound to noises signalling 'Somebody's in trouble!' From the perspective of safety, this is generally more alarming in a Mystic Arts classroom than, say, English Lit. However, nearly every Mystic Arts instructor you'll meet holds 'Don't Panic' as a guiding principle and carries on with a solid grasp on emergency procedures. The exceptions usually die horribly during their first year of teaching.

If Dr. Ophelia 'Caduceus' Tenant had her way, 'die horribly' would also apply to powers testers who swear that the 'Wiz-1 Esper-3' lad in the back of her class is 'mostly harmless'. But there it was, in the test results, in big friendly letters which they are going to regret. At least he isn't poking whatever that is on the desk with a stick. Yet. Whatever it was, it certainly had no place in or on the lesson plan. It probably had no place in or on this physical plane.

"Mr. Jensen? Mads? Yes, you. No, there is no one behind you. What do you think you doing?" she carefully asked.

The tow-haired boy looked up, blinking. With a overly cheerful demeanor for someone who'd just been called out for slacking in class, he sing-songed "Giving scritches?"

The boy to his right started a bit as well, but recovered enough to drawl, "Is that what they're calling it these days?" Before the interruption, Thomas 'Valravn' Jensen had been tracing a link from the creature to someone or some thing. Giving Mads' lunacy more encouragement now was surely not what the doctor ordered.

The inky black quadruped on the desk blinked its disturbingly large yellow eyes. Then it stretched its neck out and over to stare at the humans that had dared interrupt said scritches as if to say 'Damn straight'.

"Well then." Thank the Goddess for headache medicine "Now that that's settled, could you by any chance explain what you are 'giving scritches' to, and why it's on your desk, in my classroom?" his teacher asked. She was sure she'd seen the creature on the campus before, but it doesn't hurt to break students of bad habits. In this case, bringing unknown entities into the school and playing with them.

"Hm," Mads paused in thought. "Aside from the lack of fur, or bones," he then amended, "Not that not having those is a bad thing, now is it?" The human's choice to continue scritching and petting was judged a wise course of action. "I'm tempted to say it's someone's cat. Did you go and lose your pet human?" he asked.

A few students laughed at the exchange, almost so normal as to be out of place here. One or two privately worried that 'pet human' may well be the correct term. But only the teacher and a few other people knew that no 'cat' had been willing to come near this particular child, without heavy sedation or psychic compulsion, for over a decade - contributing to his assignment to Hawthorne Cottage.

The student/teacher/eldritch horror tableau was soon interrupted by a head suddenly poking into the classroom. Some underclassman brunette with heavy-framed glasses asked, "Has anyone seen my cat, Schroedinger? He was playing 'hat' earlier, but ... oh, there you are!"

Once the baby shoggoth oozed off his desk to accompany its own human, the boy turned to his friend, "Hah! You owe me a tenner. There's nothing like cold, hard,"

"I don't recall any such offer," huffed the taller, darker-haired boy.

"Of course, T, I'm perfectly willing to honor it by accepting service," wagging his eyebrows, "in kind, so to speak," Mads smirked.

Thomas was unmoved, "In that case, you would still owe me."

"Would you consider ..."


Just then the bell rang, ending both the class period and the amateur Burns and Allen routine.

*ahem* "Gentlemen. My office. Now would be a good time for both of you," commanded yet another weary Whateley instructor looking forward to the end of the day.

-- a short while later --

"Did it ever occur to either of you that cats or similar creatures might draw blood if they bite or scratch hard enough while playing?"


*sigh* "Mads, what parts of your class assignment were you working on before it laid down? Or did you get even that far?"

"Ummm. Practicing sigils?"

"Oh god."

"Not helping, Thomas."

"Sigils. Any sigils in particular?"

"Um. Well. I think I may have just finished a page of fire sigils."

"Really? How about taking that page out and, let's see. Here's a sterile lancet. So what happens if a drop of your ..." *crash* *scramble* "... blood from a cut were to have landed on that worksheet."


"With blood - isn't that kind of cheating?"

"No, because unaltered human blood is not normally pyrophoric. Thomas: you can come out from under my desk now. Mads: do I need to explain further, the value of staying aware of how magical and other safety hazards can interact?"

"... No, ma'am. So if I handed a specially-monogrammed handkerchief to someone with a nosebleed? Or maybe a "

"Don't even think of completing that sentence."

"Both of you. Out."

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WhatIF Stories: Falconer: A Stranger Arrives in Town

Discussion Thread
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3 years 10 months ago #27571 by Cryptic
Cryptic replied the topic: Relections and Filters
I was inspired by this picture by Dan Shive: Tedd Mirror . It's still a little rough yet...


Jessie ran his hand through his short cropped, blue dyed hair as he shambled to the bathroom that linked his room to his sister Ashley's. She was off at Whateley School for Mutants, having manifested just before the start of the school year, so he felt no qualms about not bothering to put on a robe or checking that the door to her room was locked. Not that locking the door any more would really matter come Summer vacation, Jess thought as he stepped into the shower.

It figured his sister's powers would turn out to be the ability to phase through things. Jess let out a sigh wondering how his twin sister could turn out to have powers and he didn't. They had the same infamous father in Captain Condom. But she had manifested and he hadn't. What could you do? Finishing up he stepped out and dried off.

Dropping his used towel into the hamper, Jess ran his hand over the mirror, wiping away the fog that obscured his reflection. He shivered as a vibration swept down his arm and through the rest of his body. Frowning Jess looked at his hand, noting that he really needed to trim his nails. Other then that his hand looked normal to him, so he shrugged it off and finished up. Walking back into his room Jess felt like something was off about his body, though he couldn't put his finger on just what it was. Choosing to ignore the feeling he went to his dresser and pulled out a pair off boxer briefs. Shaking them out he lifted his foot from the ground to step into them.

Jess froze, wobbling on one leg as he took in the terrain below his chin. Modest breasts, their nipples stiff, jiggled as he wobbled. Past them he could see his body flow into a modest hourglass form. His legs where long and shapely; femininely long and shapely. The clencher, literally as he could feel the muscles in the region clench in a way he was unused to, was the vagina between those shapely female legs. Jess let his briefs drop and walked to his closet. Grasping the knob, Jess closed his eyes before he swung open the door.

Steeling himself Jess counted to ten before opening his eyes to the sight of...

...himself in all his male glory.

“The hell?” Jess breathed as he leaned closer to the mirror, one hand cupping a breast, the other going to between his legs. He could feel the breast in his hand, and some small part of his mind, one that sounded a lot like his sister, made note that the first breast he'd ever toughed was his own. His reflection mimicked his movements, but seemed to be squeezing nothing at all. The hand between his legs looked even odder as he explored the exterior changes to the landscape. The hand in the mirror was moving through a sparse patch of brown hair while he was feeling only smooth warm flesh. Turning Jess tapped his butt, feeling that it was now fuller, while in the mirror it really didn't exist. In fact the hand in the mirror stopped before it made contact with flesh.

Resting his back against the door frame Jess ran a hand through his hair as he wondered what had happened. His sister had let slip that there where girls in her cottage that had started out as guys, but it sounded like those girls had taken, or where taking, time to happen. The gender change also seemed to carry with it a warping of form, leaving the nugirl looking less then human. They hadn't been instantaneous like hers had been.

Part of Jess was surprised he wasn't freaking out by this turn of events even as his hands ran up his tight stomach to his modest breasts. The phrase 'more then a hand full is a waste' ran through his thoughts, and his where a nice handful, a lot like her sister's. Meaning that a sports bra would let him pass as a guy, something Ashley had done more then once. While he and Ashley where fraternal twins they looked enough alike, prior to her manifestation, that they could pass as each other with a little work.

“I should probably call mom. She'll have some clue...” Jess said out loud as he ran a hand through his hair again. “After I get dressed.” he added after a moment. Pushing off from the door frame Jess strutted... That had been what was different in his walk! There was a sway in his hips and a bounce in his walk! He was walking like a girl!

“Ash is so gonna laugh her ass off over this.” he grumbled as he passed through the bathroom and into Ash's room. “Woah... I hope she's keeping her dorm cleaner then this.” he breathed taking in Ash's mess. He wasn't sure what pile of clothing was clean, and what was dirty, and those piles where mixed in with books and the other possessions she had chose to leave at home.

Picking his way carefully through the chaos Jess was relieved to see that their mother had left a basket of clean clothes by the main door. It was only after he had stepped into a pair of light blue boy shorts, and was fumbling with the matching bra, did Jess pause to wonder why he was raiding Ash's things instead of putting on some of his own clothing. The wondering wasn't enough to prevent him from slipping on a jean skirt and a white t-shirt.

Blinking he smoothed the skirt over his thighs realizing the skirt and everything felt so... right some how. Blushing he moved over to Ash's closet, pulling it open with some difficulty. He blinked as her mirror came into view, as the reflection wasn't what he had been expecting. Instead of reflecting an image of him in an outfit he though was cute, his naked male form stared back at him.

“The hell?” he muttered as he touched the silvered glass.

A shiver went through his body, and the reflection blurred for a moment, then reflected a cute girl with blue hair, and soft curves wearing the outfit he'd just put on. Somehow the reflection looked amused as she took in his nakedness.

“Ok, seriously, the hell?”

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3 years 10 months ago - 3 years 10 months ago #27645 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: Relections and Filters
"What's going on?" Kayda asked Danny.

"What do you mean?" Danny asked in return.

"You've got three girls petting you, you're kitty boy again, but you're happy and confident. What the heck happened to my miserable little brother?"

Danny grinned and hugged the three girls closer to himself. "I have discovered sex, learned what an orgy is and understand that whipped cream is not just for pie. No longer am I a cute kitten boy. Now I am a sexy cat god of LOVE!"
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3 years 10 months ago #27663 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
I'm probably going to burn in H-E-double hockey sticks for this.

Domoviye wrote: He's the sexy cat god of LOVE, the three girls are anyone he wants.

"Next up in the Crash: Pounce the Tomcat vs. The Power Cats."

"With this matchup, we can look forward to more visible cleavage and pounding action than we saw with The Monkey Strokes"

"Even with brain bleach on hand, I'm not touching that, oh Greasy One."

"Neither were The Grunts, thank heaven for long-range missiles."

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WhatIF Stories: Falconer: A Stranger Arrives in Town

Discussion Thread
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3 years 10 months ago #27687 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Kayda knocked once waited a second and stepped into her brothers dorm room only to stop dead in her tracks with her jaw somewhere around her belly button.

"I-I'm a sex- sexy cat god of l-l-love," Danny stuttered, he was in full cat boy mode and was wearing a pair of tight jeans that hid ABSOLUTELY nothing.

"NO! NO! NO!" a purple winged fairy shouted, slapping a twig into her palm. "How are you going to go from a pet kitty boy for the ladies into a stud muffin, with an attitude like that?" she demanded. "Now stick out your chest, get that testosterone of yours flowing and try it again from the top!"

"I'm a sex- AAAAHHHHH!" Danny shouted as he saw Kayda, trying desperately to cover himself.

The fairy flew to the door looking furious. "No visitors while the love doctor is at work. You can get your turn at him after I'm done whipping him into shape!"

Kayda just blinked in astonishment as the door slammed in her face. "Uh? What? Who? Why?" The bizarre scene began to replay in her mind only to stop in horror at what she'd just seen. "Brain bleach. I need brain bleach," Kayda told herself. "Lots and lots of brain bleach."
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3 years 10 months ago - 3 years 10 months ago #27790 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Starlette cruised high over Regina on a brilliant star shaped manifestation that was the size and feeling of a beanbag chair., revelling at the joy of being a superhero in a town where very little ever happened. Sure just helping out the police with basic crimes and getting into one or two Parahuman fights a year wouldn't make her famous, but she probably wouldn't end up dead either. After she was done college she could see about moving to Vancouver or Toronto to play with the big shots. For now the clear skies of her prairie home were enough for her.

The peaceful night was shattered by the sound of metal breaking and crumpling. Jumping to her feet Starlette pushed her manifesting into a steep dive hoping to reach the accident before anyone was too badly hurt to save. Her mind was already going over her first aid training and guessing at the most likely injuries for a car accident.

She gasped at seeing six figures standing in the middle of the busy street surrounded by dead bodies.

The largest one, wearing a pitch black body suit picked a car up in one hand and threw it at her as easily as a beach ball. Instinctively Starlette veered to the side easily avoiding it, then the blood drained from her face as she saw the people!e screaming inside the vehicle. Stars appeared around the car slowing it down, desperately trying to save the people from a deadly landing. Even as she struggled to handle the weight and momentum she hit her radio. "Starlette here, need immediate back up, The Savage Six are -"

She was thrown off her star as another car slammed into her. A small star appeared around her hand keeping her in the air. Her eyes widened in horror as the two airborne cars hit the ground, the people in the first car might have survived, the other one...

She let her anger at the senseless murder overpower the grief and horror. Filling the air between her and the A list supervillains with small razor sharp stars, she sent them flying in for the kill.

Monolith waded through the razor storm as the rest of the Savage Six casually walked away intent on their own missions of death.


Rescue crews dug Starlette out from under a transport truck that was embedded in the side of a building the next day. She was cradled inside one of her stars which had kept her alive.

As they eased her onto a stretcher she regained conscious, moaning in pain from the multitude of injuries.

"D-did I slow them down?" She asked faintly.

The paramedic looked away, trying to ignore the wails of ambulances and desperate shouts for help and construction equipment to rescue survivors in the rubble. "Yeah, you slowed them down until help could arrive," he finally said.

It looked like she was trying to say something but after a few seconds she fell back into unconsciousness, a tiny glimmer of a smile on her lips.
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