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The Micro-Scenes thread

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3 years 9 months ago #29443 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Sharing out the extra-to the-curricular pain.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007, lunch
Crystal Hall, Whateley Academy

Even with an extended orientation period, the assembled first floor occupants of the school's over-the-top cafeteria could be a jaw-dropping spectacle. Aside from the relatively normal-looking students among the Underdogs, Nerd Herd, and other social groups used to being pushed to the fringes, there was also the full range of mild- to- moderately- "unusual" students sitting together for mutual support or with friends who weren't so impressed with the self-impressed on the second or top floors. The only real drawbacks were the noisy, jostling traffic to and from the meal lines, or the proximity to some of the bullies and losers also exiled to the ground floor.

Only three days in, and some wag had added a placard:

Things Which Metro Is No Longer Allowed To Do:
  1. Sit under the big exhaust fans in the Crystal Hall.
  2. This causes Nate (Miasma -- "You'll know him when you meet him" If they serve chili, you can't miss him!) to avoid that table.
  3. The rest of us have to breathe air too, you know.

At one of the mixed-menagerie tables, Thomas 'Valravn' Jensen stopped eating for a moment, swallowed, and then chuckled liked he'd just remembered something amazingly inept or suicidal that Mads had done, "So, it looks like you missed a trip down old 'Memory Lane' earlier."

The boy across from him looked up from some notes he was going over. He was back on a semi-liquid diet, so it's not like he'd been needing utensils. "Oh? When was this?" To be honest, Mads 'Metro' Jensen would have preferred to be a complete stranger to quite a few of his own memories. Unfortunately, some things just can't be "processed" with 9mm ammunition.

"Earlier, I had to swing back to Poe to grab my homework and who walked in but Loophole? Eh, she's one of the TAs for the girls wing, Gearhead, Alpha, you get the picture, " he added for their friends' sake. "Abso-frickin-lutely reeking, like she'd spent a few days camping ... with this guy, actually," he finished, maturely sticking a tongue out.

It was a testament to the time they'd spent hanging out that Thomas caught the puzzled and slightly scandalized look on his ex-roommate's face. "Do you mean to tell us that a girl, or rather a lovely woman along the classically shapely lines of Loophole, would have ever, em, 'camped out' with Metro here? Whenever would this have been?" drawled the much larger, heavily-GSD "boy". His size and baritone voice was such that one would never have guessed that he wasn't the oldest at the table.

Mads jerked his chin up and mimed straightening his tie, "What, you doubt that eligible women would have reason to spend time with me?"

The boy sitting next to him, owning a static-shocked hair style and maneuvering his food around a mad devisor's impression of a mobile Faraday cage said, "We doubt an eligible anyone would. Present company excluded, Val."

Thomas nodded, then struck back with, "Mads, you spent more time sulking and wishing Yoyo were dead than anything else I could name."

"You didn't like the useless slitch either! Only person I've ever met that was stupid enough to suggest boosting cars in a war zone." was the growled rejoinder. "What about Jade?"

"She only slept with Proxie, and dealt with you more as a contractor. I wouldn't call that 'eligible'."

"Or Yuki? Completely professional, as needed."

"Professional? Er, right. You her type? Hells to the no."

"A LOT of work went into making that establishment a class operation. I mean. um. What about ... wait. Guys? Why is everyone moving away? I DID shower today," he turned back to his friend and waggled his eyebrows, "and I'm assuming so did Loophole?" Back to a safer subject.

Maybe, Mads thought, he shouldn't sit with the UV brassard pointing towards other people at the table. Wrong impressions, y'know.

"Oh, yes. Apparently, Mrs. Carson took Pejuta and Loophole on a field trip. Camping gear and all," explained Thomas, with a "I know something you don't know" smirk. "You really should see if she'd tell you where."

The other boy thought about and piped up, "Maybe I will!"


After the milliseconds needed for the BMA senseis to realize that Metro was still seeing three people to the two of them, there was plenty of open time before Mads needed to officially have his head examined. A Dr. Bellows was the designated sacrificial goat for the week. So the boy headed over to Schuster Hall, not too far from Doyle, to get Officially Told where he could stick his curiosity.

"Liz, there's a student here who says he has a short, but possibly delicate question to ask, if you have a minute for it?"

Headmistress Carson knew Elaine Claire well enough to smell a set-up a mile away. Even more suspicious was a lack of timely intervention by her own Assistant. It was a little early in the year for "Were you really Superhero X, what a looker she was!" or "Sorry I mistook you for Superheroine Y, whatever happened to her?" or "I have a crush on [ teacher, student, random object or eldritch abomination (last year had been sooo special)]", so she took a moment to compose herself. "Send them in." This had better be good.

She was not expecting the politely smiling face of one of the freshmen at the very top of her personal "shit list".

"Mr. Jensen. What a ... surprise. Please, DO sit down." She indicated one of the interrogation chairs directly in front of her desk.

"Thank you, ma'am. Could you tell me where your morning class on extradimensional entities was convened, assuming that's not confidential?" Before the Headmistress of his frickin' School could answer with a lightning strike at his head, he added, "The reason I ask is that a friend of mine suggested that he'd gotten a downwind impression that I would be very familiar with the location."

That was not the question Elizabeth Carson was expecting, even with prior hints and warnings from her staff.

"Yes, it is a confidential location, and as you are not one of my students for that class I do have NO obligation to answer that question, Major Gunnison." She smiled, Check "But I do believe that you are familiar with a certain Training Zone Charlie, and I do hope that you would trust me to have made the appropriate arrangements for its use." and Mate.

"Charlie. Right. But I was told they were instructed to pack for a field outing?"

Confusion. That's an interesting reaction.

"That is correct."

"But it's a basic survival range. We'd just drag prospects ... out of class." Ah. The light dawns. "You never told them that you had atropine injectors on hand, or medevac on stand-by." Seeing the smile and the slow, amused head-shake, one could tell that The Headmistress is quite capable of being a cast-iron bitch when need be. "Or that they were eating the wrong stock." Ouch. Got it.

She finished for him. "Well. I'm glad we had this little talk, but we both have further appointments today. In addition, I'll see you tomorrow in class as a guest reviewer for Ms Nalley's and Ms Franks' debrief papers."

"Yes, ma'am." I. am. a dead man.

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WhatIF Stories: Falconer: A Stranger Arrives in Town

Discussion Thread
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3 years 9 months ago #29451 by Morpheus
Morpheus replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Gunny Bardue and Sam Everhart stood off to the side, watching as the dejected members of Wondercute climbed out of their sim pods and began making their way towards the debriefing room.

“You know,” Gunny commented with a faint chuckle. “I almost feel sorry for them.”

“Almost,” Sam said, nodding in agreement. The truth was, after dealing with the Imp herself, she really could sympathize with those girls. “They never knew what hit them.”

“That wasn’t fair,” Generator whined. “She shouldn’t be able to use our own stuff against us…”

“I can’t believe she got you with Hello Kitty,” Gateway told the other girl. Then she shuddered visibly. “And marshmallow fluff… I know it was just a sim, but I still feel like I have to go wash it off me…extra hard. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to eat marshmallows again.”

“Well, I am NEVER playing Candyland again,” Dragonrider announced. “I drowned in chocolate quicksand…while Oompa Loompas sang about it.”

“Mischief does make a cute Oompa Loompa,” Superchick pointed out with a giggle.

Aquerna just grumbled, “Unicorns are supposed to be nice.”

Once Wondercute had gathered in the debriefing room and had settled into their seats, Gunny put on his game face. As satisfying as it might have been to watch that particular sim, there were still some valuable lessons the girls could take away from it. And it was his duty, and in this case, his pleasure, to make sure those lessons stuck.

Just as Gunny opened his mouth, the room was suddenly filled with music. “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world,” the female voice sang. “Life in plastic. It’s fantastic.”

All the girls stared at Gunny in surprise, then burst out laughing. It wasn’t until that moment, that Gunny realized the music was coming from HIM. From HIS cell phone. He normally kept the phone in silent mode, and he knew for certain that he had NEVER set this song as a ringtone.

“You can brush my hair,” the song continued to play, “Undress me everywhere. Imagination, life is your creation.”

“One guess as to who is responsible,” Sam commented wryly.

“Damn Imp,” Gunny grumbled as he turned off the phone, earning more giggles from around the room.

Then, to Gunny’s dread, Generator turned to Bugs, and with a broad grin, announced, “I just had a great idea for something to try in our next sim…”

The waking world is but a dream.
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3 years 8 months ago #29508 by Morpheus
Morpheus replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Sam Everhart purposely walked across the campus, keeping a close watch of her surroundings but not seeing another person. That was no surprise though, as it was in the indeterminate hours where night and morning blurred together, and most people with any sense were in bed. She had just finished her final patrol of the campus, and was returning to Kane so she could sign out and end her shift for the night.

Just as Sam reached the entrance to Kane Hall, she paused and carefully looked around, though she still didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Her eyes narrowed in suspicion anyway.

“Come on out, Imp,” Sam announced. “I know you’re there.”

Sam heard a sound from behind her and snapped around, to now see the Imp standing there. Since the Imp had a smirk on her face and a hand behind her back, she was obviously up to something. Then again, since she was the Imp, it could probably be assumed that she was up to something anyway.

“What now?” Sam asked, keeping her voice and expression even.

“Can we talk inside?” Imp asked cheerfully.

“Would it matter if I said no?” Sam asked with a sigh. When the Imp didn’t respond, she nodded. “Come on.”

Once they were inside, in the main security office area, the Imp pulled her hand from behind her back and revealed what she was holding. Sam had expected another green eggs and ham joke, but instead, Imp simply set a bottle of vodka onto the desk beside her instead.

“A peace offering,” Imp said.

Sam gave Imp a suspicious look, then picked up the bottle. She expected it to be green eggs and ham flavored, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t one of those flavored vodkas at all. However, it was Cat and Hat brand vodka, and had a picture on the front of a fat cat, who was wearing a derby. The reference was obvious.

“You know,” the Imp commented, casually sitting on the edge of the next desk over. “When I was cleaning up my new classroom, I found a certain book. I bet you’ll never guess which one.” Her eyes twinkled with mischief and her tail swished back and forth.

“I think I can guess,” Sam answered wryly.

“Green Eggs and Ham,” the Imp answered with a broad grin. Then she winked at Sam and continued, “To be specific, an autographed, first edition print of the book. It was worth enough that I was able to hire a few enterprising students to clean the room for me.”

“I suppose that was good for you,” Sam said, giving Imp a wary look since she wasn’t sure whether or not Imp was about to try something else.

Imp nodded agreement. “Yes it was. Most of the boxes were just clutter and junk, but there were a couple more hidden gems in the bunch.” She hopped back to her feet, flashing Sam a broad grin. “So, no hard feelings or anything. Besides, that whole sim thing was a lot of fun. Thanks for setting it up for me.”

With that, the Imp gave a sweeping bow, then turned and hurried out of the office. For a moment, Sam remained where she was, waiting for the other shoe to drop. She’d expected the Imp to pull at least one more trick before leaving. However, when Sam looked to where Imp had been sitting on the desk, she suddenly noticed the book that had been left behind. It was a brand new copy of Green Eggs and Ham.

The waking world is but a dream.
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3 years 8 months ago #29546 by Cryptic
Cryptic replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
"But what good are my powers if i can only predict sun or snow,and the lotto numbers, which as precog I'm not allowed to play in the first place?" Pouted a chubby young man from Pennsylvania as he watched the other kids in Power theory blow past him.

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3 years 8 months ago #29715 by Cryptic
Cryptic replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread

"Ok, does anyone know why Jade keep calling me up giggling to ask if I have or want some BBQ potato chips?" Nikki asked leaning back in her 'throne' eyeballing the wall of her friends looking for Jade's co-conspirator.

Ayla, looking very Euro and content raised an eyebrow. "Even I am aware of the new Geico commercial... here's the link. You may want to sick your lawyers on them as they are leeching off your image some."

I am a caffeine heathen; I prefer the waters of the mountain over the juice of the bean. Keep the Dews coming and no one will be hurt.
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3 years 8 months ago - 3 years 8 months ago #29806 by Phoenix Spiritus
Phoenix Spiritus replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Not Canon, but a nice piece that occurred to me ...

"Mom," Lily asked softly. "Why did you become a hero?"

Startled at the question Tabitha stared down at her only child, before the sincerity of her question bought a smile to her face. "Your father," she replied reaching out to stroke Lily's face, siting down beside Lily on her bed.

"But," Lily blurted. "You were a Master Mind! And then, you said you were going straight! Having a normal life! What happened?"

Tabitha shrugged. "I fell in love. Robert was my life, and then there was you," Tabitha smiled again. "I was happy. I was in love and I was married. I had a daughter that was my entire world, and then," tears came to her eyes and she stared blindly. "And then Robert didn't come home one night," she whispered. "Nor the next day. Nor the day after."

Lily stared in horror, allowing herself to be pulled close as her mother absently reached out, trembling as she hugged her.

"No one knew what happened. Nobody would tell me what he had been doing. And I." Tears freely falling, she trembled as she remembered. "I couldn't lose him," Tabitha whispered as Lily stared at her horrified.

Giving herself a shake, Tabitha turned and smile wanly at her daughter, reaching up a hand to wipe away the tears on her face. "So I took you to your grandparents, promised them I'd do all in my power to find Robert, and went out and renewed contacts with my associates from the bad side of Whateley. I went dive to dive from one end of Boston to the other, tracking down all rumours of Falcon that I could, till eventually I tracked down a warehouse I was sure he was being held in. Using all my skills as a thief, I broke in through the roof and sneaked around in the rafters looking for him."

Pausing, Tabitha sighed and gave Lily another hug. "I found him just as they finished another session of 'interrogation', he was unconscious and they were dragging him back to a cell, laughing and joking about what they would do to him when he finally cracked and gave them the information they wanted. After they threw him into the cell, they paused by another one, commenting on how much they'd get when the 'merchandise' inside was sold."

Tabitha shivered. "Merchandise!" she snarled. "When they left, I crept past that cell on the way to rescuing Robert, and I glanced inside." Tabitha clutched Lily tight to her. "It was children," she whispered horrified. "Drugged and chained, one little older then you were then."

Tabitha sat silently staring ahead, before with a smile she hugged Lily to her. "I rescued Robert from his cell, and I dragged him off and was hiding, waiting for an opportunity to bolt, when I overheard them talking about the 'buyers' for the children, and what they would do to them. I ... I couldn't help it. I kept seeing you, chained and drugged and ... I couldn't do it. I couldn't skulk away and leave them. Not even for Robert." She closed her eyes, trembling at the memories.

Tabitha sighed and hugged Lily to her and smiled. "After that, I was always at Robert's side, making sure that never again would he be alone. Without backup. Without me. Making sure that from then on, he always came home every night." With a final hug, Tabitha stood up and left, leaving Lily staring after her, deep in thought.
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3 years 8 months ago #29808 by Phoenix Spiritus
Phoenix Spiritus replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Some suggested Jade scenes that were not used.

Jade beamed happily up at the man behind the customs and immigration desk at Paris airport as she pulled her suitcase along behind her and stepped up to the desk.

"Bienvenue à Paris, avez-vous quelque chose à déclarer?" he greeted her with an answering smile.

Frowning slightly, Jade haltingly replied. "Pardon. Ne comprends, parler anglais?" she asked finishing with a smile and fixing him with her wide puppy-dog eyes and holding out her passport.

Smiling at the young girl's halting attempt to speak French, the immigration official took pity on her. "Oui, mademoiselle. Welcome to Paris, do you have anything to declare?" he repeated the question in barely accented English, accepting her passport and scanning it.

"Well, I've got clothes, and shoes and things in my suitcase," Jade started babbling as the immigration official absently nodded, only half listening to her while he examined her passport and the contents of his computer screen. "And I have some harmless electronics and stuff, projects I've been working on at school, but I left all the guns and explosives and things like that at home, because all of that is like a big no-no to bring on an airplane."

Blinking rapidly and snatching his gaze up from his screen at the mentions of guns, the Immigration man glanced at the front of Jade's U.S. passport before looking up and rolling his eyes as she continued, sparing her prattle only a momentary glance before returning to processing her passport.

"And in my backpack I have a change of clothes, some books, gee it was a long flight! I'm so glad I brought them, not to mention my b-phone for its music and videos. And of course, there's my sister's ghost. She's in the backpack too."

Pausing in the act of giving back her passport, the officer asked cautiously, "Your sister's ghost?"

"Yeah, she died two years ago and she's with me constantly to look after me and protect me!" Jade happily declared.

"Oh, I see," he blinked at her.

"Yeah, she's always helping me, telling me things, watching over me ..."

"As an older sister should," the Officer murmured absently crossing himself. "Well, here is your passport. Welcome to France I hope you and your sister enjoy your stay," he smiled formally at her as he held out her stamped passport.

"Thank you!" Jade said happily gathering back her passport and stepping through the checkpoint to exit.

"Yes thank you!" The officer started and stared hearing a voice seemingly coming from the young girls backpack. Staring after the young Asian girl in disbelief, he watched as a white hand emerged from the backpack and waved goodbye to him as the young girl cheerily disappeared into the crowd of arrivals.

Jade almost shivered in glee as she rolled the sensual stockings up her long Jinn legs.

"You really do like dressing in this suit don't you?" Adalie asked Jinn in wonder. Looking around carefully she leaned in and whispered. "I thought you couldn't feel things anymore?"

Jinn smiled and started on her second leg, wiggling in delight as it too was covered in stockings. "I can't, but Nikki had Jade stretch and smooth a pair of the same stockings onto her legs, she said it would help me understand the mood and wickedness a pair of luxury stockings can imbue you with as they are slid slowly up your legs. And she was right, I do feel wicked and sultry and sexy when I slide on my stockings," Jinn smiled a knowing grin at the wide eyed stare of Adalie.

"How do you get such a sultry voice?" Adalie pleaded in a whisper as once again Ayla got out of the limo wincing at the pressure his gaff was exerting to keep his panty line undisturbed and his secret hidden.

Jinn giggled. "I just imagine how Nikki would say it if she wanted to melt Hank into a puddle on the floor."

Adalie blinked. "Isn't Stalwart Nikki's boyfriend?" she demanded confused.

Jinn giggled again. "Yes, but Nikki and Toni realised early on that Hank is the perfect gentleman and would never presume not matter what they teasingly suggested to him, so poor Hank became the patsy Nikki and Toni perfected all their feminine wiles on. Sometimes Hank was left not knowing which way was up, and which way was down when they were around." Smiling delightedly Jinn hopped out of the limo to follow Ayla.

"Have they been doing the same thing to Ayla?" Adalie demanded in a whisper when she too followed Jinn out.

Jinn shook her head. "Ayla's not much of a challenge to them, so they save it up for special occasions," Jinn placated her.

"Challenge?" Adalie splurged outraged.

Jinn turned to her and smiled. "It's a good thing that Lily is a "girl next door with a heart of gold," by now nearly every seductress on campus had tried her hand at Hank, but without Nikki and Toni's advantages, none of them have even entered Hank's conscious as an attempt on his affections."

"Advantages?" Adalie asked confused.

"Nikki has her Sidhe glamour and her empathy, and Toni is almost as good as Nikki at reading emotions through monitoring Ki flows. Plus they have the advantage of knowing all of Hank's weaknesses through teasing him from all the way back to that time when a pretty girl pressing against him and fluttering her eyes at him still worked. Nowadays Nikki and Toni have so desensitised him to that, I doubt there is a woman in the world other then Nikki and Lily that could still do it to him." Jinn snickered wickedly. "And Lily almost has Hank to the point were Nikki's Glamour isn't enough to get a response anymore. God he's soo far gone, Hank hasn't a chance at all of escaping Lily's intentions," she smiled excitedly to Adalie who grinned conspiratorially back at her.
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3 years 8 months ago #29816 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
"I don't serve mutants here," the ice cream man said gruffly.

"But- but, I just want to buy some ice cream for my friends," Teri said, her eyes wide and beginning to overflow with tears. "A-and you're the only ice cream place at the beach, so I can't get ice cream anywhere else."

"I. Don't. Care."

That was enough to set Teri off, and she began to wail so loudly all eyes in the immediate area turned to them.

"Mommy, why is that fairy crying," a little girl asked.

"Hey Mom, why won't he give that fairy ice cream? She looks nice," a boy said.

As the ice cream man tried to get her to shut up, more and more little kids started asking why the cute little fairy was so upset, and some of the toddlers began to cry themselves or walked over to try to cheer the fairy up.

"I just want a little bit of ice cream," Teri sobbed, futilely wiping the tears away with her wings. "I even said please and thank you!"

If Teri had been a monstrous mutant crying, she would have gotten far, far less sympathy. But being a six inch tall fairy straight out of a fairytale or cartoon gained Teri quite a bit of sympathy. As the kids kept asking questions, and a few even shouted at the ice cream man to be nice, with the parents getting more upset at the noise and how the pleasant day at the beach was turning into an uncomfortable learning experience.

"Just give her the damn ice cream!" a father shouted as his daughter tugged at his finger to help the sad fairy.

"Fine. What did you want you damn mutant?" the ice cream man snarled.

"I don't want it anymore, you're a big meanie!" Teri wailed, not leaving her seat on the corner of his cart.

"Come on kid, I'm trying to make a living here and you're scaring away my customers. Just tell me what you want and get out of here."

His mean tone just made Teri cry even harder.

"For the love of... Here! Take it! Just get the hell out of here!" the ice cream man said, filling a bag with what he remembered from her order.

"I wanted an ice cream sandwich to," Teri muttered.

An ice cream sandwich went into the bag. "Now take a hike!"

The tears slowly faded to sniffles, as Teri took the bag. She took to the air her wings drooping a little, but she made sure to smile and thank the children for helping her. When she was well away from the crowd, she perked up, smiling happily and began bouncing up and down as she flew. Reaching her friends she tossed them the bag. "Hey guys I got the ice cream, sorry it took so long, but I managed to get it all for free!'
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3 years 8 months ago #29861 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
By some measures it was a good thing that, by the time Auxiliary Security Officer Mads Jensen finally got down the hill and dragged his sorry arse up the steps to Hawthorne Cottage, it was well past lights out. He was hoping that that meant the common rooms would be deserted - because he was just too wiped out to head back up to Kane Hall from Doyle to clean up all his gear and soak blood and pine tar off his uniform first. The tremor in his hand as he went to unlock the door warned him that a long day was turning to a longer night.

Some time back, Sam Everheart had mentioned that one of her first nights patrolling on-campus she'd run across a student who'd plowed into a tree because the girl had forgotten that knowing where you're going is a critical flight skill. To hear her tell it, it was kind of funny, since exemplars tend to be bullet-proof and mostly impalement-

You know, they could very well wait to examine his knee until after he finished yarking up his bootlaces. Hell, that kid is probably still in surg-

Make that 'until after the bootlaces worked their way up and the rain has died down.'

It was one thing to deal with shooting or stabbing victims being pulled off the street into Mama's clinic. The few times he'd been in combat, well that had definitely been 'kill or be killed'. There's just something about having to help saw limbs, tree, tree limbs, not the other, off next to still living and crying. No. Thinking about that was just worse. Even with all the power he could risk on healing, that wouldn't have made the pain go away. For someone whose world wouldn't ever, ever. Damn. Just breathe.

The boy never noticed the warning signal before his medkit fired off a double dose of anti-psychotic and pain-killer.

Nor, thankfully, did he see the look on Mrs. Cantrel's face as Eldritch and the on-call nurse loaded his unconscious body on the stretcher, leg carefully splinted. The phone call warning her that one of her charges was coming in in bad shape had hurt; the pounding of boots, slamming of a bathroom door, and snap of broken cartilage when he slipped and went down hard simply broke her heart with each terrible sound. The softly muttered "Well, his helmet's still on. No concussion this time. That's good, right?" from one of the other 'inmates' who should have been asleep, didn't help. "Right. Like I'd trust Metro with crutches." Gallows humor, but better.

"You all go on back to your rooms, now." What kind of world teaches children 'There but for the Grace of God go I' so intimately? "We'll know more in the morning." But the dawn is still so very far off.

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WhatIF Stories: Falconer: A Stranger Arrives in Town

Discussion Thread
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3 years 8 months ago - 3 years 8 months ago #29934 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Gina headed out the door of Dickinson a little early to avoid the rush of students eager for breakfast, She stretched her arms back and let the warm sun caress her skin for a moment before heading off towards Crystal Hall.

Gina headed out the door of Dickinson a little early to avoid the rush of students and so that she could talk to Mr. Anderson before class about some new tricks she'd learned over the summer. She stretched her arms back and let the warm sun caress her skin for a moment before heading off towards her first day of Survival Class for the year.


With a bowl full of cereal and a cup of hot chocolate, Gina took a quick look around the cafeteria to see if any of her friends were getting an early start as well. With a big smile she headed over to the Underdog table and took a seat. "Hi Anna, how was your summer?" she asked.


Gina strolled along the back path listening to the singing birds and enjoying the bit of privacy the trees provided after the bustle of the cottage. Unfortunately her few minutes of peace were cut short when she saw some bullies start swaggering down the path towards her.


"- the MCO gave Jerry and me some trouble at the Miami airport, but Jerry was able to handle it so we didn't miss our flight," Anna said, with stars in her eyes. "What about you, how was your summer?"

"It wasn't as interesting as your summer," Gina said. "No supervillain fights for me. But I had fun back home. I went, oh no!"


"Well if it isn't my favourite girl, two for one," Buster said. "New guy, this is one of the underdogs I told you about. All she can do is make a duplicate, so if you catch her, you can beat two of her up for the price of one."

A freshman, who looked even stupider and uglier than Buster smirked. "What a useless little bitch. Why is she even here?"

Rolling her eyes, Gina ducked before the freshman could grab her hair. "Yeah, my power is useless. Why don't you go find someone who's actually a challenge to annoy or are you too chicken to risk a real fight?"

"Are you going to let her talk to you like that, new guy?" Buster asked.


"Are you OK?" Anna asked.

"Yeah," Gina said, shaking herself to focus on her friend. "I just got distracted a little. One second."


Gina took a step back from the bully who was growing by the second until he was ten feet tall and leering down at her. "Oh this is so fair. Your mother must be so proud of you," she said deadpan.

A hand the size of a desk reached out to pick her up, not wanting to know what the bully would do if he actually got her Gina disappeared.

"Where the hell did she go?! I thought you said she could only make a duplicate."


"Ugh," Gina groaned in disgust. A duplicate suddenly appeared beside her.

Anna didn't even blink at the sudden appearance of the second Gina. "Problems?"

"Ran into Buster and a new bully who is a size warper that's at least as bad as Buster if not worse," Gina replied in stereo. Turning to face her duplicate the original Gina said, "I'll go to survival class now, I seem to have more luck today."

Anna waited patiently as Gina got up and headed for the door, while Gina slid into the now empty seat.

"So like I was saying before we were so rudely interrupted, my vacation was boring but nice. I went to my grandparents with my brother..."
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