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The Micro-Scenes thread

5 years 2 months ago - 5 years 2 months ago #1033 by Phoenix Spiritus
Phoenix Spiritus replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Phoenix Spiritus' new Micro-Scenes thread Genesis

Chapter One: Danny Franks, younger brother to Kayda
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5 years 2 months ago #1034 by Phoenix Spiritus
Phoenix Spiritus replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
"Oh! Now this is heavenly!" Danny started. Cautiously looking around, trying to see who it was that was speaking. "I'm so glad I listened to Wakan Tanka, this is just divine!" continued the voice.

"Hello?" Carefully Danny inquired, shocked to hear someone talking about Wakan Tanka, the Lakota Great Spirit his sister, Kayda, communed with.

"Hello yourself." The sultry voice replied back. Danny's eyes widened in disbelief as he finally 'heard' where the voice was coming from.

"You're in my head? How can you be in my head!" He demanded, more then a little desperately.

"Oh darling, you know how! After all, like your sister you are an Avatar, and with all the issues she's been having there was no way that we could leave it up to chance who got you, so Wakan Tanka asked me to come and protect you, and I just couldn't say no!"

"Like my sister? Avatar? I'm not going to turn into a girl am I?" Panicking Danny jumped up and desperately started looking all around.

"Oh, now why would I go and do a thing like that?" The sultry voice murmured. "After all, a girl has needs" Danny could all but hear the sounds of lips smacking in her voice. Confused, hyperventilating, desperately turning here and there, Danny almost welcomed the darkness as everything faded to black.

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5 years 2 months ago #1035 by Phoenix Spiritus
Phoenix Spiritus replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
"The purring is really delightful." A girl's voice, not his mom's, but soft, comforting to listen to all the same.

Someone was stroking Danny's head, and there was a cat somewhere close, it's purring was hypnotic, strong, deep, just as comforting as the voice. Turning over Danny leaned into the hand stroking him, delighted as the purring increased in volume too.

Giggling. "I thinks he likes it" exclaimed the voice, as laughingly the hand returned to stoking his head, soothing Danny back to sleep.

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5 years 2 months ago - 5 years 2 months ago #1036 by Phoenix Spiritus
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"Mum! I know she's a female spirit, but she swears she's not gonna turn me into a girl!" Frustrated, Danny stared in horror as the new bag of girls panties he had thought his mum had got for Kayda was instead added to his own suitcase.

"I know dear, but we all know what happened to Kayda when she got a female spirit. We've discussed it, and everyone really thinks it would be best if while you are at Whateley you were to stay in Poe." His mum paused her packing, turning to place a hand on his shoulder. "So that you can be with your sister and the other girls who will know what you are going through, people that can help you as you change."

"But Mum! I'm not turning into a girl!" Danny almost cried out in frustration, staring in shock at the older bras of Kayda's that his mother was now adding to his case as well.

"I hope so too dear." Maddenly his mother continued calmly as though they were speaking of a summer job he hoped to get. "Now in Poe you'll get to know all the secrets of the gay children, and the other transgendered ones too. It's very important that you do not reveal those secrets to the rest of the school, you've seen how bad things have gotten for Kayda ..."

"Mum! I don't want to be in dorm with the gay boys, they'll hit on me!" desperately Danny tried to get his mother to listen to him.

"I know dear, but you'll be alright. You are turning into a very pretty girl dear, I'm sure you know how supportive your father and I will be about you and your boyfriend when you get one."

"Mum!" Danny gasped in disbelief. "I'm a boy! I'm staying a boy! I don't want to have any boyfriends!"

"Well if instead you find a nice girl like Kayda did, we'll support you in that too dear." Danny stared in dismay at his mother as she calmly continued packing his suitcase, blithely assuming he'd be a girl soon like his sister and totally ignoring everything he was saying.

"Arrgh!" crying out in frustration Danny stamped from his room, making for the stairs and the outdoors. Once again Danny wondered why he even bothered trying to talk with his parents, they just didn't seem to want to listen to anything he tried to tell them.
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5 years 2 months ago - 5 years 2 months ago #1037 by Phoenix Spiritus
Phoenix Spiritus replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Danny took a seat on the train glaring at Kayda as she sat down in the seat before him.

"Look Danny, I'm sorry. It was the only hoody they had in your size, and mum said to make sure you always wore something to you could use to cover your head and your arms as you travelled today, just in case." Kayda apologised again.

"But it's pink! And it has this stupid cat thing on it ..."

"Hello Kitty." Kayda murmured, almost as red in embarrassment as her brother.

"Whatever. Why couldn't we just have gotten my suitcase and a my other hoody from that?" Danny demanded.

"Because we'd already booked our bags in. Look I really am sorry I spilt the shake on you and that the hoodie is pink, but it was the only store on the platform selling clothes, and that was all they had suitable that fitted you."

"How would you like to be turning up for your first day at school dressed in pink!" Danny demanded, red faced, scrunching down, then in horror he felt cats ears begin growing from his head as his embarrassment increased. In desperation he pulled up the hoodie and pressed himself into the corner between his seat and the window.

"Ooh kitty! You must be on the way to Whateley too!" Danny tried to scrunch further down in the seat, mortified as fur started growing on his face now too as the strange girls voice increased his embarrassment.

Feeling a bump in his seat, Danny turned in surprise to see the girl had sat next to him, hand outstretched. "Hi! I'm Mischief, I'm starting at Whateley today! Ooh, that looks so soft" she enthused reaching for his furry face.

At the sound of muffled giggling Danny turned forward, unbelievably betrayed to see Kayda break down and laugh out loud at the sight of her brother pressed deep into the corner of the seat, desperately trying to escape the attentions of a cute girl hell bent of cuddling and stroking him. In disbelief he watched Kayda finally control herself, sit back up and dig out her phone. "Mum is so going to want to see this! Smile!"

Blinking at the flash Danny glared daggers at his sister as she continued laughing at his predicament.
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5 years 2 months ago - 5 years 2 months ago #1038 by Phoenix Spiritus
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"Come on Danny! Quickly." Kayda panted. "We need to get you out of that hoodie."

"Why it so important now?" Danny complained, heaving his suitcase up the stairs behind his sister. "I wanted to change at the station as soon as we got the bags, but you rushed me right onto the bus!"

"I'm sorry, I packed the luggage keys right in the bottom of my bag, and then Mrs. Shugendo rushed us onto the first bus so fast! She chewed me out for not getting you to school on Friday too."

"But I thought you said mum checked, and it was alright for me to come with you today cause I already knew about Poe!" Danny demanded, stunned at the new revelation.

"Well I couldn't very well argue with Mrs. Shugendo about it there on the station could I? Poe is supposed to be a secret. Just hurry up, my rooms are closest to the stairs, we can go there and get you changed." Kayda instructed as she humped her own suitcase up the stairs. "Less chance of you being seen then" She mumbled.

Not objecting to getting out of the horrible pink hoodie as fast as possible, Danny concentrated on carrying his suitcase and keeping up with Kayda, but he did wonder why suddenly Kayda cared about him having to wear the horrible pink thing, she certainly hadn't seem to mind too much on the train when she'd taking heaps of snaps of him in it to send home to their mother.

Poking her head out the staircase door, Kayda smiled and turned back to her brother. "Hurry up, the corridor is free!"

"Give us a break, this things heavy!" Danny complained as he put down the suitcase and vigorously shook his hand to get feeling back. Popping the handle he tipped the suitcase onto its wheels and followed his sister out into corridor. "If you were in such a rush, why didn't we just wait for the lift like I suggested, rather then humping it up all these stairs?"

"I told you, we couldn't wait in the foyer, she could have come through at any moment, she's helping out with the new arrivals today!"

"She?" Danny demand, unfortunately to Kayda's back as she hurried down the corridor.

Turning the corner from the lift corridor to the corridor with the dorm rooms, Kayda turned fearfully to the sound of an opening door, relaxing and smiling when she saw who it was. "Lily!" She exclaimed in happiness. "I though Lanie was going to be student assistant for this wing?"

Smiling Wallflower came up and hugged Kayda. "She is, I was just visiting her. Who's this?"

Under the stare of the cheerful senior Danny found himself blushing, and then mortified, he felt his ears appear and fur start covering his face. Squinching down in his hoodie Danny blushed as his sister made the introductions.

"Lily Turner, Wallflower this is my ..."

"Oh wow finally! We've get one of the exotic cat girls!"

Eyes wide in horror Kayda tried to stop Mary Goodhope, Angel, as she reached out to gather Danny in her arms. "Mary no! Don't that's my ..." eyes wide in disbelief Kayda watched Angel engulf Danny in her arms in her typical full body hug. Eyes wide in delight Angel lent down to rub her face on Danny's silky soft fur "... brother" Kayda finished lamely.

"Brother!" Lily demanded stunned as Angel looked up at Kayda in surprise, her arms still around the cringing Danny's shoulders.

"She doesn't feel like a brother" Angel said confused, almost absently petting Danny by stroking his head with a hand.

"You told mum you weren't turning into a girl!" Kayda screamed at Danny

"I did! I'm not!" Danny yelled back, just as fiercely.

"Angel's allergic to boys! How do you explain this then?" Kayda demanded angrily, pointing to the obviously content Angel, who in addition to hugging Danny had taken the opportunity to lay her cheek on his head, smiling in delight at the feel of his fur on her cheek.

Staring in horror at his sister Danny wailed in his mind *You promised me! You said I'd stay a boy!*

*Mmmm, she's niiiice* the voice in his head purred back *lets keep this* almost crying Danny stared down, as in his chest the sonorous sounds of purring started rumbling out.

Angel smiled in delight at the sound. "Pretty little kitty with her pretty Hello Kitty!" she exclaimed, renewing her full body hug of the boy.

"Hello Kitty?" Shocked Angel jumped straight and stared at Kayda in horror, from the corner a squeal of delight rang out. "Hello Kitty pink hoodie? My soulmate!" Squealing to an almost painfully high note, a pink rocket charged Danny, the eleven year old girl in its centre taking a running jump straight for his arms, Danny scrambled desperately to catch her. "You and I are going to have such fun! I can't wait to introduce you to all my friends!" The rocket squealed from Danny's arms.

"Oh no! Jade!" Kayda moaned, wincing at her engulfed brother, so embarrassed at the two girls climbing all over him, his bright red face was almost completely covered in fur. Danny's desperate eyes pleaded with Kayda as she shrugged her helplessness. Finally unable to meet his eyes anymore, Kayda looking down, almost absently retrieving her phone form her pocket she looked up, then shrugging she raised the phone, pointed it at Danny and took a photo of her brother with an enthusiastic eleven year old girl in his arms, with an Angel leaning over him, wings outstretched to embrace, and her golden head resting upon Danny's own, after all, her mother had said to take photos of everything.
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5 years 2 months ago - 5 years 2 months ago #1039 by Phoenix Spiritus
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Danny wanted to cry. Mischief had started it, and it had all got out of hand so fast, and now Mrs. Horton was on the way to call his mother, and Danny just knew his mum would then call Kayda and she'd tell her everything she saw and then he'd have to try and explain how he ended up naked on the common room floor with girls laying all over him.

It just wasn't fair!

Sniffing Danny tried to remember how it had happened. It was all so innocent! Mischief had wanted to come over for some maths tutoring, and when she mentioned it at lunch Cover had gotten jealous, so that had meant it had turned into a tutoring session with both Mischief and the Three Little Witches.

Everyone had come over to Poe, and Danny had quickly taken them to a study room, and it'd had all been going fine, till Clover had got bored and started stroking him, making him purr. And then the ears had come out, and that had got Mischief also yo stroke him, and then he'd started getting fur, and Clover had started cuddling him and ...

Danny was still in shock, he hadn't even known he could do that, transform fully into a mountain lion. The girls had squealed in delight! Danny had bolted, out of the study room and into a common room before the girls had caught him. Cuddling him and petting him, they had removed his school uniform form his now cat body, their squeals of excitement had attracting others. The whole of Wondercute, in the study room next door plotting for their next sim, had come out to find him in kitty form ruling about the common room floor, and they had dived in to to pet him.

It wasn't until Kayda had walked in that the shock of seeing her had broken his embarrassment, allowing him to transform back ... naked ... with all those girls clinging to him ... and right then, while he was still in shock from the double transformation, Mrs. Horton and come in to find him with all of Wondercute draped over him!

Mum was going to kill him! And that didn't even begin to cover what was going to happen to his reputation once this story started getting repeated around the whole school!

Danny put his head down and cried, life was so unfair.
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5 years 2 months ago - 4 years 9 months ago #1042 by Phoenix Spiritus
Phoenix Spiritus replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Phoenix Spiritus' new Micro-Scenes thread Genesis

Chapter Two: It's about to get a little Jaded
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Phoenix Spiritus replied the topic: A Noodle Incident
Sitting down at Team Kimba's usual Crystal Hall table, Ayla continued the lecture he had been giving Hank all the way from the checkouts. "Sure you can just overpower a PK shield. Eventually with the right amount of concentrated force any PK shield breaches, put enough tons of force over a vital organ, like the head, and anyone goes down, but there are more elegant options."

"What? My head over the countryside too messy for you?" Hank commented wryly.

"Well that and overpower breaching methods are inherently dangerous, not just the intended target, but anyone else around too. Even the instigator if the opponent knows what they are doing." Ayla shrugged. "There's not much use me having an anti-PK weapon if it's to dangerous to use. If my offence against a PK superman is, say, a Goodkind one-shot anti-tank RPG, even if I have the means of carrying it around, it's rather obvious when I pull it out and aim it. Any reasonably intelligent brick is going to either get so close to me the shock from the explosion will kill me as well, or grab someone else and hold them close enough I won't fire because I'll kill the hostage."

"So what weapons are you planning instead Ayla?" Chaka asked sitting down beside Hank, who had sat across the table from Ayla. Jade and Jinn arrived too, both casually sitting down opposite Toni across Hank, Jade taking her dinner plate and cutlery off her tray before sliding the now empty tray in front of Jinn.

"Well, instead of just overpowering the shield" Ayla continued, now including both Chaka and the two Sinclairs in the discussion "I was planning on using other weaknesses to get through PK shields." Turning to Toni he nodded. "Like you have been discovering with Diz, all useful PK shields have to let beneficial things through."

"What, like food? You going to throw candies at them and poison them?" Chaka asked smiling delightedly at Ayla's very brief pause of confusion on hearing her suggestion.

"Well no." Ayla continued fastidiously. "True in theory poisoned food should work, but I don't think anybody is going to eat something I throw at them during a fight" Ayla pointed out reasonably to Toni. "I was thinking more immediately necessary things, like air, water, light, sound, those sorts of things." He continued turning back to Hank.

"And food!" Jade yelled to interrupt Ayla, who manfully ignored her.

"So what, poison gases?" Hank asked also ignoring the suggestions of Toni and Jade.

"And possibly liquid aerosols, lasers, things like that." Ayla agreed.

"And food!" Jade happily yelled again, throwing her arms up in the air and ... Ayla blinked. Was that spaghetti? Dancing in the air above Jade? Looking down Ayla winced. Jade's plate was a wasteland of red sauce like substance, almost just a reddish water, weak, wobbly, over boiled noodle imitations, and ... no, Ayla refused to even contemplate identifying the 'meat' portion of what was on Jade's plate.

Ducking, Ayla went light and sighed as the dancing spaghetti above Jade exploded. Once the raining food had stop, Ayla resumed normal weight, looking around, pleasantly surprised to see that the spaghetti rain had been confined to a narrow area on the table around where Jade was sitting.

Resolutely Ayla turned back to Hank. "So I was investigating tear gas, possibly an aerosol sleeping agent or knockout gas of some sort as well. I was also thinking of maybe some blinding / distracting weapons, such as flash bangs. The sonic and light portions should go through nearly any PK shield, unlike conclusion grenades, were the pressure waves are almost certainly going to be blocked by most shields."

"And poisoned pasties!" Interrupted Jade as soon as she saw Ayla pause to invite Hank's opinion.

Involuntarily Hank smiled, casing Toni to get into the act too. "Vomitus Vo-Vos" she called.

"Sleeping Snickers!" Jade replied excitedly.

"Noodle noose!" Exclaimed Toni, standing, arm raised in salute.

Turning to give Toni a look of amazement, Hank incredulously repeated "Noodle noose?"

"Yeah, like if I Ki charged a noodle and garrotted you!" Toni answered happily sitting back down.

Pickling up a limp, overcooked specimen of spaghetti from the table between him and Jde, Hank waved it at Toni. "You're going to garrotte me? With this?" He replied with extreme scepticism, shaking the spaghetti in emphasis. "You couldn't garrotte a suicidal chicken with this!" Hank continued derisively. "Let alone take out a PK superman!" He chuckled.

Dropping his demonstration piece of spaghetti back to his table, Hank stared in disbelief when instead of falling down, it stopped, wiggling in the air in front of him. Mouth open stunned, Hank's eyes bulged as wiggling joyfully the piece of spaghettini dove through the air and straight down his open mouth.

Pushing himself up and away from the table, Hank's hands darted to his mouth, as weaving, stumbling and red faced he tried to swallow, tried to cough, tried to breath!

Desperately Hank's searching hand clasped a glass of water. Forcing himself upright Hank frantically tried to drink, but the water just poured back out of his mouth. Just arriving at the table Billie and Nikki rushed up, quickly sliding their trays onto the table they turned to help Hank. As Billie started pounding on Hank's back, Nikki frantically started reciting spell after spell, all the time trying to look down Hank's mouth and see what the problem was.

Seeing that pounding Hank's wasn't working, Billie stepped behind Hank, wrapped her arms around him low down and quickly pulled up and back, hoping to force air out of Hank's lungs to expel the obstruction.

Turning redder, but otherwise unaffected by Billie's actions, Hank collapsed to his knees. Redder and redder, one hand desperately clawing at his throat, Hank fell forward, holding himself barely off the ground on one arm, Billie and Nikki also on their knees still trying to help, as now Ayla and Toni stood looking stricken towards their distressed friend. With eyes bulging out, eyelids starting to flutter, Hank desperately tried to breath, collapsing onto his side, hands still clawing his throat.


A great gulping breath.

Rolling to his back, Hank breathed deep, panicked breaths, tears streaming from his eyes. Hank gasped up at the staring Nikki, mid spell cast, relief and amazement all through her expression.

"Wow, the insides of someone's lungs are just weird. And icky!" Jade innocently commented reaching for her milk and swallowing a mouthful.

Jade!" practically the entire populous of that side of Crystal Hall yelled at her in fury and disbelief.
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5 years 2 months ago #1046 by Phoenix Spiritus
Phoenix Spiritus replied the topic: Radio Active Condor Girl
Even though it was only just five am, Jade was outside Bunny's door bouncing excitedly.

Bunny opened the door and scowled crossly at Jade. ”Double-oh one there sent sniffer into hysterics" she growled repressively at the hyper excited girl.

"I was only checking you where awake" Jade replied petulantly. Then in a confused voice she asked "Double-oh one?"

"I'm assuming it was 'Jamie Anne, Super Spy. 001 On Her Majesties Secret Service, Licensed to Annoy' who crawled under my door at five ah em?” Bunny drawled, emphasising the time unhappily.

"You're awake and do you have it? Do you? Is it ready?" Jade started bouncing excitedly again, unleashing her deadly puppy dog eyes on the scowling older girl.

"She is still asleep and you are not waking her up." Bunny replied, again failing to fend of Jade's most deadly weapon, but determined to hold onto some semblance of her righteous indignation.

"It's OK, Ayla wants it kept secret anyway." Jade dismissed Bunny's concern. "Can we take it to Nikki's room? Ayla asked her to find somewhere we can test it." Bouncing excitedly Jade grabbed Bunny's arm, attempting to led the older girl back into her room.

"It's still five AM!" Bunny refused to budge.

"You're awake, and its Nikki's room. And we get to test it!" Jade pleaded, obviously readying her greatest weapon again.

Bunny sighed and handed Jade the backpack in her hand, then carefully reopening the door to her room, she reached through, carefully, pulling out another backup as quietly as she could. This backpack was not quite zipped up, and Jade could see it was full of electronics. Slowly and silently Bunny closed the door again, before standing straight she shouldered the backpack. Turning she followed the dancing Jade down the hall to Nikki's room. Entering Bunny wasn't surprised to see that in addition to Nikki and Chaka, who's room it was also, Billie was there too, along with Ayla who was all business.

"It is ready? The extra safeties have been tested?" Ayla asked Bunny concerned.

"Its ready." Bunny confirmed. "We have a thirty minute supply of oxygen, and I modified your old mask for Jade, since you now have that new one."

Ayla nodded and turned to Nikki "And we have somewhere we can test it?"

"We'll use the Grove." Nikki replied. "Even security can't get in there, so they can't monitor what we are doing. As long as Billie and Jade don't go too high and exceed Whateley's flight ceiling there shouldn't be any problems." Ayla looked a little unsure about the use of the Grove, but trusted Nikki to see to their safety.

Crouching down besides Bunny, Jade cast Jinn into the backpack she had been given. Seeing this Bunny started explaining the contents.

"OK, first we have the suit. I modelled it on a WingSuit, but modified so it gives the 'condor' profile your wanted." Bunny explained.

"What's with the funny shaped pole?" Jade enquired frowning down at the still closed backpack.

"Well, that's to give you the 'neck' of your condor. We are hiding you in the 'wings' and the body. It also gives us a little extra length for the antennas."

"Where is the battery for the radio? I can only find a tiny one in Ayla's headpiece, surely that's not enough?" Jade looked up concerned to Bunny.

"We're not using batteries for the radio signals." Bunny explained to Jade's shocked look. "We don't need a 'clean' signal for this, in fact the dirtier the signal the better, a dirty signal will jam more frequencies for us. What I did was calculate carefully the size of the antennas built into the suit, then I made you a hand cranked generator and used multiple differently sized coils in it, one for each frequency we are going to jam. When Jann cranks the generator as fast as she can the different coils spinning inside the generator's magnetic field will produce currents with multiple different oscillating frequencies, one for each coil. I then just put that raw current into the specially designed antennas that are pre-calculated to be certain lengths and you get 'white noise' at the required frequencies for as long as Jann keeps cranking the generator, no batteries or special circuitry required." Bunny finished smiling at Jade who started up at her with an amazed 'O' of understanding, before laughing she reached up and hugged the blond bombshell tightly in her little girl arms.

Smiling down at the happy Jade, Bunny turned to Ayla. "Even better there is nothing 'special' to tip off security or the Sim Technicians. It's just a WingSuit with metal sewn into it, almost like decoration. The generator is also nothing special, you can find similar things in all sorts of 'survival' equipment like those windup radios or lamps people get in hurricane and tornado prone areas. Even better you could get the suit entered into the sim for Generator and the wind-up generator entered in for Shroud, and no one would be the wiser until you combine them in the sim."

Ayla thoughtfully considered this. "Will a hand cranked generator give us enough power to jam the signal from one mile up? That's how high up Jade needs to be flying to be out of sniper range for anyone on the ground with a gun."

"Easily." Bunny assured him. "We don't have to overpower the ground based system, we just need to be generating a signal that is louder then the satellite, so the ground station stops hearing the satellite." Bunny smiled happily. "The satellite will be in orbit and is getting its signal power from solar panels, and they also need to be running the whole satellite. The signal from a satellite isn't actually that large, the smarts are all in the ground based receivers with their parabolic and directional antennas, signal filtering and boosting circuits." Bunny smiled. "Jade will only be a mile up, the satellite is in orbit. Radio signals degrade inversely squared to the distance from the source, meaning that since Jade is going to be a lot closer to the ground station then the satellite, she doesn't have to be that loud at all to drown out its signal to the ground stations." Bunny stood there bouncing, an ear to ear grin on her face and her trade mark pig-tails flapping around almost excitedly as Jade.

"What about nuclear powered satellites? Can we beat them?" Billie asked curiously.

"They don't use nuclear powered satellites in orbit." Ayla explained to Billie. "Orbiting satellites have to come back down to earth after they've exceeded their design life, and not even Australia's gonna be happy at a nuclear satellite breaking up and crashing into their backyard. Besides all the commercial satellites are solar powered, a nuclear one would stick out and be easy for enemies to track, cause its different. You want your spy satellites to be stealthy, not orbiting around screaming 'I'm something unusual, track me!'"

Turning to Bunny again Ayla asked. "Why are we sending Jade up in a WingSuit? Why not just have a proper condor model being controlled by Jinn?"

"Two reasons. First you needed it fast and I didn't have the feathers to make a proper condor suit. Second this is a really quick and nasty jerry rigged suit. There is nothing dangerous about it, but we need to hand crank a generator, micro-manage the aiming of the suits antennas, fly the suit, dodge any missiles or bullets coming at them and also manage air position, monitor the satellite's signal, and flying all at the same time. Jade and I thought it would all be too much for one person to do." Bunny shrugged. "With Jade in the suit she can be as many people as she needs to be to pull it all off."

Ayla still looked concerned but had to concede that Jade knew her limitations best, if she had decided she was needed then that was that. "What do we need to test today?" He instead asked Bunny.

"Well not test, more practice." Bunny said bending down, opening the backpack she was holding. "I designed the wings so that Jinn can lock them and then make minute movements to 'focus' the signal." Pulling an item out of the backpack shed held it out for Ayla to see. "This is a receiver and a meter so we can monitor the signal from the suit. We'll set this up and get Jinn to practice taking Jade a mile up and focusing her signal onto it. Then I want to see how 'off-beam' we can be to the receiver and still drown out the satellite. If we can get this to work sufficiently "off beam" Billie can take Jade a mile up at the start of the sim and she can jam the signal from there, that would be a major tactical advantage for you."

"You're right." Ayla agreed. Turning to Nikki Ayla enquired "Are we ready to go?"

Nikki nodded so they all trooped out, with Jade carrying her backpack and skipping along in front singing the theme song from the "Condorman" movie as soon as they where outside and unlikely to disturb anyone else.


Jade had been looking forward to this sim ever since Bunny had delivered her suit. Now that Billie had dropped her off one mile up, Jade spread her arms and legs wide like they had practiced, and Jann locked her limbs so that she would not involuntary twitch and spoil the signal. Then while Jinn started winding the generator, Jann concentrated on focusing the parabolic antennas to keep them aligned on the base's satellite dish. Jade concentrated on monitoring the satellite's transmission, scrolling for her across the displays Bunny had built into Ayla's old headpiece. Bunny had explained that they didn't need to crack the encryption on the satellites communications to do this, once the Satellite lost its earthlink signal it would start trying to handshake again ... a repeating signal across multiple bands that should be easy to identify … there!. Over and over the satellite was transmitting the same signal sequentially on each of the control channels Ayla had told them the satellite would use. The satellite was trying to handshake again, it had lost command control!

"Satellite uplink is down. Satellite uplink is down! Go Go Go!" Jade happily called over the spots.


Just as the final targeting information was about to be loaded into the missiles, the computer's lost contact with their satellite data. Instead of loading tracking and targeting data from the satellites into the missiles, the base computers instead switched the missiles to use onboard IR targeting and the inbuilt control circuits. Circuits and sensors designed to look for and target the thousands of degrees hot engine exhausts of jets were now instead trying to find mere dozens of degrees hot flying children, predictably it didn't go well.

Billie heard " ... Go Go Go!" and quickly fired plasma bolts across the noses of all the incoming missiles she could see targeting her and her friends. The plasma blast across the noses of all the missiles caused them to veer and attempt to follow the much 'hotter' IR trails of the plasma blasts, completely ignoring the Team Kimba members continuing on through the now useless missile barrage an onwards towards the base they had been fired from.

Billie grabbed Ayla and threw him directly at the ground station, aiming for the communications sheds visible around the large radio antennas sticking up out of the hill the base was dug into. Ayla went light and streaked across the distance at nearly a thousand miles an hour. While Billie threw Ayla, Fey conjured her spherical force field around the remaining Team Kimba members, and following after Phase Billie dragged the rest of Team Kimba in Fey's Magical Bubble Ride.


Sam watched the missiles uselessly explode nowhere near the targets, before she turned around and demanded "What happened to the missiles?!"

"Satellite uplink went down, they fell back to onboard IR guidance." A desperately bust tech answered as he attempted to regain communications with the satellite.

"Well what happened to my satellite!" Sam demanded of the busy tech.

"Interference, if it wasn't impossible I'd say from the bird!" he replied back, reaching forward to flick switches and wiggle dials without effect.

"Shoot it down! Shoot down the bird!" Sam snapped, turning back to her screens and urging another subordinate to action.

"Its out of range of guns." He snapped. "And with the satellite uplink down we can't target the missiles like that. AIM missiles aren't able to be targeted at biologicals with on-board electronics" he whined.

"Take out the lock!" Sam snapped back, turning to glare at him.

"It's not a lock, it's a hardware limitation." He turned right back to snap at her. "The IR sensors are designed to see hundreds of degrees hot aircraft exhausts! They can't differentiate 98 degrees fahrenheit body heat from ambient air temperature, it's the satellites that do that. And that 'bird' is flying too high to be shot with a gun anyway!"

Growling Sam turned back to the original tech. "Well block the birds signal! Get me my satellites and my missiles!"

"It's not a signal, its just white noise at the right frequencies, its just yelling so loud into our antennas we can't hear the signal from the satellite anymore. Anything we do to block the yelling is going to block the signal from the satellite too!" the tech complained.

"Well swap frequencies!" Sam snapped, increasingly sharply.

"We're trying!" The tech cried. "It requires two way communication to do that and we don't have it! There is jamming on all our frequencies, we can't hear which frequency the Satellite is trying so we can respond to it, the bird is yelling on all our control frequencies at once!"

Just then the outside video feeds stated snowing out. Turning quickly, looking to one of the surviving feeds Sam saw Phase briefly come out of the end of the communications shed before turning around and walking back into it, obviously using his phasing ability to destroy all sensitive electronics racked inside.

Sam swore, even without the bird jamming the signal it was now too late. Phase had destroyed her communications array and she no longer had the ability to communicate with the satellite, without the satellite she lost most of her abilities to target small 'biological' fliers and, more importantly, the ability to command the nuclear strike!

Sitting down calmly again Sam concentrated fiercely on the tactics of Team Kimba. All the base's automatics where designed around engine heat seeking IR and large object tracking, it was the satellite overrides that were allowing the automatics to target single "human" sized and heated objects, without the satellite the automatics where effectively "blind" to Team Kimba and unable to engage them, except by direct action of the base personnel. Sam sighed as she watched Team Kimba, already resigned to the defeat. Without the satellite uplink she couldn't launch a nuclear strike, she couldn't fulfil the 'win' conditions of the scenario. Team Kimba had beaten her "unwinnable" scenario with a single high tech trick. Absently she wondered how they had managed to smuggled a radio jammer past the techs and into her Sim.

Impotently Sam watched Team Kimba systematically dismantle both the automatic and human defences of the base. She stared up at one of the few displays left to her, showing the upwardly pointed external camera as it focused on the slowly circling 'bird' getting closer and closer. Finally seeing it for what it was, Sam swore. Generator in a bird suit, just the silhouette of a condor to fool them from a distance. Swearing sulphurously she ground out "That is so banned!"

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