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The Micro-Scenes thread

1 year 5 months ago - 1 year 5 months ago #64530 by Kettlekorn
Kettlekorn replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
This is a bit of pov from a side character in a non-Whateley story I've been working on. Thought I'd share.

Lynn, Aug 4, 2018

Feet flash below, windows glitter to the sides, and the sun shines above. Life is great. Okay, the bullets aren't so great. They're almost fast enough to be a problem. Almost.

No, I'm not faster than a speeding bullet. I'm not even faster than a cautious, law abiding bullet. I am fast enough to see them coming and dodge them without much trouble, and they don't do much more than bruise even when they do hit me. Mostly, anyway. Some rifles can get pretty darned fast. But this chump? Handgun. Yawn.

Oh hey, a sale on skirts. Nice. I skid to a stop, hop over a spinning bit of lead, then slide past a granny blocking the door. Bad spot to be, really, with all those bullets zipping about. I take a look through their stock, select a nice green and blue one, and leave the cash and price tag on the counter. Then I'm gone. I'd stay and chat with the cashier if I could, but it's not possible. Honestly. Really would. He's pretty cute, and those sideburns! Unfortunately, I literally can't stop moving.

Two months ago I turned fourteen. Big party, all my friends, amazing cake. Two weeks later I got the jitters. Family brought me to the hospital on the second day. We waited in the emergency room, and waited, and waited. Time was moving so slow, you know?

Yeah, you see where this is going. Calendar says it's been six weeks for the rest of the world. For me? Hard to tell exactly since I don't wear a watch. Thirty-one periods, whatever those are worth in this state. I mean, I don't even sleep anymore, so who knows? But it seems like I'm running at about twenty times normal speed, give or take a bit depending how excited I am. I've gotten better at not making a mess of everything around me as I live my life, but well, crap happens. Literally. Using the toilet like this is so embarrassing!

Anyway, whatever else is going on with me, I'm clearly still a growing girl, and a growing girl needs clothes. I swap skirts in an empty alley as I loop the building, then I wad up my old one and throw it hard at the head of the gunman who's endangering the poor granny ever so slowly hobbling her way out of danger. I'd help her inside, but I'm really tired of accidentally hurting people. Yeah, turns out inertia is mostly a thing. I can interact with stuff if I concentrate, but it's hard, and it's harder the bigger and heavier they are. Pushing on people is a no-no. Even lightly patting somebody on the shoulder comes off more like a slap if I don't focus. Learned these things the hard way.

I could use a hug so bad.

I settle for a bagel instead while I wait for the chump with the gun to fall over. I haven't paid for the bagel yet, but I'll get to that in a moment. I used the last of my cash on my new skirt. My reflection in the shop's window is stunning, as usual. Green is the best color.

Outside, Thuggy McDogface is ever so lethargically kissing the pavement, so I swipe and empty his wallet. Don't worry, he'll be fine. Glute might be a little bruised, but that's the least of his problems. I throw the wallet at his gun hand, then I go pay the bagel guy while I wait for physics to catch up and make Thugster drop his gun. I give it a closer look, but it's just another boring Glock. I've already got this model in my collection. Boring. I unload it, pocket the magazine, and double-check the chamber as I run laps around Thuggy, then I drop it on his head. Dropping things is safe; just good old gravity. Of course, normal-speed guns still hurt when they fall on your head. Eventually. While it floats down, I go back to the alley and start getting garbage bags out of the dumpster. Two of them burst along the way when I get distracted, but I manage to get the rest into the air above the chump mostly intact. He won't be going anywhere soon.

Now, what was I doing before I got sidetracked burying this guy? Oh yeah! Photo bombing!

The tourists who were taking a picture of Museum Tinkster are now filming the garbage bags as they drift toward Chumpster. I get into the shot and jog in place while holding a peace sign as steady as I'm able. Tricking my power into thinking I'm moving only works for so long before I start getting antsy, but it's long enough that I'll be visible in their video. I repeat the process for the four other people filming my shenanigans before I can't take it anymore. Gotta move move move!

By the time I chill out enough to slow down to what a radar sign tells me is a sixty mile per hour saunter, I'm at the park. So is Raul! I saw him and our friend Patty heading here earlier today, which was hours and hours ago from my end. People are so slow!

I used to have such a big crush on Raul, but it's been a long six weeks, and now he's too young for me. Not that it will stop me from teasing him forever. Or until I die of old age in a few years. I fix my lipstick, then dart in and give him a series of quick, careful pecks on both cheeks, and a few on his forehead for good measure. After that I have to run laps around the park for a while to calm down. I get back in time to see Patty's eyes wide and her mouth hanging open. Well, that's just asking for it. I wrote them a letter earlier while I was waiting for them to get to the park, and now I roll it into a tube. I have to be careful not to touch her lips with it as I wedge it in there, but her teeth will be fine. I step back and do jumping jacks while I watch her eyes bulge and her hair flutter from my wake. Nice.

I've been still too long, so I sprint back and forth across the pond, spin up a dust devil in the sand box, and then jump over all the dogs. Calm again, I return to my friends. Patty spat out the letter while I was gone and Raul is unrolling it. So slow. I vault over them and go back on the pond to look at the ducks. They're starting to freak out a little. I felt bad about that a long time ago, but nowadays I just roll with it. Does a lion tiptoe around to avoid scaring the poor antelope? I yam what I yam. I miss yams. It's going to be like six more years until Thanksgiving. This is the longest summer ever.

Back at their bench, Patty has the letter and Raul is writing something. Oh, hey, there's an envelope lying on the arm of the bench now, and it has my name on it. I nab it and give it a read as I power walk in circles around Dude-Bro on the jogging track. I'm sure you know a Dude-Bro or two; some of them are alright, but this one liked to leer at me back when I was a slowpoke three years his junior. I love watching the expressions he makes when I show up nowadays. I guess it's pretty frightening to have somebody circling you at about a hundred miles an hour. I'm a lion!

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1 year 5 months ago #64541 by Katssun
Katssun replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, September 5, 2016

Craig Maxim wasn't particularly surprised that his pants, shirt, and shoes still fit him. He stretched outside the gates of his home for the last five years, federal prison. All that was left was to wait for the taxi that would take him to the bus station. He pulled out his wallet and flipped through most of what was left of his belongings. The ones that he wasn't already wearing anyway...

A quick inventory: Driver's license, barely still valid. Public medical insurance card, expired, no worries. Three-hundred dollars in cash. A bus ticket voucher from Uncle Sam. One MID. Social security card.

Three-hundred dollars wasn't a lot, but it would buy him a bed to sleep in, and one brand new flask. It was a start. He'd still need to find a job in order to get back on his feet, and then get the rest.

Where the hell was that taxi? The sooner he got out of here and slipped through the cracks, the better. Thirty-seven screaming relatives of his alleged "victims" might still have an interest in looking him up. Good thing he still remembered each and every one of their faces.

Feelings were hurt, tears were shed, but in the end, the state hadn't proved a damn thing. So people had seen him around some of them. So all of them died in the same way, more or less: High. As. Fuck. Wasn't his fault their hearts gave out, or that they had stopped breathing. MCO couldn't prove a damn thing either, even with all their fancy shit and Benedict Arnold pet mutants.

Craig had cooperated. There wasn't an inventory in his house, just raw materials (which he had a license to handle and stored properly, thank you very much), or any inventory hidden in any property he was affiliated with. He never hid his recipes. Nobody could reproduce them, that's all. They might as well have been gibberish. Burden of proof was on the state, and they failed. The System worked.

'Cept that bitch of a D.A. had called up her lover in the Justice Department. Prolly with a big ol' pout and some crocodile tears. And then The State with a capital 'S' got him with what they got every other "entrepreneur" just like him with: tax evasion.

Taxi was rolling up now. He took a quick look at the driver, didn't recognize him. Coast was clear. Craig shoved his wallet back in his pocket, and hopped in the cab. The driver already knew to take pickups to the bus station.

Craig pulled out a folded piece of paper from his other pocket. A simple map he had printed from the library a few days before he left. Far as the Feds knew, he was looking for cities to find a job in. Away from the shaded areas of the map. But everyone in his line of business knew that this was a heat map for potential customers.

"Unemployment Rate - July 2016"

Baton Rouge it is.
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1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #64551 by Katssun
Katssun replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Officer Szczepanski desperately wanted to tear his hair out, pinch the bridge of his nose, or simply facepalm. Anything to relieve even the tiniest bit of frustration he was having with this devisor. But Sergeant Clauser had made it clear during the briefing to him and all the other hasty replacement security officers. Do not, under any circumstances, show teenagers any weakness. It reduced your effectiveness. Period. At six-foot five, he towered over most of the students and a lot of the staff, but presence was independent of stature at an institution where pubescent children could hurl trucks around with their minds, or worse. Presence mattered.

"We've been over this Miss Quintero. That," he pointed once more at the bulky rifle slung over her shoulder, "Is not a holdout. You may have passed the firearm safety class, and gotten it cleared through the range officer that you know how to operate it saf-"

"Nobody back home would care if I carried it around…" the five-foot two inch tall girl muttered back at him.

"What was that?"

"I said, nobody in the neighborhood back home would care!" she blurted out, apparently in equal frustration. At least he was winning by keeping his cool until now. "Roddy, Tony, and Johnny walk around with Lucas' gear all the time. This one's mine. And it's better!"

"That may very well be Miss Quintero, but it's a Yellow Flag day. You’d know that if you checked your phone this morning. Open carry of outside of the tunnels or ranges is restricted. That's not a problem if this was concealable…"

"How does an Energizer conceal their own two hands?! What about MY safety?!" The girl was starting to get heated and flushed. Maybe it was time to back off a little…

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a flyer harassing a group of students on their way back to their respective cottages. It wasn't a violation in particular, but the flyer clearly hadn't noticed that she was in the range of at least two cameras. She also clearly hadn't noticed him either. Another quick assessment showed that the situation was about to get out of hand as one of the other students in the group was a known rager with a UV band on their arm. He brought his full attention back to Miss Quintero, who was conveniently outside of the range of those same two cameras.

"Tell you what. I'm going to look over there," he pointed both thumbs over his shoulders and toward the Quad. "If some…situation…happened to resolve itself while I was performing a routine surveillance of the Quad for the next sixty seconds, I'll overlook this as a minor infraction and merely…recommend that you look into purchasing or building your own dimensional storage container if you would like to continue using your…"

"Arc Discharge Rifle," the girl supplied.

"Energy dispersal device," Officer Szczepanski corrected, "Outside of the official ranges and simulators."

Ana Sofia Quintero scanned the area around her and turned back to him, "But she's not grounded."

He picked at his ear with a finger. "I'm sorry, did you have a problem?"

The girl's brows knitted together. "It just means I have to aim high after the beam connects to reduce the risk of accidental leaders."

He turned around and planted his hands on his belt, ignoring that last sentence, "Wow, what a great New England day! The air is so crisp up in the mountains." Behind him, there was the sharp whine of a very big capacitor charging. Approximately 30 seconds later, a quick and rhythmic popping noise followed. Then a dull thud. He turned back around to see Miss Quintero pulling a chunky silver and orange cylinder out of the back of her rifle, rendering it safe again. "Interesting. It seems I have a more pressing issue to deal with Miss Quintero. In the future please ensure you follow all school regulations."

"Yessir," he heard behind him as he called in what 'appeared to be a powers control issue with a student.'
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1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #64848 by Schol-R-LEA
Schol-R-LEA replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
"As for you two," said the Assistant Headmistress as she pointed to Miranda and Morgan, "may I remind you that family ties hold very little weight around here. You and your 'team' are lucky this didn't rise to the level where I would have to call in Headmistress Carson. I expect you to show at least a little more sense in the future, or then next time you might not be so lucky."

Both Angie and Revekah gave Shifty a sideways glance at that, unsure why he was being singled out along with Miranda; they knew Miranda had an older sister here, but what was up with him?

later that same day
"She's your GRAMMA?!?!" Pahelee, Miranda, and Ember said almost in unison.

"GREAT-grandma," he correct them. "I never knew Grandma Sam or Grampa Roy, Dad said they both died before I was born." After a pause, he added, "Every time someone talks about them, they all get quiet and sad, so I guess whatever happened musta been pretty bad."

"Wow. That's must be weird. I mean, like, weird even for Whateley weird." replied Angelina.

"Tell me about it. Great-gramma Liz told me I have an aunt or sumptin' whose here right now, and she's only a few years older'n us, which I don't get. There's something about a time warp I think, but I haven't met her yet so I don't know."

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1 year 4 months ago #64873 by Kettlekorn
Kettlekorn replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Author's Note: This is set during the gap between this scene and this other scene. It exists because Sir Lee tried pointing out some errors in that second one. Alas, I do not make errors. I only make happy little accidents.

"You bitch!" Hartford yelled at her phone. "How dare you!"

The phone didn't reply. It remained lying on the the Headmistress's desk displaying the last message from Liz, received seconds before she'd disappeared off the tunnel sensors along with Paramount and the others. "Gone 2 save Ty's world. U hold down 4t. BBL."

"This is bullshit! I am not going to stay here babysitting a bunch of children while you and Fredrick are off gallivanting around having an interstellar space adventure without me! I am going to find a way to get over there, and then I'm going to kick both your selfish asses all the way back to the Oort Cloud! You fucking assholes! You'd better hope-"

A flashing light at the closed door interrupted her. She paused for a moment to collect herself, then disabled the room's privacy field. "Enter," she said coldly.

A slightly unkempt young man wearing an outdated suit walked in and beamed at her. "Singing telegram, ma'am!"

"Leave. Immediately."

"Wow, that is exactly what she said you'd say!"

"I'm calling security."

"Yeah, said you'd say that too. Said that I should respond by reminding you that clay shouldn't bite the Potter that sculpts it."

Hartford groaned. "Please tell me that was not a capital P. I thought she was dead."

He smiled and pulled an old yellowed paper from his pocket. "Yes ma'am, a capital P is how she signed this. Assuming it's a she from the handwriting, anyways. This order was lost behind a desk. Must have been years and years ago. Just found it this morning."

"...Fine," she said, steeling herself. "Get it over with."

The man cleared his throat.

"While I know that you really would prefer to get this over with,
I've information to convey and it is rather copious,
So listen up and be a dear, sit down and do not throw a fit,
For though this is annoying you, I simply do not give a shit.

"I'm very well acquainted to this obstacle that you have met,
And if you'll listen to my verse I'll tell you how to conquer it.
To start this odyssey moving I've sent to you a red caboose
With many heavy pounds within of fragrant fresh manure to use.

"Earth Mother is a hungry girl, you've really got no time to lose,
So plug your nose and lure her in, then lock the door and light the fuse.
Though now this surely sounds to you like it is pathological,
I promise it will make of you a modern space adventure girl.

"Amanda will transform into a woman who is wrapped in myth.
Earth Angel will unfurl her wings and carry you to space forthwith.
And so before that you should don your spacesuit and please pack your bags
With seven dozen MREs, some chocolate bars, and stun grenades.

"The aliens love contraband, so spend your cocoa carefully,
And when they try to worship you, I'd bail out of there hastily.
Don't put your trust in Zorbons nor in Boglos who have tentacles,
But Boglos without tentacles are quite the pleasant spectacle.

"Inevitably you will find space pirates on sabbatical.
Please ally with them or your mission will be insurmountable.
Earth Angel's fast, but their spacecraft is faster by a large margin,
And shortly you will need help from their qualified physician.

"Their medicine is leaps and bounds ahead of all that we have here,
Though on it's own it won't be quite enough to save your lives, I fear.
But fret not, I've prepared for this; I've sent you off with all the tools,
For now is finally the time: Amanda and Hartford must fuse.

"The doc will help the mind transfer and you will learn to share a skull.
I'm sure it will be crowded but I promise it is never dull.
You're thinking now of Paramount and matters that are sexual,
But trust me darling, I promise his love will be perennial.

"Of course you'll have to save him first from inter-planar slavery,
and the solution to that you will find to be unsavory.
It's not for naught and though this path may frequently lead you to hurl,
You'll be the very model of a modern space adventure girl."

The man sipped from a flask while Hartford's mouth moved soundlessly. "The note said you won't need me to repeat that, but I totally will if you want." Hartford shook her head, so he nodded. "Alrighty then. Last item on the list." He tossed her the flask. "You have a great day, ma'am!"

As the messenger left, Hartford rubbed her temple and then dialed a number. "Chulkris? This is Hartford- ... Yes, I'm sure that- ... Amanda, hush, I have bad news. I need you to pack a travel bag and meet me at the parking lot. Potter's orders. ... She wrote a damned letter, how do you think? ... I know, right?" She hung up the phone and groaned at the ceiling one more time for good measure, then smiled slightly. "Hindmost is going to space."

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1 year 4 months ago #64932 by Katssun
Katssun replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
The cool September breeze wafted through the fern-like fronds on the top of Ashley Pham's head, servicing as hair for her generally-human appearance. She still struggled with her new...less active existence, but sessions with Oak each morning were helping her come to terms with a more...contemplative approach to life. Mrs. Chulkris had suggested that Oak might help, and he indeed had been a great deal more successful that the psychiatric staff had been early after she transferred. The first-hand experience and perspective that Oak had with a similar manifestation made her feel less alone.

Ashley sent successive waves of pheromones toward Oak, mostly wishing him a good day and for luck on the tests he had mentioned he was stressing about. Chemical reactions instead of muscles contracted a particular series of cells of her face, eventually forming a smile. She tore the tiny hair like roots out of the ground that had sprouted during their sunning/meditation session and slipped her feet into her shoes lined with copper sulfate. Nothing was worse than wasting precious energy tearing at her own feet to take off her shoes at the end of the day.

She slowly collected her bag and ambled steadily toward Crystal Hall for her daily meal.


A pile of soft-boiled eggs, uncured ham, shredded chicken, and a few toasted crickets for flavor lay in a massive heap on the two plates weighing down her tray as she settled in at a somewhat empty table on the first floor of the impressive cafeteria. She took in the scents in the air and determined that the attention of most students was elsewhere, at least for the moment.

A seam formed starting below her "nose" and down to where her sternum used to be. The sides of her neck rolled outward, unfurling, revealing pliable modified cilia, their lengths covered in hundreds of smaller stalks, each sparkling in the fluorescent lighting with bright pink sap-like secretions. Ashley leaned down into the plates one at a time as the cilia rolled back in. Several minutes later, the seam on her face closed, her neck-stomach bulging with her daily meal.

Thunk. A large tablet had dropped on the floor next to three pairs of feet. She looked up to see a blond girl, an east Indian girl who had dropped the tablet, and a girl-maybe-boy, all the same age. The latter's features crawled, finally settling on the features of a young boy. All three had their mouths wide open.

"You said nobody ate cooler than Porcelain and Fubar!" the shifting boy exclaimed.

"Did not!" the blond girl argued back.

"Did too!"

Inwardly, she smirked, but didn't bother to match the expression visibly. Waves of contented pheromones would do. The airborne hormones worked on most, whether they knew it or not; emotions still translated in the subconscious. "You're welcome to watch me eat any time," the chemically-triggered vocoder strapped to Ashley's arm trilled softly.
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1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #64949 by Schol-R-LEA
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"... and, you, you glorified lab rat, if I ever catch you on campus again, I'll turn you into a pair of gloves!" She knew that it was a hollow threat, but it was enough to convince the adorable monstrosity in front of her to vanish.

Turning back to toward the two girls next to her, Eldritch added, "Don't you two even start. I know you both want magic power, but trust me, you don't want what that little bastard is offering. Damn it, Cassie, I get that Screech doesn't know better, but you have actually taken enough Magic classes to realize what sort of price a Faustian bargain can have. Now both of you, get your sorry asses over to Grimes' office! And don't stop to moon over Jay-Arm on the way there this time!"

With that, she tore up the - fortunately unsigned - contracts, and began working out the safest way of erasing the summoning circle the two Goths had made.

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1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #64974 by Schol-R-LEA
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2017 Feb 23
The members of MMM were sitting at their table in the Crystal Hall when one of the newer students - A Melville resident who had come in after Christmas break - rushed over towards them, crying. The junior high girl began babbling towards Hikaru in Japanese, whose suddenly thunderous expression was matched by the shock on Taka's. As the girl - Emi - continued speaking to Okami, what appeared to be a classmate of hers approached. Those who had been to the previous month's Gender group meeting recognized the goth-loli 'child' as actually being one of the grad students working in the powers testing labs.

Miss Morgan joined into the conversation - being only briefly interrupted by Taka, who then stayed quiet after she replied to him - and soon the three of them seemed to come to a consensus. Hikaru stood up, and with a stern glint in their eyes, Ribbon and Okami escorted the younger girl towards a table where together they confronted an Asian boy about the same age as Emi.

When the others at the table asked what that was all about, Taka simply blushed, putting his hand to the back of his head in a gesture which Laura, at least, recognized as a sign of embarrassment. "Codename trouble." he finally blurted out.

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Morgana.

With a sigh, Kenshin continued, with obvious reluctance. "Emi mani... is a manifestor, creates rope and cloth. Miss Morgan is tutor, said she learned Japanese for her. Emi-chan had trouble picking codename for herself, so twin brother said, 'use 'Shibari' as codename'. Not know word have two meaning, so she used it. Was a very mean joke, I think."

"Huh?" was the general response, but he didn't explain the rest.

Frustrated, Laura began to poke at her cell phone, but before she could finish, Jimmy said, "Tavi, did you hear that? Could you translate that for us?" By the time he'd said that, Laura had apparently found the answer, as the blue-skinned girl blushed a deep indigo and her hand flew to her mouth.

"Tavi not translate that! Jimmy should have mouth washed out with soap for asking!", the VI said, with all the righteous indignation which a holographic ferret could muster.

Bianca peeked over at Laura's phone, and once she read the word on the screen, she frowned. "Tying in a decorative manner doesn't sou...", she began, then burst out in awkward laughter as the combination of the wiki article and her own translation powers brought the double entendre home to her. "Ceremonial bondage?" she spluttered, leading to tittering from several of those in earshot, then a yelp as Tanya gave Vic a kick in the shins for laughing.

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1 year 4 months ago #64989 by Schol-R-LEA
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"What's wrong, Emi-chan? Has Tako been harassing you again? I swear I am going to..."

The rest of MMM watched as Hikaru stormed off... and all eyes turned to Kenshin.

"What did you do to piss off that little girl?", asked Invictus angrily.

"Nan de? Oh... no, not Taka, Tako."

"There's a kid called Taco? Does he have food powers like Donut or something?"

Laura's eyes lit up. "Oh, no, you mean 'tako' like in sushi, right? That's," she racked her brain to remember the time her mother took her out for that type of food, then her eyes went wide. "Octopus?"

Every girl at the table shivered in unison.

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1 year 4 months ago #64993 by Kettlekorn
Kettlekorn replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Oh, we don't want to kill no pedestrians, no
No, we don't want to kill no pedestrians, nope-nope
No, we don't want to kill no pedestrians, no
Soooo we'd better drive slow!

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