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The Micro-Scenes thread

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8 months 2 weeks ago - 8 months 2 weeks ago #67589 by Schol-R-LEA
Schol-R-LEA replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Those unfamiliar with "The Braeburn Report" may want to read (or re-read) it either before or after reading this one.

"OK, I can see why everyone's so upset about this, I mean, I know that the twins are pretty mature for young kids, but..."

Dr. Cody nodded, then after a moment of thought added, "Yes, but there's more to it than just that. There's Braeburn's Rule to consider, and from what we've seen, they fit the pattern." After a moment, he continued, "I doubt you've heard of that before, though. Braeburn's Rule is a rule of thumb which says that, statistically, the younger someone manifests, the more likely that they will be in the higher power categories. The going theory is that the relationship is in the other direction, actually, and that the higher a mutant's potential, the more likely they are to manifest young."

"Oh." Laura said in a flat tone, somewhat stunned.

Looking at the student he was speaking to more closely, Wyatt added, "There's something you might want to know about that yourself, even if it doesn't apply to you directly. The rule about age is actually a corollary to Braeburn's Rule. When he first proposed the rule in 1998, Dr. Braeburn was studying GSD - GSD in the informal sense, I mean, you know, some change where the mutant's body is distinctly different from a baseline - and specifically why it is often linked to higher power levels. He suggested that high power levels often cause the body to modify itself to accommodate the power being put through it. It relates a bit to Avatar mismatches, though that idea came later."

"Uh, OK... but what's that got to do with me? My GSD isn't that unusual, and I'm not really up there in terms of power..."

"Because of something which happened later," he explained. "Ten years ago, Steve Braeburn mysteriously disappeared, and then about six months after that, an unpublished paper started circulating among researchers which some said was the last project he'd been working on. Supposedly, some of his colleagues in the MCO confirmed that it matched the notes he'd left behind, though apparently most of his records had been destroyed at the same time he'd gone missing. It had several new proposals which were pretty damn controversial. A lot of people don't agree with the final conclusion of the paper, but the basic thesis was that gender changes also can reflect a higher power level, especially if the changeling wasn't transgender before they manifested. There's a fair amount of evidence to support that idea."

"But... oh! That's why Mrs. Horton seems so concerned about there being so many of us at once?"

"Part of the reason, yes, though what happened the last time there was a large number of changelings might be a bigger part of it, honestly. I was still a student here when that happened, and I could tell you some stories..."

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8 months 2 weeks ago #67607 by Katssun
Katssun replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
“Oh Pancakes and Strawberries,” my wife swore. She practically never swore.

“That bad?”

“The worst!” Lynette was perched over a scrying bowl with her cat-horse hybrid familiar, Dirxexs. Images only the two of them saw swirled in the purple mist of the bowl. I was sure that I saw a gryphon in there once, years ago, but Lynette said she was looking at a hostage situation in a bank and that anything that resembled gryphons didn’t exist in our dimension anymore.

“Well, who can handle it? Kimmie or Delilah?”

My wife wasn’t in her working uniform. She was on maternity leave for our first child, due in less than a month. The frill, ribbon, and lace-loaded black dress with gold accents was currently on a dress-form getting repaired and maintained.

“They’re both on another mission. “

Lynette and Dirxexs looked on helplessly into the bowl. I went back to the living room to grab my phone. I dialed a very long set of numbers and returned to Lynette’s casting chamber. She turned back to me, puzzled. The line connected.

“Halmeoni?” I said and my wife’s eyes narrowed.

“Let me guess,” my grandmother answered in English. “Your cutesy mage-wife incapable of handling something on her own? I told your mother I should have at least taught you the old ways too! But she said, ‘Nooooo, Danny smarter than that. He’s going to be a scientist!’ Don’t worry, I’ll call her too.”

“Lynn is pregnant, not helpless!”

A chuff of disapproval was all that came back before the line disconnected.

“She’s on her way,” I told Lynette.

She looked at me with a mix of fear and shame before turning to her familiar. “Pancakes and Waffles!” Thankfully everything throwable was out of range, and Dirxexs had secured the scrying bowl with his mouth.
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8 months 2 weeks ago #67639 by DasVals
DasVals replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Sorry, I had this one stuck in my mind and had to unload it.

Kate sat down on the bench in the quad next to Ryan with a deep sigh.

"Power testing?" Ryan asked.

Kate just nodded.

"And?" Ryan prodded.

"I'm useless, " she said. I have some energizer traits but can't generate or absorb energy. I have PK fields, but they can barely lift grains of sand.

"Welcome to the Underdogs," Ryan said. "The others should arriv..."

Ryan didn't manage to finish his sentence as he got knocked of the bench.

"You're in my spot nerd," the muscle bound boy said. "You, skinny girl, move. That's my buddies seat.'

Kate just fumed. She was just dismissed by a power testing team that really didn't show any care for her or her feeble powers. They just rushed the tests. She was away from anybody she trusted and now this bully. Then she glanced at Ryan and saw him laying on his side. There was blood on his head. She didn't know if he was just hit or worse, but it sent her anger into the red zone

She jumped off the bench and glared at the guy. Her power flared responding to her anger. Her tiny feeble force fields started grabbing sand and little bits of grit and floating them up.

This caused the bully to laugh at her and taunt her: "What's the little girl going to do? Throw sand at me? Ha!"

This caused Kate's anger to go deeper into the red. Her entire face contorted in anger and all her muscles clenched. Her force fields started pick up more dirt from the ground and squeeze them causing to break some bits of grits to very fine dust. Then her power latched on to a little puddle. When her field tried to crush the water, the pressure peaked momentary and was high enough to actually split of some hydrogen and fuse them into helium.

The fusion caused a little flash but most of the power generated went back into the field. On instinct she squeezed the drop of water harder, causing some more hydrogen atoms to fuse. More fields now picked up water and started the fusion process, causing an aura of light to play around Kate now. She could actually feel the overwhelming pressure the thousand little fields were now exerting on the water and the immense energy generated barely contained in the fields. It just hurt but her anger was greater. She released this with a long primal scream.

The bully didn't like this development and took a few step towards Kate to stop here. On instinct she now did what she had been trying for a long time. The excess energy generated by the bubbles of fusion flowed toward her, powering her energizer trait and feeding it back to the her PK field. For the first time her PK had enough power to cover her body and she used it to punch the guy. The exemplar five flew back several feet and landed hard.

"Okay lady, no more mister nice guy!" he shouted after getting up and started to run towards Kate.

Kate now had only a few seconds before he would ram her at full force. She put her hands together and quickly created a field the size of a marble an used different other fields to grab air and water and feed it into the marble. This gave the effect of having sparkling streamers flowing into her hands, where a small ball of bright blue plasma formed, grew and ignited to again fuse more atoms together. Water vapor was split into hydrogen. Hydrogen fused to helium. Some helium even reached the second stage and fused together. The bright light in her hands quickly grew to unbearable levels, searing the inside of the PK field on the edge of failing to keep the energy in check and sending overwhelming pain signals to Kate, that she countered with an anger reaching higher levels than the nuclear reactions happening between her hands. With one last scream of anger and pain she released the energy in a bright beam of blue and white plasma towards the charging bully.

She missed. They bully dove to the side. But it didn't matter. Every nerve in the guy's body screamed out to get away from the unnatural heat. He who hasn't felt any pain since he manifested now passed out from the pain. He fell next to Ryan on the ground. Kate just fell to her knees, completely exhausted and spent. In that position they staid until security arrived, followed by a number of scientists that had seen many alarms go off from their detectors and just needed to investigate this.

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8 months 1 week ago #67682 by DasVals
DasVals replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Warning: possible controversy

A group of teenagers was standing in front of their new dorm while one senior approached. There was a lot of whispering and rumours buzzing in this group.

"Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to Whateley Academy. I'm Claire and will be your guide for today."

The buzzing and whispering just got a lot louder.

Clair sighed deeply. This was to be expected so she gave in to the inevitable. The usual speech would have to wait a bit.

"Let's start with introductions first. Please start," she said while waving to a girl with pigtails.

"Hello everybody," the girl said stiffly as she had rehearsed this. "As you may have guessed, I am indeed Greta Thunberg."

The buzzing increased again with the other student's whispering. Greta waited until it subsided and continue. "I had a few problems with the customs about my unusual way of travel," she said while making air quotes. The MCO got involved. "

A few students made angry noises towards the mention of the MCO.

"Anyway, they tested me for mutant powers and discovered I am actually a precog."

The other students were done whispering and just started shouting questions.

Greta stoically waited, pointed at another student and said: "You with the red T shirt. Name, power and question please."

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8 months 1 week ago #67712 by ShadowedSin
ShadowedSin replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Somewhere Beyond the Looking Glass

"Father, are you kidding me?" asked the blonde-haired girl. Her eerie red eyes watched the redhaired man in front of her as he was rubbing his chin in contemplation. His entire body was lazily strung above the throne of his own long-deceased father. A broken short-handled hammer was set into the high back of the throne with a large wolf and a serpent skull built to form the arm rests.

"No, I am not, Kolla," he smiled. Vali's eyes were glowing dark red, and their black sclera only seemed to emphasize their ember like nature. Two massive tall guards stood on either side of the throne, giants, massive folk who served the line of Utgard since the First Death.

"You want me to help that stupid wench from the Winter?" Kolla huffed in annoyance. Her hands tangled together as she rolled her eyes.

"She asks for help, we help, just as she helped you when Thorsdottir killed your mother," his lips formed into a hard scowl.

"FINE!" she sighed as her long blonde hair shifted exaggeratedly with each movement.

"You will help, and I will let you bring back a pet," he told her. His daughter's coak black eyes opened wide as the briefest hint of dark blue pupils tracked his movements.

"Thank you ever so much father! Where am I to go?" she asked finally relenting her defiance. Her smile brightened further as he told her of her destination.

"I can only conclude that I'm paying off karma at a vastly accelerated rate."
-Commander Susan Ivanova, Earth Force, Babylon 5
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8 months 1 week ago #67714 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Crossing Signals

Lunch time, Euro-Promotional League table, Crystal Hall

Kolla was set aback at the variety of people bustling about the large cafeteria. There were nearly as many odd shapes and sizes as one might expect at a feast among the ettins of Utgard or the Fomorians of Eire to the west. Less surprising, the more unusual or even ugly were relegated to the lowest platform in the feast hall. And yet there was something familiar here that drew her attention inwards and up. She told her guide that she had to say hello to an old friend, but they'd meet back up soon after.

On the second platform, there was a table filled with as normal a group of teens as could be had here and in this age. She sighed at hearing many of them speak in the slurred language of the Franks. Hadn't that people lost enough of their wars yet? Whoever it was among them, one of them was known to her. Not recognizing a face at first, she altered her path to come from another direction. There he was! His face was younger, less guarded - no difficulty that - but the world's life-currents flowed through and around him in a familiar way.

< Father. What are you doing here? Do you not trust me to aid the Winter bitch without supervision? >

Mads turned to see the newcomer, then back to Thomas and smiled his toothiest sharklike grin, "Father? I have to hear how this happened. < Take a seat, girl, and tell us all about how he had time to take a wife and raise a child. > For now, he commanded his pistol back to safe mode.

Kolla marked the blond stranger's sing-song accent, one that hinted of originating from time among the Swedes, and sniffed the air as if it had offended her.

< Perhaps I should, but only because I can tell that you are known to my father. I am Kolla Valadóttir >

"Enchanté, a bien sûr. I am called Mads Christian Møller-Jensen, and Baby Daddy here is known as Thomas Hrafn Jensen."

"Call me 'baby daddy' again, and we're going to have a quick-and-very-dirty check of your electrical resistance."

< You two seem terribly familiar with each other. If you must know, it is simple: not everyone in the Vigrid field died that day many years earlier >

Thomas interrupted her on that point. < Depending on your calender, Year 536 of the Christian Era, and Vali would have been in no position to take to the field on any side. The Norse, Irish, Scots and Britons alike, were sorely reminded of that time when the crops failed again and again around 951. Hekla had been bad enough the previous century, but the massive eruptions of Katla, Hveravellir, and even Ljósufjöll, only added insult to injury. >

< As I said, ancient history. > Turning back to Mads, < Finally my father came after the war. He searched and found a wife among Útgarðar. Maybe when you've grown into a bearded man, someone will explain the mysteries of marital relationships to you. >

Thomas choked on his water over the effort spent to avoid spraying the table. There was some laughter at his expense.

Kolla chose to ignore the unseemly behavior. If her father wished to bury himself that deeply in some stupid role... his father was Odin Grimnir after all. < In any case, years later, a rather annoying cow of the Winter Court helped me avenge my mother's death, so I must in turn help her in her time of need. >

Mads nodded. < Some debts cannot be forgiven once ignored. The Winter Court aren't the only sticklers on that point. >

< He would know, > Thomas added.

< How so? >

< Would a nobleman of the Summer Court want Hela Lokadóttir's contact information written among his contacts even if his half-brother... >

Mads butted back in. < Lineal half-brother, with lots of generations in-between >

< Whatever. Take that up with him. >

< He's yours too! >

< Anyway! He knew better than to hand that to you. >

< She gave it to me, after pointing out she could get a copy of our grades any time she chose to check up on us. >

< That made it a Sorceror's Contract, you jerk! >

The jerk shrugged. < Seemed fair enough. >

This was making less and less sense by the minute.

< Who ARE you two? > Kolla demanded of the two fools.

< Just two regular guys trying to keep one foot out of the grave. >

"On what hypothetical planet are you considered 'a regular guy'?"

< Just, stop. Why did you lead me on in believing this impostor was my father? >

Mads held up a finger 'Wait one' while mentally passing a long connection code to his comm. At the sound of an antique ring tone, he passed it over to the upset girl, < We never said we wouldn't help, nor that we would. Before we discuss that, I think you two ladies need to talk.>

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WhatIF Stories: Dream A Little Dream For Me

Discussion Thread
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8 months 1 week ago - 8 months 1 week ago #67719 by Schol-R-LEA
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Feel free to ignore this, since my Guests stories are basically a crossover-cum-spin-off for which I borrowed Metro and Valravn earlier. I just felt I needed to stick Spindrifter into the middle of things.

As Kolla was taking the device, a blonde girl walked up to the table, and began, "Hey, Tom, Ed wanted to know.... <you!>" she hissed in Norwegian, staring at the newcomer. The girl swept her arms back, and magical energy began to coruscate around her hands.

Kolla stood up, ready for a fight. <"How...? What brings you to this place, Kurudredsdottir? Come to fight me again?">

<"You were the one who sought me out!">

<"I did nothing of the sort!">

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8 months 1 week ago - 8 months 1 week ago #67720 by Schol-R-LEA
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New York City

The Mek representative stood before the UN Security Council, waiting for them to review the information they had given them. It's always a problem dealing with primitive cultures like this, especially when done in secret. However, they knew that if word of this got out to the ones they were there for, the consequences would be far-reaching, well beyond this tiny world with its oddly powerful inhabitants.

"I am aware that our worlds do not have any standing agreements on these matters, but I am afraid this is necessary to protect not just your world, but dozens of others. These criminals have been a problem for tens of thousands of your world's stellar revolutions, and fighting against Mi-Go pirates and slavers was one of the driving forces for our Union's formation. I assure you, it is in your world's best interest to allow us to extradite them as quickly and quietly as possible, as it is likely that an armed intervention will become necessary if not."

The representative from the region awkwardly named 'The United States of America' spoke up first. "You can't be serious about this! She's the president-elect, she's scheduled to be sworn in only days from now!"

"From what I have studied of your government, only those who are native citizens of your landmass are eligible for this office, correct?" They polished their outer integument a bit, an old nervous habit, then pointed to the picture of a well-known Alaskan politician. "Despite their appearances, none of these people are human at all. Every single candidate in your recent election was one who had been replaced by a Mi-Go operative decades ago, which had been arranged by this one," pointing now to the picture of Piet von der Geest of the MCO, "in order to facilitate the trafficking of empowered humans to serve as mercenaries across the galaxy."

They continued, "I am aware that your governments are unfamiliar with regional politics, but surely you must have suspected something? I'm no judge of humans, but I've been told that this 'Geest' appears to be far younger than their official age would suggest..."

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8 months 1 week ago #67722 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
High Noon At The Beret Mafia Table

Mads stood up, feet precisely shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, chin lowered to focus sight and hearing, the earlier smile falling away like blood from a severed artery. A short command relayed to the comm unit put it on speaker. Aloud, he went with:

"Marandi. You will desist. Now."

"This is none of your business!"

"I am under oath as a member of Security, and you have had your warning."

The air hung with the smell of damp tree-moss, rusted nails, smoke, and dying flesh.

"Do I need to repeat myself?"

A voice, both youthful and crone-like, fresh and eery, cast itself into hearing. Later, it would prove to be immune from recording.

< Mads, are you planning to send new residents to my halls? >

< I was planning to introduce and ask you to explain some family matters to the daughter of Utgard-Valí, but we were interrupted. >

< Kolla? Of course I know of her. She would not be there without good reason, so turn off the speaker, little brother, and I'll attempt to explain you two cubs. >

The distraction was sufficient to give the Betas time to respond. Mindbird, usually one to talk the opposing factions down, hung back some distance. Metro's presence could be appalling at the best of times. When provoked? It was interesting to her who was and who wasn't bothered. Cytherea favored her with a conspiratorial wink. Her own brother was no less of a pest at times. He could do worse than be introduced to the hotheaded sorceress.

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WhatIF Stories: Dream A Little Dream For Me

Discussion Thread

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8 months 5 days ago - 7 months 1 week ago #67777 by Schol-R-LEA
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After watching his latest target walk away with a swish of her tail, Nephandus put a hand to the cheek she'd slapped, only to be alarmed on finding that her claws had drawn blood. As he fled to find a mirror larger than the one he carried, the ladies of the Bad Seeds all rolled their eyes.

Finally, Winter decided to try some cattiness of her own, saying, "Well, it seems that Little Miss Poor Life Choices has some ability to resist the opposite sex after all. Maybe if we steer her towards Corrosive she'll learn the same lesson about women?"

Lindsey, aghast, said, "That's not fair! She's nice enough, I mean, yeah, she's sort of forward and, uhm, anyway, she's obviously got a problem, so..."

Jadis stepped in to try and make peace. "Linds is right, you know. I hear that she's seeing Dr Traekham regularly because of it. We probably should cut her some slack, after all she's one of us."

Nacht retorted, "I hope you aren't going to say we need to be kinder to Jay-Arm next."

"No, because all his problems are self-inflicted. He needs the ribbing just to help keep his head on straight." Turning back to Marian, she added, "Also, this is not the first time Lisa has turned someone down. Just the other day..."

"Was that before or after she tried to molest my cousin?" sneered Jobe.

Sighing, She-Beast glared and said, "That's an exaggeration, Mandy was able to tell her to back off and got her to listen, and besides it was before that anyway. She..."

"Word has been getting around, and it's brought some real creeps out of the woodwork," Nacht interjected. "She's a PDP, so when she bothers to, she can read the intentions off the major sleazeballs."

With another sigh, Jadis added, "Thanks for that, Kate. But yeah, that's pretty much on the money. Trev told me that she got into a fight in Poe with some guy called Stoner, and from what he told me about him, I can't blame her for not wanting to be his latest toy." Both Fina and Alex nodded in agreement to this. Continuing, she added, "She also turned down Counterpoint, with the whole 'fighting is sex, sex is fighting' thing of his, ugh."

"At least that got June off of Lisa's back after that thing with Jason..." Dragonrider murmured half-heartedly. They all noted that hitting on an angry goddess when she is in the middle of a jealous tantrum wasn't a good idea, either.

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