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The Micro-Scenes thread

1 month 1 week ago #67780 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Explanations and Demonstrations

"Lillebror?" escaped Kolla's mouth before she could think twice about its meaning.

"What, Kolken? Don't you think I'd know who was calling me? It's the twenty-first century after all."

Kolla shivered at the sound of the frosted voice, feeling as though someone had trespassed her future barrow.

The voice continued, "When you get to my age, you'll learn that the number of generations don't matter much."

"Are you saying that these are the Vali and Narfi of old Asgard?"

If looks could kill, Kolla would be bleeding out at the hands of those two. Two other boys at the table looked confused as they tried to parse the archaic tongue of their ancestors. Those were Not Her Problem.

Kurudredardóttir's eyes widened. Thomas and Mads had always gone out of their way to dispel that rumor!

Bitch, please. Kolla thought before returning her attention to the call.

"Not in the manner you are thinking. My half-brothers' hugur were destroyed to bind our parent. However, be we jötunn, áss, vanr, alfr, dvergr, mann, we are the people of humanity's Dreams and subject to their Stories. A skald entwined Narfi Halfdan's and Vali Wulfhereson's hugur with my brothers' hamingjar for his own purposes. Years later, later here we all are."

"That's... odd."

"That's the technical version. All you need to worry about is the fact that they are to be treated as kin."

"Perhaps, but as you say they are essentially human and thus of no use to me."

"One might say so. Have you any further questions that I might choose to answer?"

"No. I'm surely in enough debt as it stands."

"I'll be seeing you later, then."

A skeletal hand set the reciever back on its cradle. A pity she never thought to ask which sleeper Dreams humanity into being. Its owner shook her head and smiled. ...nor the price of knowledge she'd had eyes to see for herself.

Kolla handed the unfamiliar farspeaking talisman back to its owner, who folded it in his left hand and pocketed it.

< Satisfied? >

Stormwolf cleared his throat. Who did these people think was in charge here? "Metro, does she speak English or are we going to need an interpreter to file our reports?"

"I do speak English. It's a poor cousin to my native tongue, but I suppose it will serve. Also, I am Kolla Valadóttir, not 'she'."

"Then please come along with us to Kane Hall, Miss Valadaughter, so we can get this all documented properly. Metro, finish whatever that is on your plate. I don't need another lecture from Caduceus regarding your prescribed diet."

Firecat winked and said, quietly enough to just carry a few feet, "The Doc promised pictures the next time it comes up."

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WhatIF Stories: Fall Rush

Discussion Thread

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1 month 1 week ago #67797 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Life is what happens...

late Tuesday afternoon, August 23, 2016,

Temple Terrace, Florida

"... Baruch atah, Adonai, m'kadeish HaShabbat."


JB looked up from the siddur, visibly steeling himself for the Chazan's critique. The man's "amen" sounded too relieved to his ear.

"James. I think that will be enough for this week. Yes, the trope still needs practice, but no more today or tomorrow! Your voice is too hoarse for pushing."

"But..." JB's family was paying for these lessons, and his call to the Torah was coming up sooner and sooner.

"But nothing. Your face is flushed and you're stumbling over parts you already know. I have another appointment this afternoon, or I'd drive you home myself!"

"Yes, sir."

"You could work more on the convincing too. Go on! Remember to bring your family for Saturday services!"
Heading home on his bicycle, JB was certain the only thing worse than coming down with whatever crud was going around was coming down with it in the ninety-degree heat of Central Florida's late summer. If he took some back streets, he could ease off on his pace and take the time to go over his Torah portion in his head. When he was younger, having a birthday that coincided with the beginning of the annual cycle of Torah readings felt special. Coming up on thirteen, the accurate word was 'ominous'. They really didn't need to have any more than enough people for a minyan, did they?

Maybe if he came down with Space Rabies, or Rigellian Fever, or something, it would thin out the crowd?

He liked biking through the older neighborhoods around town. It was cooler in the shade, even if he had to keep an eye out for kids trying to get run over, and for drivers pulling out blind because they couldn't see through their own landscaping.

University of the Exalted Hord of Precious Knowledge

Leleth had already been a miserable week, and the forecast called for more of the same. Which is to say: she was still in graduate school and trying to cajole funding and department resources to allow her to spend the next term or two conducting her required research. She only needed transport to and from an off-world and still isolated pre-Contact species! She was sure that she was resourceful enough to manage her needs soon after arrival.

But, no, the energy needed to open the needed gateway and camouflage them from interfering with the study subjects was massive. The paperwork for requesting and authorizing such an expedition When the blackened blazes did it become an expedition? was even more massive. Leleth remembered the days when she thought that a degree in abnormal xenocultural studies would be interesting if not exciting, and sighed.

"What I'm telling you Lels, is there's a way to have your trip funded from more... substantial coffers."

"Seriously? What kind of trouble are you trying to land me in this time?"

"I apologized for that whole Gamma Delta Iota fiasco. This is a far better deal. All you have to do is provide the destination coordinates and agree to be the test pilot for our lastest dimensional probe. We're still getting some of the bugs out, but the neural interface is solid. So is the corporeal maintenance.

"Corporeal maintenance?"

"You can't expect to be conscious at both ends. No. We'll set you up in the teaching hospital, so you're 100% cared for under your existing school health plan. None of this gating off into hazard zones to get torn limb from limb!"

"That was Jareth's fault for trying to mind-screw the local inhabitants!"

"I'm just saying that your department has a lousy track record for fatal injuries far from home..."

Leleth knew better than to trust her childhood friend, but Ym'rph had a solid trio of good hearts. So she found herself wired up in places she didn't find comfortable or practical. "For medical telemetry!" Right. When the sedative kicked in, the sensory tunnel effect of the limited sensorium interface was almost reassuring.


"What was that statistic about 'last mile' and accidents?" was not at all what JB was thinking when he heard a truck being slammed into gear off to his side. That would come later.


She'd barely managed to get control of the tumbling probe when she saw the primitive vehicle on a collision course with one of the native fledglings. She dove.

"I think she's hungry."

No, no, no! I wasn't asking about food. Are there any neurons at all firing inside that primate skull?

"How do you know it's a she?"

It! A she! Leleth put more effort into her aggravated growl than into sending what she really thought about the monkey.

"She doesn't like being talked about as if she isn't there."

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WhatIF Stories: Fall Rush

Discussion Thread

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1 month 6 days ago #67807 by E!
E! replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Damien cleaned the shaker behind the bar. He watched the masked patron sit down across from him. She was dressed in a tight body suit like some of the other villains in the bar, but Damien noticed a handkerchief clutched in her hand stained with make up. Upon closer inspection he also noticed her red puffy eyes through her domino mask. "Being a tough super villain can't protect you from heartbreak." Damien thought keeping his face stoic. He started to gather the ingredients to make her drink even before she ordered.

"White Wine." The villainess whispered. Damien obliged pouring her a quarter glass. She looked confused for a moment before she realized what Damien was doing. Then she watched willingly as his hands worked the shaker and blender making up a frozen concoction.

"Frozen Painkiller for you, Miss." Damien said in a homely voice before pouring multiple tequila shots. "If you would like some peace and quite to nurse that, I would suggest the back room." He offered sliding the shots to the rowdy men coming through the door obviously celebrating.

"Thank you." she replied standing walking to the back room enjoying the view of the Chicago skyline where she could be alone with her thoughts.
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4 weeks 17 hours ago - 4 weeks 17 hours ago #67902 by Schol-R-LEA
Schol-R-LEA replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
"... and the sauce sets the salmon off perfectly. Well done."

Peter Markov gave a slight bow to the illustrious chef, then turned to join the other contestants again, with a hint of a smile. Along the way, he'd given withering glances to a pair of pretentious idiots who had slagged off on him for being a 'cafeteria worker' during the trip to the restaurant.

He'd been hesitant to take Marcel's advice, but he had to admit that the time had come for him to move on and establish his career elsewhere. He had intended to take up Miss Goodkind's offer to bankroll him in a bistro, back home in Portland, but when she told him that she could arrange for him to audition for this competition, he jumped at the chance.

The fact that she'd mentioned that the network was mooting a 'special season' next year just for the superhumanly talented didn't really factor into the speed of his decision, especially when it was revealed that a separate show was to be spun off instead. Yes, he had seen a number of talented culinary gadgeteers and devisors in his seven years at Whateley, and heard of others elsewhere, but he was confident in his own skills even in the face of such abilities. Compared to that possibility, he felt that most of the others now on the show gave him little to worry about.

Out, damnéd Spot! Bad Doggy!
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3 weeks 4 days ago - 3 weeks 4 days ago #67946 by E!
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I sat on top of Mount Washington Observatory and watched as the sky burned and blistered. A huge rock hurtled towards the eastern seaboard bending the suns rays. Twisting them into shades of orange, red, and even violet when smaller meteorites broke away. Each one landing with the force of a small nuke. They spit up dirt, dust, and pulverized matter. A sign of what was soon to come.

The air would be super heated soon. I had hoped I would see the moment of impact. I chuckled at the thought. Maybe, I might be the only person around actively looking at the planet killer on the ground. Most of everyone had tried to get off world, or try to hunker down past the 10 km limit. But not me. I wanted to see the Earth torn asunder. I wanted the catharsis.

It had been beaten into my head since I kid. That this was going to happen, and we all had to do our part to save the human race. That race to save humanity robbed me of my mom and dad. Workplace safety measures and child labor laws go out the window when a rouge asteroid is plummeting toward your home.

It was almost that time, I popped open the tab on my cola and put on my triple glassed welding goggles. With a bright flash, I witnessed two celestial bodies slam into each other. It was blinding even with the goggles on, but I forced myself to keep looking. I saw the white heat begin to peel the crust upwards. That was the last thing I saw as the supersonic firestorm swept over the Earth snuffing out all life.

"Ma'am, the Mount Washington Observatory area has been quarantined. And the MCO is requesting access to examine the crystal." The DPA agent sounded off his report to the other agent in charge.

"Make sure, that the crystal isn't mutant in origin. Then tell the MCO in a very polite manner to go shove it." The lead agent responded. "Have we heard back from ARC? Do they have space to examine it?"

"They do, but Ma'am. There is something inside the crystal."
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1 day 16 hours ago - 1 day 16 hours ago #68126 by Rose Bunny
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Having been asked for alone time by their hosts, Grizzly and Kodiak sat under a tree, cuddling together. Paws clasped, they nuzzled. But the appearance of a visitor surprised them.

"You!", roared Kodiak in surprise. "We haven't seen hide nor hare of you in forever. I had thought that you had been lost in the Sundering."

"Funny... also I nearly was", the visitor said."I saw the war coming, the tides of which would turn the Earth red with blood. I knew my power and my weakness. I knew that those like yourselves would pick up the fight. And I was not worried."

Grizzly stood up. "Still, to have one such as yourself in the medical corps would have aided us greatly."

"I did what I had to do to survive, as did both of you. But I fear that there is a shadow forming again, and to whom do we look... now that the age of elves has passed?", the visitor said solemnly.

"Paraphrasing Tolkein?", Kodiak asked, with a raised brow. "It is to men we shall look".

The mysterious guest laughed. "You know, a LOT of what Tolkein wrote mirrors events and occurrences from the great war against the Bastard, or so I have heard..."

Grizzly turned and looked at her mate, who was looking away. " I have often thought the same thing."

The guest smiled and winked at Kodiak. "I also find it interesting that in the prelude to the Main story, there appeared men who could heal, and hunt skillfully, and who could take on the guise of bears."

Kodiak paused and sighed. "That... surely is a coincidence."

The guest looked him in the eye. "Surely, for if anyone were to have told Professor Tolkein the history of the Sundering, they wouldn't have been so clumsy as to leave a self-insert in the story."

Grizzly laughed and beckoned their friend to join them.

"I would very much like to stay, but I fear I am needed elsewhere, and rather urgently. But if the fates hold true, I suspect I may see you again soon, old friends.", the visitor turned and hopped away, vanishing seemingly into the aether.

High-Priestess of the Order of Spirit-Chan

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