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The Micro-Scenes thread

5 months 3 weeks ago #68527 by cprime
cprime replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
(Inspired by this comment by Bek.)

"What do you mean, my mother isn't ranked high enough? I'll have you know that she's on super scan's top 100 list."

Sister Secret sighed as she listened to the freshman rant. She took a moment to compose herself before responding. "So you claimed when you applied for membership. However, there's a problems with that. First, it's the list of top 100 féme fatals. That's not the same as the 100 most dangerous devisors. Second, the site looks like it was put together by a high school freshman. Unless you can show me that it has a similar number of legitimate hits as HeroWatch or VillianWatch, the relevancy is suspect. And finally, we use the MCOs danger rankings. The minimum threshold is a 'B' ranking, and she barely made the 'C' list."

"Why would you rely on anything produced by those jackboots?"

"As close-minded as they can be at times, they have demonstrated a competency at prioritizing their resources."

"So how did Karma get into your little club? Her mother isn't even on the list."

The senior snorted. "She isn't on the list now. When she was at the height of her career, she was just shy of an A rank. And besides, would you really want to tick off the queen of pranks?"

"You want pranks? I'll give you pranks!" The younger student stormed off in a huff towards the labs.

Dragonblade shook his head as he watched. "And that is the problem with borderline Diedrick's cases. Not their fault they have the syndrome, but they are awfully good at getting into trouble."

"At least the outcome will probably be less than lethal."

"We hope."

Is your muse looking for inspiration? Send them to Parkerville! Welcome to Parkerville is the latest edition in my series of writing prompts.
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5 months 1 week ago #68660 by Mylian
Mylian replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
“We were made. We were weapons. An apex predator. Seed a few of us on a planet and throw ecosystems into ruin after only a few generations, program us to attack specific individuals, or bloodlines, or even make entire species extinct. But they made us a little too adaptable. We got smart, decided we didn't particularly care for the role we'd been cast in and started making plans to escape to a nice quiet part of the galaxy. At about the same time, our creators' neighbors had all finally gotten tired of them and tired of us. Our existence was made illegal, and the homeworlds of our makers were all simultaneously reduced to asteroid fields. We... thought the world we'd evacuated to would hide us from pursuit. The next planet over shone brightly with inherent power, enough to hide the gates we'd learned from our masters to travel with. The inhabitants of the third planet didn't care about the second, because it didn't have nearly as much of that magical power they called essence, but we didn't care. We'd been created incapable of accumulating that kind of power, our masters were afraid of us learning to do something they couldn't and turning against them. But even though we shut down every gate after that, it didn't last forever. Eventually, we were tracked down. The bastard elves next door had no problem with our destruction, they merely insisted that the planet we were on be incinerated and sterilized instead of reduced to rubble, to avoid littering their system with debris and affecting their orbit. But they ended up getting theirs. They were almost completely wiped out in a temporospatial cataclysm of their own. Turns out this corner of the galaxy is only mostly quiet.”
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5 months 1 week ago #68675 by ShadowedSin
ShadowedSin replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Somewhere Beyond the Looking Glass...
"Mam, can ye tell us a story!" said the little child at the foot of her mother's rocking chair. The little girl had bright green eyes and long firey read hair. Her clothes were simple and yet grand; a dress woven of the finest silk and greener than the forest itself. Along the edge of her long sleeves was silver thread stitched into curling knotwork.

"Yes lil' I can," said the Queen of that far-away place. Like her daughter her hair was the color of fire and kissed with lengths of white. Eyes the color of sapphires and held a brilliance no mortal could match!

"Where did magic come from?" asked the child.

"Long, long ago - before mortals came to the world was only the Folk who lived there. After the great Nightmare we built a golden city with brass spires and a high alabaster wall. From within our people practiced lost sciences and our lore was at our highest!"

The girl smiled as the story continued. "But one day an old man came to the gate and he was let in. The wisest of our Elders saw no reason to, but some spoke to the man after a while of his coming."

"What did they ask him mam!?" the girl blurted out.

"A Prince of Time and Thunder asked for a name - a name worthy of his greatness as the son of Earth and Sky." She smiled as she leaned forward to stroke her daughter's hair. "And the man gave him the name and a magical sickle to take his father's throne. As the Sky King was cast aside the old man smiled and more came for names of their own."

"Finally, all that remained was the oldest of our kin and the most wise of your foremothers." The little girl cheered as the story continued.

"She went before the foreigner and said, 'Outlander. Ye come bearing the Wisdom of the Stars an' yet ye are tainting us all!' And she then demanded he give her a name. Instead of a name, the man drew a long bloodsteel sword and used it to attack the Wisest. She was able to parry him, but in the ensuing duel she was harm."

The little princess frowned as the story turned dark and she sat up to exclaim, "Mam what does this story mean!"

"Well, my heart, when the old man harmed your foremother she used the last of her lore to cast him and all those who listened to him from the city. The great King of Time was sent to his mountain home with his traitorous progeny. As were many others and to this day we Folk especially the House of Don remember one thing dearest."

The little girl asked, "What is that mam?"

"Never trust the Starry Wisdom my heart, never listen to the Deadened Stars for all they will tell you are lies."

"I can only conclude that I'm paying off karma at a vastly accelerated rate."
-Commander Susan Ivanova, Earth Force, Babylon 5
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5 months 2 days ago #68698 by E!
E! replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Somewhere in the mountains of West Virginia.

“I’ve done everything I can.” AP sounded off removing his protective latex gloves from his hands.

“The LifeFlight should be here soon we just have to stay put and they will spot the fire.” Blood Knight responded. Both of the boys looking at the girl with her back turned to the tent, where the sounds of someone fighting for their life emanated.

“I should talk to her…” Blood Knight started to say before AP put his arm out stopping him. AP simply shook his head and walked towards the girl who was simply petting her large wolf.

The squelching of mud followed AP’s footsteps like a man on his way to the gallows. The walk across camp felt much longer than it actually was. The burden of what needed to be said pushing him down into the muck.

“I’ve done all I can…” AP spoke, pulling out a pack of his hidden cigarettes.

“You should’ve done nothing. He is not our responsibility!” Kylie spat with venom. “He sold his soul to Fenrir…” Her tirade was stopped by a swift slap across her cheek. It echoed around the camp, and Fenris growled in response. “He tried to kill Fenris…” Her voice stopped by the returning backhand of the first slap.

“If there is something you need to tell him. You don’t have long to say it.” AP’s normally cold hard exterior melted, allowing Kylie to see what he really meant. With tears welling up she shuffled to the tent where the man struggled to breathe. Leaving AP alone with a growling spirit.

“Touch a member of my pack again War-Healer, and I will cleave your arm.” Fenris growled.

“Tell me spirit.” AP sat on a log, lighting his cigarette and wiping the grime from his face. “Which is worse. The pain of a slap? Or the weight of guilt?” The wolf didn’t respond, and AP simply nodded.

Kylie stood at the entrance to the tent, the smell of blood filled her nostrils. Inside the tent was a man covered in makeshift bandages and stitches, but his breathing was labored. The damage from their battle had hurt him more than it had hurt them.

“Dad…” Kylie spoke standing scared away from the man. Half expecting him to turn into a Champion of Fenrir again.

“Kyle…or Kylie, I should say….” Her father whispered. “I’m so sorry…. For everything. I wish I just reached out…. Maybe this wouldn't…..” His words cut off by the pain of his body breaking down.

“Dad…” Kylie sniffed, clenching her fists unsure of what to do. She was lost in a sea of her emotions.

“You look...so much like your mother…. Make her proud…” He coughed before his death rattle took him.

“Dad, please...I forgive you...just please! The helicopter is close, just hang on!” Kylie screamed taking hold of his hand. When she realised the hand no longer contained a pulse, her sobs became wails.
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4 months 4 weeks ago #68761 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Kap-town Graces

Midnight, Saturday, November 2, 2013,

Bukit Asing "Ash-Bucket" Cemetery, Kapalangpur

Few cemeteries are welcoming places at night, less so the older the plots or more disreputable the deceased within their gates. Some of the worst are only marked by the dread the locals hold for them. Others are distinguished by the sturdy iron fences set in stone or mortar to keep the hungry residents in their place. This night, in this place, two visitors in a murdered-out jeep bring a kind of offering to be dumped out and forgotten. Kapalangpur has no use for failure except as a warning to others. After the jeep drives off, the only sounds are the rain on the grounds and maybe, if one listened closely, the muffled sobs of an abandoned child.

After some time, two more figures approach the body. One prods it with their walking stick, pushing it onto its back. The other gasps in horror at the mangled wreck of the dying young man's face.

"Uume. How long have you wished for a child to hold?"

"Since before the ang mo came."

"There is a draught that can be found in a place that I will tell to you. There will be three days of tending to the changing fever, but it may yet offer life to this one."

"Then the child will go its way and I will remain here alone?"

"Not if the two who brought the living here for burial take yours and his place. My husband digs one grave tonight. I leave its occupancy to you."

"These things shall be done."

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WhatIF Stories: Dream A Little Dream For Me

Discussion Thread
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4 months 2 weeks ago #68811 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
On The Job

There was this guy I met. Some out of the way place you'd never have heard of. Thing is, I was hired to run a pen test.

A penetration test? How far did you get?

Not as far as I'd have liked. You know how those things go: in and out without time to make attachments.

Past the usual gatekeepers though?

I like to think so. But there were a few complications, maybe an attachment, hard to say.

Really? Usually those things are easy to say... if you don't mean them.

Like I said: complicated. What if I was mistaken, or if it were a one-way connection? Neither option's healthy in this business.

This business?

Getting in, doing what I do, and getting back out before I overstay my welcome.

Ah. Did you?

Did I what?

Overstay your welcome.

I don't know. Perhaps I pulled out too soon?

Perhaps. But if you have to ask, I don't think you did.

You're saying you have more experience than me?

When it comes to being unwelcome, the record's clear.

That depends on who's keeping the records. Months later I find out that I'd maybe missed my chance at reviewing them. Imagine how that might feel.

Discouraging all around. However if the attachment remained?

Yes. What then?

Maybe a different point of entry is in order. There's always more than one.

You say that now, but quality can't be rushed.

There's such a thing as waiting too long.

Again, that depends. How ephemeral was the encounter?

As much, or as little, as it needs to be to reach completion.

I have a good feel for when completion has been reached.

Then I eagerly await the results.

I'd flunk all three idiots using the low-end Gizmatics. They forgot to change the carrier frequency to avoid interference. Cyber Swarm's bug is at least using decent encryption and burst transmission, but yeah, the placement sucked ass. Oh, and let's remember to wave at Michelle Brown, off to your left, and her binoculars.

Forum-posted ideas are freely adoptable.

WhatIF Stories: Dream A Little Dream For Me

Discussion Thread
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4 months 2 weeks ago #68830 by Cryptic
Cryptic replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
“Jade, why are you so quiet?” Billie asked from where she was doing her homework on the ceiling, looking down at where her pint sized roommate was tapping away at her laptop keyboard. “I hate to say it, but you not giggling like a loon is making me nervous.”

“I found something on line, and I was inspired.” Jade replied without looking up as she absently reached over to charge up the pencil, paper, and text book that there doing her homework.

Billie gave Jade an inquisitive look before dropping to the floor and leaning over to read the screen. “Jade, what the hell is this?” the spiky blue haired girl asked.

“It's us. Well all of Whateley really. Just as My Little Ponies.” Jade replied as she beckoned to her lion who scampered to the door, opened it, and scampered out. It was back a few second later trailed by Bunny, who carried a plastic crate.

“Do you have someone watching the tunnels so you knew when I was coining up?” Bunny asked looking down at the lion who was playing with he shoelace like a kitty.

“She timed out just as you got to the door. So are they done?”

“The first batch is. Careful, they're still warm from the printer.” Bunny replied as she began setting items on the desk.

Billie carefully picked one up and turned it over in her hands. It was a jade green unicorn, that at a glance, was smaller then the others Bunny was setting out. It had a black mane and tail, with brown eyes. On it's flanks was a picture of Kitty Compact and a few of the other J-team peices. Around it's foreleg wad a band that when Billie's body heat warmed it, or something, the color changed frome a pacifist band to the red of Ultra Violent.

“Here's yours.” Jade said helpfully as she 'set' a peach colored pegasus with spiky blue hair, golden cat eyes, and ears that stuck out to the sides in the air in front of Billie.

“What is on it's butt?”

“Um, well we couldn't think of anything cute so we went with a mushroom cloud.” Bunny replied “Here's Hanks!” she said changing the topic, as she presented a gray eyed, pale blue pony that somehow came across as mescalin, even though the body shape was more or less the same as the 'female' ponies. His cutie mark was a knight chess piece on a splotch of camo.

“Nikki's.” A silver alicorn which had red hair, green eyes, and the pony equivalent of elf ears, was put in front of Billie. Her cutie mark was Nikki's sword in front of a burning oak leaf.

Jade pulled out the next one. “No Fun Guy.” The cutie mark for Alya's pony was a red circle with a line through it over a party horn and balloons. Unlike the others in the collection this pony was a diagonal gradient going from dark gray on the tips of its muzzle and ears to a light almost white at the back hooves. It had with a black mane and tail, which were cut short and punky.

“Toni.” Chaka's pony's was chocolate brown with a black mane and golden eyes, which was standing on its hind limbs. Billie saw that its limbs were articulated, and the figure had accessories in the form of a Manriki-gusari and a plastic energy blast that looked to be spring loaded. The cutie mark was a lounging leopard.

“Mine.” Bunny said placing a yellow pony with clipped on pink bunny ears into Jade's reach so she could add it to the herd floating in the air. The cutie mark was a pink and white rabbit with one ear flopped over.

“Jinn” It consisted of an ethereal looking green tinged white bat winged pegasus wearing a tattered cloak cloak. On the flank was the image of a tomb stone. “And Shroud's” It swirled, melting and reforming into a collection of parts that rose up into a pony shape. A chalk white horse skull and a few other 'bones' poked out of the cloak, the wings reduced to skeletal fingers.

“I'm thinking of using a larger version of this in the Sims and Akido at some point.” the Jinn-Pony said looking up at her friends.

“Gunny and Ito-Sensei are going to be so thrilled.” Bilie deadpanned.

“I know, right?” the 'ghost' girl said cheerfully, prompting a groan.

“This is only the first run, we're still designing the rest of Wondercute's ponies and a few others, friends and staff..” Bunny explained. I want to make Imp and Lady Astarte ones”

“Why do I feel this is going to end up shoulder angel bad?” Billie asked facepalming.

“Because when I left the printer lab Jericho was designing Outcast ponies?”

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4 months 2 weeks ago - 4 months 1 week ago #68858 by Schol-R-LEA
Schol-R-LEA replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Lt. Trout, already fuming at have to pull a punishment detail at the campus bookstore, was in no mood for what he was certain to come once he saw Traduce walk in, ranting about careless assistants who keep dropping wi... grape juice (he noted this for later consideration) in her lap.

He'd already seen Corrosive storm past the door towards the school uniforms complaining about the disrespectful brute who tore her expensive tailored blouse (he'd already heard the radio call about her accosting Froggy, whom she's apparently tried to pass in the hallways and got too close, snagging her clothes on one of his elbow spurs). So as Miss Armstrong walked towards the same department, he was torn between grabbing his pepper spray or nuking a bag of popcorn.

Right on cue, he could hear the shouting:

"I cannot believe how rude you are being! I want to speak to your manager!" shouted Karen, in the shrill voice one comes to expect from her. A quick glance told him that Peeper, the only one actually working there at the moment, had ducked behind the cash wrap, not wanting to get hit with the verbal shrapnel.

Brenda shot back with, "How DARE you insinuate that I would DEMEAN myself such as to work here!"

"OF COURSE you do! I have heard ALL ABOUT the troubles your father has had with the Initech contract, I wouldn't be surprised if you will be moved over to HAWTHORNE once they..."

Trout knew when to call for backup.

Out, damnéd Spot! Bad Doggy!
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4 months 1 week ago #68865 by Sir Lee
Sir Lee replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Whateley Academy, circa 2018; After-movie discussion.

"So, what kind of superpowers does John Wick have?"
"He's supposed to be a baseline."
"Oh, c'mon! NO WAY Wick is a baseline! In the second movie alone, he was ran over by cars, what, four times? And stabbed how many times? And let's not forget, this all happened a day or two after the first movie, at the end of which he was barely alive."
"Yeah, it's like the way Batman is supposed to be a baseline, but in fact to do everything he does for so long, he would have to be an EX-3 at the least. Probably higher."
"Wick is not a high Exemplar. He didn't show either strength nor intelligence above normal. He's at most an EX-3."
"But EX-3 would give him only the equivalent of Regen-1. Not nearly enough to recover from all the crap he goes through."
"So he has some standalone Regen? Maybe a Regen-2?"
"Yeah, nothing higher than that. He does get a lot of bruises."
"Hmmm, Regen-2 would also help explain his above-average stamina. I mean, he keeps fighting and winning and does not seem to get as tired as he should... the Regen would keep removing toxins from his blood and muscles so he would last longer. Yeah, that makes sense."
"OK, so Wick has to be a Regen-2, and *might* be also a low Exemplar. Anything else?"
"Oh, a bit of Psi of some sort. I mean, he got that dog to obey him after owning him for... one day? So he has to have enough TP or Empathy to be able to make himself understood to the dog."
"Check, low-level psi. What else?"
"Well, I was going to go with GSD, but considering that last one, it might be a Psi talent instead."
"What are you talking about?"
"The car crashes. He never breaks a single bone, even after being ran over all those times. He might have rubbery bones or something like it, which would be GSD. Or..."
"Let me guess, you think he has some sort of PK protective force shield?"
"No, I was going with mecha-empathy."
"The cars like him, and take care not to hurt him too much."
(the last speaker is buried under a barrage of objects)

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4 months 1 week ago #68924 by Cryptic
Cryptic replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
“Something like that, but the school doesn't want to neglect the obligation as his estate still keeps tabs.” Erica replied as she leaned against a display that housed a photo, sword, and a glass pendant. “He disappeared at the same time Elizabeth Carson and several others did.” Erica let out a sigh as she looked at the picture across from Paramount's. “This was painted by one of the school's alumni, and was donated just last month.”

Carson's portrait depicted an attractive blond woman in three quarter's profile standing on a porch looking out at what I assumed was as part of the campus. Pockets of students were scattered in the background. Not all the little figures where 'normal'. A girl with a serpent tail instead of legs was walking with another girl who was a centaur. Another, a figure had horns and a tail. And then there was the velociraptor who was chasing another student while a small group stood laughing. There was a look of satisfaction mixed with worry in Carson's expression, a Mamma bear proud of her kids, but wondering if she had done enough to prepare them.

I am a caffeine heathen; I prefer the waters of the mountain over the juice of the bean. Keep the Dews coming and no one will be hurt.
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