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The Micro-Scenes thread

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1 month 3 weeks ago - 1 month 3 weeks ago #70207 by Schol-R-LEA
Schol-R-LEA replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
This relates to the series of micro-scenes about Jump (Marcia Wilzon, formerly March Wilzon) which began here .

Holbrook, H.
Feb 21, 2077
The initial tests of the process have been promising, though reversibility still needs to be confirmed. Even if it is a complete success, it does show that, for people like myself or Dr. Brant, a solution is soon at hand. Hopefully, I will be Henry for good, never Helen again, and Elizabeth can put her own past aside as well. We have both already been pre-approved for the next round of trials.

I cannot thank Vault-Tec enough for their generous contributions to this project.

April 23, 2077
I cannot express how pleased I am with the treatment. According to the current results, I am now fully male to a genetic level, and similar results apply to our male-to-female subjects. Fortunately, I was exempted from the reversibility test, though Dr Brant has has reluctantly agreed to take part in that stage. I am not convinced that this part of the process is entirely necessary, but management is insistent that any 'mistakes' could be undone.

May 5, 2077
A snag seems to have arisen in the testing protocol. Two of the subjects, one of whom being Dr. Brant, did not undergo the reversal, being stuck in their new forms. While both Betty, as she prefers to be called, and Irma Carson (who has taken the name 'Owen') are thrilled that they have remained in their preferred sex, it does lead to some questions about the total efficacy of the process.

In other matters, the move to the final Vault location has begun. While the site seems to be well suited to our purposes, I am unsure why a private school has been selected for this Vault. Surely they aren't thinking they would have an entire school full of gender-disordered children?

May 29, 2077
More reports of odd events in the wilderness areas around the school. I've given standing orders that the wooded grove to the northeast is to kept off-limits to all personnel.

June 4, 2077
More peculiarities seem to be cropping up in the test subjects, including myself. Somehow, I seem to be sensitive to these mysterious 'entities' which exist out in the woodlands here. I even saw one of them personally! As soon as I touched it, it seemed to vanish, but since then, I have been seeing more and more things which lay beyond normal sight. I also seem to be incredibly strong now - I was able to lift a 300 lb. barbell as it if were no more than a piece of paper.

I would think I have lost my mind, except that both of the newlywed Carsons have had similar experiences, with Owen in particular now being able to run at speeds rivaling those of a cheetah. It seems unbelievable! Betty's experiences seem closer to my own, but she is, if anything, even more sensitive to these 'entities', and has displayed some ability to manipulate an unknown form of energy which, for lack of a better word, can only be described as 'magic'.

Get a grip, Harry - you're a scientist, you need to act like one! You need to investigate this calmly and rationally, even if you are yourself a part of this phenomenon.

I've sent the latest reports to HQ, but they don't seem to quite believe what I am saying.

August 28, 2077
Headmaster of the school? Me? Why, that's ridiculous! I am already assigned to be the Overseer in the event the vault needs to be activated - how do they expect me to prepare the vault if I am riding herd on a school full of pre-teens? And why, for heaven's sake, did they wait to tell until now?

Sept 8, 2077
With the students now arriving, I have had my hands full with both of these roles I've been assigned. I can only hope that I will be able to get back to my real work soon enough, especially since tensions with the Communist Chinese seem to be rising again.

October 24, 2077
I can't believe it has actually happened. It seems unbelievable.

Fortunately, we were given sufficient warning - suspiciously sufficient, if you ask me - and were able to get to get the entire student body into the Vault within the necessary time.

Unfortunately, I've now been given a recorded briefing on the experiments they expect us to perform. It is outrageous!

Do they really think this is ethical, acceptable in any way? I wasn't even aware of the suites with the 'real' researchers, the so-called social scientists, until after the Vault door had sealed.

It has been made clear in no uncertain terms that I cannot fight this. Even with this bizarre empowerment I've been given, I am helpless to stop what they plan to inflict on these poor children.

But now I know why reversibility was of such paramount importance - the students are to be subject to the process, not just once, but approximately every six to eighteen months according to some randomized timetable, alternating their sexes twice a year for what is likely to be the rest of their lives. And the lives of at least two more generations past that.

My whole intention in working with this project was the hope that, someday, no one would ever suffer as I had growing up. Now we are to intentionally impose such suffering on children, not once but time after time, with the 'experiment' to be continued for at least 120 years. I am so ashamed to be part of this travesty I have been forced to take part in.

Out, damnéd Spot! Bad Doggy!
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1 month 4 days ago #70487 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Saturday morning, Secure Computing Lab, The Workshop, Whateley Academy

Why was it, that whenever Benjamin Keeling thought to do someone a good turn, someone else always had to rain on the event? This time it was some prick on the other side of an intercom circuit and a locked door. If they were going to use a cheap lock, the least they could do was swap face plates to make it harder to ID the lock mechanism.

"Why the Hell should I let you in? You're not even on the tech track!"

Benjamin faced the somewhat-hidden camera, and prompted the yutz, "Well... You did look me up, yeah?"


"Then you know who's my work-study boss."

"That's an appeal to irrelevant authority, although I fear the difference between that and a logical argument might have escaped you."

Benjamin straightened up and crossed his arms. "On the contrary, I assure you. If you don't allow me access, I'll likely have to do some last-minute babysitting with a sweet young lass who would be most entertained by a description of how to bypass the Gizmatic 3120-series cypher lock with the recommended (and marked up by a magnitude of highway robbery) retina to iris cross-cataloguing option."

Four seconds later, the door cycled open. Standing in the doorway was a curiously pale upperclassman, accompanied by a frazzled-looking Icejack motioning Belfry in. The "bed head" look was kind of cute on Thomas, but Benjamin knew that "bed" had nothing at all to do with it. Pity, that. Once he was securely inside, Belfry shut down his short-range jammer. The upperclassman now looked less happy, for some godsforsaken reason.

"Benjamin. What are you doing down here, other than terrorizing a fellow TA," asked Thomas.

"Someone's mother was worried that someone wasn't eating well. A review of certain logs indicates that someone hasn't been sleeping well either, and they may be past the point of diminishing returns on their project."

That still sounded like blackmail to the fellow TA. "Meaning?"

"Thomas, backup your shit, secure the rest, and let's go. I'll wait outside for, oh, five minutes before thinking up educational games to play with Susan Moira." Belfry entered a code for the cypher lock and stepped back out.

Once the door cycled shut, the lab TA asked, "He's bluffing, isn't he?"

That was his takeaway? Thomas just glared back, words having failed.

"Umm. Right. You go. I'll just add him to the access list before he introduces us to Karma."

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1 week 21 hours ago #70779 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread

Dreamer wrote: And great exercise to improve coordination surprised it isn't prescribed more.


Benjamin had gotten the notice that the morning's appointment had been moved back an hour. He ended up in the Mental Health Department with something like twenty minutes to spare. Benjamin pulled out his esper homework assignment: an ordinary penny, struck in 1998 at the Denver Mint, with a scratch starting along Lincoln's nose. The goal was to come so familiar with it that he could pull it from a jar filled with hundreds of pennies. Pennies and salt, because some folks cheated more than he did. While he paged through his transcribed notes on a virtual display, looking for tricks that would work without docking his grade, he absent-mindedly rolled the coin across his knuckles. That went on for a few minutes until he manifested a duplicate to exercise his off hand.

It felt good to have even that much control over his nerves, instead of being at the mercy of their whims. His throat tightened at the thought. That was an old familiar fear. Maybe he wasn't as far over his injury as he thought he was?
---- . ---- . ----

A familiar soprano voice said, "Ah give up. Which one's the real bad penny?"

Benjamin stopped the coin walks and flipped the right hand's penny in the air. At the apex of the flip, it disappeared. He passed the left-hand penny to the right and held it up.

How long had she been watching?

"I'd guess this one," he said, by way of minimal explanation.

Mrs. Cody shook her head. "The process of elimination didn't leave that much room for guessing."

"How much you want to bet on that, Ma'am?"

From behind her previous appointment, Dr. Delacroix said, "I'll admit the wager has me intrigued."

"Fine. Five dollars on Mr. Holmes. Once you eliminate the impossible, only the possible remains."

Benjamin walked up to the Workshop teacher, keeping his eyes on hers, close enough to invade her personal space. His left hand darted out toward her purse, as if to snatch it. Damn, she was strong! The coin in his right hand disappeared. When Mrs. Cody released his bruised left forearm, he opened his fist to show a 1998 Denver Mint penny that remained a penny when she picked it up to examine it.

"That still ain't the one, is it?"

"Of course not. It's just not made of manifested matter."

"You aren't by any chance on work-release from DeVille Academy?"

Benjamin flashed that lopsided smirk of his – the real one – and said, "That wouldn't be my story to tell, but I had decent training, if I do say so myself."

Elaine pulled a five-dollar bill from the billfold in her purse.

"Ah'm beginning to see what Susan Moira sees in you."

"Maybe she could brief Icejack some day? I think I'm officially back to Annoying Acquaintance."

"Here's a pro tip for free: he'll only listen to your case if you're the one presenting it."

Dr. Delacroix interrupted the sage advice with, "Benjamin, if you're through fleecing my colleagues, don't we have an appointment to tend to?"

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WhatIF Stories: Falconer: A Stranger Arrives in Town

Discussion Thread
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