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The Micro-Scenes thread

3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #39282 by Kettlekorn
Kettlekorn replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Bert Kade straightened his polo shirt and strode away from the zoo, a faint frown on his face. His classmates were so immature. Climbing into the badger exhibit to wrestle with the poor animals? Impersonating chimps? Dressing the otters in sailor fuku? What were they, children? Bert tsked as he walked. His mother would probably approve of such childish nonsense. Well, she could just swallow her disappointment and get over it. He was going to be an upstanding member of society whether she liked it or not.

He slowed as he passed an elderly tour guide near an old building who was reciting the history of Boston's role in the abolition movement in a creaky, droning monotone. Bert smiled and casually joined the drowsy looking group. This was more like it! As he listened in rapt attention, his tail began to swish. Or at least, it tried to, confined as it was in a pant leg.

Delilah Stephens, grandmother of six, snapped out of her stupor as movement caught her eye. She squinted at the boys pants, then shook her head. "Just the breeze," she muttered. Then the pants twitched again, and again. Her eyes widened and she let out a loud gasp. "Young man! Don't panic, but I think there's something in your pants!"

Bert turned and frowned at the old lady. "That is highly inappropriate, ma'am. Please cease ogling my behind at once and kindly keep your perverted attempts at flirtation with minors to yourself. I am trying to enjoy this lecture."

"You- but-"

"I'm not going to ask you again, ma'am. Stop talking about my butt."

"T'be fair, it's a right nice bottom, it is," said a new voice from down around Bert's midsection. He turned to see that short upperclassman girl from Dickinson standing there staring at him appreciatively. And now other people were staring and commenting as well, even the tour guide.

"Thanks a lot," he hissed. "Now undo it!"

"Undo yer bottom? Right 'ere and now?" she hissed back, looking scandalized. "Bliddy hell. And here I thought you Yanks were all prudes!"

"You know what I mean! Your compulsion. Remove it!"

"Or what?" she said with a smirk. "Or you'll tell your dear mum? She'd laugh 'er own arse right off, I bet!"

"No doubt," muttered Bert. "But I could go tell Ms. Dennon that you are inciting sexual harassment of a minor."

"I wouldn't have to distract 'em that way if yeh'd keep yer cute little tail under control!"

"You- You didn't just use your..."

"No, I didn't." She paused and adopted an evil grin. "Do you want me to? 'Cuz I bliddy will!"

"Ahem!" said the tour guide, who'd ambled up next to them both without them realizing. "Will you two inconsiderate lovebirds please take your flirtation elsewhere? I am trying to educate people here!"

"That's alright, windbag, I was just leavin'. B'sides, I got me a bone to pick with them rotten wankers over there," she said, pointing at a mixed group of people in skeleton and zombie costumes who were closing in on Lindy- no. No, Bert was not his mother. They were closing in on Calliope. Well, they were, until... until the short girl whose name he could not remember and he refused to substitute with a nickname gave a holler and they turned their eyes toward the pair of them. Then their eyes shifted solidly to him, only they weren't looking at his eyes.

Bert shook his head as the girl stalked off toward them. Ignoring the old lady who seemed to be struggling to keep her eyes on the tour guide instead of Bert's rump, he tried to get back into listening to the lecture. Unfortunately, his efforts were dashed when a horse boy came crashing out of the wall and tumbled through the group to finally find rest in the middle of the street. "Bogus, dude," said the large senior... Nick. That was his name. "Totally bogus." Nick climbed to his hooves and winced at the crowd. Before he could apologize, another throng of people dressed as skeletons spilled out of an alley behind him and began shrieking at him. "Whoa, guys. That's pretty gnarly. You with Old Man Sulfur back there?" he asked, pointing over his shoulder at the hole he'd emerged from.

That was when something large began climbing out through the hole. All those people who Bert had heard calling him and his mom devils or demons had clearly never seen anything like this before. It stood twelve feet tall and had big curly ram's horns, lumpy blood-red skin, flaming eyes, and the most horrendous mustache Bert had ever seen. To say nothing of the smell. Bert smiled apologetically at the tour guide, then cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted over the screams. "Thank you, sir! It was fun while it lasted!" Then he turned and calmly walked away, ducking under a thrown skeleton before turning a corner back to relative sanity. He very pointedly ignored the deep, rumbling, ear-raping voice of the demon and its comment about his tush.

His peace was short lived. The more people he passed, the more catcalls he got. Seeking solace, Bert ducked into an office building. The receptionist began to challenge his presence, but then she just sort of gave him a silly smile and let him pass. He heard the sound of her falling out of her chair just before he made it into the elevator. After hitting the button for the top floor, he turned to the mirror and forced himself to unclench his fists and soften his glare. Bert Kade was not his mother. He was a civilized, high functioning member of society. He would deal with this like an adult. Several deep breaths brought his calm back, just in time for the doors to slide open.

Bert stepped out into what appeared to be a lobby attached to a rooftop diner and gift shop. He smiled as he approached the large windows overlooking Boston. Smoke was rising from several points around town, and more than one elephant was flying through the skies. This was all his immature classmates' doing, no doubt, but Bert didn't allow it to upset him. He was above such things.

A group of businessmen walked up to the next window, and Bert held his breath. While several of them did briefly drop their gaze to his bottom, none commented and none stared. He let out the breath and smiled again. He was among professionals. People of class.

That was when the most distinguished of the lot received a phone call, and Sir Mix A Lot belted his magnum opus across the lobby.

* * *

"Mommy's little boy!" squeed The Fabulous Imp from behind her x-ray binoculars as she watched her wonderful son systematically liberate the entire tower of valuables. He made several dozen errors along the way, of course, but he'd learn with time. The important thing was that he was finally through that rebellious stage! She put her binoculars and her phone away and hummed to herself as she returned to her bike. Now, if only she could get little Ernie to stop trying to eat Rubber Ducky... Maybe hot sauce would do the trick.

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3 years 4 months ago #39370 by Cryptic
Cryptic replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
"Yes? You're at the aquarium? And it is being attacked by an Aqua-maniac and an army of lobsters? And Tennyo wants to know where she can get a ton of melted butter... Ask Phase, she'll know."

OOC: A nod to the chaos Diana started over on Twisting the Hellmouth.

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3 years 4 months ago #39396 by cprime
cprime replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
2 PM, a block from the dropoff point
Lillian Dennon paced back and forth in the cafe where she had set up shop. She had yet to receive a call from any of her students. She'd been checking Hero Watch every 15 minutes, the news headlines on the hour, rebooted her phone twice, and was pondering asking Liz if Cyberkitty could check if there were any shenanigans going on with the Boston phone system. Nothing had happend, and that was more disconcerting than the alternative. For the 20th time, her eye scanned down the student roster. She was missing something, she knew it. Then her eye caught the second to last line, reading 'Clover' and 'Jynx'.

The other patrons of the cafe looked up as the otherwise healthy looking woman fainted into her table.

Elsewhere in Boston

Froggy and Thorn exchanged high-fives as the prankster trio they had latched onto started to reset for the next go around. They had (literally) stumbled across the vampier/hunter skit as it was wrapping up and decided to latch onto the pranksters for the day. It's amazing how quickly you can redecorate a fast food joint with a bit of ectoplasm. Word had spread through the Whateley students like wildfire, and at least 3 other prank teams had some of their fellow classmates riding along.

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3 years 4 months ago #39401 by Rose Bunny
Rose Bunny replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Somewhere in Boston:

Anna Parsons ran down the street, screaming. Using her parkour skills, she still could not escape the black cloud of death that followed her. All seemed lost, until she saw the open manhole cover. With a pout, she dove into the sewer. It might smell terrible, but it was better than the cloud. Who in their right minds had given Miasma a dish of Boston baked beans??

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3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #39547 by Jarjaross
Jarjaross replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Jericho wondered why he was called to the alphas private meeting room. He'd missed the last meeting from being down with a cold and no one would tell him what happened.

"Ah, Jericho, good to see you," Wyatt said, already sitting in a chair, though not at the head of the table, "take a seat."

Jericho, just to be contrary, didn't take the offered seat at the head of the table.
"So whats this about?"

"Remember back at the begining of the year when you said you'd take the alphas from me if I didn't run them properly?"

Jericho nodded, "yeah as a joke. I doubt I could muster the support."

"Well when we held the elections for the new head last week we took that as you accepting Ayla's nomination of you."

"No. No, no, no, no. NO!"

"The vote was unanimous, you are the head of the Alphas as of next week

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3 years 4 months ago #39553 by Rose Bunny
Rose Bunny replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Jade sat on the front step of Poe, clearly sad and upset. Returning from breakfast Tennyo saw her roommate and came over to give her a hug.

"Jade, what's wrong? Hippy threaten to feed your Kimba plushie to Razorback again?", She inquired.

The diminutive girl looked up at her best friend. "It's even worse than that, onee-sama... I found out that we are getting a new student.... and.. and..." Jade started bawling, " and... and.. she really IS a Radioactive Condor Girl... that means I can't use it anymore.."

At a loss for what to say, Tennyo simply hugged the distraught girl.

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3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #39565 by Phoenix Spiritus
Phoenix Spiritus replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Gunny Bardue frowned as he pulled up at the Whateley main gate in the converted armoured van and the Chief of Security himself stepped out of the small guardhouse. Pressing the intercom button Bardue frowned through the thick armoured glass.

"What's the problem Franklin? Caitlin's gizmos are holding strong, we've not had a peep out of the radiation monitors the whole way."

Chief Delarose grimaced. "I'm afraid we had a leak, somehow the student body found out about our new girl."

"So? We're putting her in that specially prepared room in Hawthorne. We've had plenty worse students before this, what's the big deal?"

Franklin sighed, took a deep breath and looked his friend in the eye. "I'm sorry Gunny, I really am. But Jade found out, after Admiral Everheart banned her 'Radio Active Condorgirl' gizmo from the Sims from 'here to the heat death of the Universe', well now Jade's gotten all of Wondercute together, and they're gonna recruit our girl here to their Team the moment they can get close to her."

Franklin slapped the side of the van, turning back to the guardhouse and waving them to open the gate, valiantly hiding his delight and glee until Gunny Bardue had recovered enough to put the armoured van in gear and drive through the gates.

"You're so evil," smirked the normal lead of the contingent of security at the gate after he watched his boss come back to the guardhouse, his evil grin so large it was probably giving all the precogs on campus the willies. "I can't believe you hiked all the way out here just to deliver that news to Gunny."

If anything, the Chief's grin became larger. "After I got pipped running down to tell Hive what was happening?" Franklin laughed. "There was no way I was gonna miss seeing in person Bardue's horror when he got informed." With a final chuckle and a casual salute, Franklin turned and set off jogging, returning to the paperwork still needing to be reviewed waiting for him on his desk.
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3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #39797 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
"Hank, we need your help," a freshman poesie said looking nervously into the sophomore common room.

"Me? Why?" Hank asked getting out of the new hammock Ayla had bought and team Kimba had organized.

"It's your sister Blossom, she won't come out of her room."

Hank sat right back down. "Can't help you, sorry. I'd just make it worse."

"Sister?" Riptide asked.

"Blossom?" Jade asked giggling.

Hank answered Rip first. "Turns out my brother Jay is an exemplar, a level 1, maybe a weak 2. After he got beat up by those bullies for all of his flowers, she had to be healed and he lost something very precious to her. They moved her here last night. And after I talked with my parents yesterday, explaining that Jay was already being called Blossom, it was decided that it would be easiest to make that her new name."

"Is she a pretty girl?" Fey asked evilly.

"Beautiful rose coloured skin, hair like dark red rose petals, willowy with just enough curves to make her interesting, and she smells like a garden," the freshman answered. "A lot of girls are interested in her." From the predatory smile on her face, the freshman was already fantasizing about Blossom.

Jade jumped out of her chair. "Come on! It looks like we have a job to do cheering Blossom up! And we can give her a complete makeover!"

Hank sat in his hammock for a moment as Jade took off. Finally he got up, heading for the door. "This I have to see."

Team Kimba and friends didn't quite run down the stairs. As sophomores they had an image to uphold, but in less than 30 seconds the room was empty.
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3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #39920 by Kettlekorn
Kettlekorn replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Stroke of Midnight, Thursday, October 18th, 2007
Fields Family Farm, Eastern Tennessee

"Beeeholld my creeeeasshion!" shouted Dark Eldritch as she kicked open the barn doors, a half-empty jar of devisor whiskey sloshing in one hand. Inside the barn, lit by thirteen differently colored torches glittering off as many empties, was a four foot diameter sphere made of a waxy pink material that was faintly translucent. Eldritch turned to the younger and much less wobbly girl standing beside her. "Now, my loyalll mini-minion! Ani- Anmani- Amnimute- Oh jussh make it be alife!"

"Shit!" yelled Bladedancer at the sight of the creepy black sailer fuku the girl was wearing. She had a pitch black kitten mask hiding her face, but the style, the body language, the overall ambiance... "That's Generator! KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!"

Chain Lightning's whip lashed around the girl's neck with a sizzle, stunning her even as he gave it a sharp yank to break her spine, but it was too late. She'd already pressed a sticker to the ball, and it was now rising into the air.

When gateway appeared beside the object and Igniarli doused it in flames, Eldritch cackled. "Yesh! Use fire! More fiiire!" She thew her whiskey at the orb and then reached behind her back to draw out a flamethrower, which she used to bathe the other side of the rapidly melting sphere in napalm. The straw in the barn caught as well, and Eldritch laughed harder as she lost focus and began to twirl and sing, oblivious to her own clothes going up in flames. "We goin' 'til tha worl' shtopss turnin' while we burn it to tha groun' tonight!"

"Put out the fire!" yelled Gateway as she called off Igniarli. "They want it molten!" Bladedancer threw a spell slip into the air, and a sharp wind blew most of the burning goop from the orb's surface. Meanwhile, Chain Lightning used his whip to drag Generator's rapidly healing body into the burning straw while Eldritch was distracted by whirling about and setting fire to the barn itself, one hand spraying napalm from the flame thrower and the other spewing magical fire from a specialized ley tap.

The orb, now thoroughly gooey, began to reshape itself into the form of a comically large sword. A comically large sword that was still partially on fire. Several mouths appeared along the flat, and a horrible voice burbled forth. "Let us cross blades, Dancer!"

"Go ahead," shouted Geomancer, who was frantically shifting ley lines away from Eldritch's reach. "We'll keep Eldritch distracted while you deal with that!"

Bladedancer nodded, then rolled aside as the pink sword tried to behead her. It repeated its challenge to match blades, but she ignored the taunt. If this was being animated by Jinn, cutting it wouldn't help. She needed to scatter the material outside of Jinn's range. To that end, she raised her bow and nocked an exploding arrow.

The muttering sword bent out of the way and then suddenly reversed its shape, the hilt becoming the blade even as it thrust at Bladedancer. She cursed, caught by surprise, and dodged in time. The sword twisted as she landed and knocked her bow out of her hands. "I must taste your blade!" it shouted, taking another swing.

Bladedancer stumbled back, frantically parrying with Destiny's Wave while she reached for a spell slip. Even without her bow she could just throw an explosive arrow, but she was too close. She needed to open some distance first. She batted away another swing from the wax as she grasped the slip she was looking for. Then she was yanked off her feet.

"I want Chou inside me!" screamed the wax sword as it enveloped Destiny's wave and Bladedancer's arm, hauling her into the air. She dropped her smokescreen slip and tried for one of her arrows, but she was too slow. The wax sword flowed swiftly and encased her completely. Unable even to scream, Bladedancer watched helplessly as the wax forced her arms together above her head and wrapped her other hand around Destiny's Wave, putting it into a two handed grip. Then it receded from the jade sword, leaving the jade blade bare while keeping the hilt and her hands locked firmly in place within the wax blade.

"Oishi," murmured the wax sword as it rotated slowly in the air, appearing to survey the battlefield. It didn't need to rotate to see things, but it seemed thematically appropriate. Eldritch and Gateway were swinging from the barn's ceiling as the older woman pursued the younger through the hayloft, and Chain Lighting was frantically trying to snare Eldritch with his whip. The sword turned finally to Geomancer, who was taking advantage of the shirtless shitfaced golem's distraction to prepare a spell. That just would not do. It's mouths opened once more. "Yo, Dawgs!" it bellowed. "I heard you like swords!" It adjusted the shape of its pommel to correct its balance, and then it began to spin.

Something hot and wet splattered onto Eldritch's back. She paused in her chase to look over her shoulder, and her face broke into a huge grin. "Ya liddle shits 're hitting tha fan now!"

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3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #40232 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread

Wait...Tansy almost became a 1950's fairytale princess mutant?! Little birds flitting around, landing on her finger, carrying owls in baskets, drowsy bunnies trailing after her, and being Aquerna's best friend ever?

Several years ago

The spirit was barely sentient enough to notice the visitor. It was swimming in its pool, listening to the waterfall emanating feelings of peace and calm, basking in the feelings of life and tranquility that were returned to it by the local animals.

But as the visitor sat at the edge of its pool, where the mist of the waterfall would caress her cheek the spirit stirred itself and investigated.

The visitor was not calm, not tranquil, and as far from peace as it was possible to be. The spirit cringed at the feelings of self loathing that clashed with its own being. Hesitantly it reached out, focusing all of its power on cheering the visitor, teaching it how to be at peace with itself.
It screeched as its essence was pulled into the visitor, wrenching it from its home.

'Worthless Tansy!'

The spirit shrank back as the words and feelings flayed its essence.

'Fat Tansy!'

'Useless Tansy!'

Desperately it summoned the animals that lived under its care, trying to stop the hatred and disgust that threatened to rip it apart.

'Who's there?' the visitor demanded.

The spirit responded by sending forth calm feelings, even as part of it scrabbled against the walls that confined it.

'A spirit? I have a spirit in me?' the visitor asked itself. 'I'm an avatar!'

As amazement filled the visitor the spirit allowed itself to relax, the anger was lessening. No longer in agony the spirit reached out to examine its captor, marveling at the essence it provided, feeling its own powers expand slightly with the promise of more.

'THAT'S IT?! THat's all you can offer?' it's captor raged. 'Peace!'

The spirit threw itself at the walls expending energy it couldn't afford to waste in a maddened frenzy.

'What good are you? There are avatars who can work miracles and the best you can do is summon little animals!' the hate filled creature screamed, kicking a chipmunk so hard the little creature slammed into a tree and squealed as its back broke.

The spirit realized it couldn't escape and did the last thing it could, what it lived to do. Reaching out the visitor the peaceful spirit forgave it.


Tansy Walcott, more commonly known as fat Tansy, stupid Tansy, worthless Tansy, fell to her knees staring at the dead animal that rested on the grass just a few feet away. She could feel the spirit inside of her, terrified, hurt, and weak. Yet rather than trying to escape it was holding her, forgiving her even as she was destroying it.

For a moment it felt just like when her mother held her, before she'd become so sick. The moment stretched out, becoming a minute, then five, ten, twenty. The feelings of forgiveness and peace, even love, grew stronger.

Tansy couldn't say when she started crying.

Hours later, her face red, her designer blouse soaked and ruined by her tears, she got back up to her knees and scraped a small hole in the ground for the chipmunk, carefully burying the small animal. Standing up, Tansy walked calmly back to her fathers summer home, she no longer thought of herself as worthless. She was fat, she wasn't pretty, and she knew she had a lot of work to do if she wanted to make herself someone she could respect. But as she hugged herself, the spirit that now lived in her let her know she wasn't worthless.
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