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The Micro-Scenes thread

3 years 4 months ago #40233 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Christmas, Tansy's freshman year

Tansy stared at her father, the calm, almost peaceful expression on her face hiding the contempt she felt for the man.

Since her manifestation, of which the hallow inside her was merely the first power she'd gained, her body had changed, which had helped alter her personality. She was slim and beautiful, so beautiful she would have been intimidating to most people. However her features were soft, a smile came easily to her lips, and her bright blue eyes could calm the angriest person.

Her father had seen the changes in her, had seen how she treated the staff as equals, no longer delighted in tormenting others, and would greet the worst insults with a sad smile and a disapproving shake of her head. He thought that made her weak.

"Let me see if I understand you father," she said calmly. You want me, a fourteen year old girl, to seduce your partners and competitors, so that I can read their minds and share their corporate and personal secrets with you?" Unlike every time she'd spoken to him, she was not smiling. Yet to her father the peaceful expression that refused to leave her face seemed weak and helpless.

"Essentially. It's time you used your talents for something good, instead of being an incompetent little girl," her father said, staring her down, challenging her to disobey him.

Half a year ago, Tansy would have agreed. Hoping to make her father notice her, to win some approval, to get back at the world that shear believed hated her so much. The half hour 'conversation' she and her father had had, combined with the talk the night before over supper, had pressed all of her insecurities, making her feel worthless. Only the calming affect of the spirit within her had kept her from breaking down in tears.

Now the spirits tranquility, combined with her own sense of worth she'd spent the last few months building up kept her voice steady and her blue eyes firmly on her fathers face even as she reached into her blouse pulling out a very good recorder she'd hidden there.

She smiled as her fathers eyes widened and his face turned red with rage. Turning the recorder off she placed it back within her blouse. "I believe some changes are in order, Mr. Wulcott."

To people like her father tranquility was a weakness in others. Tansy had come to realize that keeping calm and staying balanced meant she could act with more decisiveness and certainty than anger ever did.

As her father tried to bluster and threaten his way out of the mess he'd made, Tansy waited patiently for him to realize she had him firmly over a barrel. She wasn't going to let him turn her into a tool or a thing ever again.
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3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #40236 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Early Fall, 2006

Tansy watched Team Kimba march into Hawethorne, their heads held high despite getting detention for the Midday Melee with the Alphas.

Even the little girl called Jade who still had bruises from the vicious beating Ares had given her which had caused the whole feud was limping along refusing to look beaten or cowed.

Saying goodbye to some of the Thornies she had been talking to, Tansy went over to greet the freshmen. She knew Fey already from Venus Inc. but her focus was on the short girl who was apparently a Goodkind, and according to her friend Jadis, was actually Trever Goodkind.

"Hello everyone," she said giving them a smile and letting her peaceful aura wash over them. "I must say most people serving detention at Hawethorne aren't so eager."

The black girl, Chaka stepped forward. "We did the crime, now we're ready to do the time."

That earned one of her best smiles. "Well, I've talked with Mrs. Cantrel, and even though I'm not a Thornie myself, I explained what happened and she's agreed to take some pity on you guys, so no bathroom duty."

She waited a second for the sighs of relief to stop.

"You still have a lot of work to do, and bathrooms duty isn't entirely off the table," she warned.

Mrs. Cantrell came into the room, eying the newest 'help' critically.

"And here is your overseer," Tansy said with a grin. "However Ayla if you'll come with me, I'll show you your punishment personally."

Ayla watched her carefully, her expression was hard and very wary. Exactly like Trevor had watched her when they'd gone to school together years before.

She took him upstairs and when she was sure no one was around Tansy turned to look at the girl, her eyes full of shame. "Are you Trever Goodkind?" She asked.

"Yes, and you're Tansy Wulcott," the girl said in return.

For the first time in years Tansy felt ashamed, her eyes going to her feet. "I'm sorry," she said, "for everything I did. You didn't deserve it, and while I'm not asking or expecting forgiveness or anything else, if you or your friends need help, just ask and I'll see what I can do."

Ayla looked at her as if she'd grown a second head. Her expression lightened a touch and she nodded. "Thank you."

Smiling in gratitude, Tansy went to a door that was more like an airlock. Handing over the hazmat gear, she stifled a laugh at Ayla's shocked expression. "You were always good in school, so you get to tutor Puppet. She's expecting you and I'm sure you'll have lots to talk about."
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3 years 4 months ago #40508 by Cryptic
Cryptic replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Kyle stared at the old style lantern that the Colonial Cosplayer had handed to him before going PIFT! into dust like a vamp staked by Buffy.

"So... do I have to recite some oath or something before i get the green long johns and visit Oa?"

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3 years 4 months ago #40616 by Iwasforger03
Iwasforger03 replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
May 24th, 2007
Whateley Academy, New Hampshire

“Look, I am not going on date with you!” she screamed, and it felt loud enough to vibrate the window panes nearby.

“I know! I’m not asking for a date! I just wanted to share a fucking movie!” he screamed back. Just a movie. The sequel to one of their favorite films! “”The new Pirates film comes out tomorrow!” Watching the pirate films, despite the violence, had been one of their most enjoyable film experiences. Despite their frequent discussions, their loud disagreements, Pat had always enjoyed Jack Sparrow’s clever attempts to avoid fights he didn’t need to have. He might not enjoy the fights he did have the way Dominic did, but he did enjoy the character. Or, Dominic reminded himself, she did. Or she had…

Dani had stopped shouting, and was looking at him, no, she was glaring at him like a queen from above, very angrily. She wasn’t yelling though. “I… I’m not going, Dominic. Thank you, but NO,” she insisted, walking away. He watched her go, and hung his head. One of the trio of girls who were walking with Dani gave him a sympathetic look, the other two just glanced worriedly between the two of them, and then they walked away.

“Dani!” the girl hissed as she ran up to his old friend, but he turned away and walked off. The whole gang of the Grunts were going, but she assumed he wanted to take her on a date? Date… Pat? I mean Dani… I mean… she’s a beautiful girl. Gorgeous, beyond drop dead amazing, near the top of the top for Whateley, which is very impressive, since Dani wasn’t actually an exemplar. At least, the docs had been pretty sure she wasn’t. I’d love to date a girl as beautiful as that, as smart as that, as convicted as that, but… date Pat? He couldn’t do that to his friend. Even if they hardly spoke anymore, he still couldn’t. Pat wasn’t into guys. It was that simple. The rumor mill, and the very few times he did get to talk to Dani, said she wasn’t dating any of the girls either. He had no idea why, but…

It didn’t matter. He deliberately switched his walk from a trudge to a stride, forcing himself into step as he headed for Crystal Hall. He’d simply have to report the attempt was a failure. It wasn’t even like she’d be the only girl there! Then again, she’d be the only pacifist. Maybe if he’d said it was a group invite at the start?

The boy, or rather young man, known as Dominic “Mule” Sellers walked back to Crystal Hall looking far more confident and intimidating than he actually felt. His mind kept turning over where, exactly, he’d gone wrong, and why Dani would even think he was asking her out on a date. Why? It really didn’t make sense.

As a result, he missed all the forlorn looks the object of his thoughts gave his retreating form once they were sufficiently apart.

For her part, Dani could only huff in annoyance. She knew she owed him an apology, but her temper as a girl had only gotten… worse. She hadn’t hurt anyone, but it was sometimes hard to remember her own beliefs when she got angry. Violence solved nothing, but neither would she let people avoid the pain of their own decisions. If you poke a dragon and get eaten, then you just had to accept you were an idiot.

Marie and Jasmine both shook their heads as they walked behind her. They didn’t know about her past, nor why she and Mule knew each other. Of course it would look like a date! If he wanted to ask, he should have sent an email, or caught her in private, or something! Patrick was dead! He couldn’t just go walking up to a beautiful girl, invite her to a movie, and expect it to sound like anything else besides a date! Still… she… she regretted yelling. She regretted not apologizing.

“You shouldn’t have yelled at him like that, Dani. I know you’re stressed about Mrs. Carson forcing you to do Combat Finals, since you’re going to have to fail, but you didn’t need to take it out on Mule!” her roommate, Bianca, admonished her. Bianca was a beautiful girl, five foot nine inches of raven black haired european exemplar beauty. She had startling golden eyes and just the cutest fangs. She was also staunchly heterosexual. Had Dani still been the fat reject she had once been, Bianca wouldn’t be within a hundred feet of her intentionally without absolute necessity playing a part. Pat would have wished for it to be different, but not at the expense of her current form. She was still required to see Dr. Bellows weekly because he just didn’t get it! Yes, the body of Anandani Kumari Choudhari was female, but the mind of Patrick Ollie Stiles controlled it.

She’d never be the man she was. There were lots of upsides to being Dani. She had way more friends. She wasn’t fat. She could run more, and she could enjoy her food without feeling guilty about her weight. She got to look at all the pretty girls in the bathrooms at shower time… even if that wasn’t feeling like all that much fun anymore. Girls were pretty, but something just… something just… it was frustrating. Intellectually, she knew which gender she wanted to be and which gender she wanted to be with, but her biology just did not get that. Dr. Bellows didn’t understand either. He was trying to help, bless him, but he simply did not understand. The very fact this body wasn’t interested in women was one more reason Dani knew it wasn’t really her.

Dani loosed a suffering sigh and gave Bianca a sad look. “I know, Bia, and I’ll apologize to him later… eventually. I… may have done emotional violence against him,” she admitted, making herself cringe. “I just needed him to understand that I…” Bianca set a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Bianca did not know that Dani had once been Pat, but she did know Dani had no interest in boys and that Dani had once been male. She’d figured it out last semester, within the first month of their rooming together. Dani might not have made it this long without doing something stupid, if she’d gone without any friends she could at least confide that much in.

“You should go,” Bianca suggested, causing Dani to pull up short in shock. “Apologize for yelling, and agree to go to the movie with him. He said it’s not a date. You’ve never explained how you and Mule are friends, but I can tell he cares. He just wanted to go to a movie with his friend, Dani. Just go with him,” she urged.

“You and Mule are friends? Wow! Has he taken you along on any of the Nations camping trips or anything?” Marie asked excitedly. “That would be so cool! I wish I could join, I’ve always wanted to experience stuff like that,” she admitted.

“You can,” Dani and Jasmine both replied at once. Jasmine blushed and motioned to Dani with a smile. None of her three friends were into girls, and while Marie and Jasmine didn’t know about Dani crossing the gender line, they were fine with her not liking men. They had similar interests to Dani. Jasmine was a sophomore in the electronics classes, and Marie was in magic arts. Dani nodded. “The Nations aren’t exclusive to only Native bloodlines. You can’t vote on the council without being a registered tribe member, but regular membership isn’t restricted,” she explained.

Marie blinked. “Oh cool! Maybe that means I’d be ok afterall!” she said excitedly. Dani smiled, glad she’d been distracted from talking about Dominic. “Oh, but yeah, if you’re friends, just go with him! I mean, there’s nothing wrong with having guy friends you aren’t dating, Dani. I hang out with lots of guys at home I’d never date,” she stated.

Marie wasn’t an exemplar, but she was on the higher end of the non-exemplar beauty scale. Oh Marie, you don’t realize it, but most of those guys would really rather that you did Dani thought to herself, but she didn’t say it out loud.

“Be a friend, admit you took it all wrong, and apologize. If he’s as big a man as he always tries to look like, he’ll probably apologize as well. Besides, Mule sure as hell didn’t look interested in that when he walked over here,” Jasmine noted. She was the cute one of the group, not beautiful, just not unpleasant to look at. She often joked that at least she didn’t have She-Beast’s problems. Dani thought it was an unfair comparison to both girls, but she was very deliberately quite far outside the social circle of the daughter of Dr. Diabolik, so she didn’t bother to speak up about it. She did try to get Jasmine to see she wasn’t ugly. Self-harm was still harm, but she didn’t think “defending” Jadis was a good way to do it.

“What do you mean?” Dani asked. She hadn’t really noticed Mule until he walked up to her, she’d been focused on reciting some spellwork.

“Well, I mean, he kind of unconsciously checked out all of us, including me,” she said. “Started with Bianca, then Marie, then me, in descending order, but you? He didn’t seem to see anything but your face, I’d say.” Jasmine was very good at reading male body language. It was a trick of her esper power. That trick had probably done more harm than good for her self-image at a school like Whateley before she met her current boyfriend. Jim was a nice sort, another tech guy who wasn’t super pretty, but was fairly handsome. He was a freshman, but seemed like a nice guy. He was also more than a little focused on Jasmine, which is what caught her eye. He could see other women, but he didn’t pay them half as much attention as Jasmine.

Dani mulled over Jasmine’s explanation, before admitting with a sigh, “Alright, I’ll go talk to him.” All three girls gave her a glowing smile, and grabbing her hands and arms, began hauling her back towards Crystal Hall, where hopefully the GRUNTS were still eating. This week is just going to be hellish… Dani thought to herself.

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3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #40706 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
September 1941,
Halifax, Canada

Malcolm ran for his life, not caring that practically everyone of his compatriots were risking their lives trying to buy him time to escape. They had known the risks when he'd convinced them to join, and they knew he was the most important member for Abwehr's organization in the city.

He saw his safe point just up ahead, an old warehouse that was being rebuilt to handle war supplies that were flowing through the city to Britain. If he could get inside there was a secret entrance to the sewers and he could be out of the city heading to Montreal by morning where a new identity awaited him. Despite the pain in his side and his heart which was threatening to burst, he found the energy to run faster.

Just a few feet from safety Malcolm screamed in terror, tumbling and rolling to stop at the feet of a woman who had just landed in front of him. In the dim light of the moon he could see she was wearing some kind of one piece suit, her face was smeared with some dark liquid and her hands were wet.

She leaned down, moving more like a wild animal than a human, placing her face inches away from him. He pissed himself looking into her eyes. Madness filled them.

An inhumanly strong hand gripped the back of his head holding him still even as she leaned in and kissed him. Warm blood filled his mouth, coating his lips and cheeks.

The second she let go, he was on his feet running back the way he came screaming for help. The police would only arrest him, the monster who was laughing madly as he ran would kill him. He saw three people walking down the street and almost sobbed in relief. The brief bit of calm died quickly.

Gunther, one of the strong men he'd hired was walking stiffly in front of the two other men. Something was wrapped around his neck, looking closely it seemed like a snake, but the black flesh didn't reflect any light, it sucked it in. The black... thing, was connected to a shirtless man. Bullet holes perforated his chest, but no blood came from the holes. Two tentacles came from his shoulders, somehow Malcolm could see the crude sutures that connected the unearthly things to flesh.

The other man was small, baby faced and chubby, a weakling that Malcolm wouldn't pay more than a second or two of attention to if they met on the street. Yet the man was walking beside the monstrosity as if it was a typical Sunday morning.

"Are you Malcolm Dickey?" the chubby man asked.

"Yes," Malcolm answered. He clapped his hand over his mouth as he heard himself speak. He hadn't wanted to say anything. Turning he began to run again.

"Stop," the chubby man said, barely raising his voice.

Malcolm stopped so suddenly he actually fell over.

The man spoke again, sounding quite happy with himself, "All right Lieutenant Barker, the gunman is all yours, we've got who we need."

Vomit covered Malcolm's shirt and pants, his mind refused to comprehend what happened to Gunther as the tentacles tightened and convulsed. The only thing he could really see was blood spraying across the damp street, and then some bloody rags fell to the ground.

He screamed when hands reached around him, female hands ran over his chest and a voice purred in his ears. "I like this one, he's so strong, and his screams are pretty to listen to. Can I keep him?"

The chubby man knelt in front of him, "That depends, if he tries to fight, we'll have to give him to Barker. If he doesn't tell me everything he knows, you can keep him."

"Please, for the love of god, just give me to the police," Malcolm sobbed.

The chubby man clicked his teeth and shook his head almost sadly. "I'm sorry Malcolm, but you're a spy, bought and paid for by the Nazi's, you don't get the Geneva convention. And after getting four of our convoys shot to hell, well, I'm sorry but our commander is a little bit peeved with you. So we were given carte blanche to do whatever we wanted. And my associates as you can see, have rather violent tastes. It's going to take quite a bit of work convincing them to hand you over to the police, especially when just making you disappear after picking your brain will make things so much easier."

"I'll tell you everything! EVERYTHING!" he screamed as the woman licked his cheek.

"Now that's the spirit!" the chubby man said with a grin, patting his leg. "Meanad, let him go, it seems our good friend Malcolm is going to do the smart thing,"

The woman made a little mewling sound of disappointment but let go of him and backed away. He could still smell the blood that covered her clothes.

"Now Malcolm," the chubby man said sitting down beside him and throwing an arm over his shoulder as if they were friends, "I don't need much, just your list of contacts. Don't worry about writing them down, I have a very good memory."

"I-I-I-I..." Malcolm clutched his throat in horror as the names caught in his throat. "I'm trying! I can't-" he throat tightened almost making it impossible to breathe.

"Which strings to pluck, my little puppet?" the chubby man looked at him with dark, almost black eyes. "Here we go. Remember why you can't speak, Malcolm and tell me."

Bile rose in his throat as he heard what sounded like the voice of god spoke directly to his soul. He remembered meeting a Nazi agent, there was a blinking light, and a voice that straight to his brain telling him to never reveal what he knew to the allies. "I was hypnotized. I can't tell you what I know," his voice held no emotion in it.

"Huh, well now this gets tricky," the chubby man said. "I'm going to take a few minutes to let you think about things, then I'm going to talk to you again, and you'd better have some answers for me. Otherwise, I'll let Meanad play with you for a while and before you die, Lieutenant Barker will eat you. I've been told he eats peoples souls with his arms, I don't personally know if that's true, but it sounds dreadfully painful. So you think about things for a bit and see what you come up with."

As the man began to walk away he stopped, turned and looked directly in Malcolm's eyes. "And don't you move. I don't want you trying to run away or kill yourself. That will only make my friends angry and I won't be held responsible for what they'll do then."

Trying to move his arms and legs proved virtually impossible for Malcolm. All he could do was watch the monster with the tentacles stretch and flex as the holes in his body healed, and the mad woman swing around a dark lamp pole like a young child, giggling madly. Trying to see something sane, he managed to turn his head slightly, now he could watch the man with the voice plunge a needle into his neck. When the needle was withdrawn, shaking hands dropped it to the ground, and the man bent double vomiting onto the street. The man then staggered away to lean against a building, placing his head against the cool bricks.

A few minutes later the man returned, smiling and seemingly normal. "Now Malcolm, my good friend let's try this again."

Malcolm's vision was filled by the image of the mans dark eyes.

"Tell me the name, address, code name and shoe size of everyone connected to your spy ring."

Something in his brain snapped. With blood flowing out of his nose like a waterfall, Malcolm told the man everything.


Theodore got to his feet, clutching his head. Malcolm stared straight ahead his eyes blank of any thought or emotion. "God, I hope this was worth it," he muttered to himself.

Meanad loped towards the empty shell, grinning like a loon.

"Meanad, go to sleep!" he ordered before his partner could touch the body, there had been more than enough blood spilled that night.

Meanad twitched and slumped down to her knees. The woman who looked up at him had tears in her eyes. "Are we done?" she whispered.


Reaching into her clothes, Margaret pulled out a flask and took a deep swig of rum, rinsing her mouth out. Once it was clear of blood she drank half the flask in one long gulp.

Lieutenant Barker was busy putting on a spare shirt and gloves from the backpack they'd dropped just before dealing with Malcolm. With the tentacles fed, the man was back to what they called normal, and the shirt and gloves even made him look human.

"Did we save the Dominion once again?" the lieutenant asked bitterly.

"Yes we did," Theodore said, feeling exhausted. He hadn't signed up for this, but he'd been one of the special people who could help destroy the Germans. After a year of doing things mortals shouldn't be able to do, he wasn't sure if he was human anymore.

"Margaret," he asked gently, "can you spare some of that for me?"

She pulled a second flask from somewhere. "Here, it's all yours, I've got more."

Silently they walked away into the darkness heading for their car. Each one wondering when their insanity would end.
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3 years 4 months ago #40837 by null0trooper
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Monster Dispatch Case #3847590668

Call me unprofessional, but if it were up to me many of our accounts would be filed permanently under DENIED. Or, maybe they could be jobbed out to one of the overseas firms. Lower quality, perhaps, but Dream knows some of their agents would take any old job. Looking over the pass-down notes on file, I'd say that this sleeper would top that list. Even the department COO had gotten involved, leaving a caustic note directing any further requests from the sister straight to Nightmares, Inc., as beneficiary.

My heart sank when I read the trouble report filed months ago by the Silver City Guardians Agency, recommending the account be closed out permanently, counter-signed by Jude. Hell's Bells! That guy even handled Oncology and Epidemic cases on a regular basis. My own trainers had recommended handing the hard-case reinstatements to newbies - give them some experience with unresponsive clients. So, I took a chance on our latest Lennie-n-Squiggy team. Maybe they could conjure up something more frightening than a non-alcoholic kegger?

I'll admit it was a stretch. I honestly did not expect to see them march back into the office, grim-faced and greener around the gills. For that matter, I shouldn't have given Squiggy a chance to sucker-punch me. If I'd had internal organs, that would hurt!

By the next evening, word had gotten out, so I knew I was going to have to cowboy up and eat this field assignment myself. I hate third-party request assignments! You're always stuck going in cold, with only sketchy details ... at least a family member would list the client's best fears! But no, I got bupkes to work with. Never mind that the address info listed a bed, but skipped the fact it was in an intensive rehab ward.

How the hell am I supposed to work with a gel suspension bed? I asked myself as my pastrami and rye made a repeat command performance, facedown over the head. I forced myself to go back in after I got cleaned up. Vomit hasn't been scary since that "posessed demon-child" flick with the catchy tune and the the pea soup.

"Are you here for me?" the kid got out around the breathing mask.

I boomed out, "Yes, I AM!" in my best monster voice, all gravelly- and growly- like.

"Will it hurt?" he asked, "Cause I'm okay with that."

I'm left no longer sure we're on the same page here, but I'm supposed to be a pro, "Of course it will - as I chew away your fingers and toes!"

"Do I still have those? I can't feel them anymore."

"Let us see!"

Finally, I gave up and checked the patient charts, 'Phalangeal and tarsal replacement surgery TBD, pending bone and tissue culture ripening.' Flipping through the other reports, plans for debridement, grafts, bone resetting and traction, and other adult fears, my stomach reminded me that it remembered exactly where it put my breakfast. Wanna see?

My noncommittal "Hmmmmm" was answered with "Please! Please don't go!"

"What? Monster here, yeah? I come and go as I will!"

Dreamers alive! The boy was in tears.

"Please? You don't have to kill me if you don't want to. I'm kind of used to it. No one else answers even my prayers anymore. Just - could you stay a while? It's so lonely here, waiting."

"I suppose I could bend the rules. This once. If anyone asks, you're afraid of snakes! I'd never hear the end of it from the guys back in the office if I drowned in hydration gel."

So it went, well into the summer: one lost, hurt, little boy and the monster in or under the hospital bed. A nicer monster would end the story there, but there are people responsible for reopening the case and I am feeling oh, so, inspired. Sweet dreams!

Sweet dreams, indeed. :twisted:

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3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #40848 by Domoviye
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Off The Coast of Vancouver Island

Andrew slowly swam through the waters of the Pacific shining a light on the ocean bed looking for anything interesting that may have been brought closer to shore after the huge storm earlier in the week. He'd only just entered the water, so he had at least forty minutes of air before he had to return to the boat. Spinning in the water he made sure his older brother was still within sight. They should be closer according to their father, but they'd been diving for years and didn't always follow the rules.

Swimming a little ways away into deeper water Andrew let his mind wander, almost entering a trance. The dark waters were comforting to him, allowing him to move as easily as a fish. Grinning he went farther out, chasing some sea life, studying some cold water coral that pockmarked the seabed, and having a good time.

Then the headache hit him. It was a bad one, flaring up behind his eyes. His eyes went to his air gauge, but it was still well over half full. Now that he was paying attention, he realized his heart was racing. He wasn't getting enough oxygen, looking around he couldn't see his brother anymore. Taking the regulator from his mouth he checked to make sure it was working properly and wasn't blocked. It seemed OK. Putting it back in he tried to think about what could be causing the problem.

He was feeling light headed, his movements getting jerky.

Cursing himself he realized he should have been swimming for the surface already. The ocean spun, and he couldn't tell which way was up. Panicking he kicked towards where he thought the surface was, seeing double he plowed into the sand.

He tried again, and thought he was at least going in the right direction.

He wasn't getting any air from his regulator. He was gasping, panicking and kicking madly getting nowhere.

His blurry vision saw something like an egg made out of water approaching him. A watery tendril touched his hand and his panic died away. As did his need to breathe.

"Help my child," a voice whispered.

'I must be dreaming,' Andrew thought to himself. 'I'm dying from lack of oxygen and this is all just a dream.'

"You are dying. My child is dying. You can save yourself and my child, just agree to protect it," the voice whispered again.

'Who are you?'

"A dead courtier of the Western Court. The last on this planet." The whisper became almost franticb "Please agree. I used everything to save my child when the oceans burned, and my protection is almost gone. Please, protect my child."

'Western Court? I'm dying aren't I?' That thought rose calmly in his mind.

"Yes! My child can save you, as you can save my child. It will not harm you."

'Why me?'

"Your kind was the first among the surface servants for the Undine. I know you can protect my child. I do not have much strength left. Agree to protect my child or you will both die."

Andrew could feel the panic coming back, his body was convulsing as water entered his lungs. He could feel the Undine, whatever that was pulling away, the egg of water was shimmering, losing its cohesion.

'I agree,' he said, realizing he didn't have any choice.

There was an exhausted sob of relief and the egg encircled him.

His last memory was of the water exploding.


Andrew woke up floating in the water. The comforting weight of his scuba tank was gone, and for a brief second he panicked searching for it, until he realized he wasn't breathing. He could see the sun through the water, and instinctively knew the surface was only three meters away. Kicking his feet a warm current encircled him and sent him surging to the surface.

Leaping out of the water, he landed on the waves and stood upright as easily as he would on solid ground.

In awe he looked down at his body and saw that it was silvery water, his legs ended at the knees, his feet and lower legs lost in a motionless wave. Long fingers tentatively touched his body, it felt like jello. The shock made him lose concentration and he lost his shape falling into the water with a splash.

He could feel himself spread out in an inhuman shape, more like a blob than anything. Somehow Andrew shut his eyes and concentrated, trying to remember every detail of his body.

The sun had set by the time Andrew became human again. He knew he had succeeded when water filled his nose and he became heavier, sinking in the water. He kicked to the surface and gave a whoop of glee as his lungs filled with air.

The cheering ended abruptly as he realized he was out of sight of land, had no idea where exactly he was, and he was naked.

Treading water he tried to turn back into water. It was strange but offered more chance of survival.

Near Seattle Washington
Late the Next Day

A slim, humanoid shape, watery being staggered out of the ocean. As it put its foot on dry land it turned into a naked teenage boy. His skin was greyish from exhaustion and he didn't seem to notice the crowd of beach goers staring at him in horror, he took a few shaky steps and collapsed face first into the sand.

When the police and medics got him onto a stretcher and into an ambulance he still hadn't woken up.
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US-8, Somewhere Between Tuscon and Yuma

Cell phone locked to her ear, Becca Thomas was trying to console Amber...again. Amber had broken up with Aiden for the fourth...fifth? time, moving all her stuff out, and then, if her usual pattern held, she'd be texting him again 20 times a night, telling him that she missed him and that her heart didn't feel full unless they were together.

Every. Fricken. Time.

Becca admitted to herself that she'd never quite felt the way with Trent that Amber got with Aiden. But it was kind of annoying to repeat the same pattern over and over. Then again, Amber had vouched for her to the cops back in high school that she was pretty sure the weed the found in the car came from her skeezy brother, who had already been arrested for possession and dealing a month before. Friends didn't betray friends.

Becca failed to noticed that in helping Amber through her regularly scheduled drama, that she had been tailgating the Volvo S60 in front of her for the last 25 miles.

As Becca listened to Amber's issues with Aiden feeling "distant" when she forced him to watch Walking Dead with her for the third time, she noticed a hand pop out of the sunroof of the car in front of her, glittering ruby nail polish visible on each of the raised fingers. She stopped listening to how Amber compared Aiden to so-and-so (she didn't watch the show), and watched as the upraised hand splayed out the fingers. Enjoying the heat of the air?

The raised hand closed into a fist, and this time, four ruby fingers came up. Becca's concentration snapped to the car in front of her, Amber's familiar wailing now secondary.

The hand closed again, and only index, middle, and ring came up.

The hand closed, two fingers returned.

Amber was bitching about...god know what, Becca mused, transfixed by the bizarre owner of the car in front of her. Becca felt...weird. Dread? No. Apprehensive? She didn't even know what that word meant. Anxious? She took pills for that. Weird? Close enough.

The hand closed. Only one finger remained. It wasn't the index finger. The hand dropped to a fist, then formed into a pistol shape. Becca, transfixed, watched as the ruby-coated thumb dropped behind the hand.

And on the side of the road a saguaro...literally exploded.

The hand raised again into a fist, and five fingers spread out.

Becca pressed the brakes, dropping back a good ten car lengths behind the Volvo, and resumed helping Amber through her latest crisis. The hand in the Volvo's moonroof disappeared.
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“Attention Bio-Devisors; the person who created the Puppy-Monkey-Babies has detention in Hawthorn and helping the sewer team until they graduate. If the identity of this person isn't brought forward by the end of the week ALL OF YOU have this detention. The rest of the student body is allowed to destroy these abominations when they come across them. Bounty of 50 dollars will be paid for each head brought in.”

I am a caffeine heathen; I prefer the waters of the mountain over the juice of the bean. Keep the Dews coming and no one will be hurt.
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Grace Conner rubbed at her face thinking it was to darn early for this kind of talk as she glanced over at Katie Phillips, then over the three children around the kitchen table.

“Jess have you never wondered how I met Captain Courage, your father?”

Her currently female child scrunched up her face. “No offense mom, but I try not to think about things like that...”

Grace rolled her eyes at that. “Before I met him I was on my way to Paradise Island to see about becoming an Animan. If I hadn't met him at that bar you and your sister would have been born with spotted fur and tails.”

That dropped Jess's jaw to the table.

“Grace, does that mean your kids qualify to be Bad Seeds, as their father is one of the biggest child support dodger in the world?” Katie asked before sipping from her mug of coffee.

I am a caffeine heathen; I prefer the waters of the mountain over the juice of the bean. Keep the Dews coming and no one will be hurt.
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