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The Micro-Scenes thread

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3 years 6 months ago - 3 years 6 months ago #41911 by Schol-R-LEA
Schol-R-LEA replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Bianca walked up to the MMM table to find a Tia shivering in fury, trying to remove the odd 'hat' some prankster gifted her with. Watching as Lapin stormed out of the dining hall, she took the seat the other girl had just vacated.

Laura, focusing on some calculations she was scribbling to the point where she was apparently oblivious to Tia's departure, said to no one in particular, "Do you happen to know what the cycle rate for that damper was? I might be able use that to counteract the effect, even if it is partly magical."

"I have no idea what you are talking about," Glyph replied, "But that was a bunny with a pancake on her head."

Out, damnéd Spot! Bad Doggy!
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3 years 6 months ago - 3 years 6 months ago #41914 by Rose Bunny
Rose Bunny replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Razorback slinked into the corner, afraid. He knew that he would eventually pay for his little prank, he just had not expected something on this scale. Looking around campus, all he could see were students walking around, wearing shirts and baseball caps that said 'I am not a hat!' on them. How Headrush had gotten Ribbon to co-operate, or the entire student body for that matter, He did not know. Worst of all, Jericho had somehow made copies that flashed different colors for the rest of the Outcasts to wear. Looking around, he slunk off to hide under his bed until it was all over.

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3 years 6 months ago - 3 years 6 months ago #42080 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
(The bullying idea is shamelessly taken from Elrod's story What's New Pussy Cat)

Wednesday, August 30th, 2007 - Before Supper
The Quad, Whateley Academy

Teri watched with growing anger as the boys surrounded her cottage mates. Their words could have been considered nice, but the way they were leering and crowding the Whitman girls was anything but. Because of her size she was being ignored, which just made her more furious.

"Didn't you jerks get in trouble yesterday for this same crap?" Mary asked, her wings out and surrounding her in shimmering black feathers that seemed more like a 2D computer drawing then real.

"We're just talking," one of the bullies said. "And we're hoping that being in the presence of such fine gentlemen as ourselves will keep you from running into any of those bullies who might want to hurt you. How are your ribs feeling after that bastard Rotti hit you?"

When the bully smirked and reached out to stroke Mary's cheek and the rest took another 'casual' step forward Teri couldn't hold herself back anymore. Flying down she got right in front of the guy who was trying to touch her roommate.

"Hi! I'm Teri! What's your name?!" she asked, making sure she sounded super happy and excited.

"Centurion," the bully said, jerking back and answering before his brain could figure out exactly what was going on. "What the hell are you?!"

"I'm a cute little girl who is looking for a big, strong hunk to protect me!" she said flying in close to give his nose a kiss. Then she made a face, "Blech! When was the last time you washed your face?"

"Hey, I just had a shower," Centurion said. He looked around for support as some of the girls giggled and his fellow bullies smirked.

"Oh well that's something. I'll just need to buy you some good soap," Teri said, patting his cheek.

"Wait, what?!"

Teri flew back a foot to look him in the eyes. "Well if you're going to be my boyfriend, proper hygiene is important. I don't want to be laughed at because my handsome and strong boyfriend is all stinky."

That turned the giggles into outright laughter, which only made Centurion more embarrassed. "I'm not your boyfriend!"

"But we'd be perfect together," Teri insisted, flying down to his waist. Everyone watched in horror and amazement as she patted his crotch. "See, you're just my size!"

At hearing the six inch tall fairy say that, Centurion's embarrassment turned to fury. "You lit-"

Not having seen Teri take out Rotti the day before, Centurion didn't realize just how quick or strong Teri was. Instead of moving as he cursed her, he just raised his hand to slap her down. Not braced or prepared in any way, Teri hit him in the chest like a tiny cannon ball, sending him flying, relatively unhurt, several yards away. She was already flying to knock the next bully back when she stopped in midair completely unable to move.

That lasted all of ten seconds when Mary's wings spread out and she gave her best impression of a whirling dervish, using her wings as clubs. The other Whitman girls took off running or joined in on the fun as security and the student auxiliary came charging over to prevent an all out brawl.


"Five times in four days, Teri. Are you trying to set a new record?" Chief Delarose asked.

Teri shrugged and gave him an incredible set of puppy dog eyes. "What can I say, my break up with Centurion was messier than I planned. I wonder if he'll call me to make up?"
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3 years 6 months ago #42163 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
MID interviews, MacFarlane Stadium

The assigned MCO officer looked to be in good shape and retained a military bearing. Mads 'Metro' Jensen deduced that either the man was a relatively new hire (though he looked a bit over the expected age for that) or he was a field agent newly rotated to a desk job. Neither option boded well in the teenager's mind.

"Good morning. I'm Officer Michael Atkins, of the MCO. Have a seat Mister Jensen."

"Pronounced 'Yensen'" 'Great. Didn't even notice that he had a foreign student on the sign-up.'

"Jensen. Right. We'll be conducting this interview within a silence generator's field. The information that you give us today will be protected under international law and under the Privacy Act of 1974. Do you understand?"

Metro replied, "I understand that said privacy act has more to do with tracking how many places the information is known to have been lawfully distributed than it has to do with controlling that distribution. Also, I understand that its applicability to non-governmental organizations' activities - such as the MCO - are even more limited than that."

Metro paused to sigh, the continued, "With regard to privacy, outside of a few European jurisdictions, 'international law' has more bark than bite. In numerous countries, there is little the MCO can do to safeguard the information it holds, and even less recourse in case of compromise."

"Look. There's no need for hostility here... "

"Hostility? No. Of course not. Part of the job you are expected to do is to gather as much information about me as you can, regardless of other arrangements. Another part of that job is to desist from exceeding the various legal limits of that information gathering. If you still wish to consider that 'hostile', we can agree to disagree. If you wish to escalate beyond that, I believe that both parties are entitled to legal representation or mutually-agreed arbitration."

"Have it your way, then. We can reconvene tomorrow morning at 8AM."

"Very good. 8AM tomorrow, it is."

"The envelope, please."

"No, sir. You, Sir, have terminated the interview already, and so there would be no legal record of receipt." Seeing some agitation in the man's aura, Metro cautioned, "Should you attempt coercion to obtain the contents of a certain sealed letter ahead of tomorrow's appointment, I am fully prepared to press charges. Good day, sir."

Afternoon break, MacFarlane Stadium

"Mike! How have the interviews been going for you?"

"One of the first muties on the schedule lawyered up on me, the arrogant little prick. Get this, the freak had a pair of little horns like a reindeer. Can't wait to see someone mount his head on a wall."

"Hah! What would the little plate read under it?"

"'Metro'. More like 'Roadkill' if you ask me."

"That rings a bell for some reason. Hold on." A minute or two of searching yielded a mix of interesting and disappointing notes. "Mike. You said the kid lawyered up, right?"

"Yep. Said if I thought he was being hostile we could have lawyers or an arbitrator sit in."

"You've called in one of the legal team, then."

"No. It can wait until the end of the day, pull someone in from Boston to put the little shit back in his place. No biggie."

"Your funeral."


"Forget I said anything."

0700, In front of Kane Hall

"Good morning, Mr. Atkins, I'm Randolph Crume, here to help with the hostile interview you requested a legal rep for. The school's set up a secured conference room over in Schuster Hall. It's a bit closer to the opposition's home ground than I'd prefer, but this did come at short notice."

"That's fine by me. It'll make a bigger impression on the others when we send this one packing with his tail between his knees."

"Most likely. More than half of the students you were scheduled to see are now booked for that location."

0730, Schuster Hall Conference Room

It became clear to the two MCO officials that the school wasn't above playing hardball itself when the headmistress herself opened up the discussion.

"Gentlemen, I'd like to thank you for responding to the requests for legal representation registered by some of our freshmen. I would offer my services as arbitrator, but I suspect your superiors would consider that a conflict of interest -- as would I. Therefore, I would like to introduce you to Mrs. Marissa Walcutt and Mrs. Solveig Holm. Mrs. Walcutt is a member of the New Hampshire bar, while Mrs. Holm practices international law in London and Copenhagen. They'll be joined later by a Mr. Johnson, who hopes to see to the Canadian Defense Force's interests this afternoon.

Mrs. Walcutt, Mrs. Holm, may I introduce Agent Mike Atkins, MCO, and Mr. Randolph Crume, legal council for the MCO. I would also like to inform you all that while this room is shielded and has been swept as of this morning, it would be advisable to consider the remainder of the building as unsecured. If there's anything further needed, please feel free to ask my administrative staff."

With those preliminaries out of the way, Mrs. Carson left the lawyers to their devises. This would be a good exercise of Marissa's recovery - one that was well within her skills. On the way to her office, she noticed the student who'd prompted the schedule changes walking into the building's foyer. Judging by the look of him, he was on his meds: stone cold sober, brain revved up from a nootropic that helped with both his magic use and his PTSD flashbacks, and in pain from caffeine withdrawal because it doesn't combine safely with Workshop-strength coffee. If the MCO agent had any humanity, he'd recognize the signs of a building migraine and not push the student too hard. Otherwise, he'd be drawing back a stump for poking the cranky crazy one.

Twenty-five minutes into a thirty minute time-slot, Amelia Hartford buzzed herself into the Headmistress' Office. The twinkle in her eye alone would have sent ninety percent of the student body running, had they any instinct for self-preservation.

Elizabeth asked, "I take it that things are going well in the conference room?"

"Let's just say that one of our charges has a poetic grasp of Arabic."

"His inspiration?"

"As suspected, Agent Atkins attempted to put a DFA on a student MMID. The student in question is practically an underdog with no criminal record, not a rager, and - according to their own equipment - not even a mutant; all this transpired in front of a representative of his home government. Expect the phones to be busy as several interested parties become very unhappy. I didn't have to lift a finger!"

"What set the student off?" Mrs. Carson wasn't entirely sure she wanted to know, but it didn't hurt to ask.

"Defaulting back to 'Baseline human' blanks his MID power ratings because everything else could be attributed to one spell or another. The resulting unofficial WIZ-0 rating puts him below the Three Pests and Mugwump. "

"You know we're going to have to show that MID during combat finals."

Amelia smiled even more, "Yesss. Yes, I do. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens afterwards."

Forum-posted ideas are freely adoptable.

WhatIF Stories: A Stranger Arrives In Town

Discussion Thread
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3 years 6 months ago - 3 years 6 months ago #42208 by Kaitha39
Kaitha39 replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
MID interviews, MacFarlane Stadium

Eliza looked at the man in the suit with a perplexed expression. She had wondered about the sense of this plan, as it felt as if it were inherently deceptive, which would surely be a sin under the eyes of the Lord. She wouldn't have gone along with it at all if she had not been given permission from the Conduit to the Heavens, whose mortal name was Kerry, but in truth, she didn't have to be deceptive at all, when it came to it. She was pleased that she didn't have to lie to act out the plan. Lying was definitely a sin under the eyes of the Lord.

The plan had been to hold as much information back from the white-devil as she could because they, being evil, would only use the information for evil purposes and to hurt her. It was decided by her friend Sarah that she should use her foreign appearance and poor grasp of the westerner's language to do this, but those two things didn't have to be faked to execute it. It had all been natural. Her olive complexion, coupled with the Shayla her friend Semiramus had gifted her, caused the white-devil in the suit to almost immediately start out with insults, losing his temper, and with it, his powers of enunciation.

Eliza considered whether it was necessarily a bad thing that she could only recognise one word in every five he spoke. While it was probably good for her mental health, she felt, it punctuated the lack of progress she was making in the westerner's language. No doubt she would have to spend more time with Mister Smith over the coming weeks.

She just hoped that she didn't have to have the possessed boy join her. She had been convinced, mostly by the words of the Conduit, that neither she nor most of the school was truly possessed, but that boy...

Well, to say that the only reason she spoke to him at all was the fact they could speak in Arabic, wouldn't be a sin under the eyes of the Lord.

Any stories or Characters I put out are available to write around. Feel free to borrow them!
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3 years 6 months ago - 3 years 6 months ago #42308 by E!
E! replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Somewhere inside the Whateley tunnel system.

Ribbon silently walked down the unfamiliar tunnel. Using her exemplar memory, she knew this was a part of the tunnels that she had never used before. Nor any of her friends. Holding up the blank business card to her right eye, it revealed a glowing line in the darkness. The neon green line invisible to the naked eye stopped at a nearby doorway beckoning the little girl in. “Almost like a cheap horror movie.” Alyss thought as she moved to the mysterious door.

Giving the door a once over, you could easily walk by it. No handle, no markings of any kind, only a small little slit big enough for a business card. Already having the card in had Alyss put in it the slot seeing no other option. The door then slid open revealing the interior. Stepping in the gothic girl was in awe that such a place could exist here inside Whateley. Pool tables, Blackjack, and even a fully stocked bar albeit with no labels on the bottles.

“Hey! Who invited the diaper queen!?” a voice bellowed out from one of the pool tables. Followed by a roar of laughter from every part of the room.

Alyss gritted her teeth and clenched her fist trying not to let the laughter stab through her. “Not even in the darkest corners can I escape from it.” The goth thought while counting her breaths.

“I did!” A skinny pale red head yelled out while touching Alyss’s shoulder. “And if you got a problem with it you can take it up with management. So do any of you have a problem?”

The room fell back into its hum of music and murmuring. As Aylss asked the mysterious red head “You’re Bill?” pointing to the neon sigh the hung above the bar Bill’s Billiards and More.

“Gosh no, Billy is my brother. The name is Birdie.” The redhead responded extending her hand.

“Ribbon.” Aylss responded shaking the girl’s hand.

“Cool I like it. And if you’re wondering why you were invited into our little slime ball, Hippy dropped a hint that you were looking for a place to drop some cash on Texas Hold’em.” Birdie explained. “So be sure to get her something nice with your winnings.”

“You know Hippy?”

“I know Hippy very well.” Bridie said with a wink. “Oh and be on the lookout for AP. He’s the head dealer for tonight.”

“What does he look like?”

“He’s got a name badge, but he does have a crown on his cheek.” Birdie described the boy.

“A crown? Was he in a gang or something?” Aylss questioned raising an eyebrow.

“Something like that…” Birdie responded. “Now go mingle! See who you can steal money from tonight.”
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3 years 6 months ago - 3 years 6 months ago #42472 by Kettlekorn
Kettlekorn replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
"Welcome, Whateley, welcome!" shouted Mr. King. "Now, I know you're all here for Outcast Corner, but they're running a little late tonight thanks to a surprise sim. So, while we wait for them to escape from Mr. Bardue, I'd like to introduce somebody new who's finally feline ready for their big debut!"

The audience groaned when they saw four members of Wondercute emerge from backstage. Several people got up to leave even before the girls could finish setting up their three TV-headed mannequins. However, as the girls departed from the stage leaving only a fuzzy Danny Franks behind, the audience heaved a collective sigh of relief. Even the people who'd gotten up returned cautiously to their seats when they saw that Danny was struggling to peel off the large Hello Kitty stickers from the front of the mannequins.

Mr. King loudly cleared his throat and Danny looked up. He motioned impatiently for the catboy to come up beside him, and as he did the screens on the mannequins flickered to life. One showed Danny's normal face, one showed Danica, and the third displayed the head of a cougar. King patted the real Danny on the shoulder and then gestured at the boy and the mannequins backing him. "Without further ado, I give to you Danny Franks, the One Cat Quartet!"

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3 years 6 months ago - 3 years 6 months ago #42536 by Katssun
Katssun replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Tuesday Evening, November 13, 2007

It started innocently enough...well, okay, it actually didn't.

Michiko Shugendo led the two identical girls into Liz Carson's office. Amelia Hartford followed, as usual. Oddly enough, the often-arrogant crown princess looked uncharacteristically contrite. Her companion, Belphoebe Blackadar-Wilkins looked nervous, but her expression hid a very faint smile, presumably directed at the princess due to her current disposition.

"To what do I owe the pleasure, Princess Jobe?" asked the headmistress with a smirk.

"I may have had a...containment accident," the normally haughty princess muttered. The mood in the room changed instantly.

"What KIND of containment failure? Be. Specific. Anything I don't understand, I'll have you clarify."

Michiko noticed Jobe's thighs gently rubbing together nervously as she stood before the three administrators. She snorted softly. No snark? Her pride really was wounded by this, whatever it was. Michi kept otherwise silent as the gaze of Liz and Ms. Hartford bored into the drow princess.

"Well...Belphy and I had sealed up my personal lab space, and it seemed that one of the spy kidz managed to gain entry into the lab before I had sealed it without my knowledge."

"They should know better by now," the headmistress fumed. "Which one of them was it? Names."

"One of the newer ones? The tragically plain girl."

"Carrie Porter?" Michi interjected. The twin girls looked at her with confusion. "Geist?" The blank looks continued. Well, she was reasonably sure, given the nature of the description of a squirrel gaining access to the considerably heighten security and appropriate warnings on Jobe Wilkins' lab space in the tunnels. A deep breath transitioned into an exasperated sigh.

Belphy continued. "We both looked around the area, and it was the usuals passing through for a red flag day, Diamond, Razorback and Deimos, that black-skinned horned girl, Bloodwolf, though there was that one girl passing by stooped for some reason...we were able to secure the labs pace like we usually do."

Michi was sure of it now from the description. It was Miss Porter. She nodded to Liz and Ms. Hartford as a signal.

"So, please describe to me the nature of the pathogen that has escaped your typically vaunted controls," asked Ms. Hartford.

"Well...it was a work in progress," Jobe stated humbly. "It was meant to be both a successor to my crowd control strain, and also an intermediate to a project that both I and Belphy are under an NDA for, prohibiting us to discuss in particular detail. You understand. I can confirm that it is a targeted strain."

"Targeted strain? Against whom?" the headmistress asked, her inner English teacher rising.

"Individuals with an active metagene complex," Jobe replied, rubbing invisible circles into the carpet of Liz' office with the toe of her designer heels.

"And why exactly did this result in a quote-unquote, containment failure?" Liz asked.

Jobe huffed, "The strain was propagating under a filter hood in order to be applied as the basis of two different projects in a number of agar plates. I am willing to admit that, given my particular reputation around campus after the events earlier in the year," she said, glancing at the girl next to her, "That most students know better by now that to attempt intrusions on my lab. Belply and me took appropriate precautions."

"Belphy and I," the headmistress interjected. Michi knew Jobe was better than this. The girl really was flustered by the turn of events that had gotten around her stellar professionalism with safeguards.

"It is airborne, it is contagious."

"What!?" blasted both the headmistress and her assistant at the same time.

"Deatils," Ms. Hartford pressed. "Incubation period. Symptomatic duration. Effects. In order please." Michi noted that for once, Amelia was actually far angrier than Liz. She remembered that the assistant headmistress had requested the entirety of the week of Thanksgiving off, and the week after. Oh, Michi thought as she made the connection. To her credit, the crown princess of Karedonia replied in a highly consice and clinical manner.

"Approximately 48 hours, another 36 hours, and largely limited to debilitating sneezing fits. Once it settles in soft tissues and begins incubation in the nasal cavity, countermeasures are pointless."

"Elaborate please," added Liz.

"My standard bacteriophage tied to disrupting those strains with the unique marker I apply to my work. I injected Belphy and myself routinely during development, it is airborne after all, and once we realized that my laboratory was compromised, I provided the same treatment to Jads, Nacht, and Superchick."

"Why did you specifically provide a countermeasure to Miss Diabolik, Miss Cooley, and Miss Twardovski, and not inform Security and our offices sooner?" Liz asked of the two girls.

The crown princess gave the headmistress a look, returning to some of her habitual entitled dignity. "I've learned over the last several months that is far better aiding Jadis than attempting to let nature take it's course when she's involved. You understand. Jadis is my Loophole," the princess cutely sneered at the headmistress, gaining some of her usual air back. "Kate, well, you know."

Belphy nodded emphatically. "And a happy Misty is a happy Jadis. A happy Jadis is...well...you know."

"I'll reiterate. You have not provided your unique countermeasure bacteriophage to Doyle, Security and Administration...why?" asked Liz.

"After an hour, the strain is self-sufficient in nasal tissue. No amount of antibiotics will stop it in time before it becomes symptomatic and contagious. The effects are...relatively harmless. It is strange that it doesn't appear to impact baselines, so Security should be fine. It was intended to affect baselines as well." Jobe quickly started muttering to herself and jotting notes in her PDA.

Ms. Hartford turned to Belphy, "Miss Blackadar-Wilkins, when did the breach occur, by your estimation?"

"Last Thursday, shortly before lunch. Oh...it's probably spread through the whole student body. None of the squirrels were at lunch on Sunday, nor were the two freshie prankster girls, and the magenta elf who claims she's not Sidhe was sneezing like crazy."

Thursday Evening, November 14, 2007

Michiko Shugendo was panicked. The student body had, largely, gone through the full course of the virulent strain ravaging the Academy. But it was doing a number on the staff. Security thought it was hilarious, she glowered at the screen before her. Easiest two days they've had in the past several months, Delarose had said. The more recent hires seemed to be particularly amused.

Michi was the last one in administration that had yet to succumb, after isolating herself for the past two days as instructed. Immediately after the meeting with the girls, it seemed like Amelia had deliberately gone out and get infected, so that her travel plans wouldn't be impacted, bringing the plague to the staff exactly in the timeframe that Jobe suggested. Acting as headmistress with Liz out, Michi shuffled around the staff as best she could. She had staff from Doyle covering some of the more specialized topics, but for the general education classes, she was three short. A lot of the students had been skipping, even after they recovered, but since most of them were healthy by now, they had been returning to their classes. Security was busy corralling the student body that had been cooped up for the past few days and were getting their frustrations out on each other. She didn't dare bring any of the parents she knew wouldn't mind covering. Whateley was effectively quarantined for any mutants.

Hopefully Liz wouldn't fire her for this she fretted...and she dialed the number for the Vermont Board of Education.

"Hello, Janice? It's Michiko Shugendo. I could be better. You? Glad to hear it. So, I hate to ask, but do you know if you can find out if any of those in the county substitute pool have active military security clearance? I know, but we're having a bit of a staffing crisis here, and it's the quickest way to determine whether they'll keep quiet about...you know?"
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3 years 6 months ago #42780 by Arcanist Lupus
Arcanist Lupus replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Inspired by the conversation in the Gates of the Garden thread

"I heard you got thrown at the last Renaissance Fair."

"Ug... don't remind me. I'd been bragging that the Devisor gene therapy I'd given Jenny would keep her steady under any circumstances. So for the last joust of the weekend they put me up against someone riding a velociraptor"

"Someone's been cloning dinosaurs? Haven't they seen Jurassic Park?"

"No, not a clone. A mutant with bad GSD from what I understand. But that wasn't the problem. Jenny didn't exactly like being in the presence of an ancient carnivore of course, but she trusts me."

"So if it wasn't the dinosaur..."

"It was the rider. Those clothes he was wearing... I-I can still picture them. Every time I close my eyes, there they are. Waiting."

"Shared pain is lessened; shared joy, increased — thus do we refute entropy." - Spider Robinson
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3 years 6 months ago #42796 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Rottie sat in Twains day room glaring at the tv. The new dent in the wall and his barely audible growl were doing their job ensuring he wasn't disturbed by anyone making wise ass comments about being beaten by a fairy. But he'd probably need to break another head before curfew to ensure the lesson stuck.

"I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK..."

The growling grew as he heard Jericho singing in the stairwell. He knew better than to go after the blind devisor, even if the little shit had been singing that song off and on for the last three days. Apparently having your head used to break trees was funny.

The few boys in the dayroom looked very carefully in his direction and seeing his twisted, growling face quickly exited. His sensitive ears twitched as heavy footsteps came into the room.

"Unless you want a fight, leave," he growled.

"I always want a fight, but not with you," the newcomer said.

Rottie turned to look at the boy and saw one of the older bullies who was dyed blue from head to toe. "You're Buster right?"

"Yeah, and like you that damn fairy has pissed me off."

That earned a chuckle. Buster had tried to bully the fairy in the tunnels and been thrown into a vat of dye a gadgeteer had been working on, he was still trying to remove the indelible dye a week later. "Not much we can do about it, she's damn near impossible to catch," Rottie said.

Buster smiled cruelly, "Not if we work together. She's made a lot of enemies, and we think she deserves a bit of payback."

Turning off the tv, Rottie spun the chair around. "I'm listening."
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