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The Micro-Scenes thread

3 years 3 months ago - 3 years 3 months ago #42804 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Crystal Hall, Lunchtime

"Can I have your attention please!" Teri shouted, her voice amplified by a fellow Whitmaniac.

Most of the Whateley student population turned to look at the diminutive fairy curious about what she might have to say.

"Last night, every garbage can in Whitman exploded, causing a huge mess. We know that some Dickinson girls did this. Talking to some older students it's almost a tradition for Dickinson to prank us. Congratulations, tradition upheld," Teri said, giving a small clap.

Quite a few students burst out laughing, and a handful of Dickinson residents stood up to take a bow.

"Usually Whitman would retaliate on a small scale, going after whoever they thought were the perpetrators, or just ignore it. Well we freshmen thought about that and are going to take a different approach. We will not retaliate this time, in favour of keeping the peace."

Several students snorted and nodded as Teri admitted that the freaks were too scared to challenge the pretties.

"HOWEVER," Teri shouted, "if this happens again we will punish all of Dickinson. For two weeks we will prank every single floor, many, many times. In the third week, at some point I will enter Dickinson at night, with a large thermos of devisor coffee. At which point I will drink the coffee and the fun will begin."

The evil giggle made many of the students look at each other nervously, most shook it off and started laughing at the uppity freshman. What trouble could a little freak fairy do?

Three weeks later

Mischief peeked through the Dickinson kitchen window and seeing the coast was clear teleported inside. Invisibly she put some fish still wrapped up in the fridge with a note saying 'Calla's Don't touch'. A bag of flour that had sandwich bags full of powdered jelly beans, a bag of sugar full of dye packs, a can of baking soda with itching powder, and a bottle of honey that contained several stink bombs went into the cupboards.

Holding back a giggle Mischief teleported out and casually walked away. She couldn't wait to see if her ideas worked.


"Are you sure prancing Whitman was a good idea?"

"Of course it was. What are the femme freaks going to do about it. We have all the windows and doors rigged so nothing is going to get inside without us knowing about it."

"Well if you say so."


Teri quietly unzipped the backpack and slunk out into the Dickinson dorm room while the owner of said backpack was in the bathroom.

Stretching her wings, she flew up to the ceiling and moving a tile slipped into the dark opening unseen.

The next morning

Anna yawned as she waited in line for the shower. For some reason it seemed to be taking longer than usual for the girls to get clean.

As she waited she saw one girl who had just gotten out of the shower and dried off, stop and pat her skin. "Why am I so sticky?" She asked.

Anna became more curious as two other girls who had already had showers came back combing their hair which seemed gelled in places, and wiping their hands on some wash clothes like they were sticky.

Suddenly a girl in the far shower screamed and jumped out. Her hair and skin were neon purple.

Backing away Anna tried to avoid getting trampled as more girls came in some because of the screaming, others yelling that they needed another shower.

Making her way back into the hallway she saw the girls from one floor up come racing down the stairs holding their noses. "DON'T GO UP THERE!" One shouted. "It reeks!"

As the girls made there escape, there was a pop and the stairway filled with powder. Anna jumped back just barely avoiding the powder. She ran for her room as she saw the girls who were caught in the madness start to scratch madly at wherever the powder had touched.

Getting inside she slammed her door shut got dressed in record time and jumped out the window. THere was no way she wanted to be caught in that mess.


"Teri we know you pranked all of Dickinson today, if you just admit it, you may get off with just a long stint of detention."

Teri smiled up at the officer. "Prove it," she said.


Two weeks later

The girls from Dickinson cottage did not look very pretty.

Two weeks of interrupted sleep, attempts to catch the insane Whitman freshmen, stink bombs, rotting fish in the ceiling, itching powder, dyes, ruined showers, and more had taken its toll.

They knew Teri wasn't the only one behind the pranks, but they couldn't seem to catch anyone. Whenever they thought they were about to there was a distraction, a prank, or something that would make them take off in the wrong direction and the girl or girls would get away.

They were more than ready to throw in the towel but the Whitmaniacs refused to consider it.


"All right girls, this is the final week. Teri said she would do a direct attack on us, this is our chance to catch her and make her pay. Is everything ready?"

"We've got everything set up. We're going to get her this time."


That night

Dickinson was bustling with activity all night. Girls patrolled the halls, rooms were checked at random, devises and gadgets whirred and beeped to make sure nothing happened.

The next morning the cottage was prank free, but the girls were exhausted.

End of the third week

"So... tired."

"Just one more night. We can do this! I need more coffee!"

"Want to sle--- zzzz"


Teri flew outside of Dickinson, fighting not to laugh as she watched lights being turned on and watched the girls fumbling around trying to find her.

She looked at her watch and cackled as the fireworks start.

On every floor of Dickinson they had planted devises and gadgets that were set to old fashion clocks with gears and springs that worked as perfectly as any electronic timer. They were well hidden inside walls, in the ceiling, under beds and furniture.

They went off at the exact same time turning on every hidden booby trap, and setting off every possible detector in Dickinson.

As the bug and electronic detectors alerted their users of the sudden wave of emissions, holograms, sound effects, smoke bombs, and flashers went wild. Monsters roared from blinding lights. Smoke covered doorways and then revealed gateways to hell. Bats flew at girls heads. And a hologram of a little purple fairy laughed and flew through every hallway leading people on a merry chase.

And in Whitman cottage the freshman girls laughed their asses off watching the whole thing thanks to numerous hidden cameras.
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3 years 3 months ago #42807 by E!
E! replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
The dinosaur stalked through Twain cottage until he got to his blind friends room. Twirling the letter between his scaly fingers. “Jericho! MAIL CALL!” The raptor chirped sounding like a robot. Before passing the letter to his friend at his desk.

“Okay, R. Lee Ermey.” The blind divisor responded taking the letter in hand.

- What is it? - The raptor signed earnestly.

“Why it’s a letter Pinky. A letter from the Illinois Public Transportation System….and apparently I am banned for life.” The boy said paraphrasing the letter.

The raptor chortled a laughter in response before signing. – Be careful the MCO might lock you up now! –

“No, this is exactly what I wanted.” Jericho explained as he pulled out a map from behind his desk. “I have been banned from every major city’s public transportation system. Most of them were easy. Just sending a photo was enough. Some were more difficult, but just showing up in person set them off. Now…I move onto the last city on my list, my magnum opus!”

- Which is? –

“Austin, Texas. I have no idea what their breaking point is, but mark my words, I will find it!”
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3 years 3 months ago - 3 years 3 months ago #42808 by Katssun
Katssun replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
September, 2016

Darcy Gleason sat on a bench in the quad and sighed. Three more. She removed them with three quick flicks of her fingers.

She realized that twice a week wasn't good enough until she finally got used to all...this. She tapped her phone to add a reminder to stock up next time she went to the campus store.

Curling the next section of her waist-length black hair, she located two more split ends. She was starting to get pissed. It had never been this bad when she still had silky blond hair. Was it New Hampshire's air? Was she still stressed of getting run out of town in Virginia? That was back in April! Was it her classes? Was is that she felt so useless compared to everyone else around here?

"Getting into a funk again isn't gonna help this," she mumbled, and ran the PK claws on her index and thumb across each other, neatly removing the next two split ends. She grabbed the next section and started twirling it around her fingers as a satyr girl and a black girl with a hoodie over her uniform, hood up, walked into the quad.

"Okay...that's one thing I don't actually miss," laughed the girl in the hoodie to her friend.

Darcy looked up and saw the two girls looking at her work, and she saw...something under the hood. A security guard spotted the pair and stalked up to the two girls. "Green flag day miss. You don't have to have your hood up." Darcy noticed the girl flinch, and the satyr girl calmly tried to assure her friend.

"It's okay Ekene."

"But...they'll see..." the other girl stammered, seeming to curl inward and lose a lot of the confidence she had when they two had joked about Darcy's split end hunting.

"Nobody will mind, or if they do, I'll have Adam show 'em why," the golden-haired girl chirped. The girl reluctantly pulled back her hood, revealing a girl with beautiful facial features and six green writhing snakes on her head where there should have been hair. She cringed as Darcy looked with curiosity. The blond flicked her head to the side and squealed. "Adam!" She ran off, leaving her friend standing embarrassed and awkward next to Darcy. The girl tensed and prepared to flee.

"Wait!" Darcy cried out, and the girl turned.

"Your...snakes," Darcy bumbled out, trying not to offend the girl. The girl, Ekene, Darcy surmised, stifled a sob and prepared to run again.

"I said Wait!" Darcy yelled out, and grabbed the girl's wrist. The snakes coiled and hissed at Darcy, but she wasn't bothered by it. "Are you taking care of them properly?"

"Huh?" Ekene gasped, tears starting to well up in her eyes and she tried to get out of Darcy's grasp.

"Carson, he's my cousin, he liked to keep a lot of snakes. I mean like thirty of 'em, and he's a weirdo and all, but he treats them like someone else would treat kittens. Gosh, I'm babbling, aren't I? Anyway," Darcy moved her hands to Ekene's upper arms, out of the reach of the clearly upset and annoyed snakes. "Sometimes, they wouldn't shed properly and he'd have to pick off some of the leftover bits."

Ekene looked even more embarrassed, knowing that she had a few spots.

"So, I guess what I'm trying to say, if you don't mind, could I, maybe, you know, help you?" Darcy blushed, despite herself. "I was in my second semester of cosmetology at my tech school in Virginia when I manifested. I kinda miss it. Whateley's classes are fun and all, but..."

Ekene's panic had started to wind down thanks to Darcy's calm demeanor about her snakes and equal embarrassment, as Darcy's inner gossipy stylist started to come forth.

"My aunt and uncle, she's totally his trophy wife by the way, they took me in some place called Westport Connecticut. He's rich by the way, hedge fund stuff. Anyway, they got me my MID and shipped me up here. The Waynesboro Sherriff don't know I'm here, and Mom, and Dad, and Aunt Emily ain't saying a thing. But I'm babbling again! Ekene, right?"

Ekene nodded, somehow completely forgetting about how she had been starting to break down after Dawn abandoned her. "I could use the help with them," she gestured at the hissing snakes, "But, they can bite and their venom is really strong." Ekene took a few deep breaths and her snakes finally calmed down.

"Hmm..." Darcy dropped her hands from Ekene's arms, now that the girl wasn't going to flee at the attention. "I got an idea!" Darcy beamed, which got Ekene's snakes agitated again. "I know this boy in my algebra class, he's one of them gadgeteers, and he was showing off his messenger bag made out of this 'kevra' stuff. Was bragging that its really resistant and stuff, and we can make stuff out of it here at school, though it is really expensive outside of Whateley."

"Won't they puncture through?"

"Hmm, dunno," Darcy shrugged, not letting these problems get in the way. She found a way to be happy again here in freezing New Hampshire, darn it. Nothing was going to stop her now. "I'll see if I can Henry to stick some plastic bits on it or something. Like the stuff in Daddy's hiking boots so the snakes don't bite him when he's out hunting white-tails. It'll be like gloves for coloring jobs, just...for biters."

Ekene couldn't help herself in the force of the girl's bubbly enthusiasm and a smile soon grew on her face.

"So, conditioner for me, soft-tipped tweezers, talk to Henry, some sand, some mineral oil, washcloths, a towel, hmm..." Darcy tapped the list into her phone. "Let's see...does Saturday after lunch work for you?"

Ekene thought about her class list and nodded.

"Whitman bathroom?"

"Sure. Second floor. I'll let Mrs. Savage and the RAs know. We can meet in the common room."

"Not the cafeteria?"

"Well...I guess that would work too."

"Great! I'll see you then!" Darcy zoomed off toward the campus store, practically skipping.

Early October, 2016

By the third session, Ekene and her snakes trusted Darcy's hands enough that she didn't need the kevra armored gloves anymore. A couple of other Whitman girls asked Darcy for help, and there was a rumor that some girls in Melville were looking for updos before their next social.

Things were looking up for Darcy. She'd have to get a few books on her tablet, and maybe a few practice foam heads. One of the mage girls on her floor said she should invest in a micro-furnace from one of the girls in the labs, but she didn't know what that had to do with cutting hair.

Late October, 2016, Dunwich

Wendy sighed as she closed the cash drawer at the reception desk of Cordell's. Suzy and Mrs. Cordell came up to the desk.

"What's wrong Wendy?" Suzy asked.

"That's the third one. She just came in for a color job and some highlights, and she didn't reschedule for next time," she looked at Mrs. Cordell, "What's going on at Whateley?"

"You think someone is undercutting us?" Suzy asked. The other two looked at her. "No pun intended. It's not funny."

"Well, whoever it is," said Wendy, "He or she is pretty sloppy with layering. The ends are great though. Not a single split end on that girl just now!"

"Do you know anyone on campus who might know?" Mrs. Cordell looked at Suzy.

"I heard there was some big staff shuffle, but I can try Nikki. She came in last month for a touch up. Singed ends, again."

Mrs. Cordell, "Call her, let's see if we can find a new part timer, or maybe even expand onto campus itself."
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Arena 99, Whateley Academy

This evening's sim run for Outcast Corner had left Gunny Bardue in a rare mood. Instead of waiting for a normal debrief, he ended up storming out into the arena himself.

"Outcasts! What the HELL are you doing out here? The stated goal was to capture the FLAG!"

Razorback stifled a bark of laughter as he brought his forelimbs up in the classic "I dunno" pose. The others seemed desperately torn between confusion, mild outrage, and full-on laughter.

Steaming, Bardue addressed the token non-robotic Blue Team member (in case psychics needed someone to play with), "And YOU! What do you have to say for yourself?"

From where he hung, arms crossed as if to claim I am having no part in any of this, the student questioned reached back with his left hand to pull a medium blue cloth from where it had been stuffed into his back pocket. "Do I LOOK amused? Besides," the boy then pointed to where his duty shirt was stuffed in Razorback's mouth, "Teeth."

The rest of the Outcast Corner team finally lost it when Gunny Bardue shook his head, "Don't explain. I don't want to know. Just... put Metro down."

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WhatIF Stories: Falconer: A Stranger Arrives in Town

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Flying at a sedate speed for her, only a fast run for a normal person, Teri skimmed along the bushes, stopping occasionally to smell the flowers. It was at one such stop, that she found herself surrounded by five bullies.

"Hello, do you want to play some more?" she asked, smiling.

Buster, who had a bad make up job covering his dyed blue skin smirked. "Yeah, we do."

Taking a reclining position in the air, Teri's grin became even bigger. "You do realize I can fly, and you can't, right?"

The werewolf like Rottie let loose a barking type of laugh. "That's why we've got Goop. He's an expert skeet shooter."

Spinning to see who Goop was, she saw a boy in the center of a mass of greenish, slimy jello. Somehow her grin got even larger. Flying over to Centurion she hugged the handsome boy. "You'll protect me won't you, my big handsome stud muffin!"

Scowling he tried to grab her. "The only thing I'm going to do is rip your wings off."

Narrowly avoiding his hands, she flew into his shirt. "That's not nice at all. Our movie night is now officially cancelled, you big meany!" As she finished talking, Centurion found himself being lifted into the air at high speed.

Goop fired off some of his slime covering Centurion who was busy cursing and swearing at the fairy. Safely covered by Centurions shirt with his body acting as a shield, Teri flew towards the slime thrower and cheered when she felt contact. Gripping the shirt even harder she ripped it off of the bully and flew out the other side of Goop with a loud POP.

Throwing away the slimy shirt, Teri checked to make sure she was still clean, then stuck her tongue out at the bullies. "HA HA! You're too slow to catch me!" With her taunting completed, Teri was across the Quad before the angry chasing bullies were even able to reach full speed.
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3 years 3 months ago - 3 years 3 months ago #42966 by Kaitha39
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And in Whitman cottage the freshman girls laughed their asses off watching the whole thing thanks to numerous hidden cameras.

Melissa trudged in front of the security guard, her stomach rumbling from having been hauled out of the breakfast line, along with several other Whitman girls. She was a little bit worried about how much trouble they were in, but she hadn't seen Teri being hauled off, so she didn't think it could be too bad.

Well, until she realised the guard wasn't taking them to security chief Delarose's office, but to the administration office. She began to rapidly rethink how she'd have to play this one out when she saw Miss Hartford's face. While she was accustomed to seeing the assistant headmistress in an unhappy or even angry mood, the woman was deathly pale, almost in shock. Melissa didn't know whether it was a good thing that Miss Hartford didn't even say a word to her, as she was pulled straight into Mrs. Carson's office, where her heart sank.

In the front row, standing on top of the chair with a guard holding a capture net over her, was Teri, also looking pale and subdued.

"Miss Chambers, take a seat." Mrs. Carson voice was tight, tense, and angry. When the last of the girls had been brought in and seated, the headmistress lowered a screen, where the girls were 'treated' to a set of views they all recognised; the intensive/emergency care wards in Doyle, where it seemed that a good dozen young girls occupied the focus of activity for the medical personnel.

"This prank war has gone too far." Mrs. Carson proclaimed, still with her back turned to the girls.

"The girls you can see here were the first victims of your activities last night, and consequently, the furthest away from its conclusion, except the three at the end. The injury count at the moment stands at thirty-three, yet there have been no lethal fatalities so far, but that was a close thing. While most of the injuries sustained were healed during the encounter, three children had at least one cardiac arrest last night, with a fourth undergoing several as she attempted to defuse the situation. Ten girls are currently being force-fed nutrients for stage three Total Cellular Starvation." The view changed to another ward, where they could see those girls strapped into bed, a row of needles inserted into their arms, being fed a purple coloured sludge through the lines. Not one of them moved more than shallow breathing required.

"The only reason the casualtiy figure isn't higher is that the rager you instigated happens to be a class 6 beacon healer. Don't breathe a sigh of relief at that Miss Chambers, she's in stage four Total Cellular Stavation." The seated girls who hadn't already, went completely ashen faced at that news. They all knew that stage four meant the body had actually eaten through an organ severe enough to cause it to fail. "She will eventually recover. But she'll be kept in a medical coma for as long as we can keep her there, until she at least has two kidneys and a pancreas again. It is fortunate that the rager is the only casualty that won't make a full recovery by tomorrow lunchtime, but it was a close thing.""

"It has come to my attention that several other, more enlightened, countries actually have made provoking a known rager a criminal offense. If that were the case here, the five of you would be facing federal charges of intent to commit mass murder, since there are currently six known ragers inside of Dickinson who could have been triggered last night. We were fortunate that five of them were already awake, so they weren't as startled as the one who caused all of this. As of now, any feudal interaction between Dickinson and Whitman is over. There will be no retaliations. There will be no escalations. I know you five assisted each other in this campaign of terror, so you will each be performing two month's detention. I will decide later where and how you will spend those months. Get to your first classes. Now."

Even without the thunderous edge to her voice to provide the need to get away, the five girls scrambled to their feet.

Any stories or Characters I put out are available to write around. Feel free to borrow them!
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"Oh my gee, what?" /cough/ cough/ "Ewww."
"Ugh, that's disgusting."

I would start by saying those were the sounds I 'awoke' to, but that kinda implies I actually woke. A more accurate thing to say might be that those were the words I heard while semi-conscious. My eyes refused to open at first, and when they did, everything was all... weird. Like, shimmery and flimsy. My mouth tasted like I'd fallen over on a beach and swallowed a load of sand. I tried to move my hand up to rub them, but found it was strapped down in like, four different places.

'Wait... was I back at Rotswell?' As the thought came up, it was immediately replaced. What the hell was Rotswell?

"Ewwwww, ugh, oh. I think I'm gonna barf."

I dragged my mind away from that Rotswell thing, all that was coming up was a memory of being held down and a white tiled ceiling away, and walls that felt soft. Why would walls feel soft? I focused on the voice. It was female, and young. Not as young as I am, but not an adult. Focusing on it let me realise it was in front of me, and I found I could open my eyes all the way by forcing them to look forwards. A teenager, maybe one of the freshman or sophomore girls, though as I knew, looks didn't count for much, was crouching in front of my hospital bed, fiddling with something underneath, pushing it further beneath the bed.

"Ugh, what the hell is going on with her stoma... Oh! You're awake. Hi. Um... please don't be scared. You can't afford to be scared. You're okay, yeah, see, you're okay. You're gonna be fine! I'll just... um, I'll just go get a doctor now. Don't freak out, okay? Your body won't be able to take it." With that, she straightened up, turned, almost tripped on something on the floor, and actually ran at the wall. I thought she'd hurt herself if she ran into it, thinking she seemed quite clumsy after almost tripping on whatever was on the floor, but instead, she just ran through it like it wasn't there.

Great. What the hell have I done now, and how long is Leanna going to rant at me for it?

Any stories or Characters I put out are available to write around. Feel free to borrow them!
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Alfred Bellows sat at his desk, shuffling papers, when there was a knock at his door. He beckoned the person to enter, and watched as a petite girl poked her head uncertainly into the room.

“Am I disturbing you, sir?” She asked in an uncertain voice.

“Not at all, first day of school is always hectic, but I always have time for a student.”, He looked at the girl, not recognizing her. “Miss… I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name, and not all incoming students files have arrived yet.”

“Lucy… Lucy Marie Jensen”, The girl stuttered.

Dr. Bellows smiled and motioned for the girl to sit. “So, Miss Jensen, how may I help you?”

Lucy, swallowed hard and then spoke in a somewhat sad voice. “I’ve been having problems, and I thought I should come to see someone about it.”

The Doctor nodded and motioned for her to continue.

“You see, I grew up on a farm, just my Father and myself, my mother was never really in the picture. Things were fairly normal, but then I manifested over the summer, and discovered I have a little brother. The first time I met him, he hurt me rather badly, if not for my regeneration, I would have died. Ever since, he’s always there, I can’t get away from him. And he always hurts me. I couldn’t even get away from him here. He came with, and I’m afraid he’s going to continue to hurt me. I’m never going to be rid of him. There isn’t anything I can do.”, She began to sob.

Dr. Bellows handed her a tissue. “If he’s that dangerous, perhaps we can talk to security…”

Lucy only sobbed more. “They won’t be able to help, nobody can. He’s like a parasite, I can never be rid of him, and he just clings to me, taking from me and making my life miserable.”

The sad girl looked at her tissue, noting that there were a couple drops of blood on it. “He’s coming, there’s nothing I can do…“

Suddenly she sat straight up, her back arching as her chest burst wide open. Dr. Bellows didn’t have sufficient time to dodge, as he was pelted with bits of heart and lung tissue, broken bone fragments and torn muscle. He wiped the blood and gore off his glasses and sat stunned as a 6-inch creature that looked like a cross between a snake and a fetus sat on his desk.

The creature looked at him, and frowned. “Great, Sis is badmouthing me again.” The thing looked back at the girl, she had a gaping hole in her chest, the back of her spinal column and ribcage could clearly be seen.

The small worm-like thing looked at the stunned Doctor. “Can I tell my side of things now?”, it asked.

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3 years 3 months ago #42986 by Katssun
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December 23, 2016

Emily Perez sat at the kitchen table with her daughter, sister and niece. White Christmas was playing on the small kitchen TV, but none of them were really paying attention to it. Her husband Esteban was by the stove, helping himself to another hot buttered rum, before heading back to the living room. Esteban and her brother-in-law Jason were having a Die Hard marathon in the living room with the boys, as tradition. They'd take over the big TV later for a Hallmark movie.

Her niece Darcy babbled on about all the strange, no, Emily caught herself, unique children Darcy had met at the school she and Esteban had helped send her to. It seemed far longer than the eight months back when her sister Carolyn had pleaded over the phone to help hide her daughter from the sheriff and the MCO back home. Darcy's "little adventure" earlier this week, before her parents and brother arrived this morning, hadn't helped the sensation she'd been looking after Darcy for years. It really was like night and day from when she had sent the girl along to some mysterious boarding school in New Hampshire. To Esteban's mother's credit, one daughter was enough after all!

Of course Emily had assisted her niece in April without a second thought. It was all too familiar to the way her mother had run her out of the house when she brought a specific Puerto Rican man home from college with her. The same one who just vacated the "Kitchen of Estrogen and Acetone." He'd pay for that later.

"...and they got in so much trouble, Mr. Turner gave them detention in the sewers!"

"The sewer..." Carolyn arched an eye at her exhaustingly enthusiastic daughter.

"Yeah, it's like, THE worst! Usually they made me shovel the sidewalks that aren't heated."

Carolyn's parental gaze, probably capable of bringing super villains to heel, immediately bored into the girl, who somehow managed to stay cheerfully oblivious as she rifled around in her nail kit for the right colors. A large black velvet mat had rolled out on the table so Darcy could work on each of their nails tonight. Emily silently thanked the girl's remarkable professionalism for not chancing the future of her Ethan Allen breakfast table.

The uncomfortable silence was broken by Emily's eldest son Carter, who came in for another soda, but she saw him eyeing the rum. Her 20-year old cracked the can open as her niece dropped a large felt bag on the velvet mat. The contents of the bag made a strange noise. Glass beads?

"Hey, Darcy? Do you mind if I see your MID? Never seen one before."

"Sure!" she chirped, and paused in her current excavation of green gels in the over-packed kit to pull a plastic card out of her simple black leather purse. Carter flipped it over in his hands and read the information off it before looking at his cousin.

"Beautician, huh?"

"Yep! They let me change my codename!"

Her son placed the ID back on the table with a soft click and went back to the movie with his father and uncle. A few moments later, Darcy had apparently found the two shades of green she'd been hunting for and looked at her cousin Valeria.

"So I'm thinking pink background, lilies on the fingers and roses on the thumbs?"

"You can do all the small details like that sweetie?" Carolyn asked, her disapproval temporarily suppressed by Darcy's ever growing repertoire.

"Totally! I practice on my friends. So like, Maggie, she wants them redone once a week. Fran's usually good until you can see the nail growing out. But it's not like I'm allowed to charge or anything! Honestly, I'm almost getting better at this than hair." Darcy looked back at Valeria, "I think...one gem on the thumb in the middle of the rose is enough bling. Especially if it's the first time you've had stuff attached."

Valeria nodded with a mouth full of hastily-consumed oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, the 13-year old excited about her first set of gel nails.

"Okay, I think I have two small rubies in here still. Maggie doesn't end up with a lot of those, and Fran usually likes me to use them because red and gold goes well with her hair," Darcy grabbed the felt bag and dumped a small portion of its contents on the table. Dozens of cut diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds glittered on the velvet covered kitchen table. She began picking through them, locating a small red one quickly and putting it aside before dumping out another handful from the bag.

"Are those..." Carolyn asked. Emily thought the same. They certainly looked like the real thing. They weren't rhinestones, that's for sure.

"Hmm?" Darcy looked up as she plucked a second diminutive ruby from the pile.

"Jason?" Carolyn called, "Could you come into the kitchen please?" The disapproving gaze once more burned lasers at her daughter. This time, Darcy was frozen by her mother's stern look as her father and uncle walked in. "I think you better start explaining yourself young lady..."
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3 years 3 months ago - 3 years 3 months ago #43056 by Kaitha39
Kaitha39 replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Monday November 5nd, 2007
Crystal Hall, third tier

“Hey Mr. Render, what's wrong?” I'd been hoping it would a quiet start to the first day of the week on campus, but as I ascended to the Bad Seeds table, Mr. Ray and Uncle Jean-Armand were scowling at each other over their breakfasts.

“Huh? Oh, nothing you need to know Pip-squeak. Stuff for us big kids.” Gah, I don't like the way how this guy seems to think that just because I'm in junior high, I'm not important! He treats Aylss just as bad! And she's counted in the freshman year!

“Mr. Render, are you going to tell me, or do I have to take my gloves off?!?” I did not pout. Pouting is reserved for children having tantrums and grown women attempting to weasel something from grown men. I merely insisted that he volunteer the information, with my expression. Or at least, that's how Aunt Alex would say it. The way she says things can be a little weird sometimes.

“It is a travesty, little one. The injustices the lesser members of this school would perpetrate upon our completely honest and fair venture are grave indeed!” Yeah, sure Uncle Jean-Armand. I'm might be a gullible little girl, or so I'd have you believe, but even I recognise that your objection means you got caught doing something.

“Shut up J-Arm. Now she knows something's wrong.” Damn, my expression must have slipped, because Mr. Ray noticed. “Short version is that some of the new members of the cape squad are jerks, and felt the need to show off the size of their cocks.” Uncle Nathan said, from next to Mr. Ray. “But you don't need to worry about it. We dealt with it splendidly. By the way, you still up for some runs on Saturday?” Wow Uncle Nathan, I almost couldn't see you try to change the subject there.

“As long as Leanna doesn't put her foot down, sure. I'm finding it really fun. Kinda hard to resist flying when I do the big jumps, but it's entertaining at least. But are you certain you want 'little baby bottle' there?” His response was to do this weird hand movement that I'm sure would mean something to his skater friends, but was lost on me. “Don't worry about it. The hooligans is just a name. We only care for the feel of the run. Big macho guys are actually outnumbered by little girls there. You've met Gateway and Aquerna, right?”

“Ummm... I've met Miss Anna, but I don't know who Gateway is.” I tried not to look nervous. Who was Gateway and what could they do? Was that someone I needed to watch out for?

“Gateway is a second year Dickinson girl. She rooms with Lynds.” Aunt Jadis supplied, not even looking up from her book as she drank some coffee. “Magic user, can cast summoning spells easily. Neutral on the hero/villain thing, but she's one of the founding members of Wondercute, so you need to be careful.”

“Hey! There is nothing wrong with Wondercute, is there Pern? You just don't have the good sense to appreciate cute like we do, Jadis!” Aunt Lindsay pipped up, with Pern raising his head from her shoulder, where he'd been getting petted. “Oh, of course not Linds, but I'm thinking about Ceilidh's trouble with touch telepathy. Don't want her getting too overstimulated now, do we?”

You know, I'm not sure if Aunt Jadis was attempting to mollify Aunt Lindsay there, or get in a stealth dig at me. I haven't been around the Seeds that long, but as the sort of default “Team Mum”, by virtue of being the one keeping a sort of, not really, leash on the others, I get the feeling she has to snark a lot to not go crazy.

Or it could be the exposure to 'Snark Queen Kate'. Probably that one.

I decided to take the high road and change the subject again. “So... Anyone seen where Jericho is today? I wanna know if I'm gonna be safe to go back downstairs for more food.” Uncle Jean-Armand sniggered. Miss Jobe and the drow actually laughed. Even Aunt Jadis got a little smirk.

“You mean is he going to be safe from you, and then in turn, if you're going to be safe from his rager friends? Don't worry, he's been and gone. And he was even wearing somewhat normal colours, though our little friend Ribbon might have put those over him. Still looked like he was doing the ugly wardrobe thing on purpose though.” Mr. Ray said through his own grin.

“Ugh, don't remind me of that. Aunt Lindsay, can I borrow Pern for a hug? I can feel a rage coming just from the memory of his clothes.” Okay, I couldn't, but Pern still jumped from her shoulder to my lap, resizing to be just bigger than a cat. His scales weren't the most comfortable thing to cuddle, but he was very warm. You could almost just melt into him with his heat.

Any stories or Characters I put out are available to write around. Feel free to borrow them!
Last Edit: 3 years 3 months ago by Kaitha39. Reason: Jobe should be "Miss" not "Aunt". Cause she's still a jerk.
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