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The Micro-Scenes thread

3 years 3 months ago - 3 years 2 months ago #44270 by Rose Bunny
Rose Bunny replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
May 12th, 2007
12:10 AM
Near Dunlap, NM

To say that things had not been going right for Robert James Hawkins Junior the past few weeks would be an understatement. Like most young boys, he was physically and socially awkward, and noticing girls for the first time. One girl in particular, Tiffany Brooks. Tiffany was everything he dreamed of in a girl. She was tall, attractive, and smart. She had a stellar personality. There was only one thing wrong with Tiffany, he lived very firmly in her friend-zone.

The past couple weeks changed that, however as things beyond Robert’s imagination happened. First, he had gotten the nerve up to talk to Tiffany, second, he died and came back a mutant. A mutant girl. That second part being the more unusual of the two occurrences.

Two weeks prior, Bob was on his way home from school when it happened. He had been warned a thousand times not to go near the old Brisby place. Everyone knew that old man Brisby hadn’t come back from ‘Nam with all his marbles, but cutting through his property
saved Bob nearly 10 minutes time getting home. He had done it time and time again, however today was different. Brisby actually saw him this time.

Bob ran as hard and as fast as his skinny legs could carry him. However fast he was, it wasn’t fast enough to outrun the rifle shot.
Bob felt the impact, and crawled away, slipping under the barbed wire at the border of the man’s property. He limped and dragged himself for the next mile, reaching home and passing out on the porch.

When Bob had awoken a week later, things had felt different. He soon had found out why. During that time, he had begun to run a temperature, a dangerously high one. That wasn’t the only thing though, while he slept and fought off the fever, his body began to undergo changes. He had gone from a slender, scrawny boy, into a slender, shapely young girl.


Tiffany saw Robert every day at school. He was a nice guy, if somewhat clumsy and awkward. She liked him, but only as a friend.
She had no real attraction to boys. That was just as well, being close to 6 foot, she towered over everyone in her grade, boys and girls alike.

She was walking past the Brisby place that day, and had heard the shouting and gunfire. She was far enough away from the house that she wouldn’t be seen, but she did see something else. Something that froze the blood in her veins. It was Bob, and he was bleeding. She followed him to the house, and went with his parents when they went to the emergency room.

She stayed by his bedside every day, until visiting hours were over. When he began to change, she was stunned. First that it was happening, then by how pretty he was becoming. During that time, She observed quietly as Bob’s mother cried and her emotions were all over the place. She watched as Bob’s gung-ho ex-military father grew more and more disgusted.

When Bob woke up after that week, they talked and she consoled him about how his father had disowned him. She talked to his mother, telling her that no matter what Bob, or Bobbi now, looked like. That was still the child she had given birth to. When it came time to check out, Bobbi’s mother signed him out.

They reached the house a short time later, Bobbi’s dad was on the porch with a shotgun, his Humanity First pin proudly on his chest. Robert Senior aimed it and took fire at his former son.

Tiffany had instinctively reached her hand out to protect her face. She needn’t have worried, as a barrier appeared around her, deflecting the bullet. The bullet ricocheted and hit Bobbi, tearing a fair-sized hole in her shoulder, one that immediately began to close and heal.

The two of them were stunned and scared, and took off. Robert Senior, for his part, hesitated for a second before jumping in his trusty old Ford. He chased them through the back stretch of the property, towards the railway tracks.

Tiffany led them on, if they could reach the other side, the train they heard in the distance could cut off pursuit and give them time to escape. Running as fast as they could, they made it to the tracks, but Mr. Hawkins was on their tail. The train was roaring toward them, and they risked getting stuck on the wrong side. throwing caution to the wind, Tiffany and Bobbi jumped in front of it. Tiffany cleared the tracks.

Bobbi was not so lucky, the train clipped the young mutant, throwing her almost 30 yards. Tiffany picked her up, seeing the mangled stumps that remained of her legs. She carried her newly female friend as far away as she could. They hid in an old abandoned barn, as night fell. In that time, Bobbi was shaky and delirious, but more astoundingly, she was growing back her legs. Leaving Bobbi behind, she made her way home for supplies, but when she got there, she found the local H1 posse camped out.

They were fugitives, and they had to go somewhere, but they didn’t know where. The MCO would certainly be after them, and H1 definitely was.


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3 years 3 months ago #44291 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Lunch, October 29, 2007
Euro-Promotional League Table, Crystal Hall

It was only a matter of time before the hottest question on campus made it's way to the Beret Mafia table. Some were more prepared for it than others, particularly those from conservative backgrounds or those from places where the holiday was celebrated by different traditions. "What are you going as for Halloween?"

The Whateley Academy's own tradition was to encourage classmates to go as someone or something they aren't, assuming they know who or what they are. With omni-shifters like Jimmy T running around, that was a legitimate question, most days. For others, like Razorback, the list of viable options was more limited. However, as a result of the previous year's events, there was one common theme to most of this year's plans, and that was to be well-armed and armored.

"... So, guys. What are you planning for Halloween?" asked Kismet after detailing the well-thought-out theme she'd come up with for the Vindicators- one they almost certainly wouldn't be following.

Rorsmand looked over at the freshman he was supposed to be minding for his government, and cringed.

That was a mistake.

Metro piped up, "I was thinking of something classic, like a rock star!"

Rorsmand face-palmed. As far as Kristian could tell, Mads' idea of a slammin' rock concert involved mosh pits, broken bones, blood, and maybe a nice little post-show riot. He resolved there and then to beg, borrow, or steal a PFG before the 31st. The table became suspiciously quiet.

When he was ready to re-open his eyes, Kristian had to blink a couple of times to verify they were working. Across from him, now sat a tall, slender, modestly-endowed, tanned woman with long ash-blonde hair, wearing a strapless one-piece, opera-length gloves (For the sake of his blood pressure, he was almost glad that he couldn't see the ankle to hip leggings,) all in quicksilver and form-fitting as it the clothing had been sprayed on. The air around her had a faint hint of lavender, vanilla, and warm, clean skin. He didn't even hear the near-misses and collisions that answered the unasked question as to whether all the right curves were in all the right places.

"Too much?" the vision asked, leaning forward slightly as Kris' brain struggled to function without a blood supply.

A voice next to Rorsmand asked, "Bror, when did you start liking Maria Mercurial?"

She answered the youngster, "I did live in Seattle for a good time. It just comes with the territory." If bourbon and recently-worn velvet had a voice, it would have been hers.

Cytherea coughed politely as she stood up to bus. her tray, "I think you should keep that one in reserve." Walking past, she leaned over and purred, "But DO keep that one. For me?"

The woman smiled knowingly, "D'accord!" before morphing back into the wiseass Thornie they were generally almost used to.

Valravn whispered something into the magician's other ear.

"Really? Consider that a done deal!" came the delighted reply.

'Let's make that a PFG, riot gear, and spare ammo - all by the 31st'

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3 years 3 months ago - 3 years 3 months ago #44308 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
"Are you all right?" Alana asked the boy sitting next to her. She wished that she could remember his name, he looked cute, but she'd always sucked at names, and as the new girl in school she had already been introduced to dozens of new people so her brain seemed to be well past it's name limit.

The boy nodded a little too quickly, his head practically a blur, spraying sweat all over his desk. "Fine. I'm fine. Just a little hot."

She had trouble believing him, but not wanting to draw attention to herself she just nodded and went back to reading the assigned book. Her reading didn't last long as a quiet, thumping noise drew her attention back to the boy. His face was now a brilliant red, and his hands were vibrating against the desk. Her jaw dropped as she saw that the desk itself and everything around him was vibrating just as quickly.

Raising her hand, not looking away from the excruciating expression on the boys face she shouted, "Mr. Wentworth! There's something wrong with him!"

The English teacher ran towards them the second he saw what was wrong. The other students turned to look at their corner, backing away as the desk and the boy began to rise in the air. Some were screaming and heading for the door, others ducked under their desks, Alana found it impossible to move, her right hand covered her mouth, as her other hand reached for her book bag. A voice in her head screamed at her to run.

Before she could put the thought into action the boy and his desk exploded.

Alana found herself lying on her back, her ears ringing. She felt hot. Raising her right hand, she was reminded of the time she had burnt hamburgers on the BBQ. Using her other arm she pushed herself up a little to see her legs several feet away where her desk used to be. "I liked those pants," she whispered in dismay at seeing the beaded blue jeans turning red from blood.

A student looked down at her. He was cute, she wished she could remember his name. He was saying something about not moving. That was silly of him, her legs were at her desk, how was she going to move?

She leaned her head back and thought about how she would have lots to tell her old friends once she got back home. As the screaming in the room got louder she started writing the email in her head. Before she got past the first line she closed her eyes and went to sleep.
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3 years 3 months ago #44325 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Alana wrapped her coat closer around herself, ducking her head to keep the rain out of her face. Every step gave a soft chime as her silvery feet moved to the sound. The sonic metal she had devised was hidden under clothes and soleless shoes making her appear ordinary, and not the cybernetic freak her father accused her of being. Her silver glove that went over the remains of her mangled right hand tapped a tune on her thigh as she considered her next step.

Going home wasn't an option, her father had made sure of that. With the current anti-mutant climate, she wasn't sure what would happen if she turned herself over to the government, it wasn't like she could hide herself unless she wanted to be crippled again, and that would never happen.

What she needed was a place to turn into a lab. All she needed were some basic tools and electricity than she could build the tools she'd need, grow the crystals which let her create her sonic metal. With that, she could start selling her devises online, they'd have to be one shots, testing showed that they stopped working anywhere from a week to five months after leaving her, but she had enough ideas that she could make a couple of thousand dollars from just one sale. Shaking her head, she had to grin at the thought of supplying supervillains with weapons. She wasn't going to lie to herself that people buying one shot sound mufflers, sonic grenades, and area affect stunners would be the good guys, at least not at first.

As she was musing about the future, she was jerked off her feet as a hulking teenager ran past and tried to rip her backpack off of her back.

Her devised arm gave a shriek grabbing a strap with inhuman speed and gripping it with the force of a hydraulic press. The teenager looked at her in surprise, and pulled harder yelling threats right in her face.

Alana literally dug her heels in, keeping her balance, and got her normal hand on the pack.

"Let go, you creep!" she shouted.

He didn't let go, Instead he raised his fist, which looked to be as big as her head, and got ready to beat her down.

Her metal hand reached up and touched his temple. The fingertips vibrated for a moment sending sound waves right through his skull and into his brain. For a moment the teenager stared at her, glassy eyed, than he slowly toppled to the ground, snoring.

"Stupid jerk!" she spit, before taking off at a run.
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3 years 3 months ago #44334 by Katssun
Katssun replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
December, Westport, CT

Agent Melina Hauser entered the small interview room of the Westport PD after driving up from the MCO branch offices in Stamford. A young woman sat at the table, twirling segments of her very, very long hair around her fingers, and removing the ends of strands with what looked like PK claws into a small sachet. The Wesport Chief had called the MCO in accordance with procedure over a "little incident." Agent Hauser was simply told that the file would be in the room with the girl. Sure enough, a manila folder was placed on the table across from the girl, her MID sitting next to it.

Agent Hauser set up her laptop, and looked at the girl.

"Good Afternoon. I'm Agent Hauser from the Stamford MCO. You are?"

The girl dropped the lock of hair and nervously looked at her. "Da…err…I'm Beautician," the girl smiled, her eyes flicking to the MID on the table before she dropped her gaze and fiddled with her fingers. Nervous? Good. Nervous mutants often gave up more information than they should. That would give Milena the edge she might use to bring the girl into their custody, depending on the crimes she had committed. Judging from the girl's reaction, this one would be easy to break.

Melina picked the MID up, and began looking over the information on the card.

Beautician. PK-1. A nobody. Little threat, she wouldn't even need to call for backup.

Techniques: Layering, Undercut, Plaiting, Micro braiding, coloring, manicures…okaaaay.

Was this a fake? Melina typed in the data into the MCO system. This appeared to all be official. The data matched exactly. She looked back to the card.


"What the fu-"

Melina doubled checked the laptop. It matched. She looked to the girl and saw a sheepish blush. In an instant, Melina flipped open the folder. The police report listed a misdemeanor for…"Unlicensed cosmetology. $500 fine."

Milena slid the card back across the table, where the girl caught it, somewhat awkwardly. She pressed her fingers deeply into her temples.

"Just get out."

The girl popped open her purse and slid the MID back into her pocketbook. "Thank you ma'am. I promise it won't happen again. At least until I'm licensed. And then it won't be a problem! Err…I guess I mean…"


"Thank you ma'am!" The girl fled the room, back to the rest of the police station, presumably to wait for her parents to pay the fine.

Milena sighed. What had she done to deserve this?

Earlier that year, Berlin, NH

The girl looked quickly at her MID, and a huge smile blossomed on her face. She crammed the card into her purse, and fled the office as quickly as possible.

The two interns smirked at each other. The girl had been so happy that she was allowed to change her codename, she hadn't even bothered reading the rest of the card.

The two interns each raised an arm, and gently bumped fists.

"Next!" called the one on the left.
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3 years 3 months ago - 3 years 3 months ago #44375 by Kettlekorn
Kettlekorn replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Jennifer Kelly frowned. "So you're telling me I'm married to this putz?" Kayda nodded while Wyatt rolled his eyes. "Well, what of it? I don't remember that life, and I don't want to. It's gone. Dead. Kaput. I'm sorry for your loss, but I'm not going to flush the life I do have down the drain for the sake of a memory." She wrapped an arm around Sarah's waist. "I'm happy with what I have. Leave us alone."

Kayda gasped and tightened her grip on Deb's hand. "But, but cuwe!"

"What the fuck is a cu- forgetaboutit. Don't even want to know."

"Too bad," growled Wyatt as he reached out and flicked her in the forehead.

"What was that supposed... to..." She trailed off as the healing magic worked and memories started unfogging. "God damn it." She could remember everything now. That stupid glow Trevor had when everything first started going wrong. The way old man Buffet began to vomit at her birthday party a year later. The day six months after that when it all finally caught up with her and she first noticed her boobs coming in, that she was becoming herself. The weeks with Hammond. The escape and ensuing slaughter. The four miserable and terrifying years at Whateley. Her plot to get revenge against Trevor by slowly ruining the lives of his friends, one by one. The stolen ID and subsequent impersonation. The lab. The explosion.

"Lanie?" asked Tansy tentatively.

"No." Her flesh seemed to ripple, and then an entirely different woman was standing there, orange irises glaring daggers at Wyatt from behind frizzy brown hair. "Denise. Denise Goodkind."

Tansy gasped. "Falsarium?"

"Jenny..." said Sarah worriedly.

"You know," muttered Denise to the unwelcome visitors as she gave Sarah one last squeeze, "I was happy here. I really was. For the first time in almost a decade, I was happy."

"Baby, it's not too-"

"But I don't get to be happy, do I?!" Denise was shaking now. Tansy tried to soothe her roiling emotions, but her power just slid off Falsarium's mental shields. She reached out to try physical contact, but the other woman leaped back out of reach. "Oh no you don't, bitch! I was going to save you for after Trevor, but after what you've taken from me? You burn here and now!"

She raised her arms and flames raged forth to splash harmlessly off Kayda's shield. Wyatt growled and began wading through the blaze. Then it vanished, revealing Sarah pinning Denise's arms to her side in a bear hug as her own sleeves smoldered. "I love you, Jennifer Kelly."

"My name is Denise. Get out of my way, Sarah."

"I don't care. I love you."

"No you don't! You don't know me! I've-"

"You have baggage, I get it. But baby, I've seen you without it weighing you down, and you're beautiful. My beautiful Irish Rose."

"I'm not Irish. I'm a shifter."

"And I'm not Nubian, ethnically speaking. None of this matters. I. Love. You."

"This... this isn't even me! I mean, it is now, but I used to be... I used to be a guy."

"I don't ca- you what?" Sarah started to pull away for a moment, then shook her head and tightened her hug. "Whatever. Don't care."

"I murdered my parents, Sarah."

"I'm sure you had good reason."

"Well, yeah, but you deserve better than-"

Sarah tightened her grip further until Denise couldn't do anything but wheeze. "Shut up. You remember being Denise, and I guess that time sucked, but Denise has been dead to the world for three years now and the world didn't stop turning. She can stay dead. Leave her baggage behind. Be Jennifer Kelly. Be my Irish Rose. Be the real you, without all the shit life put the old you through. Be my love."

Denise wheezed some sort of quiet reply that made Sarah smile. A few moments later their passionate kiss was interrupted by a gruff throat clearing. They both looked up to see Wyatt Cody frowning at them in his heavily singed flannel. "Forgetting something, Falsarium?"

"I'm not Elaine, Kodiak. Get out of my apartment."

"No, but you had her ID and her face! Explain yourself!"

"What's to explain? I wanted to tear Trevor apart, one friend at a time, piece by pathetic piece. Step one was to destroy Night Death's antidote as Wicked, but Walcunt here showed up and got it out ahead of the explosion. Or so I thought." She shrugged. "If that was your wife in disguise, then she's dead."

"So, you caused that explosion," whispered Wyatt. "You killed her..."

"Oh shit."

"NO!" screamed Tansy as she threw herself in front of Denise. Wyatt's eyes widened, but his claws connected with her torso before he could abort the swing. As her guts spilled out, she looked down in horror. "The baby," she gasped with her dying breath.

"What baby? What are... you... shit. Shit!" He spun around to rage at the room in general. "Okay, great, now that I've just killed my presumed dead lover who was pretending to be my actually dead wife along with an unborn child I didn't know about, in the apartment of the amnesiac villain who killed my wife and then semi-accidentally impersonated her for just long enough to get my hopes up... now that all of that's happened, are we quite the fuck done with the fucking ass pull reveals for today?"

"Language, Wyatt!" snapped a high pitched voice from the hole in Tansy's eviscerated corpse. As the other five watched in confused horror, a tiny blond humanoid form crawled out and wiped its face on Tansy's blouse. "Alright, somebody fill me in on what's been going on. Last I remember, Ty interrupted our inspection of the tunnels to go fight an extra-dimensional invasion of his homeworld. We fought, we lost, our survivors were captured, and then... Where are we?"

"Liz?" called another high pitched voice from within Tansy. "Did you make it out?"

"Yes, Amanda! Are the others with you? Tell them to hurry! I can see a calendar and it's already November!"

Kayda gasped. "Mrs. Carson? Is that you? Why are you chibi?"

Carson spun on her heel and paled. "Kayda. I should have known you'd be involved in this insanity." She straightened to her full five inches and raised a stern finger at her former pupil. "What have I told you about magic rituals!"

"But... but I didn't..."

"Oh? You didn't perform a deep identity replacement ritual on the late Ms. Walcutt here while she was pregnant with her first son who was conceived in deceit born of self sacrificial kindness?"

"What does that have to do with-"

"Will you never get it through your skull that actions have unforeseen consequences? Let me guess, Tansy interposed herself between Wyatt and... is that Miss Goodkind? Right, of course. So I'm guessing Denise was finally having a redemption moment, correct? This was the cost of your spell, Kayda. In helping Tansy to give up her own life for the good of another, you caused her to be drawn here where she could do that more literally. This combined with the death of the aforementioned son of specific circumstances at the hands of his own father completed a blood ritual opening a passage through her for a group of selfless individuals to return home."

"But why are you chibi?"

"I don't want to talk about it. Wyatt! Pull yourself together and call Whateley. I need to speak to Sam. Deborah! Stop hiding behind Kayda and Wyatt and bring us some handkerchiefs and a bowl of water." She turned to face Denise and Sarah. "I assume that this is your residence? Excellent. We will require large amounts of food, pronto. Preferably in a form that's mushy. Oatmeal, cream of wheat, grits, Soylent, mashed potatoes, anything of that nature. Don't worry, we'll clean this mess for you. Kayda! You remember the spells for getting blood out of textiles? Heal those burns on our host's arms and then get to it." She turned back to Tansy's body. "Amanda! What is the holdup? The portal won't stay open much longer!"

Another small blond head wormed its way free of Tansy's guts. "You do not want to know, Liz. It has been dealt with. They're all right behind me now." As soon as she finished pulling herself free, a poodle-sized dragon burst out and began shaking his wings off, flinging blood everywhere. Half a dozen others followed, most wearing grim, haunted expressions.

As the others used the water and handkerchiefs to wash themselves, Hartford moved to Tansy's head and patted it as her slow tears streaked through the blood of her protege coating her face. "Liz can say what she wants," she whispered, "but this was ultimately my doing. I groomed you for this, you and Kayda both. I hoped we'd never have to use the fallback you provided, but I had to be prepared for every possibility. I'm sorry that it required you to die, but the rest of us together will be able to do far more good for humanity than you would have on your own. The math is clear, but I don't have to like it. I will remember your sacrifice. You did good, Tansy. You did good."

"Eldritch did WHAT?!" screamed Carson into the phone.

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3 years 3 months ago - 3 years 3 months ago #44451 by Rose Bunny
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Amelia Hartford looked at the student sitting before her and sighed. These sorts of incidents always seemed to happen when Liz was away. She shook her head and addressed the crying teen.

“What were you thinking? Taking on 6 bullies at a time, not to mention that four of them are on the ultra-violent list! It’s a miracle you didn’t get yourself killed!”, bellowed Hartford.

Lucy Jensen mumbled something amidst all the sobs. What it was, Hartford didn’t make out, but it caused the girl to escalate her sobbing into a full-on crying fit. Amelia decided to change tactics. Stepping out from behind Carson’s desk, she came around to the girl and put her arms around her.

“If you tell anyone about me giving you a hug, I’ll deny it. But what were you thinking?”

Lucy sniffled and took a tissue from her handbag. After she dried her eyes, she started to explain. “ I really c… couldn’t help it.”, she said in her shy voice. “A…after my brother and I re-integrate, He falls asleep, and I’m usually… v…very drained. It was a nice day, and I decided to take a rest under a t…tree. That’s when they came up and surrounded me. I t..tried to get away and to call security..b..but they took my phone and crushed it. Pl…pl..p… please don’t send me away, I’m sorry. I d…didn’t mean it. “

Amelia wasn’t used to this touchy-feely stuff, but she did her best to comfort the girl. “I’m not going to expel you. Detention certainly, but the students you fought are well-known around campus as bullies and trouble makers. My only concern is that you might end up on the Ultra-violent list for this, yourself.”

“I… I .. really didn’t m..mean to hurt anyone, I was just trying to get a..away.” Lucy, said in a defensive tone.

“Be that at it may, you did stab Counterpoint repeatedly with, I might add,… your own femur!”

“I’m sorry, but if… that wolf guy hadn’t torn off my…leg I…I wouldn’t have. And I …I have grown my leg back, see?”

Amelia looked at the pale white skin of the girl’s leg, a noticeable tan line evident at the point in which it had been severed.

“I will be talking to Bloodwolf, once he regains consciousness. Killstench and Maggot are too scared of you to say anything, except for some babbling about how you flogged Buster with your own entrails…”

Lucy looked at the ground. “I…I did sort of do that. But.. he was trying to… hit m..me.”

Amelia shook her head. “Okay, okay. I’m going to consider this matter settled. One week’s detention, to be served helping the groundskeeping staff.”

Lucy looked up, wiped the last of her tears away, and hugged Hartford, who hugged the sad girl back.

“Again, I will deny any and all hugs.”, stated Hartford. “Oh, one last thing before you go, where are Strongarm and Legbreaker? Campus security hasn’t been able to locate either one to question.”

“I… I didn’t do anything… well, I did chase them some… while… holding some of my discarded ribs… You might check w…with Dr. Bellows. I… I think they might have gone to…to see him.”, Lucy turned and looked at Hartford through the long hair that was falling down over her face, smiling wickedly. “They seemed to have been a might bit upset.”

Amelia Hartford ushered the girl out of the office, and grabbed the wastepaper basket. After emptying her stomach, she recalled the look on the girl’s face. Amelia would be getting no sleep that night.

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3 years 3 months ago #44459 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Morning, Ground Floor, Crystal Hall

Mads 'Metro' Jensen was rather pleased with his lot in life as he carried his tray - with real food! - over to an open spot at Bloodwolf's table. He'd have preferred to hang with the other Thornies, but Jimmy T woke up supersized and, well, it's just not safe to get between him and food at such times.

Hell. Maggot and Necro both looked like they'd seen their own ghosts.

"Morning gents! Mind if I join you?" Everyone looked to Bloodwolf, clearly hoping for a "no".

"Suit yourself, " the werewolf avatar replied, daring the others to embarrass him. "Running late this morning."

"I ended up working graveyard."

"So you heard about yesterday."

"Ayup. I have to ask though..."

"There's a question that Security missed? Color me surprised." Bitter? He hardly even knew her.

"Pfft. Only the obvious one. What on earth and all of God's own hells possessed anyone to go along with one of Buster's ideas?"

"Sounded like fun at the time."

"Should've had yourselves checked for mental coercion. Because, Buster. And Counterpoint. Fun?"

"We get it. Bad idea."

About this time, Metro decided that going back for the silverware he'd forgotten to obtain would let his prized breakfast lose its freshness. That would not do! The guys stared as a pair of razor-sharp knives appeared from practically nowhere. Smiling, the boy went to work on his meal - one which had the bad manners to twitch a couple of times before finally dying.

After a few slices he looked up into three sets of wide eyes. "What? It's a common name. They're not even related to me!" "Hah!" the boy exulted as he pinned the fish's tail down to the table before it could flop again.

A few more bites of tasty fresh fish were enjoyed before he looked up to see Jimmy waving him over to join him now that both tables were empty.

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WhatIF Stories: Falconer: A Stranger Arrives in Town

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Rose Bunny replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Caitlin Bardue walked into the teacher's dining room and grabbed a bagel and some coffee. Seeing Nikki Reilly sitting alone at a table, she walked over and sat down.

"Hey Nikki, I've been having some problems with one of your students, he keeps swearing blood oaths against random students on the range. I'm afraid that it might not end well.", The gruff range warden stated.

Nikki sighed. "Kids will do stupid stuff like that. Send them to me, and I'll talk to them. We don't need someone becoming the next Hekate, or worse, the next me, when I was that age."

Caitlin frowned and nodded. "Say, whatever happened to Hekate anyhow? I know she fooled your curse, but I never heard what happened after."

Nikki paused and put down her fork. "Well, I couldn't just kill her, there would have been karmic repercussions. Sealing her magic would have been a solution, but there are ways around that. I finally thought of a solution. You know the saying about 'keep your friends close, and your enemies closer'... ? I thought of an idea, and since Fubar's old tank wasn't in use anymore..."

Caitlin interrupted. "WHAT DID YOU DO?..."

Nikki looked at the instructor with a wounded expression. "No, nothing bad... besides, I think she likes being a goldfish."

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3 years 2 months ago - 3 years 2 months ago #44689 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
"What it would mean to be tagged as UV?" Wyatt perceptively finished his question. When the boy nodded, Wyatt explained what his freshman year had been like with the UV armband.

"So, after nearly killing a junior who'd started a fight with you, and then just kept provoking you, they made you wear an ultra-violent band for the rest of the year?" Danny asked the hulking senior.

"That's correct. For the rest of the year, no one wanted to fight me. Not sparring in BMA, not even in a simulator, not a single person anywhere on campus wanted to. It was the loneliest time I've spent here, before or since."

"But I don't want to fight anybody! I just want the bullies to leave me alone!"

"Can't help you there, sport. I've never been bullied. I may have beaten up a number of kids like you for the Alphas, especially once I became one of Freya's enforcers, so the best I can tell you is not to upset the more important folks on campus. Mrs. Carson can send you down to muck out sewers for a week or two, but upset the wrong upperclassman and you'll be eating through a straw until they get you patched up."

"Could you tell me again, then, what else goes with a UV band?"

Wyatt thought for a moment - there wasn't much to it, really, "There's the daily check-ins, and you have to wear the band so it's visible at all times... "

"Babs told me that Jimmy T has one modified so he can attach it to a book bag or purse when he can't wear clothes." Lanie clarified.

"Of course, Security has a tote-board set up listing the various UVs and their relative threat rating. Hm. You'll also tend to be punished more severely than other students for the same impromptu scuffles, but you can still book Arena 77 for a refereed fight. You don't see either one happening much because the punishment for picking a fight with an ultra-violent is a bit more severe too." And Kodiak would know, right?

"Aside from that, it's also much more of a hassle to go off-campus if you're on the longer list of kids not allowed to leave without a counter-signed pass from Admin. Good luck with that if Mrs. Hartford is one of the ones you've pissed off. Even some of the obvious GSD cases in Whitman and Twain get to go into town every month or two..."

"Holidays too, assuming they have a place to go. Since you're a freshman, don't worry about Thanksgiving. Unless you already have a MID, you're going nowhere."

All in all, Danny left the discussion more than a little traumatized.

It turns out that being on the lookout for the school-sanctioned bullies also helps one notice things about the people around one. For example, two of Danny's roommate's friends wore UV-style bands. When he asked Hank about Jade and Billie, Hank reassured him that while Billie wouldn't hurt a fly - maybe annihilate the Eastern Seaboard under certain conditions, but not deliberately hurt anyone - it probably wasn't safe to personally antagonize her best friend and roommate. At Phase's estimate, and discounting the mythos-corrupted weres fought by the Wild Bunch, Generator had at best the fourth or fifth highest off-campus body count, behind Tennyo, Fey, Metro, and Bladedancer. On the bright side, Metro was the only one not legally deputized in Boston.

It would be some time before Danny felt comfortable sleeping alone in Poe Cottage.

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WhatIF Stories: Falconer: A Stranger Arrives in Town

Discussion Thread
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