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The Micro-Scenes thread

3 years 2 months ago #44693 by Katssun
Katssun replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Outside Fort Wayne, Indiana, August 7th, 2007

Stacy Yates walked into the living room after a long hot bath and saw her son eating a waffle cone ice cream treat, getting peanuts all over the carpet. At least it wasn't the chocolate slivers on the microfiber couch, she rationalized.

Considering that he had just used four months' worth of allowance on a PC Interface card for the oscilloscope he got for Christmas…Stacy checked her purse first, and quickly counted the bills. He's gotten smarter, she thought to herself. Stacy turned back to the bedrooms of their modest ranch and grabbed five objects off Jordan's desk.

She returned to the kitchen with her prize, muttered a few words and unlocked the liquor cabinet. She pulled out a 2005 and put the five objects into a plastic sandwich bag before securing the liquor cabinet again. She sighed. It was too soon to send him, and she still had this under control. Next year, maybe. Gavin was working ten hours of OT a week already so they could start saving, but…they'd work something out. Stacy opened the bottle, poured a half glass, and placed the bottle in the fridge before heading to the living room.

Jordan was watching a rerun of Future Weapons, again. Stacy thought she had blocked the channel, but Gavin must have unlocked it after getting annoyed at always putting the code in so he and Jordan could watch Man vs. Wild. Stacy didn't blame him, Jordan would just figure it out on his own soon. Which is exactly the sort of reason why she was right here, right now.

"Jordan Dietrich Yates!" she boomed, causing her son to spin away from the television. "Where, exactly, did you get that ice cream?" She was rewarded with his deer in the headlights look. Stacy suppressed a smirk. Her son stammered a response, and not the one she hoped to hear.

"I stole money from your purse?"

"Try again, little man, I already counted it."

"Uh…Brendan paid for it!"

"Your friend Brendan is at camp for another week, unless you forgot?"


"I'm gonna guess that your Rectified Phase Inducer generators found their way onto the side of the ice cream truck that I heard from the bathroom about ten minutes ago." Her son looked at her in shock. She'd correctly identified the name of his latest invention. Pfft, like she didn't have access to the Wifi logs. Salted, SHA-2 encrypted, 34 character password protected. Her son glanced down the hall toward his bedroom. "Don't bother, little buster," she said, draining the rest of her glass. "The remote is in the cabinet with the four little cubes."


"Let's try this," Stacy's Cheshire smile grew steadily on her face. The one she saved just for her son, and husband after Lodge nights when he should have gotten a ride from one of his coworkers. She folded her arms over her chest, the stem of the glass gripped between her index and middle fingers. "You clean your room, and wash the dishes for a week."

"But maaaaawwwwwwwm…"

"You certainly will if you want them back. Unless you can figure out how to light your well, which you can't, or figure out how to get enough essence and the cantrip and the coda to unlock the cabinet, which you won't, or get your sister to help you, which she's can't. Yet."

"Aww….man!" her son whined, and stomped over to his room, the pilfered ice cream forgotten on its wrapper on the coffee table.

"And you're grounded for a month!" she craned her neck and called after him.

"Geez!" she heard grumbled from his room, then hearing a pile of parts clatter all over the floor. That should keep him out of trouble for a few weeks.

Stacy went back to the fridge, poured herself a full glass of Mommy Juice, and sat down on the couch with a crime novel.

God, she hoped Cora wouldn't be this difficult in a year or so.
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3 years 2 months ago #44757 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Morning, Crystal Hall Cafeteria, Whateley Academy

Lucy Marie Jensen, also known as Host, found herself sitting alone again at one of the ground-floor tables. She'd been told that this was the usual area for the Thornies and GSD kids to sit, so there should be more people around, but not many of them were raised on a working farm and used to getting up at the crack of dawn for their morning chores. She wouldn't be used to the hour yet, but having to regenerate back from the dead every day had the odd side-effect of resetting her biological clock to her new times zone.

The young mutant quietly sat then, with her morning coffee and breakfast, waiting for her body and her brother's to wake up. The doctors had explained that the caffeine would no longer physically work for her, but keeping up her morning routines as best as she could helped her feel just a little bit more "normal". The early September morning was dawning clear. It would be a good day for most outdoor activities, so of course it had to be a school day. I wonder how Dad is doing? I could always send an email, I guess.

So the girl was completely lost in thought, which left her open for just about any schoolyard pranks or bullying. Sure enough, she heard a *thunk* on the table across from her as someone dropped a packet of something on the table, followed by a barely-controlled coffee cup descent. Great. Either this is someone who didn't get the memo to avoid me. Or it's some jerk here to make my life miserable.

No worries, Sis. I'll protect you.

Good to see the tapeworm was awake. If things got rough, they could cause a nice bloody scene and escape while the jerk was wiping blood off his face. And then she'd have to replace another blouse.

The intruder looked... shorter even than Lucy was. Not by much, but going by her guess that he was another freshman, the boy was probably well-aware and insecure about the height difference. Maybe a weight difference too, judging by the pale, almost lilac skin of his face - skin that didn't have enough baby fat remaining to hide his underlying features. Compared to Jeremy Lundegren back home - if Jeremy had some nordic ancestry, this guy must've been straight off the boat. Maybe even just off the boat this morning, as tired as the kid looked.

"Good morning. And you would be?"

"Oh! Right. We haven't formally met, have we?" There was a pause as the boy visibly chased thoughts moving faster than the rest of him could track. He finally reached across the table for a hand shake, "Mads Jensen. Pahss-, er, um, I guess I'd better get used to 'Metro' before someone comes up with a worse name.

"Lucy Jensen." She gripped his hand. He had a surprisingly firm handshake. Most early teens either gave the 'dead fish' handshake, or tried to impress people with their strength by clamping down hard. Her father'd warned her that neither type of guy who did that was entirely trustworthy. "My MID says 'Host'. My brother's reads 'Tapeworm', so yes, you could end up with worse."

You need to work on those coping skills, Sis.

The boy mused with a grin, "Jensen... Where have I heard that name before?"

An esper herself, Lucy could guess by his expression that he'd gotten an answer to that question, and it was probably rude enough to suit.

"Hej! You're the bodice-ripper up on the freshman floor, yeah?"

"I do not wear a bodice. Nor do I rip them!" The nerve of this guy! Now she remembered where she'd seen him. Going by the UV band, and the places around Hawthorne she'd briefly seen him, he was probably one of the campus bullies working off his latest detention.

Want me to bite him a few dozen times? These teeth aren't just for show!

No. Not yet. Maybe he'll take a hint and leave.

'Metro' followed Lucy's line of sight to his white UV band. "Oh, this? I think I set a new school record for getting on the ultraviolet list."


"However could that have happened?"

"For one thing, it was ready for me even before they revived me from the medical coma."

"Why were you in a coma?"

"'Cause I got stabbed. 'Tswhy I'm taking BMA. Um, you don't mind of I eat this, here?" He motioned to the packet he'd brought with him.

"Oh no, go ahead." Somewhere else, preferably.

"Thanks. I'm never quite sure whether it's better warm or cold, what with the blubber and all."


"Just out of curiosity, why were you stabbed?" With some of the city kids Lucy'd read about, it could be anything from drugs to prostitution. Even the guys,

"Not entirely sure. Some sort of ritual sacrifice? Anyway, I objected, he insisted, I objected some more, and now here we all are!"

Wow, Sis. That's somehow even worse than what you'd been thinking.

"Your brother's looking talkative this morning."


"You've got two auras, and one of them's male."


"So how do you like Inmate Central?"


"'Host' is listed among the regular freshmen rooms."

"So, you have been working your detention off at Hawthorne!"

"Nope. That's Kane Hall. Security. I'm just a floor or two below you, with some of the other special environment folks." He squeezed out more of whatever-it-was to eat. Looking more closely at the labels, she realized that the set of 'special meals' could intersect 'poison' and possibly hazmat.

Minnesota was looking and feeling light-years away, right about then.

"What can I say? Mrs. Cantrel's nice enough, and most of the other kids. But when your brother has a habit of bursting out through your chest, it gets kind of lonely. And expensive too, what with blouses and shirts taking the collateral damage, and the blood stains."

"Does he have to come out that way?"

"Yes. Really, he does. He needs an hour a day outside or we both suffer for it."

"Hunh. Beats sleeping in a bathtub I guess."

"At least that way your shirts probably stay clean."

"Nah. If I'm too excited or upset, my skin dumps fatty acids and oils all over. Good when a policeman, for example, tries to grab me, not so good for keeping clean. Throw in pheromones, everyday dirt, etc., and I end up showering at least two, three times a day. You did notice no one is in any hurry to sit here?"

"I... thought it was just me."

"Doubt it. Anyway, why not let your bror out while you're in the shower? Saves wear and tear on the clothes. There's a couple of spells that could also help with cleanup, but I don't know jack about enchanting stuff for other people. Not exactly my style."

That could work, you know.

"I'll think about it."

Finishing up whatever unholy concoction he'd been consuming, Mads stood up. "Sorry to dine and dash, but I've got to brush my teeth after eating this stuff. Good meeting you, and, Oh! If you have the cash, it's easy to get blood and other bodily fluids out of some ballistic fabrics."

"How would you know?"

The boy grinned a truly wicked grin, fangs and all, and tapped the UV band on his arm. "Experience."

I'll be taking a raincheck on it for now, but I still think one of us should chew his kneecaps off. Just saying.

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WhatIF Stories: Falconer: A Stranger Arrives in Town

Discussion Thread
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3 years 2 months ago #44940 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
My daughter really likes Slender Man (she has seen his picture on Roblox) and was telling me how she wants a Slender Man plushy yesterday during a long car ride. This is the story I developed from that.


Melody skipped along the path of her new school, feeling really cute in her pink polka dot dress and matching bow, while gazing in wonder at all the cool students who were flying, jumping and running around. The only thing that spoiled her mood was that she was the youngest student at the school, being just six years old.

She saw a big dog like boy walking down the path, his head looked just like her Daddy's dog back home. Smiling wide, she waved at him, "Hi, you look cool!" she said.

The dog boy leaned down, his mouth hanging open as if grinning. "You think I'm cool?"

"Yeah, I have a nice doggy at home who looks like you. He's my best friend. His name is Freddy. He sleeps with me every night and sometimes he kicks me out of bed."

"Oh really," the boy said sweetly. "Does he growl like this?" He got right in her face and growled just like her dog once did when a bear wandered into her backyard.

"Yeah, he does!" she said, giggling.

The boy looked confused for a moment, growling more loudly he placed a huge hand around her head and lifted her up. "Does Freddy ever eat you up?"

"You're hurting me!" Melody shouted, squirming to get out of his grasp as his nails dug into her skin. "Put me down or my friend is going to get you!"

"Yeah, I'm sure your imaginary friend is terrifying."

"Slendy! Help me!" she screamed.

Rotti felt a cold shadow cover him. A black tentacle caressed his cheek. Looking over his shoulder, he saw a pale faceless man who writhed unnaturally in the light breeze staring down at him. A long boneless arm rose up until two sharp fingers pointed at his eyes. Tentacles ran across his body, just brushing his fur, they felt unclean, leaving him covered in filth that sunk beneath his skin.

He tried to speak, but only a whimper escaped.

Very carefully and slowly he put the girl on the ground.

The tentacles moved away from him, winding around the tiny girl protectively.

"You made my friend very unhappy. You should run away now," the girl said, walking over to the abomination and hugging his leg.

Rotti didn't need to be told twice, he bolted for the trees.

Melody looked up at her friend. "Thank you Slendy, you're the best."

An enormous hand stretched out, taking hold of her own tiny hand. Together they walked along the paths of Whateley, the girl pointing out all the cool things, while the creature beside her silently watched for any sign of danger to his charge.
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3 years 2 months ago - 3 years 2 months ago #44981 by Rose Bunny
Rose Bunny replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Lucy walked around the quad, feeling happy. The pest had chosen during her shower to appear, sparing her clothing any damage. An encounter with Ribbon had resulted in a cute knee length denim skirt and matching long-sleeve shirt for the day. She walked around, enjoying the crisp autumn air. She paused and sad down on a bench and watched the other students.

Razorback was chasing Metro around, which caused Lucy to smile.

Jericho came running from the direction of Crystal Hall, yelling “Give back the teddy bear!”

Not knowing what was going on, and positive she didn’t want to know, Lucy just got up and walked in the opposite direction. She saw the girls of Wondercute walking towards her. The one with the dragon on her shoulder looked up and pointed at her. Immediately, the entire group turned in unison and hurried off in the opposite direction. Lucy grinned, then shook her head.

She was gaining quite the reputation, and it was all the slug’s fault. He was napping, of course, and she could hear him snoring in her head. He was dreaming, and images came unwanted to her mind, via their telepathic link. Images of him as he thought he would look like, if he had been normal looking. He was muscular and she admitted, he saw himself as quite a hot guy. He was back on the farm. He strode into the barn, and waiting for him on a blanket was Fey.

Screaming in her head, Lucy wished that ‘mental bleach’ was, in fact, a thing. That little pervert hitchhiker. He didn’t even have genitals, but he did have a libido, to her regret.

She looked around, and Lucy saw another girl sitting under a tree, the tree that the UVs and bullies had harassed her the week before.
She walked over and looked down at the slumped over girl. She was short, probably only 4’8” at most, she was a little on the chubby side. She was bigger than Lucy in the bust, but not outrageously big, maybe a high B or low C cup. Her hair was a mottled tan-brown, with bands of lighter and darker shades. She had dark eyes, surrounded with black markings, her nails were claw-like. The most remarkable feature that Lucy could see though was the long furry banded tail that peeked out from under her red tartan dress.

“May I sit?”, Lucy asked the crying girl. After the girl nodded, Lucy tucked her skirt under her, and sat down beside her.

“Lucy Jensen, Host” She said, introducing herself.

The Sad girl looked up. “Aggie Smith, Tanuki” the crying girl said in response.

Lucy bit her lip and frowned. “Are you okay? I noticed you sitting here and crying. I often come here myself. Especially when I’m having problems.”

Aggie looked at her, the girl was certainly pretty. She had cool colored hair and eyes, she was a little flat-chested, but she was certainly gifted with Exemplar beauty.

“What sort of problems could you have, you are as pretty as you are? I got short and fat thanks to my stupid powers. ‘Spirit of the Tanuki’… None of it is worth it, not even the magic.”

Lucy nodded in sympathy. “You don’t look bad, you are very cute. I’ve seen others with worse GSD. Do you know who Razorback is?”

Aggie nodded before Lucy continued. “I have my own issues with my powers. I am an exemplar, but I’m also in a situation where my symbiotic brother lives inside me. He spends 23 hours a day inside me, where I can feel him squirming around. We have a telepathic link, so I can hear his thoughts, especially while the little pervert dreams… Then there is the other hour. He has to emerge once a day and spend an hour outside of me. Which he does in agonizing chest-bursting fashion. It would kill me if I weren’t a Regen 7. And by the time I’m recovered, He has to re-enter, by crawling down my throat and tearing out through my esophagus.”

Aggie turned pale, but then bit her lower lip. “What do you know about Tanuki?”, She asked.

Lucy thought for a second. “Aren’t those a type of raccoon dog from Japanese folklore? Supposedly they use magic to play tricks, I know I’ve seen pictures of statues and drawings. They are always standing up and showing off their huge testi…. oh… oh! You poor thing… “

Lucy wrapped her arms around Aggie, comforting the girl, who was now crying even harder. She was determined that she would be Aggie’s friend now, and help her in any way she could.

High-Priestess of the Order of Spirit-Chan

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3 years 2 months ago #44988 by null0trooper
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Rorsmand looked up to see Metro walking back to the table, FAR too pleased with himself.

"Mads, where's the teddy bear?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about." liar

"Fine. Could you at least tell me who Razorback is chasing?"

"Looked like Aegis to me. Originally. Maybe not at the moment. Things happen, you know."

"Are you saying that Aegis, Mr. All-American Hero, stole someone's teddy bear?"


"What did he think he was grabbing?"

"Something maybe less 'All-American' that Outcasts shouldn't give dear, sweet, innocent Miranda Mahren?"


"Can you estimate when Aegis will start looking more like Aegis and less like you?"

"About the same time that the sex toy he's carrying is within 20 yards of anyone attached to Security who isn't Razorback."

"And what would the sex toy happen to look like?" This is like trying to get a coherent story from a three year old!

"A bone... of sorts. English is interesting that way.

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WhatIF Stories: Falconer: A Stranger Arrives in Town

Discussion Thread
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3 years 2 months ago #44989 by null0trooper
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A few minutes later, the entire cafeteria heard a loud, feminine, shriek of outrage:

"METRO, YOU ARE ONE DEAD SUNOVA -- [ dropped carrier ] --

Rorsmand stopped eating for a moment, realizing he hadn't been thorough enough.

"Miranda. What is she carrying?"

"Probably a teddy bear."

"And what does the teddy bear look like?"

"That depends on who you are."

"So why is Eldritch coming here to kill you?"

"I'd guess that's because she's old enough to see the teddy bear as... an implement of joy, so to speak."


"And Miranda may have just asked her dear older sister why I handed it to her?"

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WhatIF Stories: Falconer: A Stranger Arrives in Town

Discussion Thread
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3 years 2 months ago #44998 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Brixton, MCO office
13 December, 1995

"How goes the riot?" Dalton asked, finally finished dealing with the young mutant who needed one of the new MID's. It was a useful tool no doubt, but trying to get the damn machines working, testing every mutant in the district, and dealing with all the questions and demands was wearing the MCO office thin.

Catherine muted the tele, "Looks like they're going to have some cleaning up to do tomorrow. And the police are being called in from all over the city to deal with trouble."

Rubbing his temples Dalton took a deep breath and slowly let it out. "Let's hope that's the worst of our trouble, I don't want to have to call in AEGIS if we're called out. They're still acting like bloody wankers over the MIDs'.

Whatever Catherine had been about to say was cut off by the sound of birds singing just outside the windows. Every window.

"What in the world?"

As Dalton got up to see what was going on, metal birds burst through the glass, instinct sent him flying to the ground covering his head as he rolled under his desk. There was nothing he could do as shrieks of pain filled the air, his side arm was in lock up, and his pistol, even with the anti-brick munitions, would be as effective as spitting in the ocean against the hundreds of birds filling the air.

The shrieking and chirping stopped, the silence broken only by an occasional panicked scream that was quickly cut off and the dripping as some liquid hit the tiled floor.

Getting to his feet, Dalton only had one thought, run. If he could climb out the window and get across the street, he could hide in a building. He could call for help. He could find some tiny bit of sanity in an insane situation.

He whimpered when he saw a blue knight, steam erupting from its joints, tear its way through the brick wall. The large metal sword dripped with blood, two metallic birds rested on its shoulders.

"What is your name?" the knight demanded.

"Dalton," he whispered. He had read the reports about the knight. Attacking during disasters, riots, when everyone would be busy. The knight didn't leave anyone alive. His senses seemed to become supercharged, he could smell the blood dripping from Catherine's throat, feel every bit of debris under him, see the panicked crowd across the street hiding from the metal birds that flew along the street.

"Dalton, you will give your fellow murderers a message from me. For every child killed, I will avenge them ten fold. However, if you murderers disband, if you beg forgiveness and publicly admit your crimes, the killing can stop within the hour." The knight leaned so close, Dalton could feel the heat rising from the metal helm. "Do you understand?" the knight demanded.

He couldn't speak. He tried, but his throat was closed. Instead he nodded.

That satisfied the knight. There was a sharp whistle and the birds which had killed everyone else in the building flew outside. The blood covering their razor wings fell on Dalton like rain.

While he covered his face, trying to regain some control of his body, Dalton heard a car screech to a halt. There was a shout about the police. Then there were screams.

Dalton crawled under his desk again, praying to god that it would end.
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3 years 2 months ago #45115 by null0trooper
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Office of the Headmistress, Schuster Hall, Whateley Academy

"I'm sorry. Whoever it may have been that told you about Whateley Academy should have also told you that our admissions policy is quite exclusive. Your daughter's grades..."

Ava tried to remain hopeful, "Mrs. Carson, if it's only a matter of grades I assure you that Abelyn's grade can and will improve here!"

"That may be so, but while an excellent academic record would help her qualify and maintain a scholarship, there are none that I am aware of that she would qualify for. To be blunt, our tuition fees are very expensive, much more than an artisan blacksmith and a potter could expect to afford."

Paul tried another approach, "We've sold everything we had, except for what's been coming to Abelyn. Some books, her tools, some personal belongings. We..." The broad-shouldered man's cell phone rang. Discourteous as it must be, he saw the number and said, "Mrs. Carson, I beg your pardon, but I must needs take this call."

"By all means," the school headmistress granted. As hard as this interview was- on her as well as the distressed parents- she could afford to be graceful.

"What happened? Is she... oh. Oh, god."


He turned to answer his wife, "M-Miss Lucy was just found. They burned her out." The person on the other end of the line had had more to say, "What's that? You already did? No. It's all right, we'll make arrangements before heading home. Good bye, Jimmie."


"Ava, Jimmie went ahead and shipped Abelyn's belongings up here. Mrs. Carson, I realize I shouldn't ask this of you and your school, but could Abelyn stay until the end of the week? We need to tend to Miss Lucy's burial and Abelyn, well, they'll be wanting her signature and all... "

Mrs. Carson's compassion warred with her conscience. The tipping point, meager as it was, was that the couple had to have known something about the school for them to have come here. There'd be no mistaking the return addresses on whatever was coming: for some that would be tantamount to waving a red flag. She took a chance.

"One week, and that's all. We're not a hotel. I keep getting the impression that you don't understand that even if your daughter were to manifest as a mutant, there no reason to believe that she would be a danger to herself or others."

"We do understand that. These days, it don't take much to be branded a mutant, or worse, in some folks' eyes. They're the dangerous ones to my eyes, if you were to ask me."

"Paul and I, we cannot thank you enough for doing this for us, but thank you."

After the poor couple left, Liz Carson couldn't shake the feeling that she would never see the two again. She updated her clipping services to include mentions of the family or other odd news that could be related to them, then went back to work. For the first night at least, Abelyn Elliott could stay in the guest quarters, but sooner or later she'd be forced to face what the school was about, simply as a matter of eating meals here for a few days.

The first news that found its way to her inbox was a death notice regarding Lucretia "Lucy" Armstrong's tragic death in an accidental fire. But houses and barns don't burn just themselves down to the ground like the photos showed in the summer, without an accelerant.

The second news item was more local. That evening, Abelyn Elliott had been taken to Doyle Medical Clinic suffering from a dangerously high fever.

The third waited until morning: a news article about a Jimmie Filiatreau, Army veteran, being killed by burglars breaking into his house.

Elizabeth Carson had been a working hero for too long not to hope for miracles. She'd also been at her current job too long not to prepare for giving a suddenly-homeless child the worst news for a child to hear at any age. Her hands felt a little numb, then, when an urgent call was forwarded from Louisville to her office. The money left in the estate wasn't much, but what price sanctuary?

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WhatIF Stories: Falconer: A Stranger Arrives in Town

Discussion Thread
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3 years 2 months ago #45234 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Early Fall, 2017

The Workshop, Metals and Fabrication Labs

"Bro! Did you hear? This year's steampunk kid brought his shop along with him! Let me tell you, from what I've seen of the main package it's got all the right curves in all the right places. I wish I had something like that to unwrap."

"Just because he's got a good anvil that doesn't mean his hammer's any good."

Wasn't that a sad but true fact of Workshop life?

"True. But I've got a hunch that once he gets going, that's going to be a two-bedspring bay."

"Pssheah, right. Last one the metal shops had, it left with Smithy. The seniors I knew back in my freshman year said she was a thing of beauty!"

"Smithy really put out, too, if you..."

On that cheerful note, a tall, well-built man, wearing an upscale but not outrageously expensive suit, walked up to the bull session. He was accompanied by a group of adults, and with Murphy's Law in full effect, the odds looked got that they were prospective donors.

*ahem* "Gentlemen, is that any way to speak about one of our alumni, and a lady at that?"

"A Lady? I thought she was American?"

*kick* "Hey, watch it!"

"Um, well... Hello, Mister Turner! What brings you down here to this corner of the Workshop?"

"I was showing some guests of the school around. Now it appears I have a disciplinary action to settle."

"But we were just talking about Smithy and her shop?"

"She didn't have many alloy patents, but good luck affording them! And the knives she turned out - I've seen pictures..."

"Yeah, I heard the school once rescheduled a combat final so she could finish a project. She was that good."

*kick* "Ow!"

"And what was this about bedsprings set out in the work bay?"

"Oh, GOD, no!"

"Huge safety violation..."

"'Specially with a working forge!"

"The bedsprings were on the wall! Hers was the last bay at the end there, and people kept walking into the wall at the end of the tunnel."

Before the guys could either dig themselves a deeper pit to bury themselves or get detention for trying, an Indian woman wearing western clothing suited to professional fashion (to the point allowed by safety standards) under a standard labcoat hurried up to intercept whatever trouble the kids were bringing down upon her Labs.

Professor Choudhari greeted the visiting Assistant Headmaster, "Good afternoon, Mister Turner! I must apologize for my delay - one of our better-prepared incoming freshmen is still setting up and we needed to discuss additional ventilation requirements."

One of the gentlemen in the 'guest' group remarked, "I was under the impression that the Workshop's facilities where among the best in the country!" Did the school need more money just to meet standards, or was it still one of the top facilities to nurture inventors and engineers?

"I assure you they are, but traditional forges and smelters are normally constructed outdoors. We're underground for the school's security, so adjustments periodically must be made for students working to extend those traditions."

Two of the three students' eyes glazed over at the fraction of the discussion they were interested in.

"A smelter? Woah."

"Custom alloys..."

The professor turned to the gossipers, "By the way, gentlemen, please make yourselves more useful and break out two bedsprings. This is Smithy's cousin we're talking about."

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A work-day in the life of Ernesto Adrianza

5:00 AM

Ernesto Adrianza got up from his bed and shuffled to the bathroom for a shower. He got dressed in his uniform and headed into the kitchen to have some breakfast. One bagel and some cream cheese later, he was out the door and on his way to work. He loved his job, and every day brought new challenges. He never quite knew what each day would bring.

5:30 AM

Ernesto arrived at work, and punched into the time clock. Giving a nod to Stan and Morrie, he walks to the assignment board.
He had been assigned to general maintenance for the day, and was to be the “on-call” duty member. He smiled at that and relaxed, in other words he gets to sit at dispatch until he is called to a situation. Grabbing some coffee, he settled in, knowing that while he will be busy, at least he won’t have to go down into the sewers like Stan and Morrie.

5:55 AM

A call from Hawthorne Cottage. Ernesto often dreaded these calls, as Hawthorne could be very dangerous, He had learned that the first week on the job when he was called in to fix a leak in one of the basement bathrooms.

Arriving at Hawthorne, Ernest checked in with Mrs. Cantrel. “Buenos dias, Signora Cantrell. What seems to be the problem today?”, He asked in a friendly manner.

Mrs. Cantrel smiled. “Nothing too serious today Ernesto, Lupine clogged one of the drains in the shower area with her fur.”

Cantrel escorted Ernesto to the bathroom, where Ernesto quickly went to work. It took about 5 minutes to snake the clog out and reassemble the drain plug. After Ernesto finished, he washed his hands thoroughly. He smiled and thanked Mrs. Cantrel when gave him a fresh-baked apple muffin on the way out.

6:10 AM

Ernesto sat at the on-call desk, eating a muffin and drinking some coffee.

6:37 AM

A call from Poe Cottage. Ernesto was wary of Poe Cottage, due to the fact that it had a reputation as the “nut house” of Whateley Academy. Many was the time he had to report there for such strange things as replacing warped floorboards from an unexpected indoor thunderstorm, or repairing something damaged in the many “heated disagreements” between Hippolyta and Lancer.

After consulting with Mrs. Horton, Ernesto discovered that a casualty of the prank-war between Generator and Beltane had been the stair railing on the third floor. Ernesto called back to the Maintenance Fabrication department for a new railing to be constructed, using the measurements on file. After informing Mrs. Horton, Ernesto thanked her for the hot M&M cookies she gave him, and informed her that a team would be there to install the new railing within the hour.

7:10 AM

A Plate of cookies (minus one) was placed in the Maintenance Department break room. Ernesto returned to his desk and ate a cookie.

7:45 AM

Ernesto received a call that a bio-hazard clean-up was needed on the Quad, SE corner.

Ernesto knew who it was almost immediately. He had met the young girl responsible on her first day at the school, and knew that she couldn’t really help causing the problem. He didn’t hold it against her, she seemed quite embarrassed by it, and it bothered her.

Donning his re-enforced kevra sealed suit, he hurried to the site. Sam Everheart was there maintaining a cordon around the area. Ernesto smiled at the young girl that was sitting nearby, covered with a plastic blanket to protect her modesty.

“Ah, Senorita Lucy, I see your little brother has been making a mess again. It’s no problem, I shall have everything taken care of in no time.” He smiled at the girl, and went to work.

Everheart had noted where the body parts had landed, and Ernesto very carefully picked up the bone fragments and pieces of organs and assorted other tissues. Having made certain all the contaminants were carefully picked up and cleared away in bio-hazard containers, he went to work spraying the area with a Devisor-made bio-neutralizer. After several applications, the area had been sterilized.

Ernesto took the sealed containers to the incinerator for secure disposal. After dropping his hazmat suit off at the autoclave at Doyle, Ernesto returned to his desk.

8:50 AM

Ernesto arrives back at the on-call desk and contacts groundskeeping to replace the grass and flowers killed off during the sterilization.

9:20 AM

Ernesto takes a coffee break.

9:35 AM

Coffee break over, Ernesto returns to the on-call desk.

9:37 AM

The team working at Poe calls in the railing job as completed. Ernesto logs it in the log book.

10:22 AM

A call from Kirby Hall. Ernesto never liked it when it was a call from Kirby Hall. Magic was outside his comprehension. Kids throwing around vast amounts of mystical power worried him.

Ernesto arrived at Kirby, and walked over to Circe, who seemed to be frowning. The back wall for one of the summoning rooms was blown out.

Circe walked over. “Ah, Ernesto, prompt as usual. We appear to have had a slight… incident. One of the freshmen thought it would impress the teachers to summon a Hell-beast and try to contract it to themselves. Unfortunately, it didn’t like that. I need to go help Chulkris, Grimes, and Fey. But if you would be a dear and have someone here to repair the wall, I’d be ever so grateful.”

Circe ran off in the direction of the woods, as explosions could be heard in the distance. Ernesto shook his head and got out his Walkie-talkie. Five minutes later, a demolition team arrived and began to tear down the ruined wall and clear away the rubble. When carpentry arrived, he left the job in the hands of their foreman, and returned to the on-call station.

11:30 AM

Ernesto clocked out for lunch. He then walked over to Crystal Hall and got a BLT and some seasoned fries to go, along with a cup of coffee. Stepping into the break room, he noticed the cookies were all gone. He washed the tray and took it with him back to the desk. After lunch he would return it to Mrs. Horton.

12:30 PM

Ernesto walked over to Poe and returned the tray to mrs. Horton. Taking the opportunity he checked on the new railing, and found everything to be satisfactory. Upon returning to Maintenance, he clocked back in, and sat back down at on-call.

12:45 PM

Circe walked into Maintenance.

“Ah, Ernesto, Your team is doing a wonderful job on the repairs. I baked this yesterday, but please have some in thanks, and make sure that your team gets some when they are done.”, said Circe, in that sultry way that she had.

With that, the imposing woman turned and walked out. Ernesto examined the pan in front of him, and pulling up the lid, the smell of baklava hit his nose, filling it with that wonderful aroma. Ernesto took a piece, and then put the remainder in the break room fridge, with a note on it for the teams working on Kirby Hall to each take a piece.

1:27 PM

A call from Dillon Chapel. Ernesto didn’t like going over to the chapel, not that he wasn’t a religious man, quite the opposite. He was a God-fearing man, and went to church every Sunday. More his reason for dread was Reverend Englund. He never cared for the man’s fire and brimstone interpretation of a wrathful God. Ernest believed in the philosophy of a forgiving God.

When he arrived, Englund was there to greet him. “Ah, Mr. Adrianza. I have a slight bit of a problem.”

Englund walked him over to a small shed, where the Reverend pressed his own paper for the sermons.

“It’s this mill, you see, one of the cross beams has gone askew on the treadle.“, The Reverend stated, matter of factly.

“Senior Englund, it should not need to be fixed so soon. Salvatore just repaired it last week. If you would not treat it so harshly, it would work better without jamming all the time.”

The Reverend looked angry. “I just called you to fix it, I wasn’t expecting some sort of Spanish Inquisition.”

Ernesto just shook his head. “Si senior, nobody should ever expect that.”

With a sigh, Ernesto pulled out his tools and began his work. It took an hour, but he managed to get the mill working again.

2:30 PM

Ernesto returned to the on-call desk, there would be no treats from Reverend Englund.

2:54 PM

The team working on Kirby Hall called in to report that the wall had been repaired and that the painting crew could come and begin work. Ernesto called down and dispatched a crew of painters to Kirby Hall.

3:30 PM

Ernesto clocked out. It had been a busy day, but a good one. He grabbed Circe’s empty baking dish and washed it, he would drop it off at Kirby and give the wall an examination before heading home.

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