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The Micro-Scenes thread

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3 years 3 months ago - 3 years 3 months ago #45947 by Schol-R-LEA
Schol-R-LEA replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Crystall Hall
15 May 2007
"Man, Jack was just driving me nuts all spring break!", exclaimed Lucille, referring to her younger brother. "I'll bet he's planning something nasty of when we go home next week, too. He's the biggest brat ever! I swear, if he ends up at Whateley too, I'm gonna freak!"

Anna and Mindy both gave her odds looks, though very different ones, but it was Anna who spoke up first.

"Oh, c'mon, it can't be that bad. I mean, I'd have given anything to have a younger brother or sister. There's got to be something cool about it..."

Suddenly, Washout, who had a look of horror on her face, pushed away from the table and stood up. Looking around, and look of both pain and determination on her face, started walking. The junior was visibly shaking as she walked towards the table where Kayda Franks was talking with Elaine Schroepfer.

Back at the Underdogs' table, everyone watched this, stunned. Moments later, Dismiss gave a look of realization, and seemed to shrink visibly as she seemed to suddenly be fascinated with the plate in front of her. Everyone, even Alan, seemed surprised, and gave her questioning looks.

"What?" Trish finally spat, then stammered, "I... don't really know what's up, I just... listen, I can't talk about it, you have to ask Mindy, OK? She... please, just don't push her, I don't think she'll, uh, just let it go, all right?"

Out, damnéd Spot! Bad Doggy!
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3 years 3 months ago #45953 by Kettlekorn
Kettlekorn replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
"My parents died," spat the Imp.

"No," intoned her white and green clad antagonist. "I am your parents!"

"NOOooo... wait, what'chu talkin' 'bout, Sphincter? I had two parents. I only see one Sphincter."

"No, you see one Asterisk, but the Asterisk is a very inclusive symbol. Research regular expressions; they'll show it to be true!"

"I guess regularity is important when you're a sphincter, let alone one this full of shit."


"So how'd the two of you become one? Did you just stuff your heads so far up each other's asses you got stuck?"

"We were renewing our vows when we put on the rings we'd had made from a rare gem. As the rings slid into place, there was a flash of green and white light. And then..." He gestured at himself.

"By our assholes combined," shouted the Imp, "I am Captain Sphincter!"

"Exactly, but with less cheer and a lot more horrified screaming."

"I imagine. And where'd you find the sense of humor?"

"Well, the screaming wasn't exactly good for business, so I saw a therapist about it. He was useless, but I met a comedian in the waiting room." Asterisk peeled off a glove to reveal a shiny blue hand bearing a wedding ring. "You could say he rubbed off on me."

"Blue skin, huh? Please tell me you're not hiding a green mullet under there too."

"No comment."

I am the kernel that pops in the night. I am the pain that keeps your dentist employed.
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3 years 3 months ago - 3 years 3 months ago #46032 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Inspired by my daughter today.

"Daddy make a normal face," Angelica said, trying not to laugh.

"Like this?" Dennis replied, stretching his face so his chin was down near his chest and his eyebrows were high on his forehead.

His daughter covered his face with her hands, struggling to stifle her giggles. "No your normal face!"

Curling his lips inwards, puffing his cheeks out, and opening his eyes as wide as possible, Dennis grinned and managed to say, "OK, this is normal."

By closing her eyes, Angelica managed to not laugh. Putting her hands on her hips and glaring as best she could with her eyes shut she said, "DADDY! Look. Normal. Now!"

OK, sweety. Just a minute." Concentrating, the skin on his face turned into purple scales, his eyes went a dark amber with hourglass pupils, his nose and mouth merged into a small muzzle, and the brown hair on his head became soft quills covered in birdlike down of brilliant red and blue. "I'm normal now."

Opening her eyes, Angelica looked him over closely. "Good. Don't change again."
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3 years 3 months ago #46052 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Playing Dress-up with Épinette

Maybe the time of year was to blame, but Talia (short for 'Natalya Jane', formerly 'Jay') Declan did not recall her brother being thrust headfirst into the world of menswear with anything close to the enthusiasm being rained down on her. Whereas Mom took the opportunity to pass on all the accumulated wisdom that Hannah had escaped, Lily and Amy at least took some pity on her. They waited until Jimmy T and Metro had thoroughly traumatized her with just how closely an omni-shifter and an illusionist could scrutinize, critique, and advise, regarding clothing meant for the opposite gender - assuming either boy had one. Only then did the two young women drag Ribbon over to play dress-up, and help the newly minted young lady get a feel for the clothes and accessories she might want to wear.

'Anya, I thought girls just dressed nice to look good and sometimes impress a guy. To hear everyone here talk, it's a game that's more cut-throat than high-stakes poker!'

'Judging by your memories of poker, that's a more civilized game. The details have changed over the years, but a woman's wardrobe is no less complicated now than a tsarina's armoire or a boyar's armory.'

'Did women back then carry as many knives and holdouts as Metro's recommending?'

'I did say that poker was more civilized, didn't I?'

As it turned out, the inevitable shopping expedition started with Rogers' Fabric Boutique in Dunwich, as Doctor Beaulieu needed to procure clothes suited to her height and build. Five-inch titanium-reinforced stiletto heels were impressive on a woman who was practiced at wearing them with a skirt cut to just the right length. That they could double as weapons...


'Oh, yes.'

Evelyn and Cecilia were able to talk both Declan ladies into a couple of dresses neither one would have dared try on. However, an up-and-coming Army officer's wife in D.C. needed evening wear. Even if her daughter did gain control of her powers without needing to attend Whateley, there were formal evenings in her future now as well. But the cost of tailor-made dresses?

"Cecilia," Evelyn caught the shop-owner's attention, "He's not getting away with whatever he called in, so let's hear it."

"Believe it or not, your older son wasn't the only cook stirring the pot. He did request I release some fabrics for your use and did suggest that the Declans could take advantage of his lab allowance for Costuming I. "

Mrs. Declan mused, "That sounds... rather expensive. He honestly didn't seem the sort of boy to bother much with such things."

Talia shook her head. Some of what Mads considered acceptable daily wear was almost as mentally scarring as Jimmy Trauger's tips for how to pull the ensembles off, and Alyss' encyclopedic knowledge of how to remove them in tight spaces.

"Mrs. Declan, without going into confidential details I can safely say that Mads Jensen's more expensive tastes usually involve concealed body armor. He does have a couple of very good suits, if I say so myself."

"Mads. My brother, not in a uniform?" Lars remembered seeing him in uniforms from school and work, but otherwise it was Chez Goodwill.

"Lars dear, business and evening wear are practically uniforms. The key is figuring out the uniform of the day for the location and the job."

"I still have trouble picturing him with a tailor."

"Once you stop growing so fast and we can afford it, you'll be wanting to retain a couple of trusted tailors yourself. Ill-fitted armor makes for a miserable time of it, and you'll want any personal gear where you can get to it. "

"What about when he, um, you know?"

"Did anyone at that school ever discuss how easy it can be to trace a magician via personal items?"

"Oh." Lars' eyes widened. "Ohhhh. That's sneaky."

"If that's settled? Ladies, I'll warn you in advance that some of these designs came from the musings of a sixteen year old boy..."

It took very little time for the Declan ladies to notice that said teenager had some very unique? perspectives on modern feminine fashion. Combined with Cecilia's sense of style, knowledge of construction techniques, and uncanny ability for identifying Mrs. Ryan's moderating influences, what might have been a simple fitting became a master class in fashion.

"Cecilia, I think that somewhere between Talia's hemline and mine we might find something we both can wear..."

"Heh. You could hide a shotgun under a dress that long!"

"Son, that's why god invented roomsweepers."

"... could stop a bullet or two, you'd still have some hefty bruises."

"Couldn't I just wear a vest instead?"

"Under a rugby shirt or sweat shirt, maybe. Ballistic vests aren't considered formal wear where we'll be living."

"Toe caps and metatarsal protection? What for?"

"Some newly-minted Lieutenants only think they can dance. I wish I had a pair of shoes that sturdy when I was younger."

"No. No. No! No, way!"

"Just try the outfit on. You might be surprised. At least any pollen will brush right off."

"Oh my gawd."

"So! Talia. What plans do you have this weekend?"

"YOU are going to be on a plane, young man."

"New Year's plans?"


"D.C., with family, young lady."

'Can we cook, or what?'

'I'm so glad the doctors have us on the good drugs! Did he just make a pass at me in front of our parents?'

'I notice you didn't say no.'

'His brother's wierd enough for three people and a midget, but I can think of several girls who'd've said yes already.'

'As we've been saying: it's cut-throat competition from here on out.'

Forum-posted ideas are freely adoptable.

WhatIF Stories: Falconer: A Stranger Arrives in Town

Discussion Thread
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3 years 3 months ago #46065 by Rose Bunny
Rose Bunny replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
June 18th, 2007
3:15 AM
Little Rock, AR

Bobbi looked down at Tiffany, The taller girl was asleep, her head in Bobbi’s lap. Bobbi gently stroked her girlfriend’s hair. They had been on the run for over a month, The MCO still hot on their trail. In that time, the two girls had become close. The previous night, they made that tentative step past friends, and became lovers. Tiffany stirred, Smiling as she slept, secure with her lover.

Bobbi gently extricated herself from the role of pillow, and slunk to the boarded up window. The house they were in was dilapidated and condemned. Bobbi and Tiffany had been making their way east. Tiffany had called her mother and step-father, and had been told that things were still very dangerous in New Mexico. They loved her, but didn’t want her hurt. If they could make it to New Hampshire, her mother’s elder sister lived in Concord, and would take in the two. It was a long way, but neither girl had much in the way of family past their parents, and Aunt Frannie was the best bet.


Tiffany woke up to find that Bobbi had gone out scavenging again. It was dangerous, but being wanted, they couldn’t get jobs, even under the table ones. They had made it this far hitching rides, and hopping trains, but a couple days ago, they had a scare. A trucker had promised to take the girls as far as Memphis, but when they had gotten to the middle of nowhere, he attempted to attack the girls, looking to sexually assault them. Fortunately the girls were stronger, and fended him off, but they had been left miles away from anywhere. After climbing onto the back of a semi, at a small truck stop, they had made it to Little Rock.

Bobbi returned and saw her girlfriend still sleeping. She had managed to pilfer some pre-made sandwiches and a few candy bars and sports drinks from a gas station. The girls sat and ate in silence.

Tiffany frowned. “Bobbi dearest, I love you. I get so worried when you go out. Please let me help!”

Bobbi looked at the girl of her dreams. Tiffany was 6 foot tall, and blonde haired with ice blue eyes. She was a D cup, and had curves that supermodels would be envious of. She stood out too much. Bobbi had been gifted with exemplar looks, herself, but hers were easier to conceal. She stood at a little over five and a half feet tall, with brunette hair and hazel eyes, she was a C cup herself, her hips and waist provided above average curves, easily the type that would normally be considered for the ‘hottest girl in school’ type.

Bobbi leaned against her girlfriend. She had not been feeling that good. Her stomach ached, she felt tired and irritable. She felt a wetness in her underwear, and something dripping down her leg. Cautiously, Bobbi undressed and then she nearly screamed. She would have, if Tiffany hadn’t covered her mouth with her hand. Stroking the crying Bobbi’s hair, she held her sweetie until she fell asleep.

Tiffany resolved then and there to do her part. She carried her sleeping love to the nest of old blankets that had serves as their makeshift bed. First things first, they needed new clothes, water, and essentials. Both girls had been wearing the same clothes for a month. They smelled pretty bad, Tiffany admitted. Bobbi had no body hair, but Tiffany felt grossed out by her unshaven legs and pits.
Yep, she would need to fix this situation, and fast.

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3 years 3 months ago #46374 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
"Heh," the cashier chuckled, holding up the large bottle of cheap water, "did you know Evian water sells for 4 bucks, and this only sells for a dollar fifty."

"Really," Clark answered trying to sound interested, knowing he should make some comment, but having no idea what to say and no energy to worry about it.

"Yeah, I guess it's because of the fancy bottle. It's a square, and what water is square?" The cashier said, trying and failing to make polite conversation.

"Ice cubes," Clark answered without really thinking. He faked a little smile he didn't feel.

The cashier looked at him for a second, and then burst out laughing. "Hey you're right. I never thought of that."

"Have a good night," Clark said, grabbing his bag of drinks and leaving the little all night convenience store. He amazed himself at how cheerful he sounded. Reaching his car he sighed, trying to find some connection to reality, something that would make him feel alive again.

Sliding into the drivers seat he pulled onto the street and drove to work. He saw the road leading out of town and wondered what it would be like to just keep driving until he was out of gas, and then to get out and hitchhike somewhere, anywhere at all. He'd travelled the world when he was younger, he could do it again. Or he could hit the road they laughably called a highway and see just how fast his car could go around the hairpin corners. That would be interesting for a bit.

As the CD played a song he knew off by heart, he let out a scream at how his life had turned out.

Then he signalled and made a turn into his work place. The building was dark and he knew it would be a long, slow night with little to do.

He was early so he sat in his car, trying to work up the willpower to go inside. He could feel the ropes tying him to the town he hated getting tighter, If he didn't do something soon, he'd never leave. He'd grow old, bitter, and hopeless, an empty husk who could only live on dreams of the past and the crushed hopes of a future that had never come.

Getting out, he made sure to lock his door, stretching out the moment where he could pretend in the darkness that things were different.

Striding across the parking lot, he pasted on the smile that he used to greet his co-workers, thought of the witty things he could say to make them think that everything was all right with the world.

He was so lost in his little world he never saw the streak of light shooting through the air that destroyed the main entrance to his workplace.

Staggering to his feet, his face sunburnt, his clothes ruined, Clark didn't think only reacted. He saw a man in front of him wearing a costume, 'The Silver Streak', a voice in his mind told him, and ran to his side. His first aid course taken years ago, but kept fresh from studying came to the fore. His hands reached out to find a pulse even as his mouth asked if the superhero needed help. That was important to avoid getting sued if something went wrong.

Then Clark saw the piece of steel sticking out both sides of the hero's neck and noticed the growing pool of blood soaking into his pants. There was nothing he could do.

A gauntlet of black metal rose from the rubble of what had been the front desk and the surrounding wall. Dark red blood was dripping from the cracks.

"Shit," Clark whispered seeing the super villain. He couldn't remember the guys name, some big shot from Vancouver, halfway across the country. But he knew that the villain liked a large body count.

His instincts screamed at him to run, to hide. Something else made him look at the body of the fallen hero, he didn't know what he was looking for, a weapon, a shield, something. The adrenaline pumping through his veins made everything seem to move in slow motion, it felt like the last time he'd stopped a street mugging years ago.

His hand found a braclet under the long elbow length glove of the hero. He ripped at it, the metal chain shouldn't have broken, it was thick and felt like steel, but it had all the strength of a brittle twig.

The villain groaned, finally clearing the debris away so he could look around.

Clark scrabbled away from the hero and the villain, shoving the bracelet into his pants pocket while his body blocked it from view. The villain didn't waste time with words. A shaky hand rose and fired a bolt of energy into his back, sending him flying through the outside brick wall and the front of a car.

Clark laid there on the twisted metal and the remnants of the front seat, trying to catch his breath wondering why he wasn't dead. He smelled burning meat, and realized that his pants were on fire. Patting out the burning material he felt the braclet burn his palm. Pulling it out again, he saw the jewel in the centre glowing a sullen red.

He heard the villain screaming in rage tossing the hero's body into a wall. "WHERE IS IT?!"

Very quietly, Clark put the broken braclet into his other pocket and got out of the car. There was a thick chunk of cement lying on the ground with a piece of rebar sticking out of it. Grabbing it, Clark grinned ferally. He remembered that the Silver Streak had had super speed.

The grin got bigger as he ran at the unsuspecting villain, his impromptu weapon ready to swing.
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3 years 3 months ago - 3 years 3 months ago #46395 by Kettlekorn
Kettlekorn replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
"I don't get it," said Mary as she squinted at Teri's Halloween costume. She'd expected her to go as Tinkerbell, Navi, Thumbelina, or Paul Bunyan. Something that made sense. This? This was nonsense. She had a tiny version of one of those signs that people sometimes wear covering everything but her head, arms, and feet, but it didn't have any recognizable logos or slogans on it. Instead, it featured a beige background with an eye-watering series of concentric rectangles, each a slightly darker shade of beige than the one containing them. Each rectangle had illegibly small text above and sometimes below the next rectangle. "Are you supposed to be one of those index cards libraries used to track things before computers?"

"They had libraries before there were computers? Why? That makes no sense!"

"Of course they had libraries before computers, Teri! They've had libraries since ancient times. Ever hear of the Library of Alexandria?"

"Isn't that in Canada?"

"No! Ancient Egypt!"

Teri frowned in confusion. "But if they didn't have computers, why did they need libraries?"

"To read?"

"You can read in a library? I thought they were just where you go to print things when you don't have a printer."

"I- You- Yes, Teri. You can read in libraries. They're full of books. That's the whole point! If you go past the part with the computers, there are rows and rows of shelves. And those shelves are where all the little books live when people aren't reading them."

"Oh! Cool! Little books are exactly what I need!"

"No, that's not what I... you know what? Never mind. I give up. What's your costume supposed to be?"

"I'm a nest," said the proud little fairy.

Mary cocked her head. "I still don't see it. A nest made of index cards maybe?"

"No! I'm a nest of quotes! Duh!"

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3 years 3 months ago - 3 years 3 months ago #46440 by Rose Bunny
Rose Bunny replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Lucy waved to Mr. Adrianza as she walked past. He was always nice to her, even after cleaning up her… issues. Walking into Crystal Hall, she saw a girl looking around uncertainly. She walked over to the girl.

“Excuse me, are you lost?”, she asked in a friendly manner. The girl turned and looked at her. She was about Lucy’s height, with ice blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair up in a ponytail. She was slender, with slight curves. She had freckles and a tan. Lucy could tell it wasn’t one of those kind of tans one gets from idly laying about in the sun, no this was more like the hard working in the sun sort of tan.

She extended her hand to the girl. “Hi, they call me Host. I just got here a couple weeks ago, myself.”

The other girl took the offered and and shook it. “They call me Fidget.”

Lucy saw the usual gang filtering over to their first level seat. “Want to join my friends and I? we are about to have lunch together.”

Lucy led her over to the group’s table. One by one everyone filtered in, Backslide was first. Tanuki and Motherlode arrived shortly after.

Lucy stood up and introduced everyone to the new girl. Greetings were exchanged and then everyone sat down and small talk began.
eventually the subject turned to powers. after a recap of everyone’s powers, the new girl cleared her throat and fidgeted uncomfortably.

“My name is Jordan Owens. They… call me Fidget, I’m a Gadgeteer and an Exemplar.”, she said. “I grew up in Montana, on a sheep farm. My Great-Aunt and my Dad were there for me. When I manifested, Dad got scared. My mother had been killed by a mutant, and my big sister is a mutant. She graduated last year.”

After introductions and powers discussion, the group settled down and enjoyed lunch. The conversation lightened up, and turned to the usual things that teenage girls talk about, clothes, make-up, boys. By the time lunch was done, Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves.

High-Priestess of the Order of Spirit-Chan

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3 years 3 months ago #46474 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Concentrating as hard as he could, Joshua firmly bit into the burger his parents had picked up at some roadside restaurant. Gratefully he felt his teeth tear into the bun and meat. His stomach growled hungrily, and his parched mouth seemed to come alive as the condiments and juice of the meat brought him some much needed relief.
He saw his mother watching him, the look of fear and nervousness disappearing as she saw him chewing. His parents were already done their meals since it had taken him over twenty minutes to just pick up his burger.
Smiling with delight he swallowed the bite, and trying to keep his excitement at simply eating from making him lose control, he took another bite.
His moment of victory was destroyed as his father hit a pothole. Trying to remain in his seat while eating was too much and Josh found himself flying through the back of the car. He hit the road, which felt no harder than a waterbed and started rolling as cars drove through him.
As soon as he came to a stop, halfway through the hood of a truck, he jumped to his feet and ran as fast as he could towards his parents car. He didn't bother dodging the cars which had come to screeching halt, there wasn't any point as he passed through them with no more substance than a ghost.
Jumping through the back window, he grabbed the seat and willed himself to become a little harder. "Drive!" He shouted needlessly, his father was already pulling back onto the road, making the engine roar as they left before the police or MCO could be called in.

Staring at the fallen burger and the fries on the backseat, Josh forced himself to forget how hungry he was. He could eat later when they stopped.
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3 years 3 months ago #46499 by Katssun
Katssun replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread

For the third time this week, Jill Wilbur looked to the empty desk to her left, and hoped Madeline, the office gossip, was wrong. It was, like, super rare, but sometimes she got it wrong. Then Jill heard his voice and her heart sank.

"Good Morning Desiree! Morning Tom! Morning Hank. I got Sweetheart Donuts! Morning Jill!" J.D. Hassett passed by her desk with three boxes of donuts. The boxes were from Sweetheart Donuts, the really good donut place the next township over. Problem was, J.D. lived on the far side of this township. He never brought them in, but usually complained when people brought in donuts from national chains instead of Sweetheart's.

"Morning J.D." Jill replied automatically, noticing that his eyes lingered on the desk next to hers and a slight smug expression appeared at the middle of his lips. He tossed one box on the file cabinet outside her cubicle next to the Finance inbox and resumed his announcement as he barged down the aisle.

"Good Morning Adam! Got Sweetheart's! Morning Brendan! Rick...Good Morning..."

Jill swallowed hard and glanced back at Ernie's desk. He hadn't been seen since lunch on Tuesday. Rumors had flown he got picked up by the MCO. Jill had known. Ernie told her over IM a few months ago that he was a PK-1...but Jill didn't know what that had actually meant about him until she had looked it up late Wednesday at her apartment. Yesterday, the emails started swirling. Worst was the one from HR that Ernie's severance checks should be mailed to his emergency contact, his parents in Wisconsin. Jill had no idea how Hank, and by extension Madeline, had got ahold of that one. It had only been sent directly to her to process, nobody on Cc. Jill had hoped it was like a car accident or something.

She'd liked Ernie. He was quiet, sure. But he always helped her when she asked for it. Like the time she couldn't find that one pesky formatting error in her forecasting spreadsheet macro. The one she had to make from scratch because Sales didn't know their head from their asshole, and couldn't keep track of their travel hours if their jobs depended on it (it did, by the way). And Ernie had made the best banana bread.

But something had changed the last two months. Ernie had gotten irritable. Instead of being friendly with everyone nearby, talkative, he spent almost the entire day listening to music on his headphones. When she finally asked him over IM, Ernie admitted that he was pulling out the dental card from his wallet when J.D. had been nearby, complaining to Rick that he got screwed over by an injury or something. Some fantasy football nonsense instead of work as usual. But Ernie's MID had fallen out of his wallet onto his desk. He'd snapped it back up as quickly as possible, but he said he'd seen a cocky look from J.D. He'd seen it. They were pretty obvious from a glance, Jill admitted back. Depressed, Jill turned back to her financial estimates, hoping the focus would distract her. It didn't.

It was about two hours later that J.D. came back around, holding a cup of coffee, and a sprinkled donut. But he wasn't alone. Security had come with a copy paper box, and started packing up Ernie's personal things. "Doesn't it just feel...more productive around here, finally?" J.D. asked Desiree, "Like there's just less distractions around." The smug satisfaction on his face made her fume.

That was real rich coming from J.D. He spent half of each day badmouthing others and complaining about the work he had to do, and usually wasted all of Tuesday talking about fantasy football with Rick, and his jerk buddy Gavin from security.

Jill felt sick. Madeline had been right. It was last month that J.D.'s proposal to the Senior Managers hadn't gone so well. Of course he hadn't prepared at all, since he spent most of his week on fantasy football and blaming other people for his failings. Still, on the cost-estimate slide, there had been a pretty big error in his projections. Ernie had pointed it out, and Mr. Sykes from Purchasing confirmed it was off by a significant margin. But Ernie interjected that even with the error, J.D.'s overall assessment was correct. Madeline said that J.D. had ranted to Tracy for hours after that meeting.

Snapping back to the present, Jill just sheepishly smiled at J.D. He didn't hate mutants in particular, she knew that. Tracy, who worked a cube over from him, had said his laptop has a disgusting rotating set of backgrounds. They were like, "90 percent" paparazzi shots of heroines. Shots of Crucibelle's behind, Dr. Thunder in her form-fitting suit, a close of up Lioness' cleavage. But there was even a newer image from a perfume ad with a redhead who was clearly underage. It was just gross, Tracy had said.

Jill believed her.

As the guard, thankfully not J.D.'s friend Gavin, packed up the last of Ernie's things, Jill sighed deeply. Not even 10:30. She sighed again. Well, it wasn't the end of an accounting week. It would be okay. She just couldn't stand watching J.D. gloat a second longer. Jill fired off a quick email to her supervisor, and proceeded to make a show of it. She grimaced in front of J.D. and Desiree, placing a hand on her lower abdomen as she walked over to Madeline's cube.

"Maddy…do you have any heating pads?" she asked, fake cringing again. "I took some medicine, but it's just not helping today." Jill knew that Madeline never used heating pads, so there wasn't any risk of her actually being given one. Asking the office gossip ought to prevent any rumors that she was upset specifically because of Ernie, even if it was the truth.

"Sorry, Jill, I've never needed them for…that time." Lucky, Jill mused to herself. She faked another painful cramp, earning a look of sympathy from Madeline. "Geez, Jill, you should really take the day off if it's that bad. I could tell everyone you had a bad reaction to Indian food."

Oh God! She'd never live that down. "That's even worse Maddy!"


"Whatever. You can be honest with the girls. I already told Walter I wasn't feeling well today."

"Whatever you want darling…"


Jill grabbed her purse while J.D. was still being a real asshole to Tom. "Headed home, Jilly? Donut for the road? They're Sweetheart's…just like you."

"No thanks. Diet."

"Your loss…"

Jill stormed out of the office and slumped back into her Nissan. A bottle of sauvignon blanc would go a long way to helping her forget this day. Maybe two. That, a hot bath, and a good cry.
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