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The Micro-Scenes thread

3 years 3 months ago - 3 years 3 months ago #46517 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
"I hate these hick towns," Agent Jackson muttered as he drove over the cracked and pothole covered road.

"Why? I thought these little places were pretty good for dealing with mutants," Allen, his new partner and trainee said, looking eagerly out the window.

"Some of them are," Jackson admitted. "In a lot of them you can wave some money around and the people will tell you anything you want, half of it made up just so they can get more money. In others they're so terrified of mutants, our job is usually to collect a corpse. But then you've got a few where as long as the mutant is friendly and doesn't show off, they look at the MCO as outsiders going after one of their own. So mostly we either spend all of our money on a wild goose chase that pans out maybe thirty percent of the time, or we get told lies and never find the person we're looking for. And even then we still spend money on those lies because there's a chance they'll be true."

Allen didn't say anything but he got a really thoughtful look on his face as he scanned the town.

They pulled up to a restaurant and bar, the only place that had any activity in the late evening, and where they'd gotten a report of a mutant working as a waiter. Getting out Jackson made sure his sidearm was concealed but still easy to reach.

Stepping inside he saw a crowd of about twenty men near the bar, drinking their beers and jawing about sports. A few family's sat around the edge of the restaurant. They had a weatherbeaten look to most of them and their clothes were mostly jeans and plain t-shirts, which made Jackson and his partner stand out in their crisp suits.

All talking stopped and the bartender turned the music off before ducking back into the kitchen.

A big, bald man with a bit of a gut, stood up still holding his beer. "Gentlemen, are you looking for a drink?"

"No sir," Jackson said, trying to keep things nice and formal. He pulled out his badge and held it up for everyone to see. "We're with the MCO, we're here to speak to an unregistered mutant. Just a formality to make sure he isn't dangerous."

"And did you gentlemen happen to talk to the sheriff about this." the bald man asked.

"Since this isn't an official matter we thought it was best to keep this informal. It saves on paperwork and there's no reason to make this seem more serious than it is," Jackson lied. Once they had the mutant alone they could provoke him into doing something stupid and take it from their.

The man smirked. "I happen to know a thing or two about the MCO, and one thing is that you can't come waltzing into my town asking questions without the say so of the sheriff. And since I'm the sheriff and I would sooner ask a rattler for help, then call the MCO, I'd recommend you just get back in your car and drive away."

"That's not strictly true," Jackson started.

"It's true in this town and for about fifty miles in every direction. We all know how you made that girl over in East Carson disappear a while back. You aren't taking anymore of our children unless they've killed someone," the sheriff said.

"We are trying to keep people safe, just like you," Allen said.

The sheriff turned and walked to the bathroom. "Well then you'd best get to work," he said before disappearing.

Jackson grabbed his partners arm. " Let's go."

"But we can't just leave it like this," Allen insisted, not noticing the look of the crowd or how the families were making their children look away.

Jackson reached for his sidearm, "We're lea-"

He never got the chance to finish as the bar tender and the cook each broke a chair over his and his partners heads.

When they came to a few minutes later, sitting in their car, the sheriff was crouched down staring in the window. "Don't you gentlemen worry," he said cheerfully, "even though no one got a good look at your attackers, I'm going to question everyone to get to the bottom of this. But for your own safety I'd recommend leaving town. Don't worry I got all your information written down and can contact you whenever I want."

Rubbing his head, the concussion kept Jackson from saying anything, he simply nodded and fumbled with his keys to start the car. Ignoring the sheriffs happy wave of goodbye, Jackson hoped he'd be able to reach the nearest town where he and Allen could check into a hospital to deal with their injuries. The sheriff was right, waiting around in town for help would be a mistake.

"I hate these hick towns," he mumbled.
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3 years 2 months ago - 3 years 2 months ago #46545 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Toronto Canada, 1965

Big Joe stood in the middle of Yonge St. staring at the vigilante through the narrow eye slots of his armour, the enormous metal axe that was his main weapon swung idly in his right hand. The newspaper reporters were busy snapping pictures as the police tried to clear the street, but it was the meeting everyone had been talking about for weeks ever since the vigilante calling himself the Canuck had made an appearance.

Now the armoured policeman and the superhuman vigilante hero would talk, and maybe fight.

Inside his handmade armour, the pilot was sweating. He'd fought a few super criminals, but they were mostly wizards or weak science experiments gone wrong. Now he faced a power house who had torn a criminals car in two. He wasn't sure if his armour could handle the strain. He took a moment to touch the picture of his wife and then hit the button for the loudspeaker.

"Canuck," he said, his amplified voice echoing off the buildings, "you've done a lot of good in the last few weeks, but Canada doesn't have a place for vigilantes."

The masked vigilante rose into the air hovering just a little higher than Big Joe's impressive ten foot height. The simple red and white bandana sewn onto the red hood covered most of his face making it impossible to see his expression, but the body language said it all, he wasn't listening. Despite that Big Joe continued.

"Come with me to the station, and we will sign you up as a special constable. We'll teach you the laws, proper procedures, you'll have back up, and even a regular pay check. You won't get that working alone."

'Please, please, please, agree,' Big Joe silently pleaded.

"And what if I say no?" The Canuck asked with a faint English accent.

Big Joe felt his stomach clench with fear. Still he forced himself to continue. "Then it will be my duty to take you in. We must keep the peace, and vigilantes are not above the law. I've seen the good you've done so far, working with me and the police here you can do so much more."

"I doubt that. I doubt that very much."

"You'd be surprised about what we have to offer, let's go somewhere a little more private where you and I can discuss things, and see if we can work something out." Even as he said the words, he knew the vigilante would refuse. He'd seen similar reactions from criminals who could be offered a great job and a future but would throw it away for one more chance at scoring it big, the violence, the living on the edge, the chance to show society they could live by their own rules was too intoxicating.

The Vigilante rose higher into the sky. "You can't offer me anything I don't already have. I'll keep these streets safe, and hand over every criminal I catch to the police. But that's as far as our partnership will go."

The snipers on the roofs surrounding the street heard their cue and took their shots. The bullets couldn't break through whatever shield the Vigilante had, but the noise and the sudden, unexpected attack threw him off balance. As he jerked around trying to find the person who shot him, Big Joe fired off his anti-tank missile straight into the vigilantes back. That managed to hurt the seemingly impervious man, making him fall to the road clutching his ribs.

Rushing forward Big Joe raised his axe and pushed his mechanical arms to their limit bringing the blade down onto the vigilantes head.

The vigilante raised his hands and caught the blade, wrenched it from Big Joes grasp and tossed it through a building.

"Shit," Big Joe said jumping back and firing every gun he had point blank into the man.

As the crowd scattered, the police opened fire to support Big Joe. The two titans ignored it as they grappled throwing each other along the street as if they were rag dolls.


Big Joe crawled out of his armour which was little more than scrap metal, the mask that hid his face was dripping with blood from a nasty gash along his temple and his broken nose. An officer helped him climb awkwardly to his feet and leant him a shoulder to lean on as they walked to the fallen Vigilante.

Police, the ones who hadn't gotten injured in the fight, were wrapping the unconscious and badly beaten man in chains that typically moored cargo ships while medics hung back until they were sure the prisoner was secure.

"Damn," Big Joe wheezed. "I wish he'd been smarter." He tried to say more, but he hurt too much. Instead he let himself be half carried to a waiting ambulance where his wounds could be taken care of in peace.
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Project Serenity Logbook


My new Mundanity Emission System continues to outperform the Boredom Emission System across most metrics, especially error recovery. It does seem to interact sub-optimally with magic-induced hallucinations, however. While performing today's second period lecture, I was midway through the egg juggling phase of my standard Tuesday test pattern and thinking about lunch when I was struck by the realization that the topology of a pitahaya extruded into five dimensions would make a reasonable facsimile of the Waite-Hendricks Manifold in its meta-isoclinic configuration. While attempting to extend this relation to other configurations, I experienced a distraction induced error in juggling, resulting in a plurality of eggs being given trajectories intersecting with my vegetative pupils. I really must commend Richard for his advice regarding the suggestibility waveform in the MES, as it performed outstandingly; unlike the spectacle this incident would have caused if I were still using the BES, the MES allowed me to simply shout something incoherent about Beltane and then resume singing the lecture. I examined the video footage afterwards to get the precise timing: within 3.2 seconds, all but one student had sighed and resumed the glazed state, heedless of the eggs soaking into their clothing.

The outlier, Flytrap, had been exposed to one of Absinthe's glamour charged fairies during her brief moments of startled lucidity. Rather than losing focus like the others, he instead rose from his seat and began using notebook paper to scrape the egg off his pants while muttering about somebody called Birdo. That codename is unfamiliar to me, so I presume it refers to a fictional or mythical character. At any rate, when he finished cleaning himself, he looked up and quite clearly witnessed me watching him from atop my unicycle as I continued the lecture. Fortunately, he seemed to attribute the sight and sounds to another hallucination. He disposed of his soiled papers and returned to his seat, and after a few minutes his eyes were no longer tracking as I gesticulated. The total duration of Flytrap's lucidity was 218 seconds. Upon completion of the lecture, he left the classroom grumbling about Beltane as vociferously as his fellow classmates. If my math is correct, I believe that Beltane and myself are now even.

Further testing will be required to determine whether magical hallucinations in general override the mundanity field, or if it is something particular to Absinthe's glamour or an interaction with Flytrap's warper abilities. For that matter, other sorts of illusions and hallucinatory effects should be tested as well. That new lab assistant, Roulette, let slip recently that she has been known to bake the occasional batch of special brownies. Perhaps her expertise in this matter will prove beneficial. Otherwise I may have to risk soliciting volunteers from Le Carnival, and Security is still monitoring me after the last time.

I am the kernel that pops in the night. I am the pain that keeps your dentist employed.
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Cheyenne, Wyoming

"Where is the backup?!" Officer Shepard shouted into the radio, trying to ignore the dead and dying that covered the street.

"The National Guard is at least an hour away. We should have a hero team there in fifteen minutes," came the response.

Leaning around the overturned police car, Shepard saw the bird like rager stab the Cheyenne heroine Calamity through the shoulder with a wickedly curved talon. The woman screamed and began desperately kicking against the feathered chest trying to break free as she shot a pistol point blank in the mutants face.

"Not soon enough! Where is the SWAT or MCO?"

"Dead or wounded. Yo-"

Lightning filled his vision hitting the two combatants. The shockwave tossed Shepard through the air, breaking his radio. His body was numb and every hair on his body was trying to stand on end. He stared dazedly at the cloudy sky which didn't look capable of throwing lightning. Coughing he looked back at the fight, the rager was on its back smoke rose from its chest, it was trying to pat out the flames burning its feathers. His eyes went to Calamity who was throwing up, her skin a brilliant red.

He rolled onto his knees and crawled to the police car. The shotgun was close to where he'd dropped it, picking it up he used it to get to his feet. Leaning against the car, he propped the gun on a wheel and took aim at the rager.

The rager shrieked and came up, its deadly talons ready to kill. Calamity staggered, trying to get to her feet, but fell to her knees again. Raising her pistol, she rocked from side to side, smoke rising from her skin.

The shotgun would never kill the rager, but it would distract him buying Calamity some time. Shepard took his shot, the recoil nearly took him off his feet. Leaning into the shot he fired again.

He got off four shots before the rager was on top of him. He felt the talons tearing into his stomach, a miracle kept the shotgun in his hands, another one let him raise it up to fire a shot that snapped the beaked head back. A split second later Calamity's pistol fired and Shepard got to watch the ragers eye explode as a bullet destroyed it and entered the brain.

As Shepard and the rager fell, he distantly heard Calamity scream. Painlessly he hit the ground, his eyes still open, the last thing he saw were the roaring flames leaping from her body.
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3 years 2 months ago - 3 years 2 months ago #46617 by Katssun
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Arcata, California

Jessenia Dia still couldn't believe the outpouring of love that her newly adopted home continued to give her. The small city in Northern California had been the first to offer she and her family a place to stay when a missionary from the Sisters of Mercy had put out a request to relocate her family from Nicaragua.

The Stolitz family had been a little hesitant once they'd seen her, but after a few weeks, Jessenia felt like Rupert, the youngest, would do anything to defend her, and Wendy felt like a friend she'd known for years.

There had been rumors of both the MCO and DPA poking around the city, but oddly enough, the townfolk had come out in unison to deny that she and her family were anything more than a Humanity First rumor. Now that the Dia's had lived in Arcata with the Stolitz' clan for 4 months, Jessenia was finally starting to feel like her life had returned to normal, like before she had manifested. Almost.

Jessenia spent most of her time translating for her parents and little brother. It was hard to remember that while things were easy for her as an Exemplar-3, the transition would never be so easy for her parents, both nearly in their late 30s and having barely spoken any English in their life. Joseph was picking it up rather quickly, thankfully, and had been making friends with the Dumas twins next door.

"Jessie, breakfast!" Rupert called down the hallway. Shaking the distractions, Jessie pressed her three sets of limbs together and offered a quick prayer to St. Alban for the mercy she and her family had been given. One of these days she would get a handle on using just one pair. She shrugged into a pair of jeans and tied off her halter top before she headed downstairs for breakfast.

Though the Stolitz family pretended it didn't bother them, at least not anymore, Jessenia was still self-conscious about the way she ate. She sat down at the table, her six arms not really having any idea how to handle themselves. Harriet Stolitz put a plate of steak and eggs in front of her, and she smiled that carried though all six of her front eyes. She quickly grabbed the fork and knife with her second set of arms and, as discretely as she could, injected digestive juice into the steak before settling back into her seat. She dribbled a little bit more onto the eggs and waited as the rest of the two families sat down for breakfast. Rupert was having cold cereal as usual, while Wendy was content with a toaster pastry and a glass of orange juice. Jessenia felt awkward as her stomach juices went to work on her meal. There really wasn't anything else she could do in the meantime.

Thankfully, Wendy broke the silence and the two shot back rumors about their classmates, while Wendy's parents complained about the local zoning board. Her own parents sat at the breakfast table confused at the rapid-fire English, but she'd bring them up to speed later.

Her own breakfast had taken long enough to pre-digest, Jessenia picked up the ball of meat and eggs with her spoon and let her inner chelicerae flick bits of the protein down her throat.

One day, she hoped she'd get used to this.
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"Gary, did you hear something upstairs?" Margaret asked, looking up from her tablet.

"It was probably just the dog," Gary replied, rubbing his eyes and putting a big bowl of popcorn on the living room table. He wondered why he had made so much, usually he and his wife only had a small bowl each but there was enough there for at least four people. "Weird."

Margaret leaned towards the stairs. "I'm certain I heard someone up there, it sounds like a child crying."

"You're right, I hear it to."

Together they went up the stairs, following the crying to the guest room. Pushing the door open a little they saw a teenage boy comforting a younger girl.

"Who are you?" Margaret asked, as Gary looked around the room wondering how the kids had gotten inside.

"Mommy!" the girl shouted, running over to hug Margaret.

"Oh Sandy, why are you crying?" Margaret asked.

"I-I..." the little girl stumbled to a halt.

"She fell and hurt her knee, Mom, Dad," the boy said.

"Well I'm glad you were here to comfort her Mitch," Margaret said, giving him a smile of approval.

"Come on kids, I have popcorn waiting downstairs," Gary told them.

"Great, we'll just get cleaned up and be right down. And don't forget we're going to go clothes shopping tomorrow, Sandy and I have both outgrown our old stuff," Mitch said.

"Right, you both are growing like weeds. You need lots of clothes."

"And I could use a new bed."

"Oh yes," Margaret said. "I've seen your bed in the basement and it's a miracle it hasn't fallen apart yet."


Mitch watched their 'parents' go back downstairs, and breathed a sigh of relief. Turning to his sister he gave her another hug. "You've got to stop crying so much, Sandy."

"But I miss our real Mom and Dad," she said rubbing her face on his shoulder.

"They don't want us anymore, so these nice people are going to have to do until we figure something else out. Don't worry, I'll always be with you. I won't let anyone hurt us," Mitch assured her, kissing her on the cheek.
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2007 October 30, 1955

Security Auxiliary Mads Jensen was feeling oddly on edge as he and his companion walked along the southwest edge of campus in the deepening twilight. Not that this was unusual itself, but... he just had a weird sense that shit was about to hit the fan again. Maybe it was the stories about last Halloween - or just the approach of the Thinning of the Veil itself.

It was probably nothing. Once whichever one of the Turd Squad assholes was going to be relieving him and Officer Forster showed up, he'd head back to...

A glimmer of light caught his eye.

Turning, he gaped as a lime-green portal opened up before him, disgorging a girl some years younger than him in a blue and yellow track suit. The girl gasped for air for a moment, then scrabbled at the odd device on her forearm, before passing out. He heard shouting and pistol fire, and a laser bolt from the other side of the portal barely missed him just as the gateway closed.

Deja vu... thought Mads, staring at the fist full of bottle caps that spilled out of the new arrival's hand.

Out, damnéd Spot! Bad Doggy!
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3 years 2 months ago #46648 by Domoviye
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JG wrote:

mhalpern wrote: You know I kinda want to see them try to use Ribbon as a hostage, because despite appearances, she'd be the worst hostage EVER...

No, I'm pretty sure the Imp would actually be the worst hostage ever.

Whateley, Early December

Teri flew alongside the road leading to Dunwich, keeping close to the trees and bushes to keep herself from being seen. Since the school hadn't given her a pass into town for Christmas shopping she had to do it discretely. She didn't know why they were giving her such a hard time about it, Unstoppable had made such a pretty Christmas tree. She hadn't even shoved the pole up where it belong to hold him in place, she should have been rewarded for her restraint.

A red wall rose up in front of her.

"Oh pretty!" she squealed, seeing that she was in the middle of a red hexagon. Sitting in the air she watched a group of adults come out of the woods.

"Is that a student?" a man wearing a red suit asked.

"Yes it is," a pretty woman answered. "My contact gave me a photo with her in it. What's your name girl?"

Spinning upside down just to mess with her, Teri chirped, "Teri! What's yours?"

"Heaven. Now we don't want to hurt you-"

"That's good. You're pretty, and so is this hexagon. Are you making it?"

"No. Pay attent-"

"Are you new teachers? Are you going to get me in trouble for not staying on campus? Because I have totally good reason to be off campus. Mary, my roommate is feeling down. And she really likes this type of chocolate bar you can't get on campus. So I was just hopping out to get her one, because that will make her feel really happy. I promise I wasn't going to do anything bad, like dumping that mean boy who threw a snowball at me in the snow again. And I wasn't going to dig my way into a snowmans head and scare little kids by pretending the head is haunted either. I learned my lesson the third time. And I won't go-"

The group shared a confused look as Teri kept talking, and talking, and talking. Finally Heaven shouted, "TERI! You're not in trouble for sneaking off campus."

She let out a big sigh of relief. "Great. So is this some kind of test to see how ready I am to beat up bad guys? Because if it is, I think I failed. But I demand a retest! I didn't know this was going to happen, and it's totally unfair, five adults against one student, and attacking from ambush. I can't let something like this lower my martial arts mark, I am doing so good in that class, I'm expecting at least an A. GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE! I'll prove to you I can handle anything. Come on, come on, come on..."

"Teri. Shut up. Why can't you listen. If you'll stop talking for a minute." Heaven tried to get the girl to shut up in vain. It didn't seem like the girl knew how to shut up.

"Stop talking!" Jackalope shouted, grabbing the tiny fairy in his gauntlet.

Looking up at him innocently, Teri smiled, "All you had to do was ask. I know when to shut up. It's not like it's a hard thing to do. See I'm shutting up. No one has to tell me twice. You won't hear a word out of me."

He gave her a couple of hard shakes, grabbed her by the ankles and pulled down so her mouth was covered by his finger. "Now maybe you'll listen."

"Hm-mph," Teri said.

"Teri, pay attention," Heaven said. "We are looking for Imp, do you know where she lives?"

"Hm-mph, gph tf ths t-th, dffpht fkltws, ssswthee-"

Slapping her forehead, Haeven looked at the sky as if asking for strength. "Jackalope, please let her speak."

As soon as the finger moved enough to let her speak understandably, Teri shut up.

"Well aren't you going to tell us?"

"Tell you what?" Teri asked.

"Where the Imp lives."

"But I just told you," Teri said. "Did you want me to write it down for you? Because if you do I'll need a pen, paper and my arms. But I'd be happy to write it down, I know that not everyone can remember things as well as I can. I know that everyone thinks it's impossible for me to be smart because of how small I am. But my brain works really well. Does your brain work well?"

"Jackalope, persuade her."

Jackalope squeezed his gauntlet with a sadistic grin. His gauntlet started to glow.

"OH! AH!" Teri gasped. "A little harder with your middle finger please. Oh that's so nice. I've had a cramp there all morning. Have you ever thought about becoming a masseuse? I know a lot of pixies who would love this."

"Is she insane?" the Hexagon demanded.

Crimson Kid began to glow. "Give her to me, I'll make her scream."

"HOT POTATO!" Teri screamed, slipping out of the green gauntlet the second it loosened to pass her around. Instead of flying away into the sky or the woods she made a beeline for Heaven's bosom, sliding in between the warm fleshy globes like a fish in water, much to the embarrassment of Heaven and the astonishment of everyone.

"Oh this is so warm! I could stay here all day!"

"Get out of there!" Heaven shrieked, reaching into her coat and top.

Teri dug her claws into the sensitive flesh, making the woman yelp in pain. "NEVER! You made me get all cold staying still outside, so now I'm warming up."

"What do we do now?" asked Provoker.

"Well you could ask nicely how to get into Whateley, I can't wait to see what happens once you get there," Teri said from her special place of honour.

"I am so going to kill the Imp as slowly and brutally as possible once this is over," Heaven said.


Just After Dark

"You're sure this is the place," Provoker asked, staring at Heaven's cleavage from which Teri's head emerged. "The map says it's forbidden."

Teri nodded happily. "Sure, they just don't like people going in there because the Pixies will eat them. I go in all the time to play hide and seek with them."

"Then you won't mind guiding us, will you?" Heaven asked.

"Nope, it will be fun, and security won't bother you until you come out the other side. They have sensors there to keep students out. Are you ready for the sensors?"

"They won't be a problem."

"How about dinosaurs?"

"Dinosaurs," Crimson Kid asked.

"Yeah, we've got one, and a giant spider, and a dragon, and a Sasquatch, and a couple of angels, and a succubus. Than there's two grizzly bears, a mountain lion and a buffalo. And we have a snake girl, and a girl who looks like a Hindu goddess, and another who looks like a demon. And there's at least one elf queen, and a couple of dark elves. And we've got an anime girl and a part time vampire queen."

"We can deal with anything that comes up," Heaven insisted. "And we don't plan on meeting anyone except Imp anyways. It's a school, how hard could it be? Now Jackalope, Hexagon and Crimson Kid you will go through this forest and take out the security center. After you've done that come around and meet us at the Imp's apartment."

"OH! OH! OH!" Teri shouted. "Can I go with them. This will be fun to watch!"

Heaven slapped at her breasts trying to hit Teri's head only to smack her own flesh as Teri slide down. "You'll stay with me where you won't cause any trouble."

"Aw! You're no fun!"


Ten bottles of beer on the wall, tens bottle beer, you take one down and pass it around and 9 bottles of beer on the wall," Teri sang quietly.

"SHUT UP!" Heaven hissed through gritted teeth. "We're here, if you don't want your teachers and friends getting hurt, you will SHUT UP!"

"OK," Teri said, pushing herself up from her warm, if sweaty position, so she could see the fun.

Heaven and Provoker had made it to the fence and the tech villain was busy using some fancy devise on the fence. A minute later he cut a hole in it and slide through followed by Heaven. They both touched a devise on their arm turning themselves invisible.

"Oh this is going to be exciting!" Teri hissed through her hands, giggling like a school girl.

"Are you that excited to see your teacher get killed?" Heaven asked.

"Nope, I was just waiting for the Headmistress to show up," Teri shouted, pointing at the sky.

There was a flash of light and the invisibility devises shorted out, revealing the two villains to Headmistress Carson. Teri seeing her cue took off, taking Heaven's coat, shirt and bra with her as she did.

"Hi, Headmistress, I can explain everything! I really wasn't sneaking off or anything I was kidnapped!" Teri exclaimed, apparently not realizing she was holding several articles of clothing that were far too big for her.

Heaven created her wings and holding her sword with one hand tried to cover her naked breasts with the other hand, too furious to talk. Provoker raised his own gun, but he wasn't pointing it at the headmistress, instead he was focused on the teachers and security who were advancing on them from the woods and buildings, encircling them.

"Teri, we've been tracking you since you left the campus, we'll discuss your punishment later," Carson said motioning for the girl to move. Focusing her attention on the two villains her eyes flared with anger. "As for you two, we managed to drag your three companions out of the glade before they were lost forever. They should recover soon. You can come peacefully, or you can spend the next several days in the hospital beside them. Decide now."

As the villains dropped their weapons, Teri waggled her butt at them from behind Carson's head.
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2007 October 31, 1330
As the rest of the school - and Ophelia - prepared for Halloween, Raul Tenant was checking on the newest 'special guest' of the school. They had got her out of the jumpsuit she was in, but had to cut the cloth off around the right arm where something that appeared to be a wrist computer of some kind was attached. They couldn't tell if it was actually attached cybernetically or not, but they couldn't find a way to remove it either, and didn't want to scan it with a CT or any kind of devise scanner unless they were certain doing so wouldn't harm the patient.

Nurse Hatfield has told him that she was showing signs of wakefulness, so called he Dr. Cannell, the psychologist who had agreed to handle her case, and asked him to come down in case there were any problems. He arrived just as the girl, who appeared to be about thirteen years old, started to open her eyes.

"Where.. I... " she groaned.

Tenant gave a nod to Cannell, who told her, "You are in a safe place. This is a hospital not far from where you first showed up here. You will need to rest, but we will have to ask you some questions."

She looked at him oddly, as if she was having trouble following his words. Groggily, she replied, "OK... I gurss... sound strenge, like diffint dial... dia... talking." She seemed to struggle with the words for a moment.

Dr. Tenant proceeded. "That's all right, I think you may be far from home. Can you tell me what your name is?"

"Prenda... no, not like da, like in dee Capader... I'm, I'm... Apprentice Scribe March Wilzon." she finally forced out with great effort of will.

No sooner did she say that than a look of dismay came over her face. "They took... took ma ranking... not in Broserhad no mo, mut..mutant... oh no... that, th-... da makeen in dee vawl take my, my..." Sobbing, she tried to turn away from the two doctors, eventually falling back to sleep.

Dr. Tenant called for the nurse and told her to let Dr. Cannell know when the girl was awake again. As the two doctors left the room and walked toward Raul's office, Tenant said, "Well, Roger? What the Hell can you make of that?"

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Note: I was going to wait a bit longer to post this, but I really can't resist the urge to move things forward. Damn muse. I have one more part almost ready, but after that it's anyones guess if I will continue this.

August 12th, 2286
Brotherhood of Steel F.O.B., Berlin Freehold

March Wilzon tried to keep his... no, her eyes turned down to the ground, not wanting the see the hateful stares of the two Knights who were guarding the ancient jail they had her locked up in. One of them was her uncle March, whom she was named after. Not that it really fits any more she thought bitterly. She tugged at the cuffs of the old Vault 70 uniform she had awoken in. Presumably, she had put it on - along with the Pip-Boy, though how she'd gotten it on was anyone's guess - sometime during the month she was trapped down there, after the expedition went south. It was all a blur, now.

She knew that the only reason Paladin Wallace had kept her alive after she mutated was because of the machine she built in the frenzy she went into as her body changed. No, not the machine, the people who came through the machine. Whoever this 'Precentor Kingman' was, it seems that in their universe, like hers, there were those who saw themselves as having a mission to protect others from themselves - and from the Tech that was left behind by their ancestors.

She felt like she had failed everyone, especially Uncle March, who had been the one to recommend that he - she - serve as Scribe Collins' apprentice on the expedition into this region.

Despite all, she couldn't help wonder about some of what she had overheard the people from this 'Word' had told Wallace. How could it be the 23rd century in one world, but the 31st in another? How could both of those worlds be the same Earth, and what was this stuff about a 're-conquest'? While she was as educated as anyone born to the Brotherhood, despite her poor start in life, it seems that the Old Americans hadn't know anything about portals through space and time. She was even more puzzled by the communications she had gotten from yet another world, rantings of some madman calling himself 'Cave', or something like that.

She shuddered to think of all those super-mutants she knew her own family had hunted down and killed in the name of the Brotherhood of Steel in the time since Arthur Maxson had found their unit, so long cut off from the rest, and brought them back into the Brotherhood... and now h- she was one of THEM. Self-loathing warred with survival instinct, and with this odd new impulse she now was driven by, this need to build. To create. To devise things never see before.

She wanted to know why they hadn't executed her yet, but was afraid to find out.

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