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The Micro-Scenes thread

2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 11 months ago #49473 by Rose Bunny
Rose Bunny replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
*Commercial begins*

VIDEO: Montage of pretty girl with dark hair and blue eyes in a white cotton sun-dress frolicking and playing in a forest clearing

VOICE-OVER: My name is Julie, and when it comes to clothing, for me it's 100% pure cotton, or it's nothing at all.

JINGLE: ♪ The touch, the feel of cotton, the fabric of our lives

*Commercial ends*

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2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 11 months ago #49502 by Rose Bunny
Rose Bunny replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Lucy walked back to her dorm with her head down. She looked around carefully for any sign of bullies or threats. While it was true that there had been a stoppage in attacks and stalking, She knew that several of the UVs and bullies were anxious to get her back for the 'scare incident" a couple months prior. Heh, had it really only been a couple months? Everything was upside-down in her life. She had finally recovered physically from her torture, but the emotional and mental scars were still there. Donnie was probably dead, and now there was the latest complication.

Dr. Tenent had just dismissed her from the hospital, after they had examined the discolored patch of skin. She hadn't noticed it herself, Roulette had spotted the lesion on her back that morning during morning shower rush. It was determined to be necrotic tissue by the doctors. Samples had been taken and a full physical had been ordered, much to Lucy's dismay. After determining that the tissue was, for now, spreading at a slower rate than Lucy's regeneration, they put her on a regimen of medications, and allowed her to resume her daily activities. Still, Lucy was worried by what Belphoebe had said to her the other day, about complications from not having Donnie joined to her.

Turning mid-stride, Lucy decided to head for Melville Cottage. Looking around, Lucy was dazzled by the pure opulence of the cottage, once inside. Almost backing into Jadis Dibolik while looking around, she apologized, and asked if Belphy were in.

Jadis frowned and nodded before giving instructions on how to get to the room Belphy shared with Jobe. Something about the girl unnerved Jadis, but she didn't know what. She knew all about Lucy Jensen, and the circumstances of her missing twin. She frowned again, thinking about twins in trouble reminded her of Phobos and Deimos. Whatever Lucy needed, she hoped that things would go better for her than they had for the terror twins.

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2 years 11 months ago #49518 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
High Autumn, or Harvest Home, Some fine port, from which the last honest ship long ago has sailed

Arek awoke with the arrival of the early morning onshore breeze. The light scents of seaweed and salts reminded him of his wilder days in the east. Those youthful adventures now served him far better than they'd seemed destined to, leading in multiple ways to his current position and posting. Moreover, he'd just finished his assigned husbandry duties this past fortnight: the Overseer may not have liked one detail or another, but the miscegenated worthy had to admit that Arek had filled the number and the letter of his assignment. The quality and number of individual hides he brought in proved testament to that.

To be sure, the high gentry of this Court hadn't forbidden him to make his annual quota amidst local stock: they simply hadn't thought that one might make quota from those they considered theirs. Or perhaps they'd expected the half-bred Eastern emissary to fail his duties should he not search further abroad - the further in their eyes the better, he expected.

Thinking on those hides he'd been allotted as his portion, he fancied he'd manage a fine waistcoat and gloves. Perhaps a parasol could be commissioned for use as a favor? If nothing else, he could indulge one of his many vices, and use the thin leather obtained as parchment onto which some of the scrolls he favored could be inscribed. These and other cheerful thoughts occupied Arek's morning, before consuming a simple luncheon of the remaining sweetmeats and sauntering out to conduct the afternoon's business.

Indeed, the annual cull had gone well as far as could be officially recognized. If the herds in their hovels and imitations of keeps grew just that least bit more wary of their lords and predators, then the merrow-born petty noble's work was just that much more a success! No matter if in the darkest hours of the night, after courtly revels ended, he might be found retching into a chamberpot - the price of aping Western customs - what of it? His job, and therefore what little he owned for a conscience that hadn't been hocked for one thing or another, was clear.

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WhatIF Stories: Falconer: A Stranger Arrives in Town

Discussion Thread
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2 years 11 months ago #49585 by Katssun
Katssun replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
The Black Mask, Late 2007

Linda was refilling the salt shakers when she started to notice that the main room was getting a bit agitated. Close to the end of the week and also the quarter? Loans were getting called in, and everyone was a little on edge. Heart rates were up, forceful exhalation through nostrils, fingers strumming on tabletops, voices were getting strained and excitable.

She used the two center sets of her tympanic membranes to emit a penetrating low-frequency, fluttering thrum through the entire bar. Most people, even supervillains, tended to respond well to sounds that were close to a cat's purring, especially when she kept it soft and low, and they had no idea where it was coming from. It was far from the first time she'd used this trick. One she vastly preferred to the debilitating cacophony she had learned to produce in times of need. It certainly disturbed fewer customers in the end.

Linda flitted through the room, depositing full salt and pepper shakers at all the tables before scanning over her own section.


She saw an unfortunately familiar Hispanic man sitting at one of her tables, glancing over the menu. He wore his usual sheepskin leather jacket, snug jeans, and a simple t-shirt that did nothing to obscure his pecs and tight abs. A rakish goatee adorned his face, and his blue eyes met hers as she approached.


"Linda, lovely as always."

How the hell did he always manage to be in her section? She quickly glanced around the room, first at Carl, who was innocently closing out a tab, and then to the other waitresses. No whispers, mutters, or guilty heartbeats. Whoever Balrog was bribing, either everyone was in on it now, or they were all used to it.

"May I take your order sir?" Linda said with a forced smile.

"My usual I think. It's been a good night."

"A Modelo Negra, a shot of Jose Cuervo, and a large batch of fries with mayoketchup on the side?"

"Yes," he said with a charming smile, handing Linda the menu back as he brushed his rough fingertips against the top of her fingers. Linda rolled her eyes as she went to place the order in the POS system. Did she notice Brandi giving her a smirking glance? She did notice a soft grunt from Balrog as she walked away from him, her backless uniform exposing her eight tympanic membranes. But she guessed he was probably looking a bit lower. Her hips and butt had filled out again over the last year, now that she had regular meals and a place to sleep. The uniform certainly did nothing to hide it.

Linda tapped in the order with her manicured nails, a luxury she hadn't been sure she'd been able to enjoy again. At least not without a "sponsor," aka, a pimp. Brandi and Carl had been right. The Black Mask paid very well, and let he get back on her feet. She felt like a real person again.

If only she could keep one particular customer's hands off of her.

She ran through the rest of her section, checking on her tables, making sure drinks and bellies were full, people were content, and everyone stayed happy and mellow. That was what the Black Mask was all about. There were other dive bars around the city, but the Black Mask offered more than that. It was a place of professionalism and relaxation.

She dropped off Balrog's drinks, and ignored the line he gave her. She got a million of those a week, and even if Balrog had incredible shoulders, she ignored it all the same. Prop Man, Stunt Man, whichever he was, they were all the same. Looking for a way to celebrate their recent victories and validate that they were the manliest of men. Even in a world where Exemplars seemed to be a dime a dozen, where there was a Greek god in every borough.

Linda swept through her tables again, refilling waters, taking new orders, and clearing plates. She dropped off Balrog's fries, and asked him if he needed anything else. He picked up a fry, dipping it in the sauce, and his mouth, his lips…

Linda snapped herself out of the daze, but Balrog had noticed. "Linda…this is a particularly excellent batch from the kitchen. Please extend my compliments to them. Would you care for one?" He offered up a french fry, dipped in the mayo, ketchup, and garlic powder mix. It smelled divine. Linda sensed Balrog's heart rate increase. He was nervous? He looked confident. But there was something beneath she couldn't place.

"Sure," she replied, cognizant of her tips. She took the fry politely and made a bit of a show of savoring the crispy potato and sauce. It really was good. She allowed a sigh to run through her before returning to her duties.

"One day…" she heard through her back from Balrog's table.
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2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 11 months ago #49623 by Rose Bunny
Rose Bunny replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Lucy groaned as she sat up, the arthritis and inflammation in her joints bothering her. It had been a week since they had discovered the necrotic tissue spot on her back. Since then, it had spread, covering all of her upper back. Additionally, her kidneys kept failing and regenerating. She had broken her femur three times by simply walking. The bio-devisors had all been tasked by Carson to stop what they were doing, and research this issue. Belphoebe had suggested that the samples of Donnie’s blood and tissues kept in Doyle be transplanted, in order to stop the process. That was when it was discovered that they were missing.

Amelia Hartford sat at her desk fuming. Over a dozen sweeps of their network by herself and her team had uncovered nothing. Presumably the theft had occurred at the same time as the assault and the abduction, but no traces were found. With Blue assisting Everheart in testing the security network, and looking for inside intrusions, Amelia let Cyberkitty run around the network, looking for backdoors, holes, trojans, anything that could lead to a clue.

Lucy stepped out of her room and walked down to the showers, she turned on the water and got under, but it hurt. The water felt like she was being assaulted with rubber bullets or ball bearings. Sighing and turning off the water, she stepped out. Slipping on the wet floor, she fell and landed hard. She felt the crack as her spine fractured in several places, and her femurs broke, forcing jagged edges out through skin and muscle. She lay there weeping uncontrollably, until about a half hour later Sapphire walked in.

Sapphire saw Lucy laying on the floor, compound fractures in both legs. Her lower legs were splayed in unnatural directions. Fighting off the urge to vomit, Sapphire ran over to the emergency intercom on the wall and called Mrs. Cantrel.

“Mrs. Cantrel, this is Sapphire, I found Host on the ground in the first floor showers, get someone from Doyle over here as fast as you can.”, the girl franticly yelled into the intercom. Cantrel rushed in, her chair scraping through the doorway as she hurried. She saw the young girl laying there, staring vacantly into the abyss. This was far from the healthy young girl that had moved in at the beginning of the summer. Her skin was grey and stretched. It was cold and clammy. Veins could be seen through it, black with polluted blood. There was a slight green tinge to her, as bile and toxins were seeping into her skin. That beautiful dark violet hair was falling out, large bald spots exposing her scalp. Mrs. Cantrel had no illusions that this girl would not last long at this rate.

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2 years 11 months ago #49631 by Rose Bunny
Rose Bunny replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
David sat down and looked at Elizabeth Carson. He was just a farmer, and science and technology were not his thing. He liked working with his hands, working the soil. He had listened to the explanations, and followed along as best he could. All the technical explanations about immune system deficiencies and chromosomal damage and went right over his head. All he knew was that he was here to collect his little girl’s body. He thanked Liz Carson for all her generosity and he left.

Liz watched The grieving father leave. This was honestly the worst part of her job, it never got any easier. She had been through it herself, and a miracle had given her back her little girl. She was thankful for that, at least.

Picking up the phone, Liz dialed a number. “Hello, Shelly? You want to come over tonight and have dinner? No nothing’s wrong. I just wanted to spend a little time with my girl.”


David drove his rental car to the airport. After he had collected his daughter’s ashes from the mortuary, he wanted to leave. There was nothing here he wanted to remember. He had lost his son that he had barely known, and that had hurt. But losing his little girl was devastating.


Fidget was at the group’s table, she was crying and shaking, lost in a severe Deidrick’s episode. People came over and offered her their sympathies. Her head down, Backslide came over and took her friend’s hand. Helping her up, the two walked out onto the quad. The rest of the team arrived one by one, and walked to the Remembrance Garden. Sitting in a circle, the friends held hands. Gradually, other students filtered in. Jericho came, followed by Razorback and the rest of the Outcasts. After a moment, they set up their instruments and Diamondback sang a soulful somber rendition of ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’.

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Part 3 - Said and Done

Everything was going well for once! In between my job at a local pet store and going clothe shopping I had procured some updated delicates easily. I was surprised to note that my bra size had gone up to a B-cup and that my face had continued to change throughout the day. Even my voice was getting higher. I spent most of my day off running around from JC Penny to a few other places at the mall. My inner age-old punker had me also raiding the local value village for some new leggings. All in all by the time lunch rolled around I was at home staring at ads on the internet.

Let me corrected myself, the first damn half of the day went just fine, then along came act 2. That's when it al went crawling back to shit.

There I was in a pair of comfy boxers and a t-shirt just working on my laptop. In some way I was trying to work on those many book projects I never seemed to have time to finish. The words weren't just coming today. I got some cold brew from my mason jar in the fridge and headed back to my room. Just as I entered I heard someone clear their voice and stared in my mirror.

She was bac, the ghost girl.

This time she was much clearer than before. A body shrouded in a dress made of shadow straight out of arthurian legend. Her hair itself appeared to ebb with a strange energy and floated above her head as if she were underwater. Her face was tanned from soft summers and her face was heart shaped. I sat down as she watched me and noticed the long talon like nails she bore on her fingers. Around her waist was a silver belt engraved from what I guess was Ogham (a sort of ancient Celtic writing).

"What are you doing here?" I greeted her in the voice I'd use for facial blemish.

"Changing still, and I can see the magicks are binding use closer," she said in a voice traced with eerie melody.

"Yup, yup," I replied.

"You are well to not push me cailin," she said to me.

"Push you? Don't push me! You live in my flesh sack, so show me some respect!" I snapped back at her.

"Fiery responses, good you'll need that passion soon," she smiled. Her face alight in pleasure at my anger as if ist were feeing her.

"Morrigan take your fucking ghost face," I shouted at her.

"I will not take my face in any manner," she answered.

"This again, are you telling me somehow I'm bonded to a bloody goddess?" I laughed.

"Is that so difficult to believe?" she quipped.

"Maybe. I don't believe, your probably some sort of demon who saved my life to save her own."

"Possibly, but I am not relation to the enemy, none of the Dark Children share their ichor with my Sidhe Blood," she said showing a tinge of offensive.

I wondered what I was suppose to do here, console a fucking self-proclaimed god. Her image suddenly vanished from the mirror and I felt my arm jerk. Then my muscles in my legs spasmed as first my calves an then my thighs burned pain. I yelped as I fell over on the ground as my legs gave way under me. I hit the ground hard and rolled into a fetal ball as pain wracked my body. My bones creaked like wood on an old tree waning a against the tree, More pain, like bits fire and stabbings to my body as acid poured over my face.

Another attempt at scremiing and the result was a pained gurgle. My vision started to fade to darkness [i[How bloody cliche![/i] I rolled over and felt my arms go limp. I finallly gave in and let the sweet darkness take me.

"I can only conclude that I'm paying off karma at a vastly accelerated rate."
-Commander Susan Ivanova, Earth Force, Babylon 5
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2 years 11 months ago #49643 by null0trooper
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Daybreak, November 22, 2007, Whateley Academy

For all the hard work the cooks and their staff were putting into a "traditional" Thanksgiving feast - for those who could safely eat one - it all fell a bit flat for Thomas "Valravn" Jensen. It wasn't so much that he'd pulled a midnight shift with his fellow "gamer", Sandra, the night before. It was more a result of the local dreamlands being polluted by well over a couple hundred homesick dreamers who couldn't afford to go home to be with family, didn't have any family left as wanted them anymore, or were forced to stay at school over the holiday thanks in part to the MCO. The previous day's overcast snowyish weather hadn't helped the whining humanlings.

On the last part, Sandra got a pass: snakes, and other reptiles that hadn't had the superior grace to evolve feathers, wings, and flight just weren't meant for winter outings.

Damn, could that girl whip her tail or what?

Maybe he shouldn't have expressed his sentiments out loud?

He'd still made sure she got to Whitman safely. He wasn't that much of an ass.

Still, the spirit's stolen memories of British Columbia and his own citizenship proclaimed that it wasn't Thanksgiving. Wrong month. Also, "Thanskgiving" as a personally relevant holiday to him revolved around a single mother and her oldest son good-naturedly battling for elbow-room in the kitchen, while the youngest son tried to sound him out as a prospective mate for his brother (amidst anxious double-checks that the local emergency room was still on speed-dial at every thump and crash coming from the kitchen).

Luckily, the weather changed in the early morning hours as a fresh, sharp, north wind blew in. It left the sky clean of any clouds - a jet black backdrop to the the stars beyond it. For those with other senses, the north winds carried a bit of Canadian tundra gossip to be shared out after a cheerful mock battle against the snow clouds to be swept out to sea. The best part, maybe, was that the Thunderbird's Song had such company all to himself: too cold for Sandra, Fubar too busy with homesick kids luring nasties up from the lower planes, and the humidity crashing to the point the watch sergeant sent Mads to Doyle after his second or third nosebleed.

The young man stepped out of Poe Cottage's empty foyer with a pair of boots slung over his shoulder, and promptly lost his footing on the iced-up steps. He chose to land a few feet clear of the concrete annoyances.

< Amateur. You're supposed to fall, not glide! >

< What can I say? I'm a poor excuse for a human. Whoever designed these ankles should be shot. >

< That's why they wear boots this time of year. Warmer too. >

Boots would have been a better choice.

< So. Whatchou doin'? >

< I am going skating. >

< Alone? Borrrring. >

< Besides, nothing's really frozen over yet. You'll get wet! Water's cold enough to be lethal though. >

< Speaking of which... >

Thomas pulled out a cell phone and punched in some numbers. "... don't forget to call Evie and Lars this morning. Give them my best, etc. I'm out at the lake, bring skates if you want." There. That should cover all applicable bases after Kristian's comment about 'turning Swedish' at dinner.


Kane Hall

One of the sensor techs pulled up an infrared scan from one of Securities drones. They were beginning to prove quite useful. For example:

"Sarge! It looks like someone's gotten an early start on our ice-fishing season. Heat signature's fairly weak out on the lake, but if it's a student?"

The watch sergeant answered for the tech. "They could be entirely safe, or dying of hypothermia. I know. Let's see who we can send out that can do some good."

"Too bad the Betas aren't up."

"Could we not call them that? Bad enough for morale all the other kids do. Let's see. Jensen's in Doyle again..."

"What happened this time?"

"Officially? Nosebleeds from the dry air. Unofficially, it wasn't just his sinuses. I got it from last watch that one of the new guys lost it when Jensen tried to blow his nose clear, trashed his collar, and splattered blood onto the next desk."


"Tell me about it. Looks like we go with option Charlie."

Lake and Recreation Area

A human figure flew in from the direction of the rising sun (in case Security had caught an intruder instead of a student) but wasn't too surprised that the tactic failed. The darker figure seen out on the lake came to a graceful stop and seemed to await the newcomer in a whirlwind of freezing spray. Truly a waste of the selection from "Tosca" that continued playing from the public address system. No choice now but to continue on approach.

Once Lady Astarte was close enough to address the young man she asked, "Doesn't figure skating traditionally require ice beneath the blades?"

"Ice dancing traditionally does, yes."

"A partner as well. Or has he already gone under?"

"No, no. I've no shortage of partners this morning." Opening her mystical senses, Elizabeth could see that there was indeed no shortage of air spirits gathered. Some annoyed. Some amused. Some... whatever air sprites used in place of straightforward emotion. "Care to join me? I believe that a waltz is up next on the playlist."

It was tempting, but also a bad idea. "Curious. Of the two of you I would have thought Mads to be the one skating."

"The ice is thin enough in case he falls. Neither of us had really tried ice skating before, er, recent events, but he needed to build up his endurance with something less risky than usual." The figure, having resolved more to his 'Thomas' form, shrugged his shoulders. "This gives me a chance to reconnect with my own element, so to speak."

"Then I shall leave you to that. Please try to avoid luring any others out who cannot fly over the water like you can."

"It's American Turkey Day. They'll have to get stuffed first."

"You know what I mean."

With that, Lady Astarte flew back off to change into something a bit more conventional and to reassure Security know. Although she'd taken to the ice more than once in her midwestern youth, unlike her student, she'd never ventured out in Arctic winds cold enough to generate slabs of ice under her feet.


"Um, T? Why are there ice cubes bobbing in the lake?"

"I've been out here having fun while you slept in."

"Waa. You're not the one having to keep my doctors happy."

"You don't do a very good job of it, so don't bitch to me about that."

"There is that. So! Got anything good cued up?"

"How about the Spice Girls?"

"How about we don't?"

Thanksgiving dinner, Mezzanine level, Crystal Hall

Abelyn Elliott wouldn't have credited the sight if she hadn't been living here for the past couple of months. She looked down toward the cafeteria entrance pointed out by Kristian, to see two red-faced boys stumble in in their school uniforms - both of which looked to be drier than the two wearing them.

"Kris, do I want to know how those two maniacs manage to waltz in looking like they've run a marathon and only just showered on the way over?"

She barely avoided giggling when the shorter one shoulder-checked the taller on the way to the food line.

"Are they in handcuffs?"


"It should be safe to ask one of them. Maybe."

Not much later, Abelyn saw Aquerna scamper off to intercept Miasmi headed for the exit. "Ummm, Kris? What's up with the Underdogs?"

Rorsmand looked over at the two spooked sophomores near the door. One seemed to be trying to calm the other down before the meal could be interrupted by a hazardous material breach.

"Let's hope Thomas at least showered before they got here." He paused. No. They wouldn't. Would they? Kristian could imagine a scene in which they did - far, far too easily. "On second thought, let's not encourage them to tell us what they've been up to, and count as a blessing the fact we don't yet know."

"They wouldn't!"

Kris raised an eyebrow in counter-question.

"They didn't!"

"I'm guessing things go a bit differently in Kentucky?"

Once the two boys under discussion approached the semi-isolated table, provoking a couple of other departures and relocations, Kristian took in their still-flushed faces, and asked, "Who won?"

Mads made a show of adjusting his tie before responding with "I'm blaming Canada, but Geeks over Freaks, 2 to 1."

At Smithy's puzzled look (she must've spent much of the day in the Workshop) Rorsmand translated, "Emerson, Dickinson, and Poe over Whitman, Twain, and Hawthorne, final score 2 to 1, because no one thought to even out the Canadian hockey nuts beforehand."

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WhatIF Stories: Falconer: A Stranger Arrives in Town

Discussion Thread
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2 years 11 months ago #49676 by Domoviye
Domoviye replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
(This was inspired by Elrod when he made this comment:
I'm not going to speculate on strange ways you might bring her back. All I'm going to say is that you depressed me because the character was one that I was - not relating, I guess because I don't have things bursting out of my chest - but her awkwardness, feeling a little different, wanting to be accepted. Overall, Lucy is a character that I was starting to care about. Then you did Domoviye-class things to her and - wow, that was depressing.
My mind started working away at it and a minute or two later I had this idea)

Kayda almost turned around when she saw Teri sitting on Dr. Bellows' desk, thinking she had interrupted an appointment, but Dr. Bellows waved at her to come in.

"Hello Kayda," he said, "I know you're getting your angst under control, but one of the devisors has created a new devise that I think will help with your situation."

"OK, if you say so. But why is Teri here?" Kayda asked.

"As one of the happiest students we currently have at Whateley she's agreed to donate some of her happiness to you, to counteract your angst. This is accomplished by an Angst Transferal Devise, which transfers happiness from one person and injects it into the other. This should, hopefully, help Teri overcome her more exuberant behaviour, while providing you the boost you need," Dr. Bellows explained. "Frankly it seems like a win-win situation."

"I'll do anything to help out Kitty boys sister!" Teri squeaked.

"Right... thanks Teri. So what do we do first?"

"First we need to see how much angst both of you have at this moment, than I can determine the proper amount to safely transfer between you. Kayda if you would," he said motioning to the reinforced angst measurement devise she'd used a few weeks previously.

A few moments later, the machine gave her a solid 7 angst rating. Not great, but not as bad as it had been the first time around.

"Now you Teri," Dr. Bellows said.

Teri helped him put the electrodes on her head and body, using a little bit of two sided tape to hold them in place. When the switch was thrown, the metal bar that wrote down the amount of angst clicked loudly against the metal bar and held steady at 10 angst.

Dr. Bellows and Kayda both stared at the reading in amazement. There was no way the fairy had that much angst.

Teri flew up still covered in electrodes to see the reading. "COOL I'M A TEN!!! I WIN! IN YOUR FACE KAYDA! WOOHOO!"

As Teri did a happy dance, Kayda looked at Dr. Bellows, "Does she even understand what angst is?"

Crumpling up the reading, Bellows threw it in the garbage. "I have no idea. I wonder who else could volunteer."
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2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 11 months ago #49677 by Schol-R-LEA
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Dr. Tenant stopped short of walking through the department entrance, realizing that one of the Psychic Arts teachers, Dr. Carstaires, seemed to be watching. "Morning, Alton," she said, somewhat relieved that she would have an excuse for being late to the faculty meeting.

"Ophelia! How interesting to find you here today. Things going well in the Clinic, I hope?"

"Uh, yes, things are nice and quiet for once," she replied. Despite his pleasant demeanor, he seemed to be enjoying needling her, playing at the 'friendly' department rivalry regarding the department offices. He knew very well that she wasn't going to going in with anyone watching, but she was guessing that he could also see that she wasn't exactly looking forward to Al Feyez, who was had been pestering everyone about the Devisors. Again. With voices raised in the hallway, at Circe no less. Hakim was a great guy most of the time, but he could be really grating when he was on one of his personal kicks.

As if he'd read her mind - which, given how well known the issue was, he probably hadn't bothered with - Carstaires said, "You know, I always wondered why Al Feyez..." them feigning a thoughtful look, he retreated, saying, "no, perhaps I shouldn't mention it, the last thing he needs is more ammunition." He'd emphasized his the lingering Jamaican in his accent, when he wanted to entice someone's interest.

Ophelia sighed; she knew this game. "About what, pray tell?" she responded, playing her own accent up. That's how the game is played, after all.

"Ah, you see, I always wondered why he never pointed out that Devising is also like Magic," he paused for a moment, "in that it may be a more than just a mutant trait."

"All right, you have my attention now," she said after a few seconds thought, "What do you mean by that?"

"Well, just as there are baseline mages, whose abilities differ from those of Wizard mutants in the ease with which gathering Essence and work certain knacks is achieved, " another sly pause, "there are, too, baseline Devisors." he ended with a flourish.

Tenant puzzled over this for a moment, then replied, "Oh! You mean the Schimmer... uhm, I beg your pardon, Schimmelhorn Engineers? Are you suggesting that there is a deeper connection, then?"

Alton nodded. "There are mutant psychics, mutant mages, and now even mutant ki masters, all of which are enhancements of potentials which some baseline humans can achieve, either through training, as with mages and martial artists, or by happenstance, as seems the case with most baseline psychics such as myself. Many other mutant powers, too, are enhancements of abilities which, while often rare and wonderful, are within the potential of ordinary humanity, even if the mutants' abilities often exceed that potential. Why would Devising not be the same?"

Ophelia groaned inwardly; she could see where this was going. "Oh, for the sake of the Goddess, please don't point that out to Hakim! ", making the requisite response, then shifting to a more brusque mode of speech, "Seriously, we don't need that headache right now. Just tell me what favor Psychic Arts needs from us, already!"

Out, damnéd Spot! Bad Doggy!
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