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The Micro-Scenes thread

2 years 5 months ago - 2 years 5 months ago #54905 by E!
E! replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Buffalo, New York.

“No, I know what she said….I’m not letting her take the kids!” Charles Bentley yelled into his phone while sitting on a park bench. Until another man sat next to him, uncomfortably so, dressed is casual attire.

“Hang up the phone.” The strange man commanded.

“I’ll call you back.” Charles explained. “I don’t have any money so take a hike!” He yelled at the strange man. Only the reaction he got from the man was even weirder. He looked at him, almost through him. He cut through the mysticism of his power and prestige that a great deal of others had fallen prey to.

“You are Charles Bentley. Co-creator of the Omni Security System. Said to be unbreakable.” The odd man continued.

“Yes, if you’re some kind of weird fan…”

“Your wife is having a three way affair with your two other co-founders.” The man cut Charles off, taking out a burner phone. “If you want the evidence, and gain full custody of your children. Then you will have to be my friend. Do you? Do you want to be my friend, Charles?”


“If you don’t take the phone, your one night stands in Thailand come out. I hear they’ve been baking for about 9 months now.” The man said twisting the knife. “And those will be the only children you ever see again.” He darkened his tone, letting Charles take the phone from his hand. “We’ll be in touch.”

The off-putting man left the bench as quickly as he sat down vanishing into the crowd much to the dismay of Charles. Although if Charles had been more attentive, he would have heard the man’s other phone vibrating.

“I thought I was supposed to call you, Amelia.” The man grumbled, not doubt annoyed that he had to cut his routine short.
“You were. I just wanted to make sure you are aware a change has taken place. Your meeting can only happen tomorrow.” Amelia Hartford.

“Very Well. I’m not interested in the logistics. Only that the meeting is set in stone.” The man confirmed the appointment.

“It is. 1230, local time. I will see you soon Mr. Grey.” Ms. Hartford said before shutting off the line. Only after the conversation was done did Mr. Grey snap the phone in two throwing each piece away in different trash cans.

Whateley Academy. Schuster Hall.

Mr. Grey walked around inside Homer Gallery. It had been many years since he was inside this building, and it would probably be many more until he was again. He straightened his tie, and suit jacket. He wanted to be presentable, no more than presentable. He wanted to be perfect. This was one of the only few tenets he hadn’t shed in the last couple of years. The only tradition he still kept.

With the sound of an opening door he knew his meeting had started. Alone entered a high school girl. Far from defenseless. She looked at Mr. Grey sizing him up. Deciding if he was friend or foe. Right now he was neither.

“Hero or Villain, what do you have to be first?” Mr. Grey asked breaking the silence he shared with the Asian girl.

“Born. You have to be born first.” Chou advised back, her eyes narrowing.

“That’s a good one, I haven’t heard that one before.” Mr. Grey replied wagging his finger, “But, not the answer I was looking for…. The real answer is human. You are right. You do have to be born first before anything, but after that.” He paused shrugging his shoulders. “You have to be human.”

Chou simply nodded along trying to ascertain the meaning behind this meeting.

“I want you to take this card.” Mr. Grey explained taking out a card with a five digit number on it. Putting it on the table. “Call it anytime, and I will grant you any favor that is within my power to do so.”


“Because…like me…your just human…” Mr. Grey smiled while exiting out the back door. Leaving Chou to look at the card.
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2 years 5 months ago #54929 by null0trooper
null0trooper replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
February 14, 2008, Fixers' Patio, Whateley Academy

"She-Beast, I've heard that your father is Doctor Diabolik and, um . . ."

"Hans, I'm sorry that my father may have harmed your family somehow, but that has nothing to do with me."

"Er, no. That wasn't my question."

"OK. Yes, it is true that I may accept a solid favor against payment for some things. Whether I would or not in your case, do not expect me to get involved in anything illicit."

"No! Definitely nothing like that. I, well, I was just wondering what you could tell me about Disneyland Karedonia? You see, my parents want to take us somewhere warm for vacation - limited MCO influence a plus. The North Slore Course's slope rating of 138, at the Imperial Wilkins Club, pretty much already has Mom sold on the idea. My little sister is probably buttering Dad up as we speak."

"That doesn't sound like a problem."

"That assumes I can give Dad enough of a reason to change his mind before she gets the big skillet up to sauté heat."

Forum-posted ideas are freely adoptable.

WhatIF Stories: Falconer: A Stranger Arrives in Town

Discussion Thread
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2 years 5 months ago #54950 by E!
E! replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
The Flying Blue Squirrel. Whateley Academy.

Mr. Grey stepped into the campus pub. He stepped cautiously around the faculty until he reached his desired destination. Two women stationed at a booth. One of whom was complaining that her Cuban Missile Crisis didn’t have enough atomic hellfire or geopolitical tension. The other woman giggling at the display. All was fun until The Imp saw Mr. Grey. Upon their eye contact he activated the devise in his pocket blocking all ears.

“Maria, can you give me a minute.” Imp asked. The other teacher got the hint, leaving without saying a word. “Can I help you… Pinky?” As she hummed the tune from a show with two mice.

“Way to show my age, but it’s a bit dated. I’m a little Grey now.” He laughed patting down the sides of his hair.

“Ohhh…just don’t kidnap me in the middle of the night. Alien tractor beams make me queasy.” Imp smiled.

“Jokes aside. Are you still on speaking terms with an associate of yours known as Pinball?” Grey questioned.

“I hope so. Old Tilt-y owes me one.” Imp exclaimed.

“Then how would you like to have her owe you two?” Grey asked. Sliding a folder with all the information on the weak points of the Omni Security System.

“Interesting…” Imp whispered while looking over the folder. “Why not hand it over to her yourself. Surely, if you can find me you can find Pinball.”

“I can, but her last words were ‘If I see your face again I will rip off your testicles.’ And you know I take threats from paranormals very seriously.” Grey coughed ordering two shots of the Russian standard.

“Ouch. What did you do?” Imp asked wanting the juicy drama.

“Nothing you wouldn’t have done. She got the message, so a détente has been issued.” Grey dodged the landmine.

“And what do you get? Out of all of this?” Imps eyes narrowed.

“Pinball destroyed one house of cards on my watch. With your help, she’ll help me build another one and get rich in the process.” Grey told Imp holding up the shot.

“I’ll do it. One condition though. The Concert by Johannes Vermeer, can you find out where it is?” Imp parried the statement giving another deal.

“Deal. Na zdorovie.” Grey exclaimed. Sharing the toast with the devil, before nodding and leaving the woman.

Maria returned to the table, and they continued their bickering. Only for a short while as another man approached, with a tube asking the Imp to sign. Which she did. Gleaming as she scribbled ‘I Stole This Card’ on the pad.

“What’s in it?” Maria asked obviously interested.

“Can you say that again, but this time with a little more Brad Pitt?” Imp giggled as they both screamed, “WHATS IN THE BOX!!”

“But seriously, don’t you want to know?” Maria flashed raising her eyebrow.

“Oh I already know, Pepper has been giving me lessons on my X-ray vision.” Imp chuckled holding the tube dearly.

The sounds of joyful laughter and merriment grew quieter as Mr. Grey walked with heavy feet, towards the Remembrance Garden. He walked with such light footsteps, almost as he if was afraid he might wake the dead. Stopping at a panel full of names he silently turned.

“Hello Katiya, Papa is here again.” Mr. Grey whispered as the date of her final days burned into his eyes. December 26th 1991.
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2 years 5 months ago #55021 by Valentine
Valentine replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Eli had been out delivering for Mr. Gardner, when he saw Champion drop into the street ahead of him, a car careened around the corner a moment later. He heard several bangs, !like the car backfired, and screamed in pain as the bullets tore into him.

Champion heard the screams, turned to look as the car went past him. The Outfit would have to wait as he ran over to the young boy bleeding on the sidewalk. He realized the boy was dying as the pool of blood grew rapidly.

He'd never tried anything like this before, but he couldn't let the kid just die on the street. He placed his hands on the boy and willed the Olympian force within him to heal the boy. Much to his surprise he felt something happening, a slight weakening of his power, as the boy's breathing became more regular.

Moments later the boy, or maybe girl stirred. He wasn't as sure now. "Are you OK?"

A groan came from the kid's mouth, and he, she said, "I feel a bit funny."

Helping her, it was definitely a her, sit up, "What's your name child?"

"Eli. Eli Brant."

"Well 'Eli' let me help you get home to your parents. Something odd has happened, and I think you're going to have go be Elizabeth now."

Don't Drick and Drive.
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2 years 5 months ago - 2 years 5 months ago #55024 by Schol-R-LEA
Schol-R-LEA replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
6 Sept 2007

"Well?" said Constance, in a tone that made it clear she expected unquestioned obedience.

Roger sighed, as he petted the small humanoid creature that had climbed up his leg. Two other 'Things' were wandering about the table, but he figured they weren't doing any harm. Zephyr's attitude, when aimed at a peer - technically, she was lower rank than he was, sort of, but she thought of her rank as being a birthright (though where she got that idea was anyone's guess) whereas Rascal's own title was from being elevated by Oberon in his previous existence in appreciation of his entertainment - was merely annoying; the times she tried to behave that way to Fey always made him cringe.

"What do you want me to say, Connie?" he replied with a grin. He knew she hated being called that, and it filled his prankster heart with joy to do so. "One of the girls in Whitman, Lodestone, she isn't one of us, despite appearances. In fact her power is controlling iron. The other one..."

"That means nothing. She could still be a Kobold, they have power over metal." she stated firmly.

"I'd love to watch you try telling her that. As I was saying, the other one seems to be a Trow. Hey, maybe we should hook her up with Nephandus?"

The cross look on Zephyr's face was definitely worth it, so he continued. "The two guys in Twain, well, the goat guy is definitely a Phouka, and I think the other is a Fir Darrig. I haven't found out anything about either of the newbies in Melville, though I am pretty sure he is a Sidhe." Ah, puns. "Dunno about the girl, aside from the obvious water spirit aspects."

Zephyr glared at him some more before saying, "And the other two?"

"I didn't get to talk to Absinthe, but I do recognize her. Lady Vauldrene." His voice seemed to change, becoming, if anything, even more antic and playful. "I have some lovely memories of entertaining young Vauldrene as a lass. I know something happened later which got her banished, but I don't know what - court gossip is so boring to me..." This last was a flat-out lie, of course - Constance knew that Roger loved anything that could be a source of good jokes or pranks.

"Why does she always have those nasty hobgoblins around her? Can't she control herself better?"

"Hogboon, not hobgoblins," Roger replied in his usual tone, lifting the one on his lap up to reminder her. "They act as her familiars, just as my little friends do." The Thing he held up - which had the number 3 on it's jumper - waved enthusiastically at Lady Mallory, much to her disgust.

Rascal did sort of wonder if Constance even knew the difference - she wasn't a WIZ herself, so he doubted she even really knew what hobgoblins really were - before she interrupted his thoughts again.

"What about the one in Dickenson? You're sure she is another of the Nine?"

"Pretty sure. I never knew much about Igloo-whatever-it-was, but she was one of the High Queens, youngest one if I'm not mistaken." Of course, unlike him, Constance was not a reborn Sidhe from before the Sundering; he could have told her almost anything and she'd have no choice but to believe it. For once, though, honesty was more likely to be amusing than jokes.

"We need to present ourselves to her posthaste, then."

"Ah, yes, because that worked out so well last time..." the former jester drawled.

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2 years 4 months ago - 2 years 4 months ago #55174 by E!
E! replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Whateley Academy Simulation Room.

“Ugh… I hate these random sim sessions. I just want to enjoy my weekend.” Eruption groaned as the rest of Omega Squad shuffled into the sim room.

“Maybe, when your combined combat rating isn’t below a 60% you all will have a weekend off.” Blackblast growled. “Now, suit up quick the sim has already been running for 15 min.”

The Syndicate contact watched as the young adults grumbled. Their Saturday night had come to a full stop on his whim.

“Tough, but fair.” The rather bland man said as he walked into the room. “Warranted. Since their effectiveness is a representation of your reputation.”

“If didn’t know any better I would think that you’re making a power play, Mr. Grey.” Blackblast chuckled.

“No, you know me. Syndicate politics are sometimes too easy to read.” Grey explained throwing up his hands.

“Thank you, for doing this.” Blackblast sighed.

“No problem old friend. Anything. After what you did for Katiya, you can call on me anytime.” Grey nodded.

“How did you get him out?” Blackblast asked obviously intrigued at the masked soldier who was carving sticks on the monitor.

“A trained magician never reveals his tricks, but this is only a limited release window. 24 hours.” Grey stated. “Not a second more. You don’t want him back inside the maximum security wing. That would make future releases more....difficult.”

“Yes, when I first heard about him I was curious. Then, after what happened at ARC during the blizzard. Now, I am most certainly intrigued.” Blackblast’s eyes narrowed.

“He certainly could be an asset. If properly motivated.” Grey observed. “I will leave you this. There is a piece of wisdom we used to share in USSR. Dogs will stand by you, Wolves will roam, but Wolf-Dogs they will rip you to shreds.”

“Is that a warning?” Blackblast asked.

“Keep a short leash, and keep a sap handy.” Grey nodded as he turned to watch the ‘start’ of the simulation.
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2 years 4 months ago - 2 years 4 months ago #55197 by Schol-R-LEA
Schol-R-LEA replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Saturday, 10 May 1975

Dr Stevens landed near the riverbank, where she'd spotted something that could be a clue to the disappearance of one of the rafts that had been on the river. What she found was a small oar, but there were no indicators of anything else.

From where she was standing, she could see a fissure in the walls on both sides the small canyon. It looked almost as if it actually continued into down into the water to form a continuous seam.

Playing a hunch, she cast a small detection spell to see if there was any evidence of inderdimensional activity. Yes, clear as day, it was odd but that could be due to it being non-magical. It went right along the seam she found.

Grabbing the walkie-talkie Chief Corbin had given her, she radioed in. "Ms Might here," she said crisply. "I've found something that I think Dr Alexander needs to see."

"The Headmaster is still talking to Doorkeeper, Ma'am. I'll let him know as soon as he's finished."

Liz frowned. This was not how she expected a job interview to go. Still, when a senior Devisor student - one known mostly for experimenting with teleporters and dimensional gateways, despite, she gathered, repeated admonishments about the latter - does something that sets off a giant earthquake not far from the school, it meant that everyone had to chip in.

She really needed to call that Mr. Wells and let him know she would have to cancel their, ah, meeting. It wasn't quite a date, she thought, though they had seemed to hit it off well when they met in Berlin the other day, while waiting for their seemingly lost luggage at the airport.

She sat down on a nearby rock to wait for a further reply, when she saw something running along the riverbank. It looks like, well, perhaps a chicken that had lost most of feathers? It seemed almost... reptilian, like... a tiny dinosaur?

She chased after the small creature, but it was too fast to catch. It seemed all too likely that whatever it was, its presence here was connected to the missing boaters - a young man with his nephew and niece - from what was supposed to have been a routine whitewater rafting expedition.

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2 years 4 months ago #55210 by Katssun
Katssun replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Saturday morning, April 22, 2017, Millsboro, Delaware

"Fag!" yelled Jason Borsay from his family's porch.

Erin Matthews returned the gesture with a one-fingered salute as she finished up her run. She confidently jogged across the street and back into her parent's garage. She grabbed her father's ancient set of cement dumbbells and did a few sets before calling it quits. She wasn't tired, but she was at least satisfied for the day.

Not that she really needed to work out anymore. Not since she manifested.

Erin entered the house proper, waved to her dad who was baking something or other in the kitchen and headed to the bathroom for a post-workout shower. She peeled off her racerback tank top and yoga pants, tossing them into laundry hamper. Next came the sports bra, job finished crushing her breasts. Erin sighed, knowing that she and Mom and Jenny would probably be headed for a shopping trip before she knew it. 38C wasn't going to be enough anymore. She pulled the elastic out of her hair, tossing it in a drawer before pinning up her waist-length ash-blond hair. Finally, she removed her cotton panties, damp from the run.

Erin looked herself over in the vanity's mirror. Five foot Nine, curvy, with the physique any athlete would envy. It was a shame she couldn't use it. Her parents had asked the school board multiple times if they would let Erin compete again, but the Sussex County PTA said it wouldn't be fair to the other students, who had a chance at recognition. Sometimes being an Exemplar-3 really sucked.

Erin hopped in the shower, using the cheap massage function of the showerhead work the tightness out. She kept her hair out of the water because it was a huge pain in the ass to dry, but knew she was probably due in a day or two for the full course that added nearly a half hour to her routine.

She toweled off, dabbing at her skin, before removing the pins and began brushing her hair. She wanted to cut it to a shoulder-length bob, but it grew back within a week. It was just one of the other things she had had to get used to. Moisturizer, deodorant, cocoa butter for her body. She grabbed the beige terry robe from the hook on the door and returned to her room.

"Do you want to play Winx with me later?!" Jenny interrupted Erin on her way to her room. Her adorable eight year old sister, her auburn hair bouncing off her shoulders, Excitement incarnate. Erin thought the series her little sister loved was creepy as hell, but…sisters should stick together, right?

"Okay, let me get dressed first."

"Kay!" Jenny exclaimed, before running back to her own bedroom to grab the dolls.

Her Runner's High finally fading, Erin tossed off her robe on her bed, and shamefully put on a too-tight bra, normal panties, before slipping into a set of jeans and a babydoll tee. Peering into the mirror she sighed deeply. Aaron was gone. For good. But at least she could still go on runs. It still felt good, pushing herself to the limit. She might have changed from 5K runs to full marathons, but her parents still loved her, her sister adored her, and…at least she was hot.

She smoothed out her clothes and opened the door. Time to go play witches and fairies with her little sister.
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2 years 4 months ago - 2 years 4 months ago #55214 by Katssun
Katssun replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Saturday morning, April 22, 2017, Millsboro, Delaware

"Bloom!" yelled Stella.

Jenny gasped, even though she knew what happened this episode. She played by herself while Dad was making rhubarb and cream cheese muffins.

Then her big sister entered the house from the garage.

Erin, was basically Stella. That was what Jenny decided. Her brother-turned-sister just plain fit. Long blond hair in a big ponytail, even if it was a little lighter and not quite golden blond. Big glowing amber eyes, pink lips, thin waist…

…and it went perfectly with her. Just like Mom, Jenny had bright auburn hair that bounced. She wanted to learn how to bake from Dad, but he said next year. She'd be Bloom, Erin would be Stella. She just had to keep convincing Mom to force Erin to go shopping, They'd be best friends forever.

Jenny heard her sister taking a shower, and set her ambush. She fluffed out her hair and practiced her best pout and puppy-dog eyes. It never failed on Erin, though Aaron had usually ignored it. Jenny had always wanted a big sister instead, and now she had one!

Jenny waited, hearing her sister finish up. She skipped down the hallway to a strategic position. She heard the bathroom door open, and counted to ten.

"Do you want to play Winx with me later?!" She exclaimed, knowing her performance was most effective after her sister had gone out running and then taken a shower.

"Okay, let me get dressed first," her sister agreed immediately. Jenny noticed there was kind of a hazy feeling to her sister's expression. She was always like this after running. It faded quickly. So Jenny knew the quicker she acted, the more her sister would agree.

"Kay!" she squealed, and ran to her room to grab the Bloom, Stella, and Trix dolls she had staged by the door of her room.

She waited outside the door until her sister came out in jeans and a tee-shirt. She immediately handed her the Stella doll and raced down the stairs so they could play in the living room.
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2 years 4 months ago #55372 by E!
E! replied the topic: The Micro-Scenes thread
Stephen was laying on top of a plaid picnic blanket with Marty’s head on his thigh. Together they were soaking up the last bits of the summer sun before the fall ripped the warm winds away. They both laid in silence listening to the leaves rustle in the wind. It was a peaceful day until Steve heard a light ksshkt. Followed by, “woooooooooWAAAAAAAAAAAAAoooooooooooooo.” Perking up Steve barely had enough time to catch a glimpse of the lithe girl rope around another building. She was twisting and contorting her body in midair to bounce off the wall at tremendous speed. Leaving both the wall and her unharmed.

“Who the hell was that?” Steve gasped.

“Tiny girl? Red hair? Really fast?” Marty yawned.

“Yea… How can she be that fast? She doesn’t look like a typical speedster.” Steve pondered. A girl running around that fast she could slam into someone, doing serious damage to them or her in the process.

“You know how you can skip rocks along the surface of the water. Well Slide can basically do that with her body except GAIN speed and momentum. I don’t know how exactly she does it, but she is kind of a daredevil.” Marty stated rubbing her eyes.

“How do you know so much about her?” Steve asked getting close to his lovers face.

“She’s in Poe.” Marty answered not opening her eyes. She was trying to enjoy the warmth of Steve face before quickly giving him a peck on the lips.

“Well… I guess someone should stop her…” Steve groaned remember his responsibilities.

“Let security handle it…Please…5 more minutes.” Marty begged not wanting to lose her pillow.

“Not going to lie….we could use the help….” Stormwolf gasped drenched in sweat with Thuderfox and Mindbird both looked gassed with their heads between their knees.

Meanwhile on the other side of campus. Slide tucked her legs in, to force herself to hit the ground. Just then she activated her PK shield and Warper powers. This let her ‘skip’ off the sidewalk. Eyeing the speedometer inside her googles she watched the numbers jump from 90mph to 100mph. Pushing off the ground with her PK ability she flew towards Schuster hall. Namely the wall with Mrs. Carson’s office.

She whizzed by skipping off the wall to boost herself over the glass dome. 110, she breathed. She needed to go faster. Slide let gravity carry her back towards the earth. As she neared the dome, she activated her shell again. Skipping all the way down the roof of the cafeteria, 120 130 140. She rocketed towards the quad. The one place where she could really open the throttle, and let the world bleed into the background along with all her problems.

Before she reached the quad, a golden wall appeared in front of her. Flicking on her shell she quickly rode the new structure to the side. Though this yellow wall seemed to be slowing her down. However she didn’t have time to think about it as another wall appeared. She let her shell continue to take the brunt of the deceleration. Only to be slowed by another, and another, and another. Trapping her inside a golden cube.

“OH…shit…” Slide whispered as she looked at the Headmistress with her staff.

“Language.” Mrs. Carson growled. “Office. NOW.”

Slide tucked her head and shuffled into her office. Trying not to think about the sway of her growing hips, or the awkward tightness in her chest.
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