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The Bad Ideas thread

1 week 6 days ago #69631 by Cryptic
Cryptic replied the topic: The Bad Ideas thread
Child/grandchild of an F list bio-science villain, who atm I am leaning towards having been a Schehorn engineer, who's exploits inspired the Killer Tomatoes movies.

Child is their the direct progeny, grandchild they are the kid of the escaped experiment Tara in the second movie is based on.

Maybe eggplant obsession instead of tomatoes..

I am a caffeine heathen; I prefer the waters of the mountain over the juice of the bean. Keep the Dews coming and no one will be hurt.

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2 days 14 hours ago - 2 days 14 hours ago #69733 by Schol-R-LEA
Schol-R-LEA replied the topic: The Bad Ideas thread
I know it has been a hot minute, but did anyone here actually get the point of this? I worry that my references are too obscure sometimes (other times, I know they are...).

Schol-R-LEA wrote: For some reason, I feel I should mention that in an unpublished/unused film script I never got finished writing, I had a character (in a small, oddly overcast town full of odd characters) named John, who always seemed to be getting into lethal trouble whenever the visiting main characters are around, with no notice from the other townies except an old Native American couple called Nic and Zea - who would simply tell the visitors, "Don't worry, it's his way." John, of course, always reappears no matter what happens - getting killed by three strangers, getting buried alive, getting impaled on a pitchfork, getting crushed by a large stone, getting drowned in hot water...

Sir Lee wrote: Are you sure his name is John and not Kenny?

Schol-R-LEA wrote: Oh, I assure you, John has been this little guy's name for a very long time.

Though like the others, he's a relative newcomer to this quaint New Hampshire village.

I should add that the connection here was to Zea, who can look very different, depending. This shouldn't be a surprise, as she is winkte, having been born male; you wouldn't have recognized her in her wilder days as Teo.

When he's not puffing on his pipe, Nic tells the two visitors that he is very happy to have come here because the People were so popular elsewhere, even as his own family were greatly despised. They were here in the town of Final Fossil last, as the people led by Ron Ober and his wife Tania were already here, having had so many other places they could be rather than on top of this valley. Mayor Ron graciously gave them some of their land, even though Nic didn't want it. They have been very happy to be so accepted by the tribe of Ober, Ron, and the others who came here such Efrid the fire man and Sunny Kitt (who divorced Ron's friend, Ray), none of whom are at all similar to him and his wife.

Out, damnéd Spot! Bad Doggy!
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