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This is a work of fiction. There should be no way that these characters are like anyone else, but if that isn't the case, it has definitely been unintentional. Also, if you happen to find that your life is represented in these pages, I'll be impressed.

Catgirl Madness…

By Heather O'Malley

Whateley Universe

June 11, 2006   Cherryville, Missouri

The dream consumed him. He slid into it gently, like lowering yourself into the bath and walked the sand lit paths of dream. He was not surprised when the grey scene changed into colored form.

He stood like he had before, on the stage, oiled and posing. His muscle mass and definition, his flexing garnered him applause from the large crowd, as well as a title, Mr. Universe. He had won it many times, as his body was the perfection of muscle. Other bodybuilders looked up to him and he was their hero. He was the youngest to win the title and the longest run as Mr. Universe. This vision had given him a focus, a drive, a goal. It had helped him as he trained to win the junior title, the under sixteen title for the state. He had worked for it. He and his dad.

As always, the scene changed.

He was spending time with Holly, his girlfriend. She was so hot, with long blond hair, a great rack and a smoking ass. She had all the curves, knew how to use them and it was all for him. He had gone all the way with her. It had been so good. She had been tight and wet and god it had been good. He replayed their first time, how she moaned, screamed and clung to him. It shifted to his fantasy of her bound to the bed being used by his friends and him. After all he had been taught that it was good to share, and he wanted his friends to share in his bounty. He liked thinking of using her. The look of painful ecstasy on her face was blissful. That was something he dearly wanted to see.

Again things shifted form.

He was with Laura, who he had lusted after since he was twelve. She was hot and busty, with a double D, and in his dreams she was his. She was on her knees, looking up at him with doe eyes and pouty red lips, begging for him to take her, to use her, to own her. He enjoyed that. He wanted that. After all, he was a man and thus entitled. That's what his dad said. He happily slipped the collar around her neck, he tightened it, setting it so that the tag was visible, which read "Property of Corey".

Things shifted again and this time he found himself flying over a broad river, towards an odd looking city surrounded by lush greenery. On both sides of the river was a narrow strip of green and then desert as far as the eye could see. He could see people moving about, tiny and indistinct.

A building, maybe some sort of temple, rose up before him. The air was shimmery, wet, hazy. The air resisted him, like molasses, thick and hard to move through. He tried harder to push through this wall or barrier. It pushed back and he started falling.

He caught himself before he hit, lifting up into the air. His heart was racing, beating a mile a minute, mouth dry. An arch of stone with a pair of jackal statues loomed ahead. He walked to it and the air again felt solid. He placed his palm against the barrier. It was warm under his hand, pulsing slightly. Suddenly the force dissolved and he stumbled forward, between the statues.

He caught his footing and looked up. The room he found himself in was marble, with pillars, statues and billowy curtains hanging down, moving softly with the breeze. The room looked like something out of one of those Egyptian movies, with the Pharaohs and stuff. There was a faint musky smell in the air. Things seemed odd in here, almost as if they were real.

He walked around, eyes wide, taking in everything. This place was so cool. His feet were bare on the marble. The stone was almost chilly. He moved in deeper into the palace, temple, what have you. He noticed that there seemed to be a bunch of cats about the area. One them came up and brushed up against his leg. It was a sand colored cat with black around the eyes. He kicked it off of him.

The cat flew through the air a few feet and landed on its feet, skidding on the marble floor. All the cats stopped what they were doing, turned and glared at him. He snorted at them. He hated cats. They just bugged him. They always acted so superior to him. He hated that. They were just animals, so there was no way that they were better than him.

He blinked and all of the cats vanished. He just shrugged as he looked about. Their vanishing wasn't important. Dreams were like that.

He walked through two hanging curtains and into another room. Lounging on some sort of couch was this cat like human, or human like cat. She was almost totally human, with those catty features and she was almost naked. She was wearing a gauzy skirt that he could mostly see through and a heavily jeweled necklace. She raised her head and looked at him, unblinking. She cocked her head questioningly. Her voice was soft, seductive and seemed to purr out. "Who are you, visitor?"

"Corey. Who are you? Catgirl?" he stood confidently before the cat thing. Nothing would get the better of him in a dream.

"Hmmm… did you get here?" She arched an eye at him.

"I showed up here. Why? What's wrong with that?" He was getting angry with the stupid creature. How dare a woman question him! His father would have backhanded her that was for sure.

"Really? Let me look at you." Corey felt like he was being measured, weighed, and tested by her green gold eyes. He shivered a little, this dream was odd. He was getting uncomfortable. She spoke on. "Potential. Definitely. You are definitely lacking in a great number of things but such Avatar potential."

"Hunh? I don't follow you." Corey had heard of Avatars before, weren't they like some sort of superhero types.

"Tell me little one…would you like to work for me….awaken your avatar power? You will grow strong, powerful. Would you like that?" Her eyes were cold as she asked the question.

"I would like to be strong." It was one of the things that Corey really wanted. That was why he was involved in body building. He wanted his body to be powerful. He would be a great hero, women would love him. Laura would be his.

She purred happily, but the happiness did not touch those green gold eyes. "Yes, you will be strong. Very strong. I need eyes in the world again and you could do that for me. I might even forgive you your transgression, after a time."

"What transgression?" This dream was getting odd, but if it led him into a dream about being strong and powerful, a superhero, he could live with that. He had only had that dream once, but he had loved it.

Her eyes began to burn with almost real silvery fire, her fur rising. Then she calmed down and smoothed her fur down quite primly. "Then again, maybe not. So, little one, do you want to be filled with the spirit and awaken to your new hero's life? Do you want to be my avatar?"

She had looked pretty scary there for a minute. When her hackles went up Corey's heart started pounding. He really hoped this didn't turn into a nightmare. He calmed down when she did. Bitch had to be crazy but this whole thing might be fun, being a superhero and all. After all, it was only a dream. "Yes."

She smiled broadly and smoothly got to her feet. She was taller than him and built a lot stronger. Her muscles rippled as she walked over to him and stopped in front on him, holding his shoulders, her green gold eyes boring into him. Corey fell into the depths of her eyes. The words slid over him like silk. "Yes, you will be my Champion. You will be my Paladin. You will be mine. Let your Ka be bound to mine, let thy ka be pure, let thy soul be pure, let thy form be pure. Let thy sekhem reflect mine, let thy khu reflect mine, let all between Nut and Seb know you for mine, let Nü give you birth from the waters of creation, let the strength of Sekhet fill you, let your ka become the eye, thus calls your child Bast."

With that she bent forward and kissed him on the forehead. He felt her lips, felt bathed in warmth, as if the gentle rays of the sun were filling him. It felt almost as if he were relaxing into a warm pool, being lowered in warm water, until it enveloped him. He felt hands on him, massaging him, bathing him. He felt hands dry him and anoint him with oils. All this enveloped him in a rush. She stopped kissing him and pulled back, looking deep into his eyes. "Welcome my kitten, to a whole new world."

Corey slipped into a deep sleep, falling into blackness.

Corey stirred in his bed. His head was foggy and he ached everywhere. His body felt funny, different. He could hear his mother in the kitchen making breakfast; he could hear her cracking eggs. His father and older brother were also snoring, still asleep. That was odd; he had never been able to hear that before. He could hear these little things so clearly.

That confusion helped to pull him more awake. He was groggy and his head felt packed with cotton. He felt his ear flick. What? What the hell was that? And why did his body feel off. He opened his eyes and everything jumped out at him. His whole room was bright and powerfully detailed. He sat up suddenly looking about frantically. His chest swayed with the motion and he recognized the feeling of a hollow where there shouldn't be one. He looked down and spotted his breasts pushing his t-shirt out. His eyes widened even more. He grabbed his breasts and squeezed. They were real. What the fuck?!

He screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed.

June 21, 2006    St. Louis, Missouri

Corey slowly blinked awake. He felt cottony, like he was moving a little on slow mo. His parents were there as well as a couple of people in hospital whites. What was going on? He didn't really remember anything, what was going on? Was this another dream?

One of the hospital people leaned in towards him. "Corey, Corey, can you hear me?"

He nodded dumbly. Why wasn't he thinking clearly?

"Corey, something has happened to you? You are a mutant. Your body has changed when the transformation hit you. Do you understand?"

What? Changed? He still felt the same, didn't he? He watched his parents. His mom looked worried and his father looked grim. Grim? What was wrong? Was he hideous? He shook his head no.

"Corey, your body has changed. You….you're a girl now."

His father flinched at the word, girl. He blinked owlishly at the doctor? "Wha?"

"And that's not all. You have cat ears as well, and a tail. Your eyes have changed as well. They look like a cats."

He blinked again. What? How could…? Hunh? "But it was a dream…"

"A dream?" asked the doctor, prodding Corey.

"Yeah. The cat girl said she would make me strong."

"Really? What did she look like?" The doctor continued prodding.

"Uh…a cat….only a human as well….with a cats head."

The doctor jotted something down. "That's okay. You don't have to worry about that now. Just relax. We have you on some drugs to keep you calm. When we think you are doing better we will lower the dose."

Corey nodded dumbly. A girl…with cat parts….what? His head was too fuzzy for him to think about it too clearly.

His mother came over and kissed him on the forehead. "Get better honey. We love you."

She wiped tears from her eyes as his dad just glowered unhappily. His dad turned away, as if unable to face him. Corey could hear his father's breath choke as if he were going to cry. Corey closed his eyes. Maybe next time he opened them this nightmare would go away.

Corey awoke again. He could smell food. When he opened his eyes he noticed that there was no one in his room. He looked about confused. Where was the food?

A moment later a nurse came in with a tray. "Good. You are awake. Do you need to go to the bathroom? I can help you with that before you eat. I have orders to get you up and moving."

He realized that he needed to go. She helped him to stand and guided him into the bathroom. Something seemed odd, had he shrunk? The nurse turned him around and helped him to sit on the toilet. His tail swished forward, out of the way. His eyes grew wide at that. "It's okay honey. Just relax and don't think about it."

Corey felt his mind drift again and he felt his bladder let loose. It sprayed in a sensation he wasn't used to. When he finished the nurse handed him some toilet paper, "Wipe back to front."

He complied and tried not to think about what he was feeling. He shuddered.

"It's okay. You'll get used to it after a while."

He started to tremble a little. The nurse guided him back to the bed and helped him in. He tucked his legs under him and was utterly comfortable. The nurse moved the tray closer and he began to eat. He was famished.

The nurse took the food away, leaving Corey alone with himself. He touched his breasts. They felt squishy. They were larger than Holly's. His nipples tightened. He moved his hands up to his ears. There were two other ears higher on his head. They felt furry, and large. One of them flicked out of his hand. He closed his eyes and started to cry. After a few minutes he started to sob and shake. He never noticed the needle enter his arm.

June 22, 2006

Corey woke up again. His head was still fuzzy. He looked around the room again. He was still alone, on his hospital bed. He blinked slowly. He was a bit uncomfortable. His tail wasn't sitting right. He shifted until he felt it sit better. The tip flicked. His tail?

Slowly the memory of things came back. He could feel the sadness, confusion and rage build up but nothing happened. He just sat there, uncaring.

A nurse came in. "How are you this morning? A little better?"

Corey nodded, unsure.

"Good. We have you on thorazine to help you control your emotions. It's okay. Let me help you to the bathroom. We need to get you clean and I don't think you want a bed bath." She helped him swing his legs over the side and get to his feet. He was a little wobbly but she didn't have to support him too much.

When the nurse turned on the shower Corey flinched back. The nurse looked surprised. "It's okay Corey, it's just water."

Corey realized that it was just water and stepped under the stream. The nurse chuckled and helped him get off the now soaking hospital gown. As the nurse turned and tossed aside the gown Corey looked down over his body. The first thing he noticed was his breasts. They seemed huge to him, but they were very perky, almost like the kind on a superhero comic character, standing up against gravity. The second thing was that he had a faint layer of golden hair over his body giving it a different shine. His dark hair had turned to a matching golden brown and now was past his shoulders. It was thick and heavy.

The nurse helped him shampoo. The feel of her hands on his head was wonderful. He began to purr. The nurse paused and then continued. He purred louder, feeling it rumble in his chest. It was soothing.

When the nurse finished bathing him, she toweled him dry as he held on to a rail. He was less dizzy but he felt like he was in neutral, like nothing could bother him. When he saw his face, slightly golden from the ghostly faint fur, and his bright green-gold vertically slitted eyes with the weird Egyptian symbols around them, he just blinked at himself. He registered what he looked like but it was too much effort to get worked up over it. He knew he should scream and rage that he was now a girl, with cat ears on top of his head, in addition to his own, but he just couldn't seem to get out of neutral.

The nurse produced a new gown and clothed him. She then walked him back to the bed. As she helped him in she said.  "Later today were going to get you up and walking about, but not now. The Doctor is coming to see you."

He nodded numbly. He was really out of it.

The Doctor arrived thirty minutes later. "Morning, Corey."


"I am sorry we had to drug you so heavily but you haven't been coping with things well so far."

"Sorry." It almost sounded to him as if he were speaking from the bottom of a well.

"It's okay. I am just trying to help you cope with these things. I have talked to a number of people and they told me it looks like you are stuck with this body. I asked a friend of mine, who works with mutants to come talk with you and when you are feeling better, test your abilities. Does that sound okay?"


"Good. Now we may be taking you off of the thorazine in a week or so. I want you to be more comfortable with things before we take that risk. I am having a therapist come in and help you deal with this transition. I am sorry this happened to you son, I really am. We'll get you through this."

"Can I be cured?"

"I am sorry. This is your body now. There is something called the Body Image Template. When your Avatar power activated your template reformed you into this body. You have powers Corey, but we don't know what they are yet."

"But I want to get better. I don't want to be a girl." Corey was starting to get a little riled.

"Nurse! It's okay Corey. We'll do what we can."

The nurse came into the room with a needle on a tray. The doctor picked it up and injected him in the arm. Corey felt a rush of calmness enter him. "mmmm….sleepy."

"Good boy. We'll get you up and walking in a few hours."

Corey curled up in the center of the bed and rested his head on his arms; his tail flipped over and covered his eyes. The doctor and nurse looked at each other and then left the room.

"What the hell is wrong with my son!?" A meaty fist banged on the table, his anger and upset were clear.

"Mr. Davis, please sit down. We think he is a mutant, a type of Avatar.">

"My son is not a mutant!"

"Sir, please. We think he is a Paladin, a type of Avatar. We think he may have been touched by Bast." explained the doctor calmly.

"What's that?"

"An ancient Egyptian deity of cats."

"My son is not a pagan. He is a good Christian boy. He has been baptized and cleared of sins. He is not worshiper of Satan!" Corey's father ranted. His mother was sitting there quietly, her head bowed.

The doctor sighed and rubbed his eyes. "Sir, please sit down. This has nothing with being a Christian. Your son went through something and it has changed him. Our job now is to get him to adapt to his new body and new self. The boy you knew is gone."

Corey's mother broke into tears at this, sobbing. Her husband hugged her shoulders. He glared angrily at the doctor. "We should just take him out of here if you can't cure him."

"That is your right but if you do that he will probably kill himself." The doctor struggled to say this as calmly as possible, it was the only way to get through to them.

That brought both of their eyes up and wide. Corey's mother spoke, her voice wavering with fear. "What do you mean?"

"Your son has had a traumatic event happen to him, so much so that he went into catatonic shock. When he was coming out of it he crashed again. We now have him on enough thorazine to drug a horse into insensibility, and it is barely working. If he were without medication and treatment he might just kill himself to get away from this."

"Kill himself? Really? Our son?" she replied.

"Yes. If we cannot get him past this he will never be able to get off the thorazine. We are hoping to get him to accept what has happened to him and to move on to a normal life."

"How can he have a normal life looking like that?"

"If we can get him out of danger there is a school he could go to. Whateley Academy. It is a private school that helps kids, like Corey, have an education and find their path in life."

"We can't afford a fancy school like that?" protested his father.

"They do have access to financial aid. If we can get him past the danger stage we can worry about that. Now we have to help him heal."

June 23, 2006

Corey felt like a zombie, unable to really feel anything or do anything. He walked through the hall slowly, not leaning on the nurse. His tail just hung there limp, not moving. He didn't really like the feeling. He wanted to run, to leap, and do something other than simply walk. But he just shuffled forward, following the orderly.

He was being moved to a different section, to the psych ward, where he would be kept in observation. Since his body was fine, they were just going to work with his mental and emotional state. The Haladol was really helping keep him docile.

*Little Kitten…*

Corey flinched at the sound in his head. He twitched a little. The orderly didn't notice.

*Kitten, why aren't you answering me?*

"Get out of my head." Mumbled Corey, grabbing his head with his hands, as if that could keep the voice out. "You're not real."

*I am very real Kitten. And you now serve me. Your Avatar potential called to me and I let you live.* The voice of Bast was getting a bit harsher. *Remember Kitten that death was the other option*

"Get out of my head!" Corey's voice was rising. The orderly turned and saw Corey hunched over, holding his head.

*Kitten, you will be my tool in this world. I have granted you many gifts and I wish you to use them.* Bast almost purred that last.

"Get Out Of My HEAD!!!!" screamed Corey, his face turning now to the ceiling. The orderly rushed over and grabbed Corey. With an off handed shove, Corey sent the orderly over twenty feet away, to hit the floor and continue to slide down the hall. "Get OUT!!!"

Other orderlies and nurses rushed over. Corey never felt the needle that jabbed into his arm and sent him into a dreamless sleep.

Corey's head hurt when he slowly came to. His mouth had a bitter taste in it and he wanted to get it clear. However, his arms were not able to move. He was lying on a padded floor wearing a straight jacket. He looked around and he was in a padded room. He called out weakly, "Hey…"

There was no response. He called out a little bit louder. "Hey…"

Again no response.

Corey struggled to sit up and tried to get comfortable. He struggled a little against the jacket, but it barely budged. He was too groggy and tired to really put his whole strength into it. What the hell had happened?

He vaguely remembered the voice of the cat lady in his head but that was all. He was afraid of what had happened to him. Why was he a girl? Why had this happened to him? He just wanted to go back to his life.

*But you can't, little one* stated Bast, soothingly.

"Why did you do this to me?" Corey almost cried as he asked this, his emotions rising. The fog he had been in was clearing away.

*You came into my sacred home, abused one of my children and I was not supposed to make a response? Kitten, you wronged me but I spared you, and not because I am a kinder and gentler person. You had something to offer. I took that and remade you as a way for you to atone for your actions.* Bast calmly explained things to Corey.

"I am sorry, so sorry for whatever it was that I did. Please, let me return to being me!" Corey was begging, hoping with all of his heart that this would help.

*No. You wronged me, I changed you. Kitten, face facts, this is who you are now and the sooner you accept that the sooner you can get on with your life. And really, it wasn't much of a life. Your soul was weighed and I am afraid that you would have not fared well in the afterlife. This is a chance to save yourself. I suggest you take it.*

Corey started to cry. The tears rolled down his face and soaked into the straight jacket. He wanted to curl up and die. He pulled himself into the fetal position and rocked back and forth. His sobs were broken by the phrase, "Make it go away, make it go away…"

After a while, when he had cried himself out, the door opened and two large orderlies were standing there. "Are you going to come quietly?"

Corey could hear the electrical hum of something, coming from behind one of the men. He struggled to his feet. "I'll be good."

The both moved to the side and let Corey past. He was taken to an office where a short, heavy set woman with thick glasses looked at him, judging him. Her smile had no warmth to it and she gestured to a chair in front of her desk. "Please have a seat Corey."

Corey sat down, numb from his crying. *Be careful Kitten, she is not your friend. She smells of snake to me.*

"So, can you tell me why you hurt a member of my staff?" she asked, tilting her head slightly, her eyes almost unblinking.

Corey was confused and didn't recall doing anything of the sort. "Hunh?"

"You threw him over twenty feet and he was injured. Now, why did you do that?" asked the Doctor calmly.

Corey thought back and then realized what she was talking about. "She wouldn't shut up."

"Who?" The woman picked up her pen and had it poised over a yellow legal pad.

"Bast. She won't leave me alone. She keeps talking to me and I just want her to go away and return to my own life."

"I see. And when did all of this start?"

Corey related the dream to her and then she got him talking about everything Bast had said to him. He was shaking and in tears before it was all over.

June 26, 2006

"Mister Davis, Mrs. Davis please have a seat." The woman in the lab coat gestured to the chairs that were in front of her desk. "Thank you for coming. I wanted to talk to you about your son and what he seems to be going through."

Corey's parents looked at each other and then back at the doctor.

"After talking to Corey and observing him these last few days, I am fairly confident of my diagnosis of his problems. When Corey's mutant power surfaced it caused him to change into what he is now. The trauma of this event has caused his psyche to shatter and he has become schizophrenic. He sits and talks to himself, carrying on full conversations with imaginary people, he is despondent and refuses to see the truth of the situation he finds himself in."

"He's schizophrenic?!" Corey's father sounded rather surprised.

"I know it is hard to believe but you have to face the fact that your child is lost inside his head and I don't see him coming out of it anytime soon. It many be best to discuss institutionalizing him, so he can get the long term care he needs to return to reality."

"What about that Whateley Academy, the other Doctor mentioned?" asked his mother nervously.

The doctor smiled at her as if to a particularly stupid child. "I am afraid Corey's mental health is what is at stake here, not his education."

Again Corey's parents looked at each other, with worry on their faces. His father's face set grim and hard. He looked at the doctor and said. "Do what you think is best for our son."

Her smile was thin lipped and cold. "Thank you sir. I shall."

July 26, 2006

Corey sat in the chair looking out at the clouds. He was tired of this whole thing and Bast was wearing him down, through talking to him and through his dreams. He was relenting to her point of view as the inevitable. *Miyet, we need to get you out of here so that you can actually do something other than sit here and brood. Moving will make you feel better.*

"I just can't leave." Whispered Corey. "They would lock me up worse than this. Then I could never get out."

*Hopefully things will shift and an opportunity will arise. I am tired of them making you stupid with those little pills. I want you to get out there and walk the world for me.*

Before Corey could answer, two orderlies walked over to him. They gestured for him to get up and follow them. Corey looked at the clock as he stood. It wasn't time for his therapy session yet?

They led Corey into what seemed to be a lunch room. A petite woman, with long blond hair and a dazzling smile was sitting at one of the tables. She didn't look like a doctor. She looked more like a librarian, by the way she dressed.

"Thank you both for bringing Corey over here. But is the jacket really necessary?" Her voice was sweet, but there was something to it, an odd undertone he couldn't quite figure out.

"He hurt one of the orderlies, ma'am. Doctor's orders." The man shifted nervously as he said that.

"Well, let's just take it off." Corey could discern an odd undertone that vibrated in her head. One of the orderlies moved forward and undid the straight jacket and let Corey free. Corey's eyes widened in surprise.

"Thank you boys. I'll call you if I need you." The two orderlies turned and left the room, looking a bit dazed. She then smiled at Corey. "Have a seat. I was asked to come over and talk to you about a school."

"Hunh?A school?" Corey was dumbfounded by this woman. What was she talking about? He sat in a chair and looked at her.

"My name is Rachel Robinson. I am here to talk to you about Whateley Academy. It is a school for paranormals, like you and me."

"What did you do to them?" asked Corey.

"Oh, it is a simple psychic effect. I convinced them that they saw and thought what I wanted them to think. Harmless really. And it enabled us to talk. So you are now a paranormal and need to go to some place safe. Let's get out of here. That is unless you want to stay?" She smiled, looking friendly.

"Hunh? What about the Doctor?" stammered Corey.

Miss Robinson shrugged. "Don't worry about her. She will be having a visit soon that will keep her rather busy. Come on."

Corey stood and followed the woman out. She seemed to effortlessly get the two of them out of the building and into a waiting car. Once in the car she handed Corey a skirt and a hoodie. "Get rid of the hospital clothes and get these on. Keep the hood up. I know it's hot but that is why we have AC."

Corey blinked at her. *Miyet, kitten, do this. If you do not do this you may never get away from the hospital.*

Corey sighed and pulled on the skirt. There was no arguing with Bast. Besides how do you ignore a disembodied voice that goes right into your head? Once the skirt was on he pulled the hospital pants off. The hoodie went right over the hospital gown, as he didn't want to expose his transformed chest. "So where are we going?"

She smiled brightly. "I figured that having something to eat would be a good idea, and then I am going to drop you off with someone who can get you to the school. They don't really like me but they can get you there with less bother than I can. Besides, technically I just broke you out of the hospital."

Corey blanched a little at that. "What?"

"You, my dear little catgirl, are on the lam for escaping the mental health wing of the hospital. So do what I say or they will have you back in there, all trussed up and whacked out on drugs." Miss Robinson smiled broadly at him, showing plenty of teeth. "I am not a big fan of that approach, so I agreed to get you out of there. Don't worry, you are safe, but you probably should avoid using the name Corey for a while, at least until the lawyers and cops and the hospital stop screaming about this."

Corey nodded, looking rather stunned. He had no idea what to do. *Miyet, child, you should use the name I gave you. It will keep both you and your family safe.*

Corey was ready to cry, anything to get rid of the cursed voice in his head. Why couldn't she just leave him alone? *Child, I am here and I will be here until you die. You are my chosen.*

Corey closed his eyes. He spoke slowly, hesitatingly. "Miyet. You can call me Miyet."

Miss Robinson smiled at the catgirl. "That should work well. I don't think that anyone can connect Corey with Miyet. Well, now that we have that settled we can go get some lunch. I am hungry, how about you?"

Corey nodded. He really couldn't bring himself to say anything. If Bast was speaking the truth then he was going to be a girl for the rest of his life. He was going to be a weak, simpering thing. But he was strong. He remembered throwing that guy for a good distance. In this girl's body he was stronger than he had been as a guy. He bowed his head and found himself crying softly.

Miss Robinson pulled up to anLogans steakhouse on the outskirts of St. Louis. Corey, now Miyet for the foreseeable future, followed her into the restaurant. He, now unavoidably she, ate lightly because hunger wasn't easy when distracted. She mostly nibbled at things. She left with Miss Robinson barely aware of the fact that the woman hadn't paid.

They pulled up to a large building, seemingly of steel and glass. "Here we are Miyet. Get out and ring the door bell. They will take care of you from there."

Once the car door was closed, her benefactor drove off. Miyet watched her go, rather confused by the turn of events.

Miyet looked at the wall, trying to find the door. There didn't seem to be one. She did spy a button on the wall and she walked over to it and pressed it. A voice spoke out of somewhere. "May we help you?"

"Uhm…yes…my name is…Miyet and a…Miss Robinson told me to mention that you would…take care of me?" Miyet's tail drooped despondently.

"A Miss Robinson?" the voice replied.

"Uhm…she helped me…out of the Hospital and brought me here."

There was a pause. Then there was a buzz and a section of glass slid back. "Please come inside."

The foyer was huge, with the glass wall stretching the height of the building. An older gentleman, in a business suit was walking towards her, smiling. He had salt and pepper short hair and a goatee. The man stopped in front of her, bowing his head slightly. "Miyet? Welcome to the headquarters of the Saint Louis Five. Now, what can we do to help you?"

Miyet was suitably impressed with the way the man carried himself. Her ears flattened and her tail drooped when she thought about the question. What could they do to help? "I don't know. Miss Robinson got me out of the hospital and I don't want to go back and Bast wants me to do things for her and I don't know what to do."

The man smiled at her again. She calmed down some. "Well, let's get you settled first and work this out one thing at a time."

Miyet was lying on the bed and looking up at the ceiling. The bed was the most comfortable thing she had ever laid down on and the sheets were made of Egyptian cotton. It was blissful. The gentleman had told her to take a shower and that there would be clothes there for her to wear when she got out. But the bed was so comfortable that it was hard to motivate herself to get off of the mattress.

She finally did and made it into the shower. It was also amazing with a large glass enclosed shower, with a subtle design etched into the glass. There were several nozzles and she was able to get water to hit her body at almost every angle. Colors shifted as she washed herself and her frazzled nerves soothed. It was really a nice thing.

The clothes that were waiting for her gave her a bit of a pause. There was a pair of panties with what looked to be a built in tail hole that seemed to tie shut. The bra matched the panties, with the exception of any extra holes. The pants and hoodie that were folded at the foot of the bed were made of linen and of a color that matched her eyes. There was also a nice Egyptian motif on the clothes as well. A pair of sandals completed the outfit. All the clothes perfectly fit who she had become and this did make Corey a little sad knowing that he was taking another step away from what his life had been. What could he do but go on? He wasn't Corey anymore.

*The clothes look beautiful Kitten. You truly look like one of my servants of old.* stated Bast, speaking softly in her head. *The linen would be very comfortable in the summer heat.*

"Thanks. I am wearing girl's clothes now thanks to you." Miyet's voice was bitter and accusatory.

Bast sighed and spoke slowly. *Corey, you were becoming a terrible human being. Your actions in your dreams and to my children attest to that. Your power is the only reason that I did not kill you on the spot. But make no mistake; I spared you because maybe you might be able to make something out of yourself. That is worth sparing you and simply punishing you for what you had done. My brother would have simply weighed your soul and fed you to the Devourer. Life like this will not be as bad as you think. Just accept that you are a girl and my servant. I will do what I can to guide you and help you in every way possible.*

Miyet bowed her head. "Yes. I understand. I just wish I didn't look so much like an animal."

Bast chuckled a little. *Perhaps in time I will pull the soft fur and slitted eyes from you. But it is a good color for your skin. Be good and I will make you more human.*

Miyet perked up. "You mean it?"

*Of course child. Be good and I will take that from you, but you may loose some of your gifts due to that. So I will wait until you really understand what you will be giving up before I do it. You may find that you want to keep them.*

Miyet shook at that. She doubted that would be likely but she was not going to blab that out. Her mouth hadn't really served her well so far.

A knock at the door changed the tide of things and she walked over to it. It slid open when she was near. Outside was Firewoman, on of the members of the St. Louis Five. She was a beautiful woman with a deep tan with flame colored hair that shifted colors just like living flame. Her eyes were the same color as well. She had curves that almost made Miyet drool. She smiled at Miyet with perfect teeth. "Miyet? I am Firewoman. Would you please come with me to the conference room? There are some things we need to discuss and that would be a good place to do that."

Miyet nodded dumbly, struck with awe from the woman. As Corey, he had a huge crush on her, with many detailed sexual fantasies. Miyet was also finding out that some of those feelings held true even now. She stammered out. "O-o-okay."

Firewoman turned and looked back over her shoulder at Miyet. The catgirl followed and struggled to keep from watching the superheroine's butt as they walked down the hall. It made her think about doing things that she couldn't do anymore in this body. But her body reacted to the thoughts. She felt a slight pulsing of her groin and inner thighs. She also felt herself growing wet. She panicked a little. Was she going to the bathroom? Great, now she needed diapers too?

*Miyet, calm yourself. You are not wetting yourself* Bast snickered in her heat. *You are simply growing aroused. This is normal.*

She grumbled under her breath and moved closer to Firewoman, in an attempt to stop looking at her ass. It sort of worked. But the pulsing faded and she was left with a slickness in her panties. She shook a little, her heart pounding in her ears. If this was how women showed they were excited Miyet would rather have kept the hardons. At least they didn't make you feel all sticky and like you peed yourself. Miyet shuddered at the thought.

When they reached an elevator Firewoman allowed her to pass, letting the Catgirl enter the elevator first. The majority of the walls seemed to be glass, as far as she could tell. They stopped two floors down and Miyet was escorted to a large conference room. The man who she had talked to before was there as well as another man in some sort of power armor, with the helmet placed to the side. She recognized him instantly, from the suit. It was Diamond. He was really famous for his work both in and out of the St. Louis Five. Miyet was a little overawed by his presence.

"Hello again Miyet." said the gentleman from before. "My friends and I are trying to figure out what to do with you. We have the reports of you escaping from the Hospital but we also have the fact that a doctor there claimed that he got a hold of Lorelei to get you out. He has provided us information that your doctor was a member of Humanity First. This is a new twist and will certainly bear some looking into. So what do we do with you?"

Her voice was a bit shaky. "Is…is there any way that you can help me get back to my old life?"

Firewoman looked a little sad, and looked away. Diamond spoke his voice deep and controlled. "Since you are an Avatar it is possible that you can return to your original form, however this is not something easily achieved. I would hazard a guess that you are going to have to learn to live like this."

Miyet sniffled a little at that. She had figured that, but she could always hope. The other gentleman smiled gently and said, "There is always Whateley."

Her head came up, her ears perking up a little at this. "The mutant school?"

"Yes. They could teach you to deal with who you have become and help you be able to lead a moderately normal life. They would be the best ones to be able to help you." He kept smiling and Miyet could tell that he was really trying to be helpful.

She smiled just a little. "I guess that would be for the best. I don't really want to but if I can't go back to my old life I guess that it would be a good thing."

27 July, 2006

Miyet woke up in a new place not sure where she was.  She looked around the room and remembered that this is where the St. Louis Five had put her.  The bed had been very comfortable and she had snuggled deep within the sheets. She was curled up, a way of sleeping she had discovered herself doing since transformation. She looked up and around the room and then realized where she was.

She turned onto her back and sighed. At least here was better than the hospital. Dinner had been very good, a type of fish she had never had before, but given that her exposure to fish had been fish sticks and the fish from fish and chips, she wasn't really surprised. She asked for seconds of the fish and happily enjoyed the food. She was on her best manners, as she figured superheroes all had good manners. The things her mom had taught her long ago.

She thought about her parents. What would her dad say? She had been his son and was now this. Her family had never been supporters of Humanity First, as her father believed that we needed Supers to help keep America safe from the godless hordes. But what would her father think of her now that he had become a she.

Women were to be seen and not heard. They were to serve and obey. Corey had grown up knowing this to be true, but now, since the transformation, where did that leave him. He was a girl now, with no foreseeable way out, and that meant that he was supposed to follow those rules, right?

Miyet got up and slunk into the shower. Thinking things like that didn't really help her to wake up in any mood other than bad. The shower helped to clear her head and the really neat blow dryers mounted to the inside of the shower managed to get her and that fine layer of fur dry fairly quickly. She padded out to the room and looked for her clothes.

All she had were the clothes that Miss Robinson had given her or the ones from yesterday. She didn't want to wear the skirt and really wanted some clean underwear. Maybe the people here would have something else for her to wear. She pulled on the clothes while grumbling. Maybe she could get some things soon.

She walked to the elevator, heading towards the dining room where all the meals were served for the members and staff here. It was a nice building and the food was certainly a lot better than the hospitals had been. She was actually looking forward to the kind of food that they could get her.

Her eggs, bacon, pancakes, hash browns and cereal had all been washed down with a large glass of milk when the rather plain looking guy walked up to her. "Good morning Miyet."

"Good morning." She just couldn't seem to remember his name or anything about him, except for the fact that they had met.

"I have come to take you to the docs. They are going to poke and prod you for a bit and then test you in all sorts of things. It will not be fun but hopefully you will be done in time for a late lunch." The man led her deeper into the building.

Miyet nodded. "Okay. And is there any way I can get some clothes. This is the only thing I have and I really want to have more clothes."

He stopped and looked at her. He nodded and went back to leading her to the medical area. "Not a problem. Firewoman and I will head out and pick you out some things after your measurements are taken. That way we won't have to deal with the whole crowd thing and trying to keep someone like you hidden. Just be good and we'll be back."

She smiled a little weakly. "Thank you. I just wished that I could get the kind of clothes I really want rather than clothes I am now forced to get."

He patted her arm. "It's okay. Things will work out. This might be really uncomfortable right now but it will get better. I promise."

When they reached the medical area he left her with a wave. She went in and followed a nurse's directions to disrobe and put on the gown. Blood was taken and she had to submit to a complete physical. Her face burned with embarrassment and shame through her gynecological exam. She had never felt so exposed and vulnerable in her entire life.

She had been given some basic workout clothes after all of that and they began with the physical testing. Miyet had been aware that she had been strong but as they kept increasing the weight and she kept lifting it she started becoming amazed. They eventually stopped that when she couldn't lift anymore. Then the tests kept changing, testing speed, endurance, dexterity, psychic ability and several other things. She was exhausted when things were done, having been put through the ringer.

She was on the second shower of the day, letting the water roll over her, helping the muscles relax and the ache to fade. She didn't know what her ratings were and personally didn't care. She just knew that her gym clothes were uncomfortably snagging her tail and she wanted food. Lunch was becoming a necessity at this point.

One of the various staff people here led her back to the dining area where she managed to eat more than she ever had in her life. Lots of fish, chicken and other things vanished as she tried to fill the hunger inside her. She slowed as the sensation of fullness began to grow in her. She then sat back and sighed, content.

*Happy, Kitten?*

‘Not really.' she thought. ‘More content than anything else.'

*Good. You will become happy, in time.* assured Bast.

‘You keep saying that. How could I ever be happy after what you did to me?' she thought vehemently.

*Kitten, you will become happy because the pain will fade, you will become utterly used to this form and life will go on. Dwelling on this will not help you live.* replied Bast patiently.

Miyet bowed her head; already sure that arguing with Bast would never fix things. She had gotten her dream of being a hero, just not in the way she had imagined it. She heard her name and she turned to look. Firewoman was calling her from the doorway. "Miyet. Come on. We have some stuff for you."

Miyet got up and headed over. Firewoman smiled. "Alex and I just got back. We have some clothes for you up in your room. Could you try them on for us?"

Miyet shivered a little. In a basic way the old her, Corey, knew this was wrong. He would be crossdressing which was a sin. But now…she didn't have the energy to care anymore. She was getting to the point where all she wanted to do was sleep. But that wouldn't really help with anything and her daddy taught her that quitting was wrong.

There were almost ten bags on the bed, from different stores. Miyet stopped, eyes wide, looking at them. The gentleman from before was there. "Since you needed a new wardrobe, we decided to oblige. Firewoman and I did our best to buy what we thought you might like."

Miyet turned and looked at him. She had been here long enough to learn his name but she just couldn't think of who he was. It was really frustrating. Her ears went flat and her tail drooped. "Uhm…thank you. I'm sorry…I can't remember your name."

The man smiled at her. "My name is Alex and don't worry, no one seems to remember who I am until I have been around them for a while. Just a side effect of my power. But try on the clothes. They should all fit and they should at least be things you can live with."

Alex got up and left the room. "Let us know if we need to get you other things. See you for dinner."

With that Miyet was again alone, in her room with a whole huge pile of clothes. Just looking at the horde let her know that she had never had this many clothes or even ones not from Wal-Mart or the Goodwill. She started going through the bags, laying out what had been gotten for her. There were a lot of girl jeans, mostly low cut which all had a notch at the middle of the butt. There were all sorts of t-shirts, with a very different cut, that she figured she could live with. There were a few skirts, in what looked like some sort of hippy fabric that Miyet grudgingly admitted to liking. There were a few nice blouses that didn't look too overly girly, but which Miyet figured looked more girly than she had ever wanted. There were sandals of several types, including hiking sandals and a few pairs of other shoes. She froze when she got to the underwear, whose bag was on the bottom.

The bag was pink and Miyet knew the store but why buy anything there for her? All she had wanted was basic plain and boring underwear not anything from Victoria's Secret. She opened the bag and lots of silky bars and panties spilled out, in what looked like all the colors of the rainbow. The Catgirl began to shake, looking at this most feminine collection of things. There could be no argument that she liked them, but more in a ‘on someone else' sort of way. Just looking at them drove home the fact that she was a girl now.

Miyet started to cry, almost collapsing at the edge of her bed. All she had wanted was to live her life and now she was a girl and she really didn't like that. She felt someone wrap their arms about her and stroke her hair. *It's okay Kitten, let it all out. I know you are strong enough to do this and get through things.*

Like a lost kitten, she cried sadly, clutching onto the comforter that covered the bed. Bast held her as she cried, the deity holding her in a way that Miyet felt but no one would have seen a thing. She didn't know how long she had cried but slowly her sobs faded and she felt her eyes burning. She sniffled and rubbed her eyes. She opened them and found herself in the throne room. She looked around and finally spotted Bast, reclining on one of the couches.

"I figured this might be a better way to discuss things." She beckoned Miyet over. "Please have a seat."

Miyet took a seat on a couch that had several cats lounging on it, who gave way when she tried to sit. She shifted herself until she was comfortable.

"Miyet, there is something going on in the world that is very dangerous that involves the children of Set. You need to help me find a way to find them and stop them. I am sorry that you now wear the form you do, but it is an attempt to make your life better. I need a strong hunter and I had hoped that you could be that person. Can you do that?" asked Bast, gazing at Miyet unblinking.

Miyet thought about that. Here was a choice. Here was a way where she might be able to get something of her life back. "I might. What if I refuse?"

Bast smiled ferally, with her fangs showing slightly. "I take my power but leave you in this form."

Miyet's hopes dropped. "I see. Then do I really have a choice?"

Bast laughed. "Of course you have a choice. Without choices what is the point in life? But there are a number of things that will help you out. If you do this and live as you are now, then you will start to find the benefits that are part of this deal."

"Benefits? Like what?" asked Miyet, leaning forward, interested.

"Those, Kitten, you will discover as time goes on. Now another question, do you like how you look? I will not change your form but I can and will change colorations." Bast smiled. "Maybe I should make it look less like I have touched you?"

Miyet stared at the catwoman. "But…didn't you say you weren't going to change me?"

Bats laughed again. It was a nice sound that was good to hear. "My dear, stand, look at yourself."

Miyet did as asked and turned towards the mirror. She could see herself clearly. Her face was human, but unarguably female and cute. Her eyes were green-gold, like you might see with a cat, and her pupils were vertical, like a cats. Her hair was still its dirty blond color, shoulder length and there was an amazingly fine layer of fur all over her body which gave her a golden sand color but still looked like skin. Her body had sensuous curves and an ample bosom, which Corey would have approved of on someone else. Her ears and tail were the same color as the faint fur, and both were utterly noticeable.

"I can change to color of your fur, hair, eyes, any of that. Do you want me to?"

Miyet thought about that. She couldn't change much, but there were things she could change so she could get used to an image in the mirror that reminded her less of who she had been and what her life had been like. She thought about things. This change might make her able to cope better. But wouldn't it also be denying who she had been? She wasn't sure. "Can I think about this some more?"

Bast smiled comfortingly. "Certainly Kitten. You are my beloved daughter and I will do what I can for you, within reason. Now, you need to get up, shower and get dressed."

Everything faded and Miyet stood, stretching. She looked at the pile of clothes and then headed to the bathroom. She did as she was told and started the shower, undressing while the water was adjusting. She stepped under the water and let the heat and the pound of the massage heads work the muscles of her shoulder and back.

She kept adjusting the nozzles so that she could work it around her body. When she adjusted the nozzles around her front the jets brushed against her crotch. Her body throbbed with pleasure and Miyet almost dropped to the floor of the shower. ‘Wha…that felt so good.'

Miyet lay back in the shower and directed the stream of pulsing water towards her genitals. It felt so good, and she let herself get lost in the pleasure. She could feel her nipples tighten and her eyes fluttered from the sensation. It kept building and building and building until her body shook and clenched with the overwhelming pleasure and release. She shuddered with the after effects. Miyet felt more relaxed and blissful than she had in weeks, ever she had woken up in this body.

She stared at the ceiling and smiled, reaching for the showerhead again. ‘Maybe this is one of the things Bast had mentioned. Wow.'

She used the fingers of one hand to open herself up more and directed the stream of water against her clitoris. She moaned in joy. ‘Maybe I can get used to this.'

August 4, 2006

Miyet was feeling off when she awoke. She felt bloated and she ached. She was cramping in her abdomen and just wanted to curl up and keep sleeping. But the cramping was growing stronger. She was getting irritated with things again. Yesterday she had yelled at a couple of employees for no particular reason and right now she wanted to chew someone's head off.

She turned and looked at the clock. It was three in the morning. Miyet grumbled and got up, heading to the bathroom to empty her bladder. After she was done she wiped, just like she had been taught, but still not overly natural. She looked down and noticed the blood on the toilet paper. She screamed in surprise and fear. She grabbed more toilet paper and pressed it against her crotch.

What was going on? Why was she bleeding? He she hurt herself yesterday in her practice session with Firewoman? She searched her room for any thing that could help.

The phone!

She grabbed it and dialed Firewoman's extension. "Come on, come on, come on…"

The phone picked up. A sleepy voice mumbled "What?"

"Firewoman, you have to help me. I'm bleeding. I think I hurt myself some how." babbled Miyet almost hysterically.

"I'll be right there." The phone line went dead in her hands. She continued to ride the fine edge of panic.

There was a sharp knock and Firewoman entered the room. The heroine was dressed in a baby doll nighty that really gave Miyet thoughts that weren't really appropriate to the place and time.

"What's wrong?" Firewoman looked worried.

"I'm bleeding…from my groin…what do I do?" Miyet was a bit wide eyed and frantic.

"From…your groin? Could it be your period?" asked Firewoman delicately.

"My what?" Miyet was confused and not sure what Firewoman was saying.

"That's okay honey…I think I understand. Come with me." Firewoman took Miyet's hand and brought her into the bathroom. She opened the cabinet under the sink which Miyet hadn't looked into, thinking it had been cleaning supplies.

It was filled with an array of feminine hygiene products. Firewoman pulled out a pad and handed it to Miyet. "Put this in your panties, the tape here on the back will help keep it in place. This will take care of the bleeding. As for the cramps and stuff, I have to go back and get my Midol. It's actually a brand made for Exemplars and others whose bodies would have quickly burned through the medication otherwise. It will be okay sweetie, all girls go through this."

Firewoman left and Miyet stared at the pad, almost in horror. Her father had taught that this was a time when the woman was unclean and didn't need to be around men. Her mother had slept on the couch when that happened. Miyet wondered if she were unclean.

She grimaced and pulled the protective covering for the adhesive off. Unsure of how to get it into her panties correctly she brought the pad against her vagina, so that most of the center was against where the bleeding was coming from. She then pulled her panties up and tried to not think about the pad that forced her legs to be apart slightly. It felt odd.

Firewoman came back into the room with a bottle with a blue label. "Here you go Miyet. Take two of these and then follow the directions. I am sorry we didn't think of this earlier."

Miyet turned away from the blushing woman. She grabbed her water bottle that she kept by her bedside and took the pills. Firewoman was also pulling out what looked to be a heating pad. "This will help as well. Until the drugs kick in hold this against your tummy. That should help. And then I am sure you will be able to go back to sleep."

Miyet climbed back into bed and did as told. The heating pad did feel good. She drifted off to sleep after Firewoman left, the cramps fading to a dull ache.

Miyet had dressed and headed to the dining room. There was an atmosphere of tension that was at odds with how this place had been the entire time she had been here. The dining room was empty when she got there, except for the kitchen staff, who kept nervously glancing towards the television. Miyet turned and took a look. There were police officers trying to breakdown the door, yelling something. I was shocked. Why would the police be assaulting the headquarters of the local team of heroes that they worked with?

Firewoman came up to me. "Miyet, I need you to come with me."

With a last glance at the TV she followed Firewoman out. They didn't talk as they headed up to one of the conference rooms. When she walked into the room it looked as if the whole team was there.

She really couldn't remember the guy in the rumpled brown suit but she knew the other four. Diamond started talking. "It seems, Miyet, that someone figured out that you were here and that the authorities need to rescue you. Alex says that they are under a very subtle form of mind control. We are doing what we can to keep you safe and not endanger anyone else. Do you have any ideas?"

Miyet shook her head, too nervous to talk.

Mandrake, the dragon looking human mage spoke up, "I don't think it was Robinson, as she is always careful and she doesn't rat out anyone. Maybe someone watched her arrive?"

Firewoman nodded in agreement. "If someone spotted Miyet coming inside, than that would be a possible source of information."

Diamond shook his head. "If that had been the case, wouldn't we have heard about this sooner?"

The man in the rumbled suit shook his head. "Not necessarily. However, since the cops are a bit mind controlled then we can work with that. Even their SWAT team isn't going to get in here. Someone is looking for Miyet and from these indications it isn't for dinner and a movie."

Shimmer giggled at that. The beautiful white blond speedster smiled at Alex. "I think we owe it to her and us to look out for her. We took her in so I guess we currently stand in loco parentis."

Diamond looked at everyone. "Agreed.Any questions on that?"

No one said anything. "Fine. Miyet, we would like to offer you provisional membership in our team. This means you get a room here, an allowance, we will pay for your schooling and work to help you with this situation. What do you think?"

Miyet stood there, blinking her eyes in surprise. Suddenly she started purring, which surprised everyone. Shimmer giggled again and said, "I guess that gives us an answer."

Miyet quickly said yes and congratulations were said all around. The guy in the rumbled suit came up to her. "Since you are one of us, I need to do something."

He reached out and laid his hand on her forehead. She felt a push and then the sensation of something snapping. She looked at him surprised and realized she knew who he was. "Alex?"

He smiled. "Well that worked. Welcome to the club."

While Diamond and Alex dealt with the authorities, Shimmer took Miyet to get processed into the group, filling out various documents; getting an account set-up and getting a team ID pass for inside the building. Shimmer chatted the whole way and Miyet just smiled and listened to her. He really liked her and as Corey there were several pictures of her that he had. She was almost painfully attractive and Miyet could feel herself getting aroused.

After a few hours she had proof that she was a provisional member of the St. Louis Six. That made her feel good and like she had found a place that made sense. It was comforting to know that she was wanted.

August 6, 2006

Several cars pulled up to the building, most of which were police cars. The District Attorney of St. Louis got out and headed towards the door. Had Miyet been watching this event she would have noted her Doctor from the mental ward with the group. They approached the front door and rang the buzzer. Diamond spoke through the intercom, "Tyler, good to see you again. What do we owe this visit to?"

"Diamond, I have papers here for obstruction of justice, kidnapping, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and so on. I want the kid." Tyler Foster, glared at Diamond.

"Interesting. And what kid would that be exactly?" replied Diamond smoothly.

"Corey Davis. Recently transformed mutant. Has schizophrenia."

"I'm must admit we have no one by that name here. I am sorry to say that. And why would we take in an escaped mental patient?" Diamond's voice was calm and rational.

"Diamond. We want the kid, just give them to us and this ends. But if you give us any problems I will get the MCO onto you." threatened Tyler.

"Tyler, you know I do not lie. I am not lying now. There is no one by the name of Corey Davis in our building."

The Doctor stepped forward. "We know you have him. Witnesses saw him coming here."

Diamond turned, his visor facing the Doctor impassively. "He is not here."

Tyler looked at Diamond again. "Alright, if that is the way you want to do this. We'll be back with the MCO and get the boy ourselves."

Diamond stood there immovably, watching them leave. As they drove from the scene and off their property he said. "Alex, did you get a good scan?"

"Yeah, I did. I think the source is the Doctor but I am not sure. I wasn't able to get into her mind and thankfully she didn't catch me. But the rest were all under control."

Diamond nodded. "Pass the info on to the Feds and let's see if they can do anything about this."

August 12, 2006

Alex was laughing at something Mandrake had said as Miyet entered the room. Alex waved her over. "Well, that is all dealt with. The FBI showed up, noted the mental tampering and cleared it away. They have no proof who did it though but everything is fixed with the cops. You are no longer wanted."

Miyet smiled. "Really?"

Mandrake nodded. "Yep. We even managed to get a hold of your parents and they will be here this afternoon. As long as the Doctor stays away you should be okay. We have done everything we can do there by alerting the licensing board to look into her actions. Your records from here have all been sent to show what she was doing."

Miyet sat heavily, glad that there was no longer anything to worry about. It would be nice to be able to go outside again. And seeing her parents would be a good thing despite how nervous she now was. The other two left her to her thoughts as she had breakfast. She was filled with anticipation and was hoping to get back to something that felt more like normal life.

Just after lunch she went back to her room and tried to get the most androgynous looking outfit she had. The white t-shirt and low rider jeans were about all she had. Her tail had trouble in any other kind of pants and she had to make do. Firewoman told her that they would be arranging for her to get better clothes up at Whateley. Anything that didn't pinch her tail all the time would be nice. Bast had talked to her about trying to get some clothes that would fit right and the internet had actually given her pictures of the kind of clothes she would need. She just hadn't expected to have to turn to the furry community to find it.

Firewoman came and got her when her parents arrived. As Miyet headed for the conference room where they were going to meet, she was getting more and more nervous. What did they really think about her? What would her dad say?

Both of her parents looked surprised to see her look so healthy. Her mom started crying happily and her father nodded and said, "Corey."

"Hi mom and dad." Miyet moved closer and sat down.

Her mom got up and hugged you. "We were so worried."

Miyet's father looked anywhere but at his transformed son. "So, how are you doing?"

"Not too bad. I was made a provisional member of the St. Louis Five, and they are going to pay for me to go to school. That should help out. They also bought me clothes as my old ones would no longer fit." Miyet kind of rambled with her nervousness.

"You plan on going to that school then?" asked her father.

"Yes dad. If I want to fully understand my powers and get stronger than I will have to go someplace where they can teach me." explained Miyet. "And I need to go someplace to get used to what I look like now."

"It is quite a shock. But you are still my son." stated her father.

Miyet thought about it, ‘Am I really?' She shook her head slightly. "I just wanted to make sure I was alright and what my plans were."

"Corey, could you come home for a while before you have to go? It would be a nice for us to spend some time together before you have to go to boarding school." asked her mom.

Miyet thought about it. It sounded like a good idea and that way she could get an idea of what her parents really thought about this situation. "Sounds good to me. I'll have to check with the others and make sure everything is still alright for me to go. But I would love to come home for a while."

"Yes Doctor, we did what you asked and invited him home." said Mr. Davis, talking into the cell phone that he had been given.

"Thank you so much sir. I swear I will help your son return to normal and then all of you can be a happy family again." replied the doctor. "I will do everything that I can to help you all out."

"Thank you Doctor. We really appreciate all the help you have given us."

"Not at all Mr. Davis. It is entirely my pleasure." she said, smiling at the other end of the line. "Let me give you my new number, as I have moved to a new, private facility. Ready?"

August 17, 2006  Cherryville, Missouri

Miyet grabbed her bag and headed out to the car. One of the team's drivers was going to take her to her house and drop her off. In a way she was both looking forward to and dreading this trip home. So much had changed and she wasn't sure how the people of the town would deal with her. She really didn't want to be attacked. She was too strong to comfortably want to use her strength against her neighbors.

The drive took a couple of hours and Miyet actually dozed off in the back. When the car finally turned off the paved roads she woke up, alerted by the change in sound.

They rounded the bend and there was her family's house, an old double wide trailer set into the woods some, away from other people. It was good to see her home again but she was still nervous about being back.

As she got out of the car and pulled out the travel bag with her clothes and stuff, her mother come out of the house, wiping her hands on her apron. Miyet moved forward and hugged her mom, being careful not to hug her too hard.

"Hey mom."

"Welcome home Corey. Take your stuff up to your room and relax. What do you want for lunch?" asked her mom.

Miyet had no trouble carrying her stuff, with her extra strength. "Uhm…how about a tuna fish sandwich?"

Her mother smiled, happily. "I think I can manage that. Though I thought that you didn't like Tuna fish?"

"I have learned to appreciate it." replied Miyet.

Miyet walked into her room and looked around. Nothing had changed. The room was just like it had been when she had woken up that day. It was if she were stuck in some sort of time warp. After all that had happened she had expected her room to reflect it in someway. Her old clothes were still hanging in the closet. The walls were covered with posters with women mostly undressed. The pile of muscle magazines were still on the end table. It was strange. She dropped her bags onto the bed and just looked at the room, realizing that it wasn't even remotely her anymore. She fought back tears and headed downstairs.

She watched TV while her mother fixed her lunch. Even her favorite shows felt different, like they didn't satisfy any more. Her lunch was good. The tuna melt hit the spot and her mother's cooking was still as good as she remembered. The coke tasted funny, too sweet and that was distressing, as being yet another thing from her past that she lost.

She excused herself and went for a walk in the woods. The trees were quiet and just being around them was calming. She rested a hand on one and just looked around. She figured that out here she could keep practicing with the exercises she had been told to do by Diamond.

She smiled. She was a member of a superhero team, an actual member. There were some good things to come from this after all.

August 20, 2006

Miyet looked up surprised when she heard a car approaching. It didn't sound like her father's or her brother's cars. She got out of bed and headed towards the living room, moving silently on the carpet. The sound grew louder and when she had a good view out front window she spotted Holly's car turning into the drive way. Miyet was surprised and really confused as to what she was going to do. How was she going to handle this? It would be awkward but she figured she should at least say hi and talk to her, especially since they had been dating and to the best of her knowledge they still were.

Miyet was hoping that the shock of seeing her boyfriend as a catgirl wouldn't be too much for her to take. Miyet headed over to the door and opened it when Holly knocked. Holly's eyes went wide and she stepped back a bit in surprise. "Is…uh…is Corey here?"

"Yeah, he is or rather she is." replied Miyet slowly.

Realization came slowly to Holly and her eyes kept trying to grow wider. Her mouth was open like a fish. Miyet finally said, "Hello Holly."

"Corey?" Holly's voice clearly doubted what she was figuring. "Is that really you?"

"Yes, it's me. Want to go for a walk? I can explain as we go." Miyet really wanted to get out of the house as her father had been making her crazy with what seemed to be new rules. Since when had she washed the dishes or helped cook dinner? She chafed at the new restrictions.

"Sure." replied Holly. Miyet led the way down a well worn animal trail to the spot where the two of them had first made love and Corey had first told her that he loved her. It was still one of Miyet's favorite spots in the whole county. She was just happy to be around Holly that she didn't notice the slightly dusty smell that clung to his girlfriend.

They both took a seat on the ground, on a blanket that Miyet had brought with them. Miyet remembered to curl her tail around as she sat, to keep it from ending up under her again. That had really hurt the last time she had done it. The two of them sat there unsure of what to say. Holly finally broke the silence. "Corey, what happened to you?"

"It turns out that I‘m a mutant and when my power activated I came out like this. I‘ve been in the hospital in St. Louis for a while as I got better, well as better as I can be. I'm sorry no one told you." Corey wouldn't have cared, as Holly was just there to ease tensions, but Miyet knew the pain she had personally suffered and could imagine what Holly might have felt. There were too many challenges to her world and it was really uncomfortable.

"It's okay. I'm just glad you're back." Holly hugged Miyet tightly.

Miyet turned and hugged her back. She really had missed Holly, especially as things had calmed down and she had time to think. How she was picturing things with Holly was different than it had been before. "I missed you Holly, a lot. I thought about you all the time and…and I …I still love you."

Holly instantly answered, seeming to know what to say. "I still love you to Corey. But…uhm…you're a girl now, right?"

Miyet bowed her head and her ears flattened. This was not going well. "Yeah. I am. Completely."

"The minister says that two girls together in some sort of relationship is wrong." stated Holly. "It is a sin."

Miyet could see where this was heading. "I know."

"And the thought of two girls making out is gross. I mean how would you feel about two guys making out? Ick!" Holly was starting to get into a stride, the speed and volume of her voice increasing. "I miss you Corey, I really do, but to stay with you would be a sin against God and with your ears and tail it's almost like you're some sort of animal. I don't sleep with animals. Ugh…that's just nasty. And when my family hears about how you look now and everything they would be ashamed if I kept seeing you. And besides, what would Reverend Johnson say?"

Miyet just looked at the ground, wishing it would swallow her up and be done with it. She had nothing to say. What could she say that could make things better? He couldn't think of anything. She was losing one of the few things she felt that she could have held onto.

"I really am sorry Corey, and you have been really special to me but I…I don't think I can do this. Good–bye." With that Hollyshe stood and walked away quickly.

Miyet didn't even turn and watch her go. It felt like her whole world had just collapsed, just like when she had woken up in this new body. It was surreal. She started to cry softly as the tide of emotions this raised came at her. She hurt and was pissed and what could she do? Everything that Holly had said had been right and that was the saddest part of it all. Miyet knew she was a freak, but to have someone she loved and who had loved her as Corey say things like that hurt a lot. She started to cry and just sat there sniffling, wiping away the tears.

*I am sorry this happened Kitten* said Bast consolingly.

"I am a freak all because of you." spat Miyet, though with less force than before.

*Kitten, you were just fine and even happy before you got here. And there was something odd about the way she smelled, don't you think?* asked Bast. *Think my Kitten.*

Miyet stopped and thought back, trying to remember what Holly had just smelled like. She could smell her soap, shampoo and even the scent of her laundry detergent and there had been something else. She remembered a dry musky smell, a little like the Doctor who had been keeping her locked up. The one who had tried to get her from the St. Louis Five. She looked around confused, unsure of the full scope of events. "What the…?"

She smelled around her for anything similar to that smell. There wasn't anything similar. Miyet got up and headed back to the house. Corey had a few things of Holly's that he had kept as trophies. That should give her an idea what Holly smelled like normally as opposed to what she had just smelled like. She ran up the trail, swiftly but not too fast, her mind a jangle of thoughts. When she reached the house she could hear the sound of Holly's car pulling away.

Miyet came in through the back door and made a bee line for her bedroom. She rummaged through her closet, through some of her guy things and found the several pairs of Holly's panties she had kept as trophies. She inhaled the scent and immediately noticed the difference in the smell. She turned and looked behind her as her thoughts made her a bit paranoid. Holly didn't smell like she was supposed to, what did that mean?

August 25, 2006

"Mr. Davis, so good to see you again" said the Doctor. "I came as soon as you called, letting me know Corey was out."

"Yes. He is still trying to act like a girl and it is disgusting. I don't know how much longer I can take this." grumbled Miyet's father. "He almost prances and slinks now. You have to help him."

"All in good time. We need to find a safe way to contain him until I can get him to the private hospital where I just transferred. There are many drugs that could be used but his metabolism is so high that they wouldn't be very effective on him. Your son has changed quite a bit, but we can fix that. Be patient." The doctor was very calm, and spoke in a soothing manner.

The man grumbled some more before quieting. He started walking down the hall. "You wanted to see his room?"

"Yes. I also have a few things I can use to keep track of Corey while he is here with you both. That will help me figure out the best way to collect him. Then he can come to my new clinic and get cured. I should be ready to go with what I have in two days. All you have to do is wait until then and then I can help you get your son back."

Mr. Davis nodded and led the way. The doctor poked around, looking at a few things, noting the way the room looked. Her smile was amused when she looked at the trophies for bodybuilding. After she had looked about she planted several of the observation stones she had brought with her. With these she should be able to watch Corey in his sleep. Then she could strike and capture the cat, taking it out of play.

When Miyet returned home, she was tired. She had done several of the exercises that she had been given and had worked herself as hard as she could. The sweat felt good, especially as her weight set did nothing for her anymore. She called out that she was home when she entered and went straight to her room. She really needed to shower and still had time before her brother came back from the plant, reeking of factory.

She grabbed her towel and got into the bathroom. The water had stopped being something she was scared of when she had been in the hospital. Now she let the water pulse against her and she washed herself thoroughly. She even took time after she was clean, to enjoy the benefits of a pulsing showerhead. She left the bathroom clean and relaxed. ‘At least there is one good thing about changing' mused Miyet.

She went into her room, towel wrapped around her chest, like Firewoman had shown her. She collapsed onto her bed and looked up at her ceiling. What could she do about Holly? There was something going on with Holly and this smell but she had no idea what. She wondered about calling Alex or someone to help her work this out, but decided she was simply being paranoid.

She sniffed the air and noted there was a faint dusty musk in the air, fainter than it had been on Holly. She looked around her room, trying to get her nose to trace out the smell. No such luck. She rolled off of the bed and looked around. Nothing seemed out of place. She scanned the room.

She shook her head after a few minutes. "I'm just being paranoid. Maybe I am just hallucinating the smell? After all, there is nothing out of place and no one here is acting out of the ordinary. I just need to relax."

August 26, 2006

Miyet wandered around the Mark Twain National Forest, as short jog from where she lived with her folks. It was nice, with the trees everywhere. She stayed on the trails for the most part as she had no idea if she could actually find her way back without the trails. She didn't even have a map of this section of the forest, but she wasn't worried.

She stopped and had a seat on a log, just watching the trees move in the breeze. She smiled as she looked up through the trees at the sky. Today wasn't bad. When she was busy she had little trouble just accepting things. Her mother had wanted her to stay home, but she couldn't handle that, it made her think about this change and she liked to avoid that. She was getting better with the girl thing, but she wasn't in a hurry and wasn't going to push herself too hard. So she stayed busy.

Her watch beeped, letting her know that it was about time to head back home. She began to jog along her back trail, hoping to make it hone without too many problems. The trail wound around and she enjoyed running through the trees. It took about a half-hour but she finally got there. Once at home she took a shower to rinse the sweat from her body and to relax. It was nice.

As she changed she could really smell the pot roast that her mom was cooking. It smelled really good and her stomach growled in anticipation. She heard her father and brother arrive home from their factory jobs up in Steelville. Maybe this being a superhero was going to be a good thing and keep her out of factory work? It couldn't hurt, right?

"Corey!" bellowed her father.

Miyet was confused, what had she done?

She walked out to the living room and there was her father, red faced with a few veins bulging. It looked like there was going to be a fight. She sighed quietly. "Your mother told me that you left the house when she told you to stay put. Did you?"

Miyet was sure her father knew the answer to that and so she answered. "Yes. I went to Mark Twain, to run the trails."

"She told you to stay put. Why the fuck did you leave?" yelled her father.

"Because I was going fucking stir crazy here. I just wanted to get outside and work out some. It let me blow off some steam. What's wrong with that?" retorted Miyet. This conversation didn't make any sense. Since when were those the rules?

"She told you to do something and I have told you that you are supposed to listen to her. You are my child and under my roof my rules apply!" Her father was really angry and Miyet couldn't figure out why.

"What's the problem? It isn't like this is something I haven't done before." stated Miyet. As Corey she had left the house when ever she had wanted.

"I wanted you to stay home. I told your mother that and she said that she told you that. Why the fuck didn't you listen?" Her father's voice kept getting louder and louder.

"Fine. Sorry. What is the fucking big deal?" asked Miyet, grumbling.

"Don't get smart with me! I wanted you home, so I knew where you were. I promised your doctor that I would look after you, and I am going to do that if I have to tan your hide!" Mr. Davis was shaking with anger, his face completely red.

"What? Who?" Miyet leaned back from the fight, confused for a second. "What doctor?"

"The one who is trying to cure your dumb ass and let me get my son back! I don't want any child of mine to be a flaming queer!" Her father stepped forward with his fists clenched. "And I will be damned if I have to spend another night watching you prance around like a god damned fairy!"

Miyet was ready to retort when Bast said, *Kitten, what doctor is trying to cure you?*

Suddenly, Miyet knew where the smell came from. Only one person she had ever met had smelled like that: the doctor from the mental ward. This was an attempt to keep her there for what? Either way she had no urge to find out. She had to get out of here.

She started to walk to the door, face set in determination, ears flat, her tail lashing angrily. Her father got in her way. "I'm not done talking to you boy!"

Miyet shoved him out of the way. "I'm done talking to you."

She walked past and felt her father punch her in the back of the head. She stumbled forward and turned, as he was moving in for another punch. Moving almost faster than she knew that she could Miyet grabbed her father's fist. Her father pushed against Miyet, trying to strength past her, achieving nothing. She tossed him backwards with his fist.

In the silence of her father bouncing off the couch, Miyet turned and walked outside. It was a hot night, and muggy. With her face set in grim determination she turned and began running, towards town, as fast as she could. She didn't want to be anywhere near here. She didn't know if the Doctor was on her way or what. She had to escape and get to St. Louis.

In a few minutes she had reached the edge of town.  A short jog later and she got to the phone at the general store and used the 800 number she had memorized for the St. Louis Five. She scanned the street for anything headed her way. "St. Louis Five, can I help you?"

"This is Miyet. Can I speak to someone?" Her voice was a bit frantic.

"Certainly. One moment please." Miyet was placed on hold. The hold music was terrible.

"Miyet? What's wrong?" It was Mandrake.

"That Doctor got a hold of my family somehow and I think they were holding me there to catch me or something. I need to get out of here." said Miyet, with a slight note of panic. She turned and looked around. The traffic on the street seemed normal enough.

"Right. I'll send Shimmer to meet you. Keep moving. A moving target is harder to catch. Head towards Steelville and we'll get you safely." Mandrake sounded calm and reassuring.

"Okay. Thank you." Miyet felt calmer knowing that help would be on the way.

"No problem. Now get moving. Hide from any cars as best you can, until Shimmer gets there." The line went dead. Miyet hung up and started running up the 19 towards Steelville.

Every time her enhanced hearing heard a car approach she got off the road and moved along the tree line. After the sixth car she simply stayed in the woods, her pace slower than before. Miyet didn't know how long she had been running as fast as she could before she had to take a break, but it didn't seem that long. She bent over, gulping air, trying to watch everywhere at once.

She saw the outskirts of Steelville ahead. Her watch said that she had made it there in almost twenty minutes. Miyet added surprise to her exhaustion. She was running at thirty miles per hour? That was faster than she had tested at the base. Maybe her fear was giving her extra speed? After about twenty more minutes of resting, she walked towards the town slowly, just wanting to find someplace safe to collapse.

She was debating whether it was safe to leave the tree line and head into the town when there was a rush of air and Shimmer was standing there. Shimmer looked really concerned. "Miyet? Are you okay honey?"

"No. I can't go home. I'll tell you about it later. Right now I need to get out of here. The Doctor may be coming." Shimmer nodded and picked up Miyet.

"What?" asked Miyet, surprised and squirming.

"I am going to run us to Cuba, where we have a plane waiting. Hang on." Miyet settled down and waited.

There was a tremendous rush and blur as Shimmer took off. The wind was whipping in her face, so she turned away and watched behind them. Suddenly the run was over. Shimmer set down Miyet and started to shake out her arms. "Ugh…running without your arms is really hard. Get in."

The two of them climbed into the jet. The engines revved up and they began to taxi down the runway and head back to St. Louis. Miyet was pushed back into her seat as the plane took off. She sighed, feeling safe once they were airborne.

Shimmer handed Miyet a soda and dialed up the group. Miyet sipped from her Coke as Shimmer was arranging a conference call so that Miyet would only have to tell her story once. The rest of the team was soon on the speaker phone and ready to hear what had happened. Miyet filled them in on everything that had occurred at her house since she had left them. Afterwards she started to cry, with Shimmer hugging her whispering soothing words.

August 27, 2006  St. Louis, Missouri

Miyet woke up in her bed in St. Louis. She had cried herself to sleep last night after they had arrived being comforted by either Shimmer or Firewoman. She was numb, emotionally, feeling utterly wrung out. Too much had happened and she just wanted it to all go away. She looked at the ceiling and wondered if she had to get out of bed? Maybe today she would just stay in bed and hide from the world.

She called down to the dining room and asked for food to be brought up to her. It was almost too much effort to do even that much. It sapped her energy to make it to the bathroom and back. She just sat on the edge of her bed until there was a knock at her door.

Miyet opened the door and took the tray from the smiling girl who had carried it up. She mumbled a thank you and closed the door. The smell turned her stomach but didn't revolt her.

She ate in her quiet room and just sat there staring at nothing. Finally, after finishing her meal and looking blindly at the wall she curled up and fell asleep again, as it took too much effort to stay awake.

Her day was spent like this, avoiding everyone and everything, only ordering food when she was hungry, crying when the pain got too great to hold back.

September 1, 2006   Dunwich, New Hampshire

The flight in the private jet was cool and she was slowly dragging herself out of the fog she had been in. She and Alex were on their way to Dunwich, where the school was. They were getting there early in order to take care of a few things before the school opened up on the third. Alex kicked back and napped while Miyet looked out the windows at the different scenery.

It had been her second plane ride and the first time she had been out of the state. The trip itself was pulling her out of her depression as she was excited about going somewhere new.  Once they had landed they switched over to a limo and continued on their way. The scenery rolled by and Miyet was amazed at how different things looked, especially the houses and the churches.

It was after lunchtime when they stopped in the town of Dunwich. Alex woke up long enough to give the driver different directions. A few blocks later the driver pulled up to a business, Rogers Fabric Boutique. Alex got out of the car and stretched, trying to work out the kinks caused by the drive. Alex motioned for Miyet to join him outside.

Miyet exited the car and looked up at the store front. This seemed to be a high end fashion store and she had no idea why they could have come here, unless this was the reason that she hadn't packed any clothes for the trip.

The two of them walked into the store with Alex in the lead. After entering Alex called out, "Cecelia, where are you? I have a special customer for you. She needs your special touch."

This long brown haired woman in a sleeveless lab coat walked out from a backroom area. She looked surprised to see them, hurried over and hugged Alex.  "Alex, I haven't seen you in 10 years.  What you been doing?"

"Cecelia, I've been in St. Louis working.  I thought you knew that." answered Alex.

"I think I remember you saying something about that."  replied Cecilia.  "But I probably wasn't paying any attention to you at the time." 

With that she kissed him on the cheek.  Alex blushed a little and gave a faint smile.  "Cecelia this is the newest member of the St. Louis Five, Miyet.  As you can imagine she is having some difficulty in getting clothes that fit her correctly. We found something that worked some but we need to get her clothes that actually fit and work with her body. So naturally I thought of you.  The team will pay for all of this and she needs everything, including school uniforms and workout gear.  Do you think you can handle it?  I mean school starts in two days and she only has the clothes on her back."

The woman turned an appraising eye on Miyet.  The girl fidgeted a little, being unsure of how to react in this situation.  Cecilia looked at her closely and then turned to Alex, "So, how long has she been a girl? One month, two at the most?"

Alex chuckled while Miyet blushed brightly. How could the woman tell? She looked normal, didn't she? "How do you always manage to tell these things, Cecelia?"

"I just pay attention to details Alex, something you should be used to by now.  Now Miyet, I want you to go into the booth there, take off all your clothes and just wait.  The machine will do all the work and tell you if it needs anything."  Cecelia ushered the catgirl into the booth.

The booth was at least 8 feet tall and fairly wide.  Miyet entered with some trepidation as she had no idea what this thing was supposed to do. Was it like some sort of glorified changing room?  Once the door closed she undressed and put her clothes in a cabinet that came out from the wall.  A series of lights flashed over her body and the device gave out a slight hum.  Once all of that stopped, Miyet waited nervously in the booth for something else to happen.  Soon a drawer opened and there were a pair of panties and a bra. 

The bra looked normal, with some lace edging the cups while the panties looked a little odd.  There seemed to be a hole in them for her tail with a strap of fabric that seemed to button over it.  Miyet looked at them for a moment trying to figure them out.  When she got it she smiled, pulled them on, and buttoned the strap across the top of her tail.  They felt good, snug and she liked how they felt on her skin.  She looked at herself in the mirror and had to admit that they were sexy. If she had seen some girl wearing these before she would definitely have gotten a response.

After another brief pause the drawer opened again, this time with a pair of jeans sitting inside.  These were a pair of button fly jeans that also had a spot for her tail which buttoned over with the same type of buttons.  She pulled them on and set her tail correctly through the hole.  She liked these as they were not low rider jeans, which made her feel like her ass was hanging out.  They looked really good, and fit better than any jeans she had ever owned. The T-shirt that came out next was not nearly as appreciated as the underwear and jeans were, as there really was nothing special about it.

Miyet walked out of the booth smiling.  She came up and hugged Cecelia.  "Thank you so much.  Everything else I had has been pinching my tail and has really hurt. These feel great and look great and fit great and thanks."

"You're welcome my dear.  Just wait and I‘ll get a few more things made for you.  Before you leave I can make you an outfit for tomorrow, some pajamas, and some more underwear.  The rest of the clothes I'm making for you can be picked up tomorrow evening, that way you can pack just in time to make it to school the next day,"  replied Cecilia, hugging the girl back.

Thirty minutes later Alex and Miyet returned to the car with several bags of clothes.  Miyet was rather happy about underwear and clothes that didn't pinch her in several sensitive places, even though they were girl's panties and bras.  They reached the hotel at a few minutes later and Alex went in to check them both in while the driver went to find someplace to park the limo.  Miyet had pulled a new baseball cap on to her head to hide her ears.  It fit well because Cecilia had designed it to not pinch her ears. Miyet certainly appreciated that. She sat and waited until Alex came back waving the key cards.

"Looks like we have a room on the third floor.  That should be nice and quiet, don't you think?"

"I guess so," said Miyet.  "So when are we going to have dinner."

September 3, 2006 Whateley Academy, New Hampshire

Miyet got out of the car nervously. There were lots of kids all over the place, welcoming each other and talking about their summers. She watched everyone and wondered about what she was doing here. She knew that this place could help her learn how to best use her powers and get used to her new form, but when faced with all these normal looking kids she was scared.

Alex was walking ahead of her and turned, smiling at the girl who seemed rooted to the spot. "Miyet, let's go. We have an appointment."

Miyet hustled up and walked alongside Alex, who led her into the administration building. Once at the front desk Alex had Miyet walk up to the receptionist, as he was doubtful that he would be remembered. "Hello, I have an appointment with Ms. Hartford."

"Certainly. Could you wait a moment?" The woman got onto the phone and called Ms. Hartford and talked with her briefly. "You can go back and see her now."

Alex led the way, seeming like her knew the way and smiled at seeing Hartford sitting behind her desk. "Hello there, Amelia."

This woman sat at her desk, hunched over her computer, with her hair in a tight bun with flat black square framed glasses. She looked up with a scowl, ready to ‘have words' until she saw who spoke. "Alex?"

Alex smiled broadly.

"Alex!" Ms Hartford bounded around the desk. "What are you doing here?"

"Dropping off a new member of my team. Miyet, this is Ms. Hartford. Amelia, this is Miyet."

Miyet smiled shyly, still unsure of most anything to do as a girl. "Pleased to meet you."

Ms. Hartford looked at her and then turned back to Alex, her eyes narrowed in thought. "So what do you want?"

"I wanted to get her a one year free pass from the Alphas. She has enough to deal with without those kids screwing with her. I know you still have some connection with the group and I figured that you could take care of this. If I hear that she has been messed with I will come back here and have a…conversation with them. After a year, she is on her own." Alex did not look very nice when he said this and Miyet had to reappraise some of the things she thought about Alex. He almost looked mean.

"I'll pass that along. Anything else?" Hartford raised one eyebrow questioningly.

"Yes. Dinner. Tonight." replied Alex. Miyet was getting embarrassed by all of this and was looking away. It was just like watching parents flirt. She just wanted to run of to her room and hide at this point. Was that too much to ask?

Amelia smiled and her face softened. "Alright Alex. That sounds like fun. I'll see you at seven."

Alex and Miyet walked from the administration building and towards Whitman Hall, where Miyet was going to be living. When they got there Alex hugged Miyet tightly. "Well, here you go. If you go in you'll find your house mother and get settled in your room. If you need anything call. The driver already dropped off your bags. Take care Miyet."

With that he turned and walked back to the car. Miyet watched him walk away and then turned and entered her new home. There were a couple of other students there, many of whom seemed more bizarre that she did. There were a few who seemed to be made of…stuff and then there were the ones that had really odd body shapes. Maybe she didn't have it so bad after all. At least they hadn't been turned into girls as well, she grumbled

Miyet was somewhat lost in her own thoughts as this group was taken on a tour of the building. The bust of Walt Whitman was interesting but only just. She was a little depressed about the tunnel system that they were supposed to use on red flag days just because they didn't look like everyone else. Miyet thought this was a school for superheroes, so she didn't get the need for the flag system. Didn't everyone know that there would be kids like her and these others?

Finally, after the whole tour, she got to go to her room. It was obvious that she would be sharing the room with someone, due to the bunk beds, she was just wondering who. She didn't have to wait long as a girl with what looked to be the night sky for skin came into the room. Her hair was white and her eyes looked like swirling galaxies. Miyet realized that she was staring and looked away. The girl just smiled at her. "Hi. My name is Galaxy, but my real name is Alisha. You must be Miyet."

Miyet just nodded.

"Cool. Well, I am here to help you cope and get used to the rules and regs here. You had the tour, so I guess you saw the tunnel system?" Alisha's voice was very friendly.

Again Miyet nodded.

"The good thing about that is that in the winter we don't have to walk through the weather to get to classes, which is nice. The other kids have to slog through snow and sleet and slush and other weather things. Any questions?"

Miyet shook her head, still staring.

"What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?"

Miyet groaned at the pun. Once she was able to close her eyes she felt like she could say something. Her roommate's skin was a lot too distracting. "No, it's just that I have no idea what to say."

Alisha laughed at that. "Don't stress. My skin causes most people to ‘space' out. It is a useful effect, even though I have to wear as little as possible to achieve that. Good thing I like skimpy clothes."

"Okay." Miyet was still at a loss for words. She felt like she had nothing in common with this girl.

"I'm from San Francisco. Where are you from?" asked Alisha.

"St. Louis." She was wondering if it would be rude to curl up on a bunk and have the day fade away. She was already tired and that really didn't bode well.

"You really aren't into talking. Okay, then let's move onto the room. I have the top bunk, because I like high places. That closet is mine and that dresser and desk. I haven't put up my posters and such because I wanted to see if you had anything, but it barely looks as if you have any clothes. We can go over to the shopette if you need any school supplies and some things to make the room more of your home."

Miyet did note how plain the walls were and the stark white walls were reminding her a bit too much of the hospital for her taste. "Can we go get some more things? My stuff is downstairs, you know luggage, but I really dislike white walls."

"Sure. Let's go shopping."

The two of them headed down into the tunnels and up into Crystal Hall. Alisha was tour guiding for her. "This is Crystal Hall. The shopette is here as is the cafeteria. The food is good, so that is nice. Lots of variety."

They entered the shopette and went through all sorts of things, gathering school supplies, room comforts and other things. It ended up as a fairly good sized pile of things. Alisha seemed pleased with her purchases. "This will really make our room look awesome. This will be lots of fun."

Miyet smiled as the other girl hugged her. She had no idea where Alisha was getting all of her energy. The woman at the register mentioned the amount of the purchases and Miyet pulled out her team card, which doubled as a credit card. Alisha's eyes went wide at that. "Are you on some sort of team?"

Miyet was confused for a moment but then realized what Galaxy was talking about. "Uhm…yeah. The St. Louis Five, well I guess it's six now."

"Oh…My…God! You're on an actual team already! That is so fricking awesome. Like, how did you even end up on a team?"

Miyet told her all about herself on the walk back to the room. They also stopped by the lobby to pick up her luggage. Her roommate took it all in, wide eyed through out. They had even gotten a good bit of their new things put away before Miyet had finished. "So you used to be a guy?"

"Yeah. It still hurts but Bast said I wasn't going to get turned back. I'm just trying to get my life in order now." lamented Miyet. "But it could be worse; I could still be in that hospital."

"Good point. Tell you what, I can help you with the girl things if you need someone to help you, though you seem fine to me. If you tell people you were a tomboy then they will use that to explain some things. And we can look out for each other, since we do get picked on some. Deal?" Alisha extended her hand towards Miyet. It looked as if a comet was flying across her wrist. Having a friend might be a great thing and it would certainly be better than being alone.

"Deal." They shook on it.

Alisha smiled and quipped at Miyet, "This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."