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We continue to progress with the site development. It has been quite stable and we haven't seen any major security issues. It's difficult to judge what the monthly price tag is going to be yet, but the surge in traffic with the reopening will definitely help with the financial situation, especially if activity continues. Ad revenue on 'views' isn't huge, but when there's a lot of traffic; it still adds up. And if something does come up that you're interested in, please do click through the ad and check out the site on the other side... thats where the real money is on ad revenue. But don't just click on lots of ads just to try to help us out.

I've worked out a solution to the problem I was having with opening up content creation; so we are now officially taking submissions for publication of Fan Fiction. If you are a fan fiction author and are participating in the Fan Fic community in the forums and want to be an 'official' Fan Fic author please PM me. Once I've annointed you with the sacred oil, you (like all official Fan Fic authors) will be able to see a special 'how to' guide in the FAQ/Help section that will walk you through the process of creating content for publication on the site. If that's too much work/stress for you, you are free to just continue to work with the old method of just posting bits and scenes to the forums. Either way, the option is now available to Fan Fic Authors.

Finally, I was wrapped up in Site building all day Monday and zoned out on the normal Monday content release. So, as promised, I got it prepared and ready to go:

from Sleethr: Whisper (Chapters 31-35) - accessible via the Latest Articles sidebar on the right, or through the Main menu at the top via Content->Canon.