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As you may have noticed during the week, I've pressed forward with the changes to the WhatIF project. As a result, the site CMS is now open to publishing all non-canon Whateley stories in much the same fashion as canon ones. The forums section for IF remains intact, and authors are welcome to continue to publish stories there if they wish (and it no longer requires promotion to 'official' author status to do so). 

To find and read stories published under the IF banner? Check your Left sidebar for a list of the most recently released chapters/parts. WhatIF isn't held to the same minimum word requirements as our regular releases, so its entirely possible that you'll see frequent updates on this list (potentially even daily in cases where an author has already written multiple sections and is just releasing them one at a time as they have time to put them in the system). If you're looking for 'more' IF to read, it will be under MainMenu: STORIES -> SubMenu: WHATELEY INDEPENDENT FICTION in 'blog' format (most recent posts at the top. 

Still in the works? We're working on revising the final wording for the disclaimer that will be on all IF (including the off site stuff). We'll probably also redo some of the site copyright wording... it's been brought to our attention that it 'sounds' a bit more like we're trying to 'steal' non-canon work when the actual spirit of what we're doing is to protect the canon authors from being manipulated by unscrupulous folks.  We also still have some policy stuff to handle... such as what conditions result in an IF moving to the Featured IF category. 

And while we're focused on the IF system, now's a good time for any feedback you have on the process and involvement. Our next big project (besides writing stories) is probably going to be a rework of the archived 'working data' (the Bible, the old mail list, etc) into a new version that we can use as a springboard for moving forward on the original timeline and to educate new authors in the details needed to add new Gen1 authors to the team. G2 has done a lot of this in their timeline's data because we wanted them to benefit from our experiences. Most of this work will be behind the scenes but may spin off some new WA Universe documents - the new powers traits description/break down, some more backstory narrative, etc.

Instead of anything from G1 or G2 for today, I've got a Library piece I've been sitting on for a while that I'd like to get posted finally. Also, one of our new IF authors went through all the trouble to prepare a piece for our Featured IF program. So, from Nagrij: "Dim Prisons and Drakes" - You can find Nagrij's new piece over the the STORIES->LIBRARY under the category UNIQUE FANTASY (you can also link to it from the right sidebar list of Latest Releases).  From FiddlerFox "Kitsune". This one is also in the Latest Release list and can be found via the menu STORIES->Featured WhatIF.  Enjoy!