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As it turns out, the staged reading ran smoothly (if longer than I expected) but I was able to say my 'nice job, good works' to the actors as I made my way quickly to the door. I have plenty to do yet, taking down notes on songs that are overly complicated or maybe unnecessary to move the story along and I've more than a little work ahead of me given the ensemble/choir nature of many of the songs (instead of the more usual lots of solos and duets of contemporary musicals)... which means more people needed to be in mics (than I have mics) and more complexity in getting a good mix in my limited rehearsal time with a manual board.


But... getting home and cleaning up today's story? That was much simpler. Elrod's coming along quite well on his understanding of the CMS and the standards I have been using for the published stories, so his offerings tend to take very little work on my part. And todays content? From Elrod. So as soon as 17:00 rolls around; it's ready. What might it be? It's the ninth story in the Kayda Arc, titled "Crying for a Dream." Enjoy!