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A Whateley Academy Story

Siblings and Savages

by Joe Gunnarson


Chapter 1


August 27, 2007, Whateley Academy

Miranda Nichole Mahren looked at the stone gargoyles with teary eyes.  Her parents hadn’t even come to say goodbye, leaving her to be delivered by a lawyer on behalf of an older brother she’d never met.  She never would meet him, either.  Erik Andrew Mahren was dead, killed on duty some time during the previous year, here at Whateley Academy.  

The Alaska State case worker wasn’t a pleasant woman, eager to get her here to this piece of nowhere, then leave her.  Miranda knew the woman didn’t dislike her, but she was afraid of the telepathic ten-year-old who made cars fly occasionally.

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A Whateley Academy Story

A Little R&R 2: Alyss in Wondercute Land

by Morpheus


Part 1


Saturday morning, Sept 22nd, 2007


Study Hall. Technically, I wasn’t in study hall, but the Saturday morning Power Lab class. There were only fifteen students in the class, a mixture of freshmen and sophomores, and it was less of a classroom with lectures, and more of a free period where we each did our own thing. The only requirement was that we had to practice with our powers, or at least, do something related to them.

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The Final Trump

A Whateley Universe Story

By Bek D Corbin


Part 5


JJ mused that there is something seriously off about the idea of celebrating your own birth by wearing the kind of suit that you’d be buried in. At least he’d talked his mother out of the bow tie. Vic and Bart were also in their ‘you’re going to look good for the pictures’ suits, but they didn’t have to stand on the reception line. Asha was slightly overdressed with her usual frills and bows overload, and still somehow managed to make it work. Viv was on the first of the 15 outfits that she’d brought; she was bound and determined to make a killer impression, no matter what!

Looking around the central area of the lair, JJ took in how the setup for the party was pulling together. The large open space forced a strange ‘indoor garden party’ vibe on the do, which was only helped along by the hot tubs and the attendant changing rooms. Uncle Luke had insisted on a rather awkward arrangement for optimum coverage by the concealed internal defense guns. Like most Criminal Scientists, Luke tended to view internal defense as a weird sort of shooter video game. But most criminal scientists didn’t have to worry about children, that they were responsible for, becoming collateral damage. Mrs. Quillan, the housekeeper, was having an animated discussion with Luke in yet another dustup between Social Function and Security. JJ noted with amusement that there was a small playground being assembled for the toddlers-to-tweens, and another area that looked suspiciously like a refuge for the old folks. He wondered which area would be designated the ‘gawky teenager’ haven, when his cell phone rang. He had to remember which of his cell phones was ringing. It was the one in his rear pocket, crowding out his wallet. That was the one that JD had given him last ni- er, early that morning. Pulling it out, he found that he had a text message that informed him that there was a special package at the loading dock to be picked up. The message ended ‘-JD’.

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A Whateley Academy Adventure

Kayda 10 - There's No Place Like Poe

by ElrodW, E.E. Nalley, and Joe Gunnarson

Part 6

Saturday, September 15th, 2007
Kitchen, Whateley House, Faculty Housing Facility, Whateley Academy

Elizabeth Carson

Had it been colder, the dreary gray overcast drizzle that started during the night and lasted well into the afternoon would've been one of those quaint New England all day flurries. But as the mercury climbed to nearly 70, it just rained constantly, not enough to count as a storm or to deter the determined outdoor types. No, it rained just hard enough to spoil the day, and no more. Elizabeth Carson considered that a perfect kind of day for what she had planned.

The pot was full of fresh ground, fresh brewed coffee of a strong, simple blend that she'd been drinking since she was a teenager, many, many years ago. Until Shelly had been brought back, it had been over a dozen years since she baked, but there was a plate with a selection of coffee friendly items on the table - scones, shortbread cookies, even a small coffee cake with a knife and serving dishes, the type of 'motherly goodies that she felt compelled to have for her daughter, as if to make up the time they'd lost. She just finished setting the small table in her kitchen when the security golf cart rolled to a stop in her driveway. It had two occupants, the security officer who had gone to fetch her guest, and her recalcitrant guest herself.