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A Whateley Academy Adventure

The Book of Darwin, Chapter 1

(Recovery and Redemption)

By Joe Gunnarson


December 18th, 2006 in the sky above Uluru

Jericho adjusted his legs for the hundredth time as he adjusted the programming for the sensor suite he was working on. The loud, droning hum of the deceptively ancient, heavily modified C-130 transport plane was as cacophonous as it was unending. Jack was out cold, a legacy of the droning engines that acted like a metronome to his senses, artificially bringing fatigue to stave off the many, many hours of boredom on board the transport.

Caitlin was almost unfamiliar, decked out in the metallic, cobalt blue tattoos that stood out in stark contrast to her pale skin. The young woman was silent, listening to something through a pair of headphones, almost shock-still as the boredom dragged on endlessly. Like him, she was fiddling with a project she’d started after they had gotten underway, distracting her from the antsy nervousness about coming to Australia that had almost kept her from agreeing to come entirely until Gunny Bardue put his foot down. The volatile girl still wore her blood-red rager band on her left arm, something Jack also had adopted upon boarding the plane bound for his home.

Sandra was coiled up on herself, reading a book and trying to relax. Jericho’s serpentine best friend was often shy and quiet, but he knew she was absolutely, frantically scared of the idea of being out in public anywhere, much less in a foreign country where she didn’t know the rules. Fortunately she had calmed down in the unending hours of travel, and was poring through novel after novel at a pace anyone not familiar with Whateley Academy would consider insane.

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A Whateley Academy Adventure

The Boys of Summer

by E. E. Nalley


Part Two


I'm supergirl, And I'm here
To save the world
And I wanna know
Who's gonna save me?
I'm supergirl, And I'm here to
Save the world
And I wanna know
Why I feel so alone

Krystal Harris, Supergirl


June 9th, 2007
Holbrook Arena, Whateley Academy

"You are going to be tested," Dr. Hartford warned her.

Tansy looked up from pouring the three glasses of punch from the punch bowl to lock eyes with her mentor. "Tested how?" she asked. "And by whom?" She had just finished spelling out how she planned to insert herself in Elaine and Kayda's trip home, which Hartford had approved of.

"By the people I work for," the Assistant headmistress replied. "To see if you live up to the amount of bragging I've been doing about you. As for how, you'll know it when it occurs; I can't say anymore without prejudicing the test," she replied quickly. "Just know that I have every confidence in your abilities."

"You're bragging about me?" Walcutt asked with a raised eyebrow. However Dr. Hartford refused to be baited and leaned in, obviously serious.

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A Whateley Academy Tale

Imp 4:  A Teacher's Tail

By Morpheus


Part 2


Whateley Academy, Wednesday lunch, Sept 5th, 2007

I’ve always considered people watching to be a spectator sport. I’d find a nice comfortable spot, then sit down and just watch the people who went past. Some of them, I’d pick out at random and silently cheer them on, but for most, it was silent mockery instead.

This time, I was sitting on a bench in the Quad, and as strange as it was for me, I was actually out in the open with no chameleon field and no disguise. Students walked past, and though some of them gave me odd or even nervous looks, none of them ran away screaming or tried to attack me.

It was a green flag day, which meant the freak flag was flying. Everyone was walking around out in the open, and some were even using their powers.

I saw the velociraptor kid walking across the Quad, right beside some boy whose clothes were so garish and hideous, that they could probably qualify as GSD. Then, as I watched, they met up with a girl who had a long snake tail from the waist down.

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A Whateley Academy Story

silverghostgoldenangelby Bek D. Corbin



“And I don’t even wanna think about what Rick Standish is gonna say about it this afternoon,” Stacy groaned at the debriefing the next morning at SPECTRUM.

“I wouldn’t worry about it too much,” Swashbucker assured her. “The Press went there expecting Three Stooges, and that’s pretty much what they got.”