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A Whateley Universe Story

The Final Trump

By Bek D Corbin


Part 1


JJ looked around the huddled crowd for his two younger brothers. This wasn’t easy: Vic and Bart were much shorter than the rest of the crowd, being ages 11 and 9 respectively, and they had that very dangerous combination of curiosity, fearlessness, adventurousness and functional psychopathy of boys that age. On a very real level, they didn’t believe that they could be hurt. Worse, they egged each other on. Vic came up with strange, crazy, borderline suicidal ideas that were ‘cool’, and Bart was physical and dynamic enough to pull them off. Well, mostly it was a game of ‘dare, double-dare, and double-dog dare’, with both of them trying to one-up each other; the problem was this was precisely the sort of thing that would set them off.

Ground Zero™ was a video game and consumer electronics outlet with its own attached gourmet coffee shop. Some felt that the name was disrespectful to the WTC, but given the buzz that was going around the crowd, that it was a façade for a supervillain’s base, that sort of made sense. JJ had been in Ground Zero, and wasn’t impressed, either with the electronics or the coffee. But then, if it was just a cover for some super-villain’s lair, then it must have been a success even if it only covered its own payroll and expenses. Which would explain the sucky service they had.

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A Whateley Academy Tale

Blood-Sister, Blood-Brother

By Joe Gunnarson

Elizabeth Carson looked at the phone number in her hand, chewing on her irritation. She did not want to call, or talk to Johann Richter, ever. She hated the man, and he’d caused her no end of suffering early in her career, irony was having to pull the man and his twin daughters out of their home, for their own safety, nine years ago.

She had only been at Whateley, retired, for a few years when the call came, and she moved the man and his daughters into a witness protection program when he agreed to provide all of the operational information he could on his former wife’s operations.

Now the man was begging for her assistance, again. While she despised Johann, his daughter Janine, AKA “Deimos,” was never likely to be on the list of people she was hostile to. The girl had the unfortunate distinction of being an empathic rager, who was often unable to stand against the hurricane of other peoples’ emotions. She had seemed to be making a recovery when summer vacation had started.

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A Whateley Academy Adventure

A Little R&R

By Morpheus

Part 2

Poe Cottage, Thursday August 30th, 2007


Just a little more than a dozen Poe residents, more than half of which were freshmen, were gathered together in the dayroom. Mrs. Horton stood there with a grim expression on her face as she looked around the room, setting her eyes on each of them. When her eyes locked on me, I could see the sympathy and worry looking out.

“I would like to quash some of the rumors that I have heard going around,” Mrs. Horton announced.

“Is Roulette really dead?” Peacock asked with a worried look.

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A Whateley Academy Tale

Out on a Tether

By Morpheus

Reno Nevada, Tuesday October 2nd.

High school is an utterly amazing place. Not only is it a bastion of learning and education, but also a social melting pot where you can interact with a lot of different people, giving you the opportunity to make contacts and friendships that can last a lifetime.

Who am I kidding. School sucks.

Maybe, if I’d been a big buff jock like my older brother Brad, then school might not have been so bad. After all, he never had to deal with bullies, and had no problem getting girls to notice him. I, on the other hand, was a short and chubby geek, which meant that my high school life was a living hell.

It was lunch, and I was sitting in the back corner of the cafeteria, in the area near the garbage cans that was usually relegated to the freshmen…and the less popular freshmen at that. I wasn’t quite so unpopular that I was forced to sit there, and could have gotten away with sitting in a few other places. However, this was a lightly populated table, and I valued the relative privacy it offered me.