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A Whateley Academy Adventure

Kayda 8 - The Best Days of Our Lives

Part 1

by ElrodW

With everything I've ever done
I'd give it all to everyone for one more day
Another night I'm walking through
Another door I walk intro
I can't break
It's a winding road
It's a long way home
So don't wait for someone to tell you it's too late
Cuz these are the best days
There's always something tomorrow
So I say let's make the best of tonight
Here comes the rest of our lives

Best Days - Graham Colton

Friday, June 15, 2007 - Late Afternoon
Sioux Falls, SD

"I know it's only four, and you could drive for another four or five hours," I protested strongly, "but after ...," I hesitated, wincing at the memories of our little misadventure. Or big misadventure, if Debra's view of the situation was to be believed. We'd taken Lanie's car from Whateley through the standing portal to the Salt Flats in Utah, and had driven - with some distractions - to Sioux Falls. As usual, I was wearing one of my tight buckskin dresses, befitting my Lakota heritage and appearance, with my long black hair in two braids suitably adorned with Lakota-themed accessories. I liked how I looked in that attire - exotic and beautiful. I think my friends were right - I really was used to my changes.

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A Whateley Academy Vignette

Learning to Hunt

by Light-of-Fury (& ElrodW)


Tuesday, June 12, 2007 - Afternoon
Franks Family Farm, South Dakota

It was a beautiful day, the kind of day that made me want to go out and do something, and yet there I was sitting on the porch, kicking at the dirt by my feet. That had been happening more and more frequently ever since my brother, Brandon ... Kayda ... had manifested. There had just been one troubling thing after another after that.

"I'm bored," I sighed, knowing it was silly to complain. It wasn't like it would change anything. Besides, I clearly had it better than Kayda had since then. I hadn't almost died, after all. Instead, I'd had to watch friends, even those that had been okay with the mutant sister thing, drifting away as things in town grew more and more tense. If the mutant-thing wasn't bad enough, though, the rape accusation against Kayda's former friends, and the resultant miscarriage of justice at the trial, had factionalized the town. H1 supporters were radically vocal and implying a lot of threats - enough to intimidate the neutral or pro-mutant people in town to lie low and shut up - including my friends. Now, I was sure that if I tried to call any of them, they'd be too 'busy' to do anything. I only had one companion at the moment, and it was one I rather wish I didn't have.

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A Whateley Academy Vignette

All the King's Horses

by Neomagus
(with editorial assistance from Elrod)

Saturday, June 2, 2007
Arena 99 Grandstands, Whateley Academy

“Wait...what?” Lindsay's voice perfectly reflected her confused gaze as she looked up at the announcement board over the arena. Yes, her MID was pictured up there, along with those of her teammates. That was different enough from the way everything else had been done so far as to be a bit startling, but that wasn't what really had her perplexed. It was, after all, the very last combat final of the underclassmen week, so there really wasn't any point in trying to keep a secret. There had to be a reason that Wondercute was listed as a team for the final - and with no opponent listed, it was a certainty that it was a crash of some type. But had she really heard the rest of the announcement correctly?

Nephandus didn't even try to suppress his chuckle as he took in Lindsay's reaction. “What's the matter, Dragonrider? Don't like seeing your so-called team's pretty little faces up on the screens?”

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A Whateley Academy Story

A Glow in the Darkness

By Morpheus

Part 3

Liberty League Headquarters, Lake Michigan. Sunday afternoon, Aug 19th, 2007

The girl with the glowing blue hair stared into the mirror, into her own glowing blue irises. Her face…her entire body…was familiar and comforting, but at the same time, it felt strange and a little surprising.

“Who am I?” she whispered.

Glow was the one who stared back from the mirror, yet she thought of herself as James. Of course, she was James, or at least, she had been James. At the same time, she remembered being Glow. Still, the James part was definitely stronger than the Glow, at least mentally. She supposed that this was because Glow had less of a life than James, and had less opportunity to exist on her own. Her entire existence had been focused on protecting him.