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The Final Trump

A Whateley Universe Story

By Bek D Corbin


Part 4


When Nick and Mara picked up the kids at their schools, they brought along everything for a day at the beach. Sort of. They had Ace drive the limo to Splash-a-rama®, a water park in the region. While Water Parks are loudly touted as being ‘Family Oriented’, they also have a quiet, rather seedy reputation for being unsafe and less than hygienic, being magnets for many kinds of lowlifes, and for gouging both customers and employees. But in stark contrast to that, Splash-a-rama© had only a quarter of the advertising budget of most competing water parks, but enjoyed an absolutely stellar word of mouth reputation. The price at the front gate was not only low, but it covered everything; there weren’t any ‘special areas’ or ‘premium rides’ that you had to pay extra for. Not only were the prices at the concession stands low, but the food quality was very good, and there was a great selection. The word from employees was that while there wasn’t any pressure to meet quotas or sales projections, there were bonuses for both good sales performance and customer recommendations, on top of reasonable work loads and generous salaries. There was a good-sized and well-paid maintenance and repair force, so the structures were safe and sound, and you never left the place with the nagging impression that you’d driven for hours and paid top dollar to swim in someone’s toilet. College-age summer hires were routinely delighted with the management of the place, and often recommended the place to friends and family, both for recreation and part-time jobs. There was even a good-sized service station connected to the 5-story parking garage.

How did Splash-a-rama manage to keep their production levels and employee salaries high, while keeping their price low?

Simple: they were a front for supervillains.

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The Bear, the Bitch, and Everything

A Whateley Academy Story


E. E. Nalley


Part 4


Where dark roots hide secrets
And mountains are fierce and bold

Deep waters hold reflections
Of times lost long ago

I will read every story
Take hold of my own dream

Be as strong as the seas are stormy
And proud as an eagle's scream

June Fowlis, Touch the Sky


September 11th, 2007

Room 311, Doyle Medical Center, Whateley Academy

Tansy awoke to a dull ache in her side and the soft, metronome like tone of a cardiac monitor. Her eyes didn't want to focus at first, and she could only make out a vague shape sitting in the chair next to the bed, reading from a PADD. Her brain didn't seem to want to work, and it was abnormally difficult to clear the mental cobwebs from her mind. "Mom?" she asked, bringing up a hand to wipe her eyes. "Mom, is that you?"

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A Whateley Academy Story

Imp 5: Head over Tail

by Morpheus


Part 2


Monday morning, Oct 1st, 2007

I woke up with my alarm going off on the other side of the room, while a set of drums pounded along with it inside my head. I got up and turned off my alarm, which helped the throbbing inside my skull, though it didn’t fade entirely. It felt as though Mister Migraine had zapped me with one of his brain blasts again, which was something I hadn’t experienced in over twelve years. Still, some things, you never forgot.

“What the fahrvegnugen?” I grumbled as I rubbed my temples. Then it dawned on me.

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A Whateley Academy Adventure

Kayda 10 - There's No Place Like Poe

by ElrodW and E.E. Nalley


Part 5

Wednesday September 12th 2007 - After Classes
A copse of trees near Poe cottage, Whateley Academy


There really aren't words for just how amazed and awestruck I was listening to this woman that I knew, intimately, and yet in a very real sense I had no idea who or what she was. I was talking with a girl who wore the face of my soul sister, who was 1300 years past her death, and was in a world as fantastic to her as anything that I can imagine. That this girl from the Iron Age could be both so familiar and so alien at the same time caused me no end of confusion.

But what troubled me most of all was why Coyote was using her.

I couldn't help but be flattered that Mrs. Horton cared so much about me, that Lanie cared so much about me, that they would risk something as dangerous as what they had done. By breaking off this piece of Elaine's soul had required magic of a level that I didn't think either Bella Horton or Elizabeth Carson possessed. But I also knew if the two pieces of this soul weren't reintegrated before Coyote's time limit expired and Laneth ceased to exist, it was very likely that it would cost my soul sister her life.

Not knowing how much time we had left beyond this was the third day I realized the direct approach was what was needed. So I picked up my books and I urged her to her feet. "I'm going to take you to Lanie ..."