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A Whateley Academy Vignette

Date Night

by ElrodW

May 17th, 2007
Crystal Hall, Whateley Academy

"You're whipped, Nitro!" Truck snapped at the boy, sitting as they were at a table in Crystal Hall. He was reacting to Nitro's smile and little wave to Tisiphone, who was just getting into the serving line with Megaera and Alecto, the other two of the "Furies".

"Yeah," Tee-Kay added. "You're a submissive little pussy around her - always letting her boss you around, never sticking up for yourself!"

"It's not like that!" Nitro protested feebly.

"Oh yeah?" Truck countered harshly. "What about the other night - she pulled you away from dinner because there was a movie in Whitman she wanted to watch?"

"Yeah, you hadn't even finished eating!" Tee-Kay added derisively.

"Or last Saturday, when she told you ... told you ... that you two were going to a movie in Crystal Hall instead of hanging with us!"

"And you scooted after her like an obedient little puppy!" Tee-Kay snorted. "What do you see in her, anyway?"

Nitro scowled, showing some of the anger he used to be known for. "Hey, watch it! I don't insult your friends!"

"She's a crazy fire-bitch!" Truck said, shaking his head. "She toasted Murphy for no reason. None!"

"And she did herself in trying to toast that Goodkind bitch-boy, too," Tee-Kay observed.

"Tissy's nice," Nitro defended his girlfriend.

"She's a freakin' monster!"

"She's not a monster! She's ... kinda sexy and kinky," Nitro added wistfully. "No-one understands her, but underneath, she's really nice."

"You just like sex with her, don't you?" Truck accused. "What is she, some kind of sick, perverted fantasy girl to you? Some kind of dominant she-demon turning you into a submissive little slave-boy?"

"Mistress Tissy, may I lick your feet?" Tee-Kay mocked him.

"Shut the fuck up!" Nitro snarled at his friends. "You're just jealous I've got a girlfriend!" His eyes tracked Tissy as she and her friends went through the checkout line. "You don't have anyone, so you have to make fun of me! Some friends you are!"

Tee-Kay and Truck knew that they'd crossed a line with their friend. "Come on, dude," Truck said, trying to sound mollifying. "You know we're just kidding!"

"Doesn't sound like it to me," Nitro groused angrily.

That anger dissipated instantly when Tissy sat down beside him, wrapping her arm around him and leaning her head on his shoulder. "Hi, sweetie!" she cooed. "Miss me?"

Nitro smiled and turned to kiss her. "Of course." Tee-Kay and Truck merely rolled their eyes in disgust at the public display of affection.

"There's a movie tonight in Whitman again. You're coming with me, aren't you?" Tissy said, looking at him with a stern visage that seemed more like an order than a question.

"Of course," Nitro answered instantly.

"Pussy-whipped!" Tee-Kay hissed an aside to Truck.


They were all surprised when the other two furies, Alecto and Megaera, joined them at the table. Alecto looked like a succubus - tall, statuesque, with black skin and large bat-wings sprouting from her shoulder. She looked like a total dominatrix; if she'd have been wearing leather instead of a school uniform, she could have easily gotten parts in kinkier niche mutant sex films. Somehow, it seemed entirely reasonable to assume that after graduation from Whateley, she would go into that line of work - and make a fortune doing so. She just had that look about her.

Megaera, on the other hand, wasn't attractive. While her general body and face were nice, her skin was peeling as if she had a bad sunburn, and her wings looked like a cross between a molting bird and a bat, her feathers blotchy and uneven. Despite that, she had a dynamite body, one that, except for her GSD, would have probably put her in the top ten at Whateley, which was saying something given the number of gorgeous exemplar babes.

"Who invited you?" Truck growled at the newcomers.

Tee-Kay looked disgustedly at the newcomers. This wouldn't do - to be seen sitting with these ... freaks! They had a reputation to uphold. "Yeah. Get lost!"

It looked like Tissy was winding up to scorch the other two, but Nitro intervened. "Tissy puts up with you two assholes!" he declared angrily. "So the least you can do is be polite and reciprocate!"

"Besides," Tissy said with a wicked grin, "people who dis my friends tend to get a little ... barbequed."

"Or I'll just teach you guys to be polite through a little pain." Alecto grinned, showing her sharp white teeth contrasting with her black skin and devil looks. "I like making people hurt!"

Tee-Kay and Truck exchanged a glance. Not that they were afraid of the threats - after all, they were the intimidating trio of TNT. "I suppose we can be polite - for a change!" Truck groused.

May 17th, 2007, Evening
TV Room, Whitman Cottage, Whateley Academy

The credits rolling on the television screen weren't even noticed by Tissy and Nitro; in fact, they weren't even aware that the movie was over because Nitro was sitting in Tissy's lap submissively, his arms around her as they made out passionately. Eventually, they realized that most of the other girls were leaving the room and they were something of a spectacle.

Tissy pushed Nitro out of her lap. "I've got an idea."

Nitro clung to his girlfriend. "I really should get back to my cottage so I can get some studying done."

Tissy stood and pulled Nitro to his feet. "Come with me," she commanded.

"But ...!" Nitro started to protest, but at the determined look in Tissy's eyes, he gave up. "Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise." Tissy led Nitro to the elevator, and then down into the tunnels.

"Where ..."

Tissy stopped and put a clawed finger over his lips. "Shhh!" she said sternly. "It's a surprise." Eventually, they came to a door on a side tunnel. "Close your eyes," she ordered him.

Hesitantly, he did so, and he only heard the sound of the door opening, and then Tissy led him through the door, closing it with a solid thunk behind herself. Still not looking, he was led, and then the demon-girl stopped him, turning him around and kissing him, her demon-like tongue parting his lips to fence with his tongue in a deep French kiss. Nitro was breathing heavily when the kiss ended, feeling his arousal growing.

Suddenly, to his complete surprise, she shoved him backwards - hard. He put out his hands belatedly to catch himself, but found himself landing on his back on what seemed to be a bed. He couldn't help but open his eyes at the shock of her actions, and in his peripheral vision, he saw some type of bedding at his sides, while before him, Tissy, already half-naked, pounced down on him, straddling him and pressing him into the bed as she attacked him, her hands pawing at his clothing while she kissed him even more intensely.

Much later, as they lay under the satin sheets, Tissy's head lying lovingly on Nitro's shoulder and her hand on his chest, she smiled. "I take it you liked your surprise?"

In answer, Nitro turned his head and kissed her forehead, wrapping his arm up and around her shoulder and pulling her tightly against him. "But ... this place?" he asked curiously. The room was obviously appointed as a love nest, with a large, round bed covered in satin sheets, all lit by accent lights around the perimeter of the room. To one side, an open door led into a bathroom - which though it was dark, Nitro guessed was outfitted for love as well. Probably a hot tub or large whirlpool bath for two, he suspected.

"I did a little favor for Nephandus," Tissy purred, "so he owed me. Like it?" she asked.

"I could get used to this place." Opposite the bathroom was a small refrigerator, what appeared to be a small liquor cabinet, and a wine cooler that looked well-stocked.

"You know," Tissy said sadly, "it's too bad your friends are so rude to my friends. I mean," she winced, "I kind of feel guilty sometimes about having a boyfriend when they don't."

Nitro nodded. "Yeah, I know. The guys razz me a lot about spending time with you, but I suppose it's different for girls." He shrugged. "What can I do, though?

"Yeah," Tissy agreed, rubbing Nitro's chest. "If ...." She stopped abruptly, and then started grinning. "I think I've got an idea."

May 19th, 2007, Morning
The Quad, between Schuster Hall and Laird Hall, Whateley Academy

<Ayla!> Toni called over their 'Spots' communications system, the urgency in her voice unmistakable. <Tisiphone heading your way.>

<And she looks like she's on a mission,> Fey, Toni's roommate added. <Do you need support?>

<No. I'll be ready for her.> Ayla responded. He had to be careful around Tisiphone; the night she'd tried to kill him in a crude trap, he'd phase-disrupted her - and quite accidentally shredded her Body Image Template, causing her to change from an attractive Exemplar-3 babe into the GSD monster she was. She changed her codename from Fireball to Tisiphone - after the Fury who punished murder, because she considered Ayla having murdered her previously beautiful self. And she's vowed revenge.

Ayla altered course a little to a track where if he went light, he could drop down through the ground and intercept one of the tunnels, thus escaping the irrationally-insane demon-girl. Or he could launch himself up if he was light, escaping that way. He had the additional option of going heavy if she tried to get physical; in that form, he would be nearly invulnerable, even though a fire attack would toast his clothes and leave him naked. But better temporarily embarrassed than dead.

"Ayla!" Tissy yelled angrily as she stormed toward him. "I want to talk to you." The fact that she was scowling and yelling didn't reassure Ayla much about her intentions.

Ayla took his eyes off the girl just long enough to note the location of a security camera covering the area. There wasn't much more he could do to prepare. Hopefully, whoever was on duty in security would recognize the potential danger of the situation and get security officers en-route quickly.

Tisiphone drew to a halt practically in Ayla's face, leaving the young tycoon wondering briefly if he'd made a mistake in not beating a hasty retreat when that option was still available. But all running would do would be to encourage bullies. He had to stand his ground against threats; the first few months here had made that more than clear.

"What do you want, Alexis?" Ayla asked, his voice and features schooled by years of practice with his family and education to betray no emotions or even the slightest hint of an emotion that might give a negotiating foe something to use. He'd decided late to user Tisiphone's real name, just before he spoke, hoping that by it would set her off-balance.

It did. She recoiled. "That's not my name!" she hissed angrily.

"Oh?" Ayla asked, feigning innocence. "I thought you were still Alexis Waldner, and that you'd only changed your code name."

Tissy hesitated. She hadn't expected her nemesis - at least in her mind - to treat her like a real person and use that name. Nobody did that these day, not since the incident. Except Nitro. She felt a shudder of delight at the memories of how Nitro whispered her name - her real name - as he kissed her neck or nibbled on her earlobe, telling her how sexy and fun she was.

<We'll be there in a couple of minutes,> Toni informed Ayla over their SPOT communicators.

<Good. So far, I've got her a little confused, and she seems a lot less angry than usual.>

<Must have taken her meds this morning,> Fey said in a somewhat snarky tone.

<I've got options in case it gets ugly.>

<Good. We're hurrying.>

May 19th, 2007, Morning
The Quad, between Schuster Hall and Laird Hall, Whateley Academy

Toni and Fey ran to Ayla's side, watching Tisiphone walking away, her gait unusual in that she wasn't stomping away angrily, but seemed to be almost ... sauntering?

"Are you okay?" Toni asked, staring at the stunned expression on the normally-cool junior tycoon. Something big had to have happened to get a visible reaction from normally-implacable Ayla.

"She didn't attack you or anything, did she?" Fey demanded, also shocked at Ayla's appearance.

"No. She didn't do anything," Ayla said, his voice echoing with absolute disbelief.

"Then what?" Toni asked.

"I ... I'm not sure what happened!" Ayla declared, shaking his head in disbelief.

"What, did she declare her undying love for you, or decide she wants to be your homey?" Toni asked sarcastically.

Ayla shook his head. "No," he said. "She was very clear that she still hates my guts."

"Then what?"

"She ... she asked me for a favor!" Ayla finally managed to stammer. "To be more precise, she told me that I owed her a favor."

"A ... what?!?" Fey and Toni asked at the same time, equally astonished. "You're kidding, right?"

Ayla shook his head. "Nope. She wants me if I could arrange a nice dinner in a very nice setting - a little romantic and all of that."

"So ... she really is Nitro's main squeeze?" Toni managed to say.

"More than just seeing him, from what I hear," Fey said, shaking her head. "He's ... rather submissive toward her, she's kind of Dom, and rumor is that they're humping like bunnies."

"Oh, great!" Toni groaned. "That's an image that's just ruined my appetite!"

"That explains why the last time I saw him, he was radiating very intense feelings of lust ... and submission," Fey said, her long, gorgeous red hair dancing around her shoulders as she slowly shook her head in disbelief.

"It gets better," Ayla said, still not quite believing what had happened. Seeing that he had Fey's and Toni's attention, he sighed. "It's not just for the two of them. She wants an after-dinner movie. And certain ... furnishings."

"So why'd she ask you?" Fey asked, perplexed.

"Someone mentioned what a good job I'd done helping with other parties, so she got the notion that I'd be the best one to take care of arranging her little soiree." Ayla shook his head slowly. "Why do I always get the crazy fire-bitches?"

May 19th, 2007, Lunchtime
Crystal Hall, Whateley Academy

"You look pretty pleased with yourself again," Tee-Kay grumbled, glaring at Nitro over his tray of lunch.

"Probably got laid again last night," Truck said with a sneer.

He hadn't seen Tissy sauntering up from behind to slip into a chair next to her boyfriend. She grasped his cheeks and gave him an intense, passionate, lengthy kiss. When that little display was done, she leered at Truck. "You're just jealous because you didn't!" With both hand, she clasped Nitro's arm and leaned her head on his shoulder. "I set up a little dinner party for tonight," she said to Nitro. "Pick me up at the tunnel entrance to Whitman at seven." She smiled. "Nice but casual, okay?"

Tee-Kay shook his head in disgust. "She's got you performing like a trained dog."

Tissy turned toward them, smiling sweetly. "You guys are invited, too." She shot a glance toward Nitro, some unknown conspiratorial grin flickering across her features for a fraction of a second. "It's my way to thank you for being so understanding of the time Nitro spends with me."

"Sorry," Tee-Kay said firmly, shaking his head. "We have plans." He glared at Nitro - who had been part of the plans.

"Oh, that's too bad," Tissy feigned a pout. "I lined up some really good food. Like smoked salmon for appetizers, beef Wellington, ..." she shrugged. "I guess there'll just be more for us for leftovers," she waggled her eyebrows at Nitro. "Maybe enough that we won't have to interrupt our ... weekend fun to run to the caf for meals all weekend!"

Tee-Kay suddenly felt a little nauseated, and Truck looked a little green around the gills himself. "If we come," Truck finally groused, "will you stop with this annoying, nauseating crap while we're trying to eat?"

"That sounds like a fair trade," Tissy said, smiling. "Of course, my boyfriend is so ... hot ... I don't know how I can keep my hands off him." As she spoke, she was rubbing her hands on his back and shoulders and chest, a hungry look in her eyes. Giggling at the discomfort she was causing the other two members of TNT, she blatantly French-kissed Nitro, using her long, demonic tongue skillfully to make him pant with excitement and have to shift in his chair. "Later, sweetie," she practically purred as she rose and sauntered off toward her friends, the other two Furies Alecto and Megeara.

"Man, how can you do that ... with her?" Truck asked in disgust. "I mean, she's a damned demon!"

"You're just jealous," Nitro said with a wistful look in his eye, thinking of how turned on Tissy could get him with just a kiss.

"She's nuts!" Tee-Kay protested. "Everyone knows it!"

"And she's so ... GSD!" Truck added.

"Hey," Nitro countered, grinning, "once you tried demon, you never go back!"

Ayla was carrying his tray to the waste and conveyor area with Billie and Jade, and he noticed Tissy kissing Nitro. A shudder went down his spine at the spectacle.

Jade noticed. "I think they're kind of a cute couple," she said in her usual infectiously optimistic, happy way.

"It's ... weird," Ayla observed. "Two of my enemies - now colluding and canoodling? That can not be good."

Billie shrugged. "Since they started dating, has either one of them tried to ambush you, Ayla?"

Ayla's eyes narrowed in concentration as he thought. "Now that you mention it, no."

"If it keeps them from trying to attack you, what's wrong with it?"

"Hmmm," Ayla replied. "Since you put it that way...."

May 19th, 2007, Dinnertime
Devisor Tunnels beneath Kane Hall, Whateley Academy

Walking through the tunnels, Truck trailed behind Nitro and Tissy, who was, as usual, nearly obscenely wrapped around Nitro. Tee-Kay walked by Truck's side; Truck glared angrily, almost snarling, at all the passers-by. People - weakling devisors and gadgeteers! - were gawking at the spectacle Tissy and Nitro were making, and the knowing looks, giggles, and wolf whistles weren't making Truck happy at all. All the time spent working to bully and intimidate all these nerds and geeks down here, and now being seen behind a couple practically dry-humping in the hallways was destroying - destroying - their reputation and cred!

Tissy stopped the group at a little door in the wall of a side tunnel, pausing to extract a key from her cleavage, winking and making suggestive wiggles to Nitro as she did so, and then she unlocked the door, swinging it open.

No sooner had the door opened than absolutely heavenly smells of food greeted their noses. Eyes wide in surprise at the olfactory treat they were smelling, the two unattached boys followed the practically inseparable couple into the room.

The room was definitely not a lab; there was a nice table set - with six places!- toward the far left corner, with a small kitchenette in the near left corner. A large sectional sofa sat between the dining table and the right-hand wall, on which hung a large-screen television. Behind the table on the left wall was a door; another lay in the far left corner, and a third in the center of the far wall. The television was off, but soft, romantic music was playing in the background, and there were unlit candles on the table.

Tee-Kay noticed the six place-settings at the table, but the absolutely enticing aromas from the food trays on the kitchenette counters had his attention, the same as Truck. Something about this setup reminded Tee-Kay of a recent - and very unpleasant - experience, and he glanced around nervously.

"Go ahead and sit down," Nitro suggested, pointing to the sectional sofa, "while Tissy and I start dishing up the food."

Shrugging, Truck flopped heavily into the sofa, and Tee-Kay slid into a section that was a recliner, leaning back casually, his fingers interlaced behind his head. "Nice digs," he observed, picking up a remote from a coffee table in front of the sofa and aiming it at the television. "Anything good on?"

Tissy strode over and took the remote from his hands. "We have a movie for after dinner," she said, "so don't start it early." As she put the remote on the table, a knock sounded on the door.

Truck and Tee-Kay bolted upright on the sofa, alarm displayed clearly on their features. They looked like they were ready to flee the room.

Tissy acted like there was nothing going on and strode casually to the door, opening it, revealing her two friends Alecto and Megeara. "Come on in, girls," she said invitingly. "We were just about to start serving appetizers."

"What the hell is going on here?" Truck roared, standing on his feet with his hands on his hips, glaring at the two newcomers.

"It's just a little dinner party for friends," Tissy said with her best impression of an innocent smile, ushering the girls in and closing the door. She gestured to the table, and the girls took seats, followed reluctantly by Truck and Tee-Kay.

No matter what else they were thinking, neither Truck nor Tee-Kay could complain about the food. It wasn't good; it was outstanding. Neither could recall having eaten dishes that good before. The conversation, however, left something to be desired, except the ongoing innuendo between Tissy and Nitro. Following dessert, the party moved to the sofa, with Nitro and Tissy pausing on the excuse of cleaning up the table a bit so the others sat down.

Truck and Tee-Kay knew a setup when they saw one - well, most of the time, anyway. And this smelled heavily of a setup. No matter where they sat, one of the two girls would sit next to them. Tee-Kay gave Nitro and Tissy credit for setting things up as they had.

Alecto looked at the two boys sitting on the sofa, her gaze going back and forth, and then she sat down uncomfortably closely to Truck, leaving Megeara to sit beside Tee-Kay. Moments later, Nitro and Tissy joined them, Nitro sitting submissively beside Tissy, leaning against her with his arms wrapped around her neck while she held him firmly as she pressed buttons on the remote to start the movie. Tee-Kay and Truck groaned audibly when they saw that Tissy had picked out a romantic comedy.

No more than ten minutes of the movie had played when Truck rose, an angry expression on his face. "I know what you're trying to do here," he snarled at Tissy and Nitro, "and it ain't gonna work. I'm outta here."

Before he could cross to the door, Alecto sprang from her seat with amazing dexterity, doing a backflip over the sofa and then a cartwheel to block the door. "Where do you think you're going, little man?" she said with her meanest demon sneer.

"I'm not gonna get set up on a blind date with a ... a ..."

"A freak?" Alecto roared at him. "Go ahead and say it. I know that's what you're thinking!"

"Okay, a freak," Truck growled.

Alecto's punch took him by surprise knocking him back against the wall. "Nobody calls me a freak without feeling some pain!" she snarled, leaping at him. Truck, though stunned momentarily, recovered and gave a side-kick into Alecto's abdomen. She was thrust back, but rolled to her feet, ready for his follow-up attack. Instead of getting caught with a punch to her head, she twisted, using his own body motion against him and smashing him against the wall. He came off the wall, using his feet for leverage, grappling with her and knocking both of them onto the table, which was crushed under the impact, Truck landing atop Alecto on the remains.

Alecto wasn't an inexperienced fighter; she rolled until she was atop Truck, and she punched him in the face.

A baseline, in fact anybody but a brick, would have been knocked out by the blow. Truck, however, shrugged it off and grappled for the girl's throat, a murderous rage on his face. As she loosened her grip to pry his hands off her throat, he lifted a knee and knocked her sideways off him.

Both bricks rose to their feet, wary of each other, circling and ignoring the table they'd already destroyed. Truck feinted, and Alecto moved to counter, but Truck caught her arm and spun her past him, delivering a hard elbow to her kidneys.

Flinching at the pain, Alecto grasped Truck's arm, reversing the advantage as she slammed him into the wall. Rather, into the door in the wall, which splintered from the impact. Her heart pounding, she followed Truck into the side room. He stumbled in the darkness, landing on his back atop some furniture, so she pounced atop him, her hands reaching to pin his arms in place. He head-butted her, dazing her for a moment, and then using that to get a leg under her to hurl her across the room, smacking into some piece of furniture where she landed with a crunch, possibly breaking whatever it was she'd hit.

Truck leaped off the bed, throwing himself at Alecto, but by the time he'd levered himself up, she'd crawled back to her feet and the two bricks crashed together, rebounding into fresh obstacles.

Tee-Kay sat nervously on the sofa, with Tissy on one side of him, and Megaera on the other. "Um, I ... I should go," he said, trying to ignore the sounds of the brick fight in the adjoining room.

The feelings which smacked him from Megaera were painful to feel: rejection, emotional anguish, self-hatred, envy of her friends - a whole smorgasbord of negative feelings. But he didn't know what to do; he wasn't used to feeling a projective empath, and it stirred some sense of guilt that his mother had tried, seemingly futilely, to instill in him.

As he debated what to do, glancing uncertainly at Megaera, he felt hot breath on his neck. "If you don't want anyone to know what you did, you'll stay and at least be polite to Megs."

Tee-Kay's eyes popped wide open, and he turned sharply to look at Tissy. She was smiling wickedly, an 'I dare you' expression on her face, and he gulped, knowing that Tissy had a reputation of being very protective of her friends. There was no doubt in his mind that she would reveal the incident if he hurt Megaera's feelings.

"Uh," he stammered, now nervous about offending Tissy as well as inadvertently hurting Megaera, "I ... I suppose I can stay for a while longer."

The feelings radiating from Megaera calmed somewhat, but it was obvious that she still harbored self-doubt and nervousness.

Tee-Kay flinched when he felt claws digging into his arm. He spun toward Tissy, who he knew was the source of the pain. Without words, she tilted her head toward Nitro's arm wrapped around her shoulders so she could lean against him. Tee-Kay gulped nervously, and saw Tissy frown at him. Feeling trapped, he casually lifted his arm to the back of the sofa, and then, over a period of time that was punctuated with angry or encouraging looks from Tisiphone, he let his arm slide down until his hand touched Megaera's shoulder.

The girl flinched, looking nervously at Tee-Kay, while her emotions switched to nervousness and a more intense fear of rejection and significant uncertainty. Tee-Kay's arm slid down a little more until he was resting his hand on her shoulder, and then he gently pulled her toward him. She looked up at him uncertainly, her eyes wide with fear, but let him pull her gently until her head rested on his chest and shoulder.

Behind them, they could hear the bricks still smashing each other around in the adjoining room; if anything, the fight was getting more intense. The movie played on, providing some background noise that occasionally drowned out lulls in the fight. Tee-Kay glanced to the side and saw that Nitro and Tissy were engaged in some serious making out. He gulped, feeling still repulsed by Megaera's appearance, but he couldn't ignore the almost overwhelming emotions she was radiating, primarily an almost overwhelming gratitude that she wasn't being rejected by a boy.

Tissy glanced and noticed him holding Megaera, and she picked up a remote, lowering the lights in the room to a level that was far more romantic.

Tee-Kay glanced down again; if it wasn't for the 'peeling sunburn' look, Megaera wasn't unattractive. And she was so close and willing to be closer. He had a quick thought - just how willing was she? Even as that thought appeared, he shuddered at the knowledge that she was GSD - like her friends. But she was a girl, and being honest with himself, until Nitro started dating Tissy, none of the guys had had much luck in the dating department. No, he corrected himself - they had had no luck.

He looked down at the girl on his arm, and slowly, she looked up at him, her eyes full of fear and doubt, while she radiated both hope and fear, wanting so much to be treated like a girl while she was terrified of being seen as a monster and rejected. He smelled her sweet perfume, a thoroughly enticing aroma that stirred his excitement to even greater heights.

His mom's lessons in guilt paid off. Slowly, cautiously, Tee-Kay leaned forward, moving his lips towards hers, until they met in what he knew was Megaera's first kiss. And no sooner had their lips touched than Megaera's projected emotions changed to significant joy and arousal, which fed into Tee-Kay's feelings, leading him to kiss her more intensely and with more feeling in a positive feedback loop.

Bruised, battered, Alecto lay on the floor, pinned by Truck. "Do you give up?" he snarled.

"Like hell!' the black demon-girl snarled in response. She head-butted him again, and in his moment of confusion, she wriggled from beneath him and tried to put him in a half-Nelson wrestling hold. He wrapped his legs around her waist and used the leverage to roll her to her back.

She growled up at him for a second, baring her sharp fang-like teeth. "Are you as turned on as I am?" she growled.

"Yeah," Truck replied, tearing his arms free from her hands and pulling her up against him, his arms encircling the demon-girl's torso to pull themselves together, his lips eagerly seeking hers as the two began to frantically kiss each other with a passion they hadn't felt before.

Tee-Kay let his hands caress Megaera's breasts, who was enjoying the feeling of being treated like a desirable woman. Tee-Kay relished his arousal, heightened by the emotional feedback he was getting from her delight that he was feeling her up while they continued to French kiss. His hand slipped inside her wrap shirt, pausing to unhook her front-hook bra, and then sliding to her nipples as she arched her back into him, pressing herself closer into the excitement she'd never experienced before.

"Where are Nitro and Tissy?" Megaera asked, glancing around nervously lest she be caught in a compromising situation.

"I think they went to the other room," Tee-Kay said, pausing to lift his mouth from her nipple to reply. "Do you want ...?" he asked uneasily.

"Oh, God, yes!" she answered, moving her hand to rub his raging erection fighting to free itself of his pants

<TNT coming down the tunnel toward me> Ayla reported on his 'spot' communicator. <At the branch between Schuster and Laird.>

<We're on our way.> Billie and Hank replied at the same time.

Ayla went heavy and prepared for the worst. <Tissy and her friends are with them!> he added immediately.

The group was walking casually, paired up with one of the Furies leaning on the arm of each of the TNT group. When they recognized him, Tee-Kay and Truck blushed slightly, but Nitro just nodded acknowledgement of Ayla's presence. They seemed to be quite ... distracted. And Ayla was familiar with that goofy grin. He shuddered.

As they passed, Tissy stopped Nitro and turned to Ayla. Her expression was unreadable, and Ayla prepared for the worst, but Tissy took a step toward him, wrapped him in a hug, and said, "Thank you!" enthusiastically. Then she returned to Nitro's side and the six people walked away from them down the tunnels, leaving Ayla standing there, mouth agog.

<Sitrep?> Billie demanded. <We're seconds from your location.>

<Guys,> Ayla replied, still stunned by what had happened, <you're never going to believe what happened!>

<What?> Toni cut into the 'spot' conversation.

<TNT - and it looked like they were on dates with Tissy and her two friends,> Ayla explained.

There was a long pause as the friends tried to get over their stunned disbelief. <TNT and the Furies?> Billie asked.

<Damn, that sounds like a bad wanna-be band from the 80's!> Toni replied.

At the tunnel entrance to Whitman, Tissy pulled Nitro into a kiss. Alecto glanced at them, and then at Truck, who looked a little reluctant. "Do I need to kick your ass to get you turned on again?" she demanded.

Truck's eyes nearly bugged out, and then he shrugged and clutched the girl, pulling her close as she wrapped her strong arms around him, their lips meeting in an uncontrolled frenzy of passion.

Tee-Kay paused, watching the others kiss, and he felt Megaera's self-doubt reassert itself. "Oh, what the hell?" he said to himself. He pulled the third Fury into his arms and began to kiss her, engaged once again in the positive feedback loop of her emotions feeding his passion which increased the fervor of his kiss, causing even more positive emotion from Megaera.

As soon as the group was done kissing, the girls stepped toward the elevator up to Whitman.

"Saturday," Tissy said to Nitro, "the six of us are going out for a picnic. Pick us up about ten-thirty."

"But ... we have plans!" Truck protested feebly.

"Cancel them. We're going on a picnic," Alecto said firmly, punching him hard and then followup up with a grapple, knocking him into the wall; the pair bounced onto the floor, both trying to get a positional advantage. Alecto ended up on top. "Don't make me have to make you agree!" She licked her lips seductively at the last comment, feeling herself being aroused by the thought of another fight - and the aftermath.

Truck, aroused anew by the violence, grabbing Alecto, pulling her close to kiss her wildly. " Saturday," he said simply, acknowledging the date.

After the girls disappeared into the elevator, the trio of thugs walked back down the tunnel from Whitman, not saying much. Finally, Truck spoke. "They think we're their boyfriends, don't they?" he asked nervously.

"Yeah," Tee-Kay answered. "This is going to ruin our reputations."

"Like what? We're a bunch of not-bright, gay-bashing thugs?" Nitro chuckled. "How could we get a worse reputation dating them? And besides, we get some nookie out of it, right? I don't see a problem." Nitro grinned. "Like I told you, once you try demon, you never go back!"



0 # DieselDriver 2015-11-26 23:14
See? They just needed the right incentive to be completely distracted from their stupid personas. They might even learn to be decent people if they aren't careful. I have to say though, that I'm glad my wife doesn't need foreplay like that.
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