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Some recent changes to the core software that we use for the site has finally allowed me to do some more involved changes with the CSS without losing it every time we update the software. I've done some things to make parts of the forums pop a bit more and put some color into the way the site layout goes. I'll be adding and playing around with some additional things as I have time, mostly as an experiment in whether we'll stick with this template or more to something more modern when the next big Joomla update happens (after all, this template is supposed to become obsolete once it does). A completely new template might result in a complete rework out of necessity... or we may want something new due to added features that simply aren't possible in this one.

Activity has started to pick back up as we settle into Fall, though we aren't nearly as active at the moment as we were last winter. It's difficult to tell whether that was a result of all the efforts to move old stuff here from to its new home or something else... obviously, forums discussions boost site activity in general. What sort of things are we missing that would bring people in to chat more often? Contests? Short stories at 20 paces with Halloween themes but set in the WU without using existing canon characters? We could probably arrange for some prizes. Do we need to advertise? Are there similar sites out there with web links that don't mention us? Ask their admin's to include us? Person that gets us the most new traffic as a result of getting added to web comic or blog site link pages wins something? 


While we ponder ideas to increase traffic, you may be happy to hear that tonight's content is the follow up story to Phoenix Spiritus' "One Woe Doth Tread Upon Another's Heel"... it's a piece titled "Life's But a Walking Shadow"  Enjoy!



0 # Mister D 2016-10-18 13:35
I, personally, haven't been around because i've been too damn busy.

I don't think that WU needs to do anything other than keep acting as a support venue for good quality writing.

Yes, some form of "incentive-to-write" may help increase output, but that doesn't mean that it would increase the quality.

What about a WU version of NaNoWriMo?

No prizes other than the work that the authors have created, but the opportunity to bounce ideas off other writers.
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0 # Kristin Darken 2016-10-18 16:06
Funny that you mention NaNoWriMo... was just talking with a friend about that...
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0 # Esar 2016-10-22 18:43
I am afraid I don't really have a satisfying answer. I do think that the site would benefit from more advertising but I don't know where to post to attract more people. It could be marginal (and I hope it is) but it seems the WU is subject to some bad reputation in a way, by that I mean that for example the only threads on reddit talking about it describe it as a somekind of compilation of "Mary-sue/wish fulfillment fantasy" stories. In a similar way, even on Fictionmania, when morpheus has published his first canon stories, some were complaining about it (for different reasons, and thankfully the feedbacks were more positive than negative in the end). I am aware of the fact that we can't win them all, that obviously some won't enjoy the WU, and I don't think something can really be done about it.

On the other hand, even if it's not the exact same subject, several months ago you were wondering about the use of a patreon to support the authors and the website. I understand that some legal and logistic hiccups may have held back this option but it could help to give more visibility to the website/universe and also allow us to support you in a direct way.
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