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Halloween is my favorite holiday (that's today, by the way, in case you are caught up in work and hadn't realized it). It happens in my favorite season of the year and its one of the few I try to take time to celebrate. Part of that is the whole pagan thing... part of it is that I just like costumes and masks


For those who haven't been visiting the forums this week, we've been having a bit of a discussion about reader / fan traffic and what things we can do (all of us, not just the site admin and authors) to bring more people to visit the site. Some people raised concerns with the glare caused by a white background, so we're playing around with an offwhite background. We might move away from our traditional blue and white to find something that gives us both a cohesive look and can still be functional in that way. We've tried to do some clarifying of the fan fiction policies... that there aren't any rigorous (or even very time consuming) restrictions on getting a story posted in either the forums (the lowest tier of visibility) or the open WhatIF level (the middle level). Yes, the top level (Featured WhatIF) stories DO have to undergo a lot more effort; but the end result is meant to put these stories on a pedestal. And the effort is relative to that (and equivalent to what the canon authors are required to do).

We've also chatted a bit about how it is difficult to get good feedback... something that is easier, of course, when the population is larger and more active. We talked about advertising/promoting the site through the interwebs... and other things. If you have an interest and ideas on keeping this community alive, healthy, and growing; please drop in and join the conversation.


In some of our recent releases, things have gotten somewhat dark. And one of the brighter, sillier groups of students was put through a period of rough times. But today's story should help reassure you. Wondercute might have taken a bit of a beating... but what these girls start endures... and even years later, Whateley Academy (in the 2nd Generation timeline) still has a group dedicate to all things cute and fluffy. Enjoy Morpheus' "Following the Path of Cute." You'll find it via the Latest articles panel... or in the Gen 2 story collection.




0 # tmf 2016-11-01 20:50
I like the back ground for today (Nov. 1st) beige/taupe, it's smooth on the eyes and easy to read.

Hugs tmf
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0 # Naldru 2016-11-02 01:07
I like the background, but it also appears that you have made some CSS changes for the advertisements and text blocks which I like. It looks like you may have put in some clear CSS rules so that things don't get overwritten when using different sized screens. For some of the blocks, you have brown text on a lighter brown background. The contrast looks adequate, but I might prefer a slightly lighter background to improve the contrast and make it easier to read. You might also want to have a slightly different value for the background color but keep the luminance (R+G+B) difference high.
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