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There is a nice long list of work in progress, between the Gen 1 and 2 authors... as well as some Library pieces (El's got a MAU piece he's been showing around and E.E. has some more of his Star Wars story in the works). And Morpheus has several pieces ready for Summer to be over and the timeline clock moves us into year 2. Unfortunately, none of it is currently in the feedback/complete stage today for me to release.  Check back tomorrow or Wednesday... there might be one or two things that aren't on the list that we can release late.

On the 'good news' side of things, JG popped in for a visit this week and has some things he's interested in working on when he gets caught up a bit - including potentially a conclusion to Caitlyn's story, and more on the Grunts and Outcasts. We also heard (less publically) from Maggie this week, who has been struggling with some health issues and is now doing better.

We're adding some Artwork to the site: which explains the ferret invasion in the left sidebar. I haven't quite pinned down a means of submitting art directly to the gallery at this time, so for the meantime please insert it in a forum post in the Fanart suggestion thread and I'll get it copied to the right location. 

I've also added some places to put offsite links for recommended places in a couple categories: Webcomics, Fiction, TG Fiction, and Writing Sites. Authors have access to a submission panel for new links, anyone else that thinks we should link someplace... poke an author. I also set up a fifth category of links called "Sponsors"... that category will be for those sites that put up a Whateley Academy ad on their site, buy an ad on ours, or financially support us in some way.

Thanks all and remember to check in for the possibility of a late release!


And its Tuesday and here's a great big late release. It's not Whateley Academy, but it weighs in just shy of 50k words. Enjoy Part 1 of "Longing" the First Book in the Cylsteth written by Phoenix-Spiritus. It's over in the Library, under Unique Fantasy like Nagrij's "Dim Prisons and Drakes". 



+1 # gpoetx 2016-11-15 01:41
Nice to hear about JG & nice to hear Maggie is doing better.
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0 # Horrid 2016-11-15 04:29
Glad to hear you are getting better, Maggie. Get well soon. Love you love you love you.
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0 # Phaine 2016-11-15 15:25
Maybe some alt text for those images. Even just the file name would be something, but it would be awesome to have info on where to read about the characters the fan-art is of.
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0 # Kristin Darken 2016-11-15 20:39
That may be doable if we get a decent gallery expansion... this little sidebar module just randomly plugs a JPG from a folder full of them into the page. There's no way to connect any text to the specific images here.
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