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Setting this up to release a little early today. I may do this again a few times moving forward, while we have a release queue. Generally, if we don't have a lot in the queue or if there are still final reviews and edits coming in for a piece; there's not a lot of value in my cleaning up the file and doing final formatting work until the last minute. That's why the release of new material is Monday evenings, as Monday is the one day I typically have off work... and by setting the release time in the evening of that day off, I have time to work on even a completely unformatted piece and get it cleaned up for you. Or time to badget authors into coughing up something for me to release, sometimes. But, as is true today, there are times when the queue has enough in it that a piece has been sitting in wait of going out for a month... so even late, last minute edits have been done for at least two weeks... and in those cases, I can do the clean up work at my convenience. That means, little to do on Monday (yay, I get my day off to relax) and I can let things out the door a little early.

So... don't consider it a permanent change. My target deadline is still going to be 5 pm Monday (PST)... but while I have stuff in the queue for release long enough that I'm not worried about doing work twice? You might see things come out earlier. 

What do we have in the queue? Well... that'd ruin the fun of the Baked Goods gambling ring... but I will tell you that since returning, JG's been hardcore... even giving Elrod and Morpheus a run for writing speed champion. That means, at least for the near future, you can expect to see a number of things from his corner. I 'think' we'll manage to keep it from being all JG all the time, but we'll see. And let's start getting some of that out to you now... and to do that, we need to step backward in time a little. Not long 'in universe' but several years of publishing time for certain, to the middle of the Gen 1 first year... with Chapter 1 of "The Book of Darwin"



0 # Horrid 2017-01-29 17:28
It is so great to hear that Joe G has been very productive.

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