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Short and sweet today. What's on the board for your end of January taste testing? From the pen of one ElrodW, we have part 2 of Kayda 10... also known as "There's No Place Like Poe". Enjoy!

Next week, the Spanish Inquisition... or something else equally unexpected.



0 # Horrid 2017-01-31 05:40
When the title of the Home weekly column was "Rawr" I momentarily allowed myself to hope that Miyet was going to make a reappearance as the main character in a Original Canon story. Heather has done so much great stuff and continues to do so (such as her Caregivers material). I guess the return of Joe G. and Eldritch has fired my imagination. Now a Miyet story would be something totally unexpected. :-)

Honestly, Kristen and Elrod and the gang have done a super job with Whateley. You never really know what wonderful things are going to happen week after week.
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0 # Granny Lee 2017-02-01 03:29
No one EVER expects the Spanish Inquisition. Or is that Spanish Indigestion?
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