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Before I tell you about new stories, I'll let you all know about some other new 'stuff' available on the site this week. We've added an Art Gallery section. You can find it under the Main Menu option for "WA Universe" and then the Secondary Menu button labeled "Art Gallery".  In order to get something added to the gallery, you'll need to work with someone with author approval to get your art added to the site/folder. Elrod has offered to manage/oversee the Gallery... so if you need help getting images loaded or approved for use, please contact him. He also is aware of the restrictions (we cannot post anything that is 'adult' without losing our Google ads funding, for example), so if he says no... please respect his call. 

For story releases this week; we have a little something from Joe, filling in some more of the year 1 Outcasts Corner details "Small Mercies" ... and a second piece, from Morpheus: Part 1 of "A Little R & R" ... ENJOY!



+1 # alisa28 2017-02-20 23:30
They are so cute!! I LOVE these little rodents that have scattered through out the site!! Add some more!
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